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Japanese lesson from Nobu

Recently, Nobu Matsuhisa, creator of a unique culinary style and 21 restaurants around the world gave a master class in Moscow Nobu.

At the end of the master-class Nobu gave 6 lessons for beginners restaurateurs, and now these fundamental theses are available to you, dear reader.

Lesson 1

Order to create a successful brand in America, it is not necessary to know perfectly English

It’s clear that Nobu, of course, spoke in English, though worse than Arnold Schwarzenegger. But he chose a master-class to the Japanese through an interpreter.

Lesson 2

Success does not come on the first day

Success does not come at once, many attempts to minimize the roll with eel as expected it confirms (who tried it knows), and also in the business. Nobu started from the bottom of the restaurant business: after school he went to work in the institution in which he had to drag myself to the great fish baskets, cleaning floors and rearrange furniture. Before he went to work behind the bar, which serves sushi, it took three years. After a short time he went to Peru, where he was entrusted with control of the Japanese restaurant Nobu successfully managed the institution until quarreled with the owner of the restaurant. Next year he spent in Argentina, much success he has achieved there, but spent all their savings and almost lost faith in himself.

But after, in Alaska, he unexpectedly turned up a promising project. The selection of countries at first glance it seems pretty exotic – but given the mentality of the Japanese, for a Peru, Alaska, California, Argentina – only the other side of the Pacific Ocean. For the construction of a new restaurant in Anchorage took six months, two months for the development of a restaurant is gaining momentum, and then burned in a day. Grief killed Nobu moved to Los Angeles, where he had not even started from scratch, but much lower, because it was necessary to return the debts for “burnt” project.

Lesson 3

must have patience


Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant in California, which bore the same name – “Matsuhisa”, expecting a huge success. However, all of America became famous famous chef in no hurry to open restaurants all over the world. Even then, Robert De Niro, a Hollywood actor, the future partner of Nobu, several times offered to open a network, even showing in New York, a luxury building that could accommodate one of the restaurants. Nobu is ripe only after four years. Although this is something special – the signature dish at Nobu, black cod is, has a fairly long process of cooking: fish soaked in miso (a paste of rice and soya beans), then three days are kept in the refrigerator until subjected to thermal processing.

Lesson 4

About Nobu style


Nobu's famous black cod


Just do cook a meal in style a la Nobu – pointless exercise if you do not have access to fresh fish and seafood. Let us take the sashimi salad, Nobu fast roasting a large piece of tuna from both sides on a hot frying pan, after throwing the fish in ice water, thus stopping the process of shocks cooking. Next, cut tuna into thin slices and soak through a cloth around the hills of fall lettuce. Served with “Matsuhisa dressing” – is a compromise between American and Japanese cuisine tastes. The basis of charging is soy sauce, grape and sesame oil, chopped onions, vinegar, black pepper and mustard powder are responsible for the sharpness. Smyagchet sugar flavor. This dressing is not only to the salad, it is also nicely suited to the fish or meat.

Lesson 5:

need to catch the moment


Master-class Nobu Matsuhisa

Master-class Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu, the work in Peru, found that local sea eel is rarely seen on the tables, so it sells in the market as an appendage, accidentally caught in the net. Nobu took advantage of it and began to take eels practically for free, cooking with his culinary masterpieces, the price of it to justify the fact that the eel was necessary to him for a dog imported from Japan (say, a fancy her).

Lesson 6:

In Moscow, where he recently opened a restaurant Nobu, Matsuhisa stood in his bright sneakers, which can be seen in all the pictures in magazines or on the cover of the book itself.
The last lesson: stay true to yourself.

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