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10 советов как не разориться

  1. Get ready for the fact that the first 2-3 months until you will not repeat customers, you’ll be in the red. The current return on this business out in the best case in 3-4 months, and on average as much as a year.
  2. When you select place in the beauty shop, be sure to check whether the landlord is not interested in opening a similar establishment. If after 2-3 years you will lose the case, then, and with business can also say goodbye, because most clients come to the old address, while not paying any attention to the change of ownership.
  3. Forming the price list, consider the recommended rate of net profit, it is not less than 30%. Moreover, such return shall be any service that is provided interior.
  4. on aesthetic services – color, haircut, tanning, manicures and pedicures – the license is not required. But she will need for cosmetic cabinet, the cabinet of therapeutic treatments (massage, body wrap) and injections (botox, mesotherapy). It is also necessary to conclude a contract for the disposal of the hair, needles and syringes, light bulbs for tanning – they must not be disposed with regular garbage.
  5. Masters usually receive a salary plus a percentage (usually the master takes 30% of the cost of service and 10% of retail sales of cosmetics). Administrator salon in addition to the salary gets 1% of the turnover of the establishment. Theirs interest in the success case shall not be less than the master, or administrator is not interested in a large flow of customers.
  6. beginners webmasters to help with recording. Competition among them is high and it may be simply to survive from the team.
  7. staff turnover is inevitable. In an average year dismissed 6-8 out of 10. Watch for the individual formulation of each master, if production rates have fallen, he works part-time or on the side, or it conflicts with the administrator.
  8. success cabin forge not only a master and an administrator, it also depends on such details as the drainage and lighting. If there is no strong sewage, then the work of several artists will always form blockages. A light directly affects the emotions is not a visitor. Under low light hair color may be distorted, but strong light hurts, the visitor should not see the bruises under her eyes.
  9. How to evaluate Vladimir Ermolaev of consulting firm Deloshop, for the year patrons must be 50% – 80% of the total. Usually, clients build relationships with artists, rather than the salon. Therefore, loyalty is very important: if the stylist leaves, also leaves customers.
  10. Also, do not disdain the sale of cosmetic products. Bert carders, executive director of Salon Training International, said that sales of cosmetics should be approximately 20% of total revenue. “And those same 20% will provide the same income as 80% of the proceeds from the sale of services – share a consultant. – Most of the salons miss this opportunity at the start, and then start to fuss and make ends meet ».
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