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Business plan automotive manufacturer mirrors

The business plan is needed not only to start a new project or investment in existing production. Its presence may be subject to a contract with a major client or at least the competitive advantage of firms in the eyes of the customer.

For example, the history of Nizhny Novgorod of “Sikora.” In 2008, she developed a business plan for a project to increase the production of mirror elements for exterior car mirrors. One of the initiators of the business plan – Oleg Zaitsev, head of the company “Autocomponent” basic consumer products, “Sikora.”

“Autocomponent” delivers avtozerkala and other components for GAZ, AvtoVAZ and Renault to build and Fiat. For two years the company is cooperating with the “Toyota Engineering Corporation” and introduce yourself in Japanese methods of production management. Among the measures to improve the production process including the development of capacities of suppliers. “As consumers we are interested to see next to a developing suppliers, – says Oleg Zaitsev. – Based on the business plan, we understand how the changing market situation affects not only us but for our supplier, it is for us, “transparent.” The business plan spelled out even small things: for example, existing “Sikora” electrical power in excess of current consumption. For Zaitseva important is that by examining the financial model of the firm’s business, he understands the basic tools for the development of the supplier can reinvest profits, almost without resorting to expensive loans.

Business plan for a “Sikora” developed investment and consulting company “Marchmont Capital Partners” was founded in 2005 in Sarasota (USA). The central office of the Russian representative office in Nizhny Novgorod. “As you develop, I believe we have significantly deepened the understanding of our customer market and its prospects, as well as an understanding of the financial business model – said the developer of a business plan Constantine Pigalle, director of consulting” