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You can earn and sundials

Already 10 years have passed since Alexander Boldyrev , throwing biology, started a sundial . Tell this and other success stories .

Now the sundial can be seen in the capital park “Sokolniki ” Shchelkova on the waterfront and in the planetarium . The creation of these timepieces owned by Alexander Boldyrev , the owner of the studio , ” Sundial and artifacts .” Even 10 years ago, Alexander realized that the lessons gnomonikoy far more interesting than the biology classes (Alexander in biology ) . Technology to create a sundial Boldyrev studied independently from books.

At first it was not easy, but after a few years he managed to create the first sundial own assembly . Now businesswoman working mostly in the summer , because it was at this time he can get a few large and many small orders. In the winter, he sits at the computer , doing project work . Prices on his watch is very different: for example, the cheapest option will cost 20,000 rubles, but for the most expensive project Alexander received 2,000,000 rubles. As a businessman speaks on life, he gets exactly with small orders , while large orders require a lot of time and costs.

On average, Alexander makes one watch per month. First the stone pedestal and is calculated dial. After that comes the hard part – engraving. Alexander creates the project section is then produced in a photo , then using a special film section is transferred to the metal. Mothers who uses the work of Alexander , mined in the community : brass can be bought at a local factory , but the white stone brought from the Crimea friends who own the company ” Inkerstroy .” Typically, the sculptors use in the marble, but Boldyrev decided to give up this material, so as marble itself is not cheap , respectively, and the value of the artifacts will be more than a few times.Alexander does not compete with anyone.

Even overseas developers hours of sunshine even more, but not enough, so Alexander often receives orders from America and Europe. But to fulfill orders for foreigners is much more difficult , because the sundial made ​​for specific geographic coordinates , the radius of action of these hours is an average of 200 km. For example , the Moscow watch can display incorrectly in St. Petersburg. And was recently a case in which Alexander had , in contrast to the usual not work alone. He then served an order – an exact copy of the chronometer , which stands in Pompeii at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo . Then, for creating such a clock needed a team of five people. Then Alexander came to the aid of friends : they found the workers to ” Inkerstroe .” Now Alexander Boldyrev does not set itself big goals . In the near future , he plans to create a composition of the sculptures with a sundial in the park of the city of Kaluga (his client became the city government and the Kaluga plant Renault), and he wants to find a place in the capital for his workshop, as always ride in Zvenigorod, which is in a suburb of Moscow, he was tired .

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