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Want to become a millionaire? Forget about the millions!

Ruben Harutyunyan , the head of men’s fashion shops network Henderson explains why it is impossible to develop the business , focusing solely on income.

He believes that we can only dream of millions in childhood. Annual revenue Ruben is approximately $ 100 million, and its network includes more than one hundred stores. Investment fund Aton Capital Partners in mid-2010, the company has invested Harutyunyan from $ 10 million to $ 20 million (the exact amount was not disclosed ) , thereby acquiring a minority stake of its business. When this network owner claims that he never in his life had no purpose to get rich. He shares tips on what motivation in business is the right one.

A friend of mine bought from Italy to Armenia vineyard. For eight years he was engaged in breeding resistant varieties of grapes before you received the grapes from which it was possible to make good wine. If, then, he appealed to investors , he would laugh. As many as eight years he spent , not even trying to recoup investments , and just getting ready to start production. He then did not aim to get rich. He is brought pleasure : he just wanted to prove that the land can give not only a fine cognac , but also an excellent wine. And last year, he presented his wines at the London exhibition and quickly attracted attention . As a result, he began to supply Armenian wines of its own production to a ” Michelin ” restaurants and large stores of London.

I know many businessmen , but among them there is no one who would have once made ​​a clear plan and, following it , has achieved a lot of success . In business card is not as important as the compass . I think the most important thing here – to find out what matters most to you, what gives you pleasure . It is impossible to become a good professional in music or sports, even if given the matter fully and at the same time do not love it. The same applies to business. It is impossible to succeed if there is no passion, no properly arranged priorities. Money should not serve the purpose , and the result of the work .

I’ll tell you about how the network was founded by men’s salons Henderson. Interestingly, the brand created not I, but Jerzy Marek Pehotski Lyubyanich and owning a Polish company LPP. When I met with them , I was committed to selling clothing from the company Fruit of the Loom. Then , in 1990 , they needed someone who can promote men’s clothing under the brand Henderson on the Russian market . Once I got samples of shirts and realized all the prospects , I agreed. While the market was presented a rather narrow selection of shirts mid-market , and so we stood out with a partner to explore the preferences of our Russian customers . We took part in the formation of collections of shirts : picking colors, materials, styles . I loved it , because I do not just sell , and participated in the development of the company. But then there was a small conflict : we have been working to improve the quality of the product , which inevitably entailed a rise in prices. Accordingly, the LPP did not like it , because the expensive items are sold slowly, and realize the bulk party was becoming increasingly difficult . In 2002, the LPP presented on the Russian market a new brand of youth clothing Reserved, inviting me to take part in its development. At first I agreed, but after a short stint still refused because he wanted to focus on the development of the brand Henderson. First, I did not want to deal with the mass market . Secondly, I wanted me to participate in the development of the brand , not just to sell her collection. After a year I decided to buy a brand LPP Henderson. Now LPP has five youth brands , which bring them an annual income of about € 1 billion we also create not only one shirt (in Henderson today the company has its own design studio , and the orders come in Spain, Italy , Portugal, China and other countries – Forbes). I am glad when the streets of cities around the world , I meet people who wear our clothes , shoes or accessories. In addition, we also have a second brand Hayas. And we get no pleasure from the level of our income , but from the realization that we are helping men to look good .

Of course, not every business that you love, will bring in more revenue. According to statistics, only 5-10 % of people completely realizovuyut all their aspirations and ideas. One day I was watching the Olympics on TV in London eight best runners competed , with each of them dreamed of winning , but the prizes went to only three of them. But does not mean that the desire to win the remaining five athletes were in vain . We each have different abilities , but it is important to decide on what brings us pleasure , and that we are willing to do for the people better than others. There is not a case in which all the efforts to make progress , to improve will be in vain . This is precisely the way to success. It is important to tune before starting a business. Because the most famous stars of Hollywood, whose revenues are now measured in hundreds of millions of dollars, starting with the fact that earning $ 100-200 . The famous French comedian Louis de Funes began his career with minor roles he ever played for years. But he tried to play expressively that later brought him worldwide fame.

This does not mean that the road to success is always a long and complicated , but should start with small steps . And when you find what you want to do, not have to calculate income. If you want to bake cakes , not because it is possible to make money, but because you just love pies , sooner or later your efforts will be appreciated by people . And even then you will be able to earn and .

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