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Make Money on the holidays

founder of the agency “Knyazev” tells the story of the crisis, the stars and the preferences of customers.

Now, almost anyone can start their own event-agency. The case is easy because they do not need to buy any equipment or rent space for the shop. Prior to the onset of the crisis in Moscow, there were more than 2,000 agencies that are registered officially, and somewhere as informal. The crisis has left the strongest. How does this business and what it takes customers from large companies?

I opened my agency after the 1998 on a wave of the crisis. Therefore, friends and acquaintances often reproached – who, they say, are now necessary holidays. But the people we have such – the worse live, the more walks, even if it is on the last of his money. Even after the 2008 crisis, we managed to survive thanks to the fact that our customers are large companies, and individuals who can afford not to deny the holidays.

Number of orders in the “season” holidays

Now we are organizing an average of two events per week. But when the “season” of various events, such as the Day of the builder, the metallurgist, Valentine’s Day, etc., almost every day of the week we have a new event. Finding customers – this is the most difficult thing in our business. Not all the big companies or private customers are willing to entrust the organization of the event a little-known agency. Most often, it is known to have a good portfolio and can provide a good agency orders. Little-known agencies are ready to take on any, even the smallest orders, and in a year may be closed.

Typically, the cost of organizing corporate event consists of two parts. First, we need to formalize and equip the room, on the average, it takes about 2,000 rubles per person, more and VAT. Secondly, it is necessary to organize a banquet with the lease, that the price is roughly the same. On average, for the organization of a great holiday company can spend 10-15 million, and that does not include the fee guest star.

Artists also happy to agree to speak at such events. Now managers stars receive 50% advance payment of the fee, although previously required 100%. For example, the idol of young people such as “rennet” and Nyushi for one performance earn an average of € 10,000, more expensive cost performance of such stars as Grigory Leps or Stas Mikhailov. We are talking about the amount of € 100,000. In addition, these two artists during the crisis subsided, but on the contrary – fees for their performances only grew.
Often, it happens sometimes that the customer is trying to negotiate with the artist themselves, thinking thus to save. In fact, the agency does not receive income from the margins to the fee, and offering discounts from the stars themselves. For example, we can get some of the stars of up to 20% discount in appreciation for how much money we have brought them before. It happens that we provide our customers with discounts of 10-15%, as if sharing in the revenue in half.

How Big preferences

Our agency has been working for 12 years, and it must be said that during this time the format of the event has changed significantly. Previously, customers were limited to the fact that organized the concert and banek, guests were just sitting at the tables, occasionally lifting the toast, and a yield of stars began to dance, but now has become a popular invite to a holiday as many stars.

Already dance during a performance star is not fashionable, it is typical for the “average” companies. From 2001-2003, the story began to take place of the event. For example, the company “Lukoil” we organized a party under the motto “One for all and all for the New Year.” Accordingly, the origin was the plot of the novel “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas. Then all the men were dressed in robes musketeer, women – in the XVIII century costumes. Alekperov appeared dressed as King Louis, and the vice-presidents donned the mantle of Cardinals. In addition, we organized events on the subjects of different films and works of literature. For the organization of the “Day of birth Cleopatra” we used the props of the Bolshoi Theatre, and the costumes and sets were taken from the opera “Aida.”

To arrange a gangster party, we took out of the museum retroavtomobili, but the machines Thompson brought from Spain. At what was then a very popular pirate, gangster theme. And after the movie “Avatar” and “patrols” in vogue party themed around cinema. Increasingly, customers are demanding style show “Minute of Fame”, when employees themselves out as stars. Therefore, we conducted auditions in advance of the staff to find an accountant with a good voice, or logistician, well performing mime.

Even before the crisis, customers are spared no expense on details for themed parties. Of course, the stars also performed, but it was, as a rule, a program of 3-4 artists, and when all is played enough, the stage went one artist.

Over the past two years among large companies increasingly popular book was speaking foreign stars. The most difficult – is to bring them to the Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo quietly. Otherwise, fans can simply spread the airport. And when Moscow began appearing posters, announces the first concert of Madonna in Russia, we just laughed, because many times it quietly walking through Red Square. Among the stars were invited us and Aerosmith, and Jon Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga herself that big concerts in Russia has never given. The most popular foreign stars are more popular for private events, undertaking large-scale corporate events, customers prefer the proven retro – Baccara, Toto Cutugno, Boney M.

To arrange a good holiday, few know that the customer likes. It should also be borne in mind that is not acceptable in a team. Sometimes it happens that people over 35 to take delight youth program, and young organize dances in the style of the XIX century.

When we are approached by new customers, they prefer to watch our every move. And old customers are often asked to arrange something fun, not too deep into the process of the organization.

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