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5 reasons why you need to open a beauty salon

  1. Cares about the beauty of one of the fundamental requirements. Which would not now have time to get a haircut, styling and manicure done, paint the gray hair in the end people will not stop. Each year, the market is growing beauty salons to 15-20%.
  2. to open a beauty salon, a sufficiently small space – whether it’s in a shopping center or business center, prices are now way down. Fits well and the first floor of an apartment house, somewhere in the sleeping area.
  3. You can start small – hairdressing room seating for 5 and a study for a manicure and pedicure. For complex procedures such as Botox injections and mesotherapy must come gradually, as experience and customer experience.
  4. Starting investment needed to start their own small beauty salon. To rent the cabin and finish area of ​​100-200 m ² must be $ 30-40 thousand can buy a franchise or business ready. A couple of years ago, working salon can be purchased for $ 50-70 thousand, now, some owners are willing to pay a $ 30 thousand in the pre-crisis time payback salon was a year or two.
  5. can attract investors and make more ambitious project. For example, a private equity fund Mint Capital, in 2007 acquired a network of salons, “Monet” over $ 8 million and is now happy with the results. During the first year of operation under the umbrella fund revenues increased by 57% in 2008 – up 82% to $ 24 million is true in times of crisis, “Monet” does not open new salons, and even made the decision to close some of the existing, but as Management expects for 2009 revenue is expected to increase by 10%. “We have now invested in it”, – says Vladimir Zaluzhsky representative of the fund.
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