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Win the strongest

The Internet the strongest survive

Advice to entrepreneurs who have decided with the help of online commerce to expand their business.

Use of the Internet in Ukraine has reached 40%. Millions of users are increasingly make purchases online. Despite this, the volume of trade on the internet
Internet penetration in Ukraine is close to 40%. Every year millions of people make an online purchase. But while the total number of sales on the Internet is less than 5%, and in some years it is expected that this figure will reach 10.7%, which is approximately $ 5.10 billion and if several le back online trading associated with the “Yandex. Market “, now trading in the network involved in such major retailers as Epitsentr,” Hello “, etc.

And yet, for the state, merchants and consumers e-commerce remains unexplored and a little suspicious area. Is it possible to change this?

Sales Channels

It would be a mistake to divide rodazhi online and offline, because it may be just different forms of a single sales channel. Narimer, some category of goods may be sold chereh internet, some – in stores or in catalogs. Accordingly, some more convenient to buy goods on the Internet, and someone more like go shopping. And if you want to attract more customers, you need to work with all possible sales channels.

Recently, we have seen that the consumption pattern is changing. Not so long ago, we were limited by space and range, which offers shops. Our requirements were formed according to the space. But now we can advance nashipotrebnosti form and choose the channel by which it will be convenient to make a purchase. For example, if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, you have to pre-define itself and its functional model, and after searching the proposals that will get it as quickly and profitably. Everything is changing. Today, consumers increasingly important stnovitsya the quality and speed of service. Of course, do not forget about the price, but to do it, too, is not necessary.

The Internet all the way

According to co-founder of Maxim Wikimart Faldin, sa dm – this is not online trading, it’s just a showcase, for which there is a large infrastructure of marketing, advertising, logistics, call-center and service.

At the heart of the retail logistics and marketing is, at what they vary from retail and e-commerce. Says CEO Oskar Hartmann KupiVIP, the Internet’s different – different rules, KPI, key performance indicators. For example, the company is committed to offering retailers working offline, create online shopping completed, which is much cheaper than the creation of his own company for e-commerce with its infrastructure.
Of course, for each customer must be addressed by offering them good service and building traffic for him. You have to make sure that he wanted to come back to your site. According Faldin, Internet marketing is very different from marketing offline. On the Internet people do not want to wait very long, he wants to get the goods as soon as possible, or on a specific day at a specific time.

Main issue

As said Hartmann – on the Internet you can survive, doing serious business. On the side projects you have nothing to do on the network. You will not be able to make on what has long been involved in others. You need to clearly define what you are better than others, and work in this direction.

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