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The Russian Trust, such as Bruce Willis

“We needed a well-known person with a memorable appearance and a good sense of humor, which include Russian well,” – says the vice president for communications of the bank Dmitry Chukseev. Prior to this service “Trust” advertised Turchinsky Vladimir, who died suddenly of a heart attack in December last year. Advertising “Trust” – this is the first appearance of Bruce Willis in the Russian advertising market and the second – in Eastern Europe. Before that, he advertised Polish vodka.

New advertising face of the bank “Trust” looking not too long. According Chukseeva were formed two top-sheet – both Russian and foreign stars. In addition to Willis (Perception Index Russians he was the first place) in the top list of foreign stars included Brad Pitt. The Russian won the top list Urgant Ivan, but his perception index lagged behind the index Willis twice.

Agree with Bruce Willis was easy. Chukseev made a few calls. “In the end I went to Peter’s session, which the American agency CAA is responsible for contracts with Bruce,” – he said. On the session of the Russian bankers discussed the use of advertising media (outdoor and Internet advertising throughout the Russian Federation, in the first year of advertising on television will not), time and cost of the contract which were not disclosed.

Proved to be difficult and time consuming negotiations with the lawyers. For example, American lawyers are required to include in the contract the insurance claims of third parties against accidents. In the event that a billboard featuring the stars will fall and cause harm to humans or a machine made in America to sue not only for the installer or the company board, but the man depicted on the billboard. “We had to convince the lawyers that in our country, such claims are not accepted”, – says Chukseev. Contract align almost three weeks.

Chukseev said that the contract is designed for more than a year. Vadim Kormilitsyn, managing partner of the agency “Stars and brands”, evaluates the one-year contract with the star level of Willis in the $ 1.5-2 million if the contract is concluded, for example, for three years, it’s about $ 3-4 million

“A good fashion move. There will be a great response in the press, and in various publications, “- says Kormilitsyn. He is confident that the image of Willis will “Trust” is to draw attention to its products and ensure the growth of the bank on the retail market.

As of December is expected to meet the bank’s shareholders “Trust” with Willis. It will be held in Los Angeles, there will be a new shooting for a new advertising campaign. Online advertising ‘Trust’ is used by the bank redeemed picture. Moreover, complains Chukseev, the final cost of purchased photos from the original 70 times. The price was just raised, as in the photo bank figured out why we are buying photos. Sam Willis coordinated the design with his image and text, and agents of the actor, through diplomatic channels were interested in the activities of the bank “Trust”.

Author: Julia Chaikin

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