In 2011, the advertising market will grow to 8.3 bln | Предприниматель

In 2011, the advertising market will grow to 8.3 bln

Corporate sector feels less and less impact of the crisis, and hence are increasingly returning to promote their products or services through advertisements.

This year, the growth of advertising budgets will occur on all channels.

It clarifies the Maxim Lazebnik, executive director of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, in absolute terms will dominate television advertising, which amounts to the end of the year will reach 3.5 billion USD. It’s actually a third more than last year 2010. However, even this increase would not be able to withdraw TV advertising rates in the pre-crisis period.

In second place – advertising in print media. In 2010 the corporate sector has invested in its promotion through newspapers and magazines more than 2.2 billion UAH. Experts predict that by the end of this year, the print media segment will increase by 17% and will reach the target of 2.5 billion UAH.

The most active will increase the amount of advertising on the Internet. In 2010, this segment showed a record 93% growth. Significant growth is forecast and the current year – 43%. If the experts’ forecasts are correct, then in 2011 sold advertising on the World Wide in the amount of UAH 400 million.

The amount of advertising through billboards and citylights in 2011 should reach the target of 1 billion USD.

The total amount of advertising and communication market in Ukraine in 2011 is projected Maxim Lazebnik, will reach 12.9 billion USD.

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