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Alexander Yaroslavsky: Where am I and where the policy? I am a simple guy from Ukrainian Kharkov

You some tea – just a black or red, our? – Alexander Yaroslavsky asked.

What’s the difference?

When you drink red, you start to build roads, stadiums and easy to part with money – he jokes.

Kharkov billionaire and owner of the club “Metalist” Alexander Yaroslavsky tries to appear in the image of the philanthropist, is at your own risk and invest in projects of Euro 2012 with sluggish returns.

But this man is not as simple as trying to present themselves. In his humor can feel the cynicism of big businessman.

Nested in Euro 2012 means sooner or later be converted into the image of Yaroslavl, and his word will weigh in Kharkov as much as Akhmetov – in Donetsk. This effect, which does not measure, but is present as a constant factor such as atmospheric pressure.

bride can expect a new image of December 5 – on its 50th anniversary Yaroslavsky wants to open a rebuilt stadium “Metalist”.

He is very careful with the word – during an interview with the feeling that this is not one of the ten most influential oligarchs in Ukraine, and foreign investors who feel politically correct can not express all their thoughts aloud.

The result is a contradictory feeling: whether this person is really out of reach and far from the intrigues of politics, so beware if further ado, he prefers not to speak aloud what he thinks.

Alexander Yaroslavsky appointed time in the early morning interview at his office. Misty Kiev Hem, sofa alligator ripped jeans and a triple red tea with herbs from his own recipe.

As always, the day he began to rise at six in the morning, dipping into the Dnieper and six-kilometer cross-country race through the woods.

– The procedures – an attempt to temper the spirit or ignore the problems of others?

– No, it just gives me a comfortable state of mind and body. And about the problems … I believe that a person has no problems. He has issues.

– What you now question the most tortured?

– They do not torment me, they are on the agenda. I think for me the main issue today – it’s finally decide on the format of UEFA experts stadium in Kharkiv. They made some cosmetic comments.

We reconstructed stadium, and had not built a new one. And the dates for which we did, surprised even ourselves. Naturally, we are convinced all that can be done quickly, but some things are not taken into account. Although, if we did so quickly, we would never back out of Euro 2012 did not become major.

I became a member so I can not go in the yard of APCs

– Ukraine plunged into the presidential election. Who do you support?

– No one. Yes, me and the support is not accessed.

– Are you satisfied with what happens in Ukraine?

– Yes, I am happy with everything. Weather here today is a good …

– So you do not care who will be president?

– If I can not influence this process, why should we talk about this? I do not sit and dream. You can sit around and dream of a penny, what would I have tried – red caviar or black. And there is no money even to squash …

– Do you see a fundamental difference between the development of Ukraine under Tymoshenko and Yanukovych?

– I only care about how I can install in this format. I think only about that. Here I am waiting for: to declare a winner will be inaugurated, and I …

– With a bouquet to the President.

– Yes. (laughs)

– How long have you worked in Soviet times by the police?

– I’m the police practically did not work. He graduated from higher courses OBKHSS and was on probation at the police station just a half months. Lieutenant, I think. I do not remember.

– Just for your attempts to silence felt experience in law enforcement.

– Oh no!

– A simple question – you are interested in the development of Ukraine as a state?

– Not interested. Because I is not affected.

– So you’d like to live in some other country?

– Never! I would like to live only in his native Kharkov. And never in any other country I live not leave.

It is simply you are accustomed to in Kyiv at the Verkhovna Rada to measure such a global scale. And I like simpler questions: for example, how much cement is necessary.

I am interested in similar things, and not global. Because we have all the people in the country live from election to election, which alternate with chastokolnoy intervals. Do not have time to finish one, start the following. When I realized that it was senseless, then stopped to think about it.

Александр Ярославский в своем киевском офисе

– You are silent about their political preferences, because it burned in 2004? According to our information, while Kuchma gathered representatives of big business, and said: “We need to support Yanukovych” …

– How do you know that I was there? (laughs)

– … And you’re back in 2004th as a condition for supporting said that “Ukrtatnafta” (the Kremenchug oil refinery), the Director must return Pavel Ovcharenko.

– What do you mean, never was not like this! And what did I have returned “Ukrtatnafta”?

– No, you cheated. So since you’re not talking about preferences. But you supported Yanukovich?

– Of course. I supported him as a citizen of Ukraine. He came and voted for Yanukovych.

– you decide to withdraw from politics forever?

– Politicians do not have. No, it was not. Maybe it was once the Soviet Union …

I like things specific, tangible, and after that there is a real result. And what is politics in Ukraine? The same work in Parliament: MP walks, runs, then went to the Maldives or the Seychelles, has returned – and once again walks, walks. It is an eternal process, like a river. The boat floats on it and floats. He pulled her to shore, she stood, then dropped again, and again she swims.

– Why, then, in 2003 you became a people’s deputy?

– To have my yard did not go APCs.

I place UEFA would have acted the same way

– How do you assess the probability of failure in Kharkov for Euro 2012?

