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All of a beautiful business

The owners of beauty salons and clinics talk about all the complexities of such business , expectations and disappointments customers about famous wizards and false advertising moves.

The term “Beauty ” was first performed as a researcher at the World Congress of Dermatology , which took another 80 years before. In 1945, Zurich was the first recorded worldwide organization of cosmetologists CIDESCO, whose founder was George Dumont . To date, the annual turnover in the service sector aesthetic medicine clinics and beauty salons to $ 180 billion

And while Russia’s share in this market is 1%, it was Moscow that brings a quarter of the total. According to an estimate ExpoMediaGroup ” Walled City ” , the figure is about $ 1.5 billion greatest number of services , and therefore turnover bring beauty salons and barbershops . Today in Russia there are about 12,000 . According to Igor Stoyanov, owner of a major Russian network “Person” , this figure should be added around 3,000 ” salon- appartment ” public work one or two masters, who both work for themselves, and at the same time work in salon. It should be noted that in some Russian cities “density” of these shops have already reached U.S. data – one in 1000.The history of Russia begins salon business in the early 1990s , when the background of the many hairdressers left after the collapse of the USSR , are beginning to appear in the first private institution. Little known at the time salons “Aida “, ” Dolores “, ” Jacques Dessange ” and “Person ” is now turned into the largest Russian Internet company , even owning their own schools. And by 1995 , a similar business has become very popular among the wives of wealthy people. A regular hairdresser is increasingly complemented by a massage , manicure and cosmetic treatments. Already in 1997, in Moscow, there is a first cosmetology school .

In the early 2000s, this business has become more systematic . First, it has stood out separate networks that have grown and evolved . Secondly, all the salons and clinics sat down to share on the price category. According to Igor Stoyanov , now salons economy class for almost half of the total turnover , while another third – the specialists who work at home, “premium” has only a fifth , but the segment of “luxury” – only one-tenth . The average resident of the capital can spend per visit 1,500 rubles , and beyond – 700-800 rubles.

Services of clinics specializing in plastic surgery, make up a very small share of the Russian market , which is about $ 70 million Leonid Pavlyuchenko , president of the Russian Association of plastic surgery clinics results in data showing that the number of doctors working in this direction up to 6000, while the number of clinics equals several hundred (although 20 years ago there were only three such clinics ) . In 1992 he opened the first clinic ” Face “, which carried out plastic surgery , and during the crisis went bankrupt. In Moscow in the early 2000s, the number of such clinics , there were more than three hundred. In five years, the majority of these transactions have been made in other Russian cities , but Moscow still provide the lion’s share of the turnover.

Another reason for the popularity of the business has its profitability . All costs of opening a clinic could pay for itself in six months , as the plastic surgery on the abdomen , chest or neck, bringing 100 % profit . At that time, as the business grows, about 40 % of customers were satisfied with the results of operations , the third part of potential customers such clinics favored foreign experts . In addition , the cost of some operations in Russian clinics in 1.5-4 times higher than the cost of related services in Switzerland.

According to the Ministry zdravsotsrazvitiya 2006 plastic surgery market is growing every year by 12%. In this case, a plastic surgeon profession as a beautician , has received a calling and the right to be called a medical specialty in 2009.

The first statistics on plastic surgery appeared in 2010 , it was published by the Organization of ISAPS. Russia belongs to tenth place in the ranking of the number of manipulations , and for one year was conducted 350,000 both surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery. The most popular is the manipulation of the injection of Botox , which is 25 % of the total. Next on the number of manipulation – the injection of hyaluronic acid, which is designed to combat wrinkles , as well as liposuction and breast volume increase . In fact, the Russian experts estimate ISAPS not trusted. Says Leonid Pavlyuchenko, these figures are underestimated by at least half.

According to experts , plastic surgeons in Russia earn in a year from $ 30,000 to $ 200,000 , while the annual income of their European counterparts is $ 200 000-250 000 , the annual income of U.S. surgeons averaged $ 2 million Leonid Pavlyuchenko believes that the opening plastic surgery clinics in Russia will cost $ 1.2 million in a Moscow clinic average cost of the operation is 100 000, outside the capital , this amount is much lower .

At the request of business publication Forbes Woman proprietresses five salons and clinics in developing their business for more than 10 years , will talk about all the rules of this business.

The owner of beauty salons MILF Elena tells how to work with business people .

