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Chichvarkina wine business in London

Founder of “Euroset” spent on wine shop over £ 10 million and wants to earn an income for a few months already . His shop Hedonism Wines different kind of design , and its founder believes that it assembled the best collection of wines. What it does have prospects?

Chichvarkin said he was in hell. According to him, this is a hell of finding the right people , preparing for the opening of the store, it took half a year , as well as scrapping the walls in the room , which is located in Mayfair . Now in his store features more than 4,000 wines , including the cost of the most expensive of ₤ 100,000 : Château d’Yquem 1811. He believes that it is necessary ” to make this puzzle and then do not get in the way .” According Chichvarkina , many shareholders are a lot of unnecessary rules , which is impeding management. He tries not to interfere .In just open the wine business a very important role is played by a person who selects and buys a range of goods. The store Chichvarkina this role is performed by a former wine buyer for Harrods Alistair Weiner . Very interesting, as Chichvarkin managed to lure Weiner , who worked for the famous department store 16 years and opened the flagship division of spirits and wines in Harrods two years ago. Before accepting a job Weiner Chichvarkin together with the project manager Tatiana Fokine revised considerable number of people who worked in the interest of Chichvarkina stores . In the words of Chichvarkin , Alistair knew that we are perfectionists , and therefore very interested. We promised that we would not disturb him .

What is there at Hedonism Wines, that no other wine stores , like Corney & Barrow, Berry Bros. & Rudd and Justerini & Brooks? What’s not to love about Eugene British shops , it’s inconsiderate and slow approach to customer service. And Hedonism Wines can offer customers more affable , fast and friendly service . His team people talk not only in English but also in French, Spanish , Dutch , Chinese, and Italian. His team, half are sommelier who own their ” Michelin ” restaurants.

Hedonism Wines is located on Davis Street, near Berkeley Square , which is full of offices and GDP in this place than some Baltic countries . The founder of the store hopes that regular customers of his shop will be their neighbors with Bekrli Square. So far Hedonism Wines are 18 people with the back office.

Used in creating the interior large bottles . What does this mean ? Trying to match the taste of wealthy Russian buyers, who seeks to gigantism . As stated Chichvarkin , to create such an interior no specific targets were not prosecuted , but to comply with the concept of the store. From the amount of 3 4500 bottles of 75 liter , 90 -liter and six 25 even larger . If you go to the store Jeroboams, how many bottles of Jeroboam you can get ? We, as the name suggests , there are bottles of hedonistic character.

If the store you can purchase up to 12 bottles of any size , this means that the climate control system in such a store in the amount of up to 3 parking spaces , and the weight – 3 tons. At Hedonism Wines has its own warehouse , which is that production , which was bought by a lot or an interesting price .

As for prices , then he owned a shop does not agree with the fact that its customers can only be rich. For example, the cheapest bottle of wine at Hedonism Wines costs only ₤ 13. Some types of sparkling white wine and is available immediately chilled. In addition to a wide range of wines and chilled , Chichvarkin also promises to deliver the implementation of one hour – it already has a fleet of scooters. For example , if the customer calls of ” Dorchester “, then it can get the wine even faster than the food.About how much money had to invest in a wine hedonism, Chichvarkin responsible reluctantly. From his words it is known only that the deal has been invested in the eight-digit sum . How quickly this store will pay to the owner and how many chances of success of this project in one of the most competitive and conservative wine market ? Some are skeptical , as recently in the UK wine market is stagnating , and even companies with established reputations have suffered losses . Even the famous Berry Bros. & Rudd confirmed the losses due to the decline in demand for expensive wines , as well as the victim collapse campaign en primeur.

The main difference between a wine Rink – slow : need a lot of time not only to form a range of products, but also to build relationships with manufacturers who tend to belong to the newcomers with considerable caution , and make contracts for years to come . Angus MacLean , manager of sales at Laithwaites, specializing in sales of vintage and rare wines , said at the opening of the wine business , there is another difficulty – no one can predict how prices will change in the wine and the situation on the market as a whole. Until a few years ago, it was seen that prices will continue to rise , but now it is a lottery . As McLean says , it is possible to reduce the risks if properly form the range , but it is always the best wines coming to the market in small quantities. The best strategy , in his opinion, may be a time when the company is ready to sell wine with minimal profit , and even without it, to get a foothold in the market. If the company has the means to stay on the market 2 years , then the business can be successful. But in the case can offer customers something that no other .

InvestManager of Wine Investment Fund Chris Smith gives a more optimistic forecasts , as the wine market has a global scope , and location of such business in London is more than favorable. At this point, focus the best wines of the world , and their own are not made, so there is a very good demand . The fact that the people of London less affected by the crisis , and therefore continue to keep buying expensive wine for your table .

According to Chichvarkina , his shop will be able to get a plus in a few months. He denies that Hedonism Wines – it’s just a toy , not a serious matter . He says his store is not a charitable foundation : the range in their shop perfect , here assembled the best collection of wines in the world . In Hedonism Wines very interesting , nice and cozy , it was all done so that the wine connoisseur felt like a candy shop . If people because of their traditions or preferences will go to other stores , the Hedonism Wines would react to this with understanding. But while the work for them while.

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