– Kharkov will not give up! I give it to 0%. If in politics, I really do not know how I would install at this or that president, then I know exactly what to Kharkiv will not give up. Kharkov today – the most dynamic city in preparation for the Euro.

– Why? The stadium in Donetsk, is, and you do not have.

– Is the question in the opening of the stadium? We have the same championship in 2012, and we will open a month later, in 2009.

– How to Kharkov with the infrastructure to accommodate guests?

– We are better than anywhere. There is the required number of hotel rooms. Five-star rooms need 1240 of them are now made 200 something. This is despite the fact that three months ago there was not one. Hotels improve conditions of service, and they take the structure of UEFA.

– you are doing in the hotel business?

– No.

– Where exactly do you invest personal money in Kharkiv at Euro 2012? Stadium, the terminal at the airport?

– To remove all innuendo, immediately placed the point over the “i”. The stadium in Kharkov – is the regional communal property. Of the 600 million hryvnia necessary for its reconstruction, the government has given 140 of the state budget, 50 million gave the city, and 80 million gave the Kharkiv region. It is 270 million. Read the rest gave me.

Ярославский показывает Ющенко стройку стадиона в Харькове. Фото пресс-службы президента

In the future, Kharkiv stadium they want to make a joint stock company, where would the state of the stock and share investors.

– you will get a majority?

– What is controlling? Ideally I would like to see me was 25%, so I put 140 million, while the other gave the state budget – 246 million, as well as 186 million – with the city of Kharkov and Kharkov region.

– You’re a man pragmatic need to feel their benefits.

– There is no pragmatism. Call it the patron of the arts – whatever you like.

– you that nowhere do with 200 million?

– Yes. But not necessarily all the time somewhere to do with it. All surprised by this question – and the police, and taxation.

– you checked?

– Of course. Nobody can believe it! And the more they do not believe the more checks. They think, “How is it, where’s the catch?” And I have built roads and three on the money. Nonsense! Put in order a number of houses. How to call it?

– Preparation of infrastructure for EURO 2012.

– Yes, but I spent it somewhere around 60 million hryvnia.

– you name that has come up for a stadium in Kharkov?

– Yes. Stadium “Metalist”.

– “Metalist Arena” …?

– No “arena” will not, it’s not a circus. Just stadium “Metalist”.

Стадион "Металлист" уже построен

– Stadium – it’s unprofitable project or possible in the future some sort of profit?

– Sam stadium – it’s always a losing project. Even though there are restaurants, boutiques.

– but it will still be converted into some sort of impact, support for the citizens …

– My kids will not care. It’s not wealth that can then be converted back.

– What else besides the stadium is your project in Kharkiv at Euro 2012?

– The terminal at the airport. Legally, everything looks like the airport complex is a 49-year lease at my company, but remains in an urban community property. Of airfield complex signed an agreement with the city, after the completion of a new band, he will become the property of the state. So everywhere in the world: the band – this is state property.

– you will invest only in the terminal?

– Only in the terminal. It will cost somewhere in the 64 million euros.

– If the stadium “Metalist” initially unprofitable project, over what time frame can pay off investments in terminal?

– This period is measured in tens of years. Very long lasting project.

– To make the airport profitable Kharkov, he must be some kind of transit hub in the region?

– The fact that the terminal allows passengers to increase by 5-6 times. Due to increasing passenger numbers and changes of business attractiveness of the object.

Today, the Kharkiv airport is not in the true sense of the word. It simply was not there. There was some building construction Stalinist period 1953-54, which we are fundamentally reconstruct the style of those times. We are building a new terminal. December 2, we conclude the entire outer part of the works on display including a glazing. And in winter we go to the “warm” inside the terminal.

Ярославский показывает Тимошенко макет аэропорта в Харькове. Фото пресс-службы Ярославского

– All of these projects you do on beskonkursnoy basis, ie you have no competitors, the tender has been conducted. Is it fair?

– Well, take, carry out a tender – see who’s coming to him? In Lviv and Donetsk had already conducted a tender for the construction of the airport. Nobody wants to go not. Although, if it was some oil well, I would be there proved to be the last in the queue. Otterlo to competitors. (laughs)

– How do you assess the actions of President Yushchenko’s veto of the law on the allocation of 9.8 billion hryvnia for Euro 2012? Of this amount should have been allocated funds for the runway in the Kharkiv airport?

– I do not analyze it, because the situation is changing every day. For me the important thing is that the funds were for the construction company. From 727 million hryvnia, which are required for the construction, this year we zakazali186. Yet received only 56 million. That is, we still need another 130 million, despite the fact that next year the lion’s share of money.

– you both manager and public and private projects on Euro-2012 in Kharkov?

– You could say that. I am the coordinator for the preparation of Kharkiv’s Euro, which is defined an official order of city authorities. I have every morning selector at 7 am. So every day I know how much money was received on the draft Euro-2012.

Here’s my first call was at 7 am (Yaroslavl phone displays on public display to show the call)

– What is the risk of theft by public officials on the Euro?

– I do not know how to answer this question. In Kharkiv, I know how much is the purchase of building materials, and prices are not inflated.