First Elena received a diploma Pedagogical Institute. Then an economics degree , diploma ” crisis manager “. After Elena graduated from Harvard Business School , and then – received the diploma of the Los Angeles School of Cosmetology . In business, Elena has more than 15 years .

When I decided to open his first salon , I have been guided by their feelings . I can not spend a lot of time to care for the body and face , manicure , etc. I think that is all it should take no more than 2-3 hours. Therefore, in my salon a few large rooms , each of which can simultaneously run multiple masters , we also purchased a special couch transformers, which allows us to perform multiple procedures at the same time : manicure , pedicure, facial cleansing , etc.

It is very important to be comfortable with not only customers but also employees. Office, which employs the wizard must be spacious , otherwise deteriorate quality. Also, the master must be a professional high level , so that even in the most uncomfortable conditions accurately carry out the work.

Most of my clients – it is business people at less than half of them – men . And between people and business , for example, people from show business is a big enough difference. For the latter, it is important that for a moment could not see the effects of your work. For business travelers, it is also important , but not enough , they often go for the procedure , the result of which is very noticeable, and therefore to the public is best not to appear a few days.

If the client has decided to do the procedure in the subsequent restoration , we always warn him about it. For example, if a client makes a procedure Fraxel ( rejuvenation of the body and face without the use of surgical techniques using laser removes old skin ), then after that you can go out only on the fourth day , but only after a week there is a full recovery. And to the face better not touch .

Business people all calculated. On them you can synchronize clocks . The process of care they ha is planned for the entire week ahead. They differ in that delegate their powers , even for an expert in the beauty salon. They are not eager to try some new items or experiment , for them the most important thing – the result.

For me the ideal client – a man, after all , deciding to visit our showroom , he does it all the time. He always arrives on time , obey the expert and never nervous. It generally – a regular customer .

The founder of a network of clinics of aesthetic medicine ” Klazko ” Eter Krikheli talks about marketing moves in a beautiful business.

Originally Etery of Georgia. Received the diploma of the Moscow Medical Dental Institute. The first study, in which we have conducted the procedure of laser hair removal , it opened in 1997, and the following year opened the clinic of laser cosmetology . Esterification was also the founder of the award in the field of aesthetic medicine under the name “Golden lancet .” It happened in 2005 .

Marketing in our business is quite unusual and even chaotic , as the standard techniques in this area are not working. Let me give you an example. Once I ordered a fairly reputable one agency to conduct a study . Although the target audience of our clinic were people with high incomes , experts advise to advertise in the women’s magazine ” Lisa .”

In the West, advertising in this area are not accepted at all . And if you enter the name of a respected and well-known plastic surgeon , you will find only his scientific work. If you type the name of the domestic graduates of residency , you will see a lot of advertising to its name.

Once upon a time there was a boom in search engine optimization , and on the first lines appear the names of the little-known nouveau riche . Now it is not working as well as the first lines in the search engines rightfully belong only to the most honored art.Not often heard complaints from colleagues , they say, a lot of forums on the internet now redeemed , and they appear negative reviews. But I do not even pay attention to it , because of our potential customers so simply does not. And the prize “Golden Lancet “, which we have established for plastic surgeons , only contributed to the strengthening of relations with colleagues, and once PR was excluded .

I have my own bans on advertising . We do not tend to hold such shares as ” two persons for the price of one “, because understand that we may lose customers. We have, of course, there is a system to encourage customers, but sales are alien to us .Often there is advertising, through which health centers are promoting this or that service . Although many devices have appeared in our clinic before , odd others , I decided not to use them in advertising. Because the device – it’s a tool with which the specialist conducts a particular procedure . What is the meaning advertise tools?But even without advertising, we also can not do without. When the night cut down the sign ” Klazko ” ordered by the administration of our district . Then customers were asked not to move or we , or perhaps closing. But our most important resource – it is word of mouth , through which we get around two-thirds of our customers , and further hope that this resource will be a key .

Foundress of the Institute of beauty ” Sensavi ” Karasev Julia talks about the psychology of clients.

Back in the early 1990s established the Julius Center of Chinese Medicine . In 1998, she opened a beauty salon ” Vermel “, and a few years later opened a beauty parlor called ” Sensavi .” Julia was awarded the Order as part of the international award “Profession – life” for being able to develop the technology of reinforcement person using bionitey . Her designs have been awarded the prize ” Grace” twice.

For me, all of the patients are divided into two types : up to 40 years of age and older. Very often young people , in the hope of changing personal life , strive to external changes. And older people do not want to grow old , and therefore are struggling to maintain or refresh their appearance. More problemlos are patients older than 40 years, so they always notice kA good effect.

