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10 things you can not write a business plan

1. Description of existing products and services. Homework should be done – but do not overdo it! Too many business plans are unreasonably large. If a potential investor does not “go down” in the subject in the first few pages, the next fifty will not help.

2. information about “members of the management team,” which in fact it does not include. People either work with you and come into the team or not. Be careful with the “consultants” – investors often express a desire to communicate with them, so make sure they are aware of your business. And one more thing: Contrary to popular belief, potential investors are often at first reading the biography, not an analytical report, as they invest in people, not in the business plans . So try to characterize his team members fairly.

3. Phrases such as lack of competition,” “product (service), which is unparalleled,” “a huge market», ease of implementation. Competition is always present, the chances of the existence of similar products or services. Huge market can be only a short time, and the implementation of the business project is never easy.

4. Marketing plans, suggesting that your idea is ready to buy anyone, anytime and at any price . Build on realistic assumptions!

5. Inflated or false biography founders, board members, etc. Be truthful!

6. Expressions such as funding promised or discussed. Either you have already agreed on the financing (and received the funds), or not. No middle ground.

7. Financial projections, broken only by years . Make a monthly forecast for the first year, showing separately the initial financing and operating costs, and then by quarter for 3-5 years. Show how and when will ensure a return on investment in the project’s success. Investors interested in return on their investment, rather than your income. Show when the invested money back to them.

8. Enough accurate market analysis. If you can not evaluate the market in quantitative terms, in terms of prospects, customers, market share, etc., then you are not completely familiar with the situation in this market.

9. Estimated operating costs. If you are going to produce and sell a product or service yourself, you need to figure out all the costs – direct, indirect, fixed and variable, as well as the cost of outsourcing, if you plan to involve other organizations.

Finally, the main point, which in no case be included in a business plan.

10. Financial indicators, which form a curve in the shape of the hockey stick. J shaped curve of revenue, the incident at the beginning of the project and the growing indefinitely in the future, seems unrealistic and say that you’re not fully understand the features of the competitive environment, market situation and balance of power. If your idea is so good, someone certainly try to copy it. Consider that! Customers will come and go, the competitors – to appear and disappear, and your earnings will not grow indefinitely. It’s a nice dream, but life does not happen!

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