Or the same chairs for the stadium. I stood in the office of 12 specimens from different manufacturers. We decided to buy the Austrians. Began to bargain with the $ 60 per chair, and they are “weeping”, agreed to a $ 40. Personally, I bargained with them.

Ярославский показывает кресла, отобранные для стадиона в Харькове. Фото пресс-службы президента

– The mayor of Odessa Horowitz offended when his city is ranked among those who can take the Euro, and his place was taken by Kiev. He once told me that the UEFA decision before you had a meeting with Surkis behind closed doors, and then changed all the cards.

– Yes, this is nonsense! There were no meetings. And Surkis not solve any problem, will be Euro 2012 or not, and in some cities, and in what format. Cup – not the organization that she was under someone’s heel.

– What is the impact Surkis exaggerated?

– Of course 100%! Cup – this is purely a commercial organization that is ruthless and cold-blooded in its decision making. And no emotions, shouts, screams and tantrums not catch her. UEFA does not believe in tears!

– A tangible rewards?

– Generally excluded, everything is transparent! You know what the outcome for the individual European scandals clubs in different countries. And the League as an organization is very interesting for the administration of justice. Because such doubtful things will never happen. And the people there are quite famous, who do not want to spoil his life.

UEFA prohibits voice projections, which cities will get the Euro, and what – no. This is only her prerogative, and we had a lot of criticism from UEFA about all of our statements. Talk about it behind Cup – this is a sign of bad taste.

– for yourself you understand why UEFA has stopped all the elections in Ukraine as a country for Euro 2012?

– UEFA is doing so to expand its geographical presence in order to increase the amount of revenue. Because during the Euro 2012 in Ukraine will potentially be mastered at the prospect of a new large area. People come here for the next championships, the Champions League. It’s like a branch network of the UEFA Cup.

Relatively speaking, the Cup – it’s like a bank. Here I had one branch Ukrsibbank in Kharkov, and I earned three pennies. That’s why I had to build bank branches in Czernowitz, in Odessa? Similarly, the League – is building branch networks in the world to increase the flow of money. I, being on-site business managers League, would have acted the same way.

Price IPF inflated three times

– What’s going on around the Odessa port plant? You back 400 million hryvnia deposit for participation in the auction?

– I have no idea. Do not follow it.

– Do not you have participated in the company “Nortima,” which won the tender for privatization of IPF?

– No. I “Nortime” today I am not a founder. And I did not make money.

– but Kolomoisky said you were partners with him in the sale of IPF.

– Yes, we have partners.

– You participated in creating this pool of investors, who won the contest?

– No, he was engaged himself Igor V.. I have been involved in the process prior to its implementation. But when I saw how things went when the scandals began IPF, I realized that it was more of a political project than an economic one. And I walked away.

Alexander Yaroslavsky goes on Bankova

– Why is your company “Cherkassyazot” filed a lawsuit to cancel the competition at Odessa port?

– I thought that by doing so will make more transparent the competition. I’ve always wanted to participate in the Odessa Port Factory. But I think that 5 billion hryvnia – it’s not his price to date. It is overstated, at least three times.

– Is the SCR should be worth $ 200 million?

– Less. And that surprise you? I was ready to participate in the privatization of IPF within any price up, relatively, $ 200 million.

– A year ago he gave a billion!

– “Evraz” a year ago, too, was worth 50 billion and now worth half a billion.

– But IPF – a strategic object! Owner to whatever happens, always return its value

– What is a strategic site? What if you became the owner of the IPF – you ruler of Ukraine? Can you imagine that you paid for IPF, let’s say, six times its price. And when then recapture their money back?

– In your opinion, what would be right – to sell the IPF for the money or is not selling at all?

– To sell it, since 1995. I think today we would have to pay for the price, which was announced on the auction, because the SCR is unprofitable. Today the state, by contrast, reported back their money.

To put an end to the insinuations about IPF, I think he should belong to a pool of Ukrainian plants. Only Ukrainian. Styrene, Cherkassyazot, DneproAzot, Severodonetsk Nitrogen and Rovnoazot. This is called a strategic national interest.

– Yes, but the IPF serves more Russian business!

– A lot of Ukrainians are involved in Russian business projects? In oil, gas?

– but it is a problem of weakness of the Ukrainian state.

– You asked me, I’m not the Ukrainian state. I am a simple guy from the Ukrainian Kharkiv.

– So why did you withdraw the lawsuit to ban the privatization of IPF? You asked Tymoshenko?

– No. Although when she needed, she can talk to any businessman. Communicating with me.

And I withdrew the lawsuit because the matter went to the stage of a political, not economic. Where am I and where the policy? What I was meaning in it intermeddle? Me that the party some support or a presidential candidate? No!

– After what has happened around the IPF, Kolomoisky came into conflict with Tymoshenko. And you have a relationship with the prime minister changed?

– No, have not changed. I have no conflicts with any official of the Ukrainian authorities. And if you’re interested, Igor V., you have the opportunity to talk with him.

Continued interview: Alexander Yaroslavsky: I do not care market to roll down or go up. The main thing is not standing still

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