More difficult to work with the young , as they do not always know what the result wish to receive . For example , she wants to make such lips like Angelina Jolie. She does not want to understand that they do not fit the shape of her face and nose . Most often, we are able to convince young customers do not do what they just did not go.

Not very good and the fact that patients are waiting for some miracles. For example, the appearance of a Russian technology Thermage ( face lift without surgery , radio-frequency energy acts on collagen fibers ) , many customers think it will solve all their problems . People were ready to great lengths to make such a procedure. We tried to explain to people what the effect will be , but the 18 -year-old looks back is not possible. During the existence of the procedure, only two customers were told that a bit disappointed and expected more. But after seeing their photos before and after the procedure, they actually saw a good effect. There are those customers who want the minimum period for maximum effect , and therefore are willing to do almost all the anti-aging treatments at once. In such cases, we always recommend that they try to start something one.

Some people choose very long correct procedure . Typically, these customers we offer a bit of simple , and advising them a lot and absolutely free of charge. We always give the customer the opportunity to mature for a particular procedure.

It often happens is that the patient does not realize that more needs to be corrected . For example, a girl’s problem skin , it also wants to correct a crooked nose . But I see that smooth skin would be able to smooth over this deficiency. Our experts never say directly to the client about his shortcomings that it would be better to fix. Those are the rules in our clinic. Each patient should feel comfortable with the doctor, and other shortcomings can be remedied in other ways.My doctors have to be psychologists , as all patients are completely different psychological types . If the patient is passive , we do make up a program under which it works . If the patient is active, the doctor works in tandem with it , selects and negotiates with them the procedures that are necessary for it now .

Chief physician at the clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology ” Lanthanum ” Rybinsk Nina tells about all kinds of risks in the work of Plastic SurgeonsNina is a doctor of the highest category . She finished 2nd Moscow Medical Institute . In addition, Nina passed the Cambridge courses on healthy eating and nutrition. Is the winner of national awards ” Grace” as the ” Best Hardware cosmetology in 2008 .”

Familiarity with the subject is for me as a physician is very important point . My task in the first toe minutes to understand what people expect from a particular procedure. Also, for me it is important to define what this type of patient – a therapeutic or surgical. And if the problem can not be solved by a therapeutic , I nominate the operation. After that, I have to understand the extent of man’s hope , and most importantly, be honest in this . After all, if mulatto skin rejuvenation procedure will make it a blonde still will not.The worst thing for any doctor – it’s frustrating to see the eyes of the patient after the procedure or surgery. Therefore it is better to promise him a little less than he actually receives . And for me it is important not to lose a customer because of its clinics, how to lose a friend.

And if the client is dissatisfied with the results of the operation , it means that there is a fault in the doctor. There are no accidents. The unsuccessful outcome of the operation can only be the case if the client is not fully examined , or the doctor is not enough skilled, or uses poor-quality equipment. Responsible for the outcome of the head physician and clinic and surgeon . So before you hire a doctor , I watch to see how he was doing surgery, and then ask yourself the question: would I have a patient of this doctor ?

But if an error occurred during the operation , no need to hide from the customer. To recognize their mistake and try to fix it , but at their own expense .

Fortunately, our work has never been tragic cases, but an error occurred . Through years of experience , I have learned to refuse service pathologically unhappy customers . For example, if you are drawn to people with perfect shape of the nose , but he did surgery on it in several different clinics , and now wants to try and take you , so customers always have to say “no.” Also i say “no” to those who desired as a model facelift sneaked portraits of movie stars or Barbie doll.

All information about our patients is strictly confidential , and if people come to me who allegedly heard somewhere that some stars do have surgery , I have never been confirmed. Or if at some event I encounter with his client , and he says hello to me , I’m not surprised . I too would not have filed a mind that we are familiar with.

The management holding ” Aida” Aida Vulfovna tells about the rules of HRReceived a degree in economics at the Moscow Institute of Industry .

In 1994 he opened his first salon . To date, they have six. In 1998 he founded the educational center called ” Salon Management .” In 2003 began to publish the magazine ” Beautiful business .” Since 2007 the clinic Westmed, which Aida opened with a partner .

I tried different ways of working with masters . One of the first to experiment with the ” cultivation of stars.” This wizard we no longer works , but I do still admire . Sometime in the late 1990s, he received the title of world champion , but our business is not affected .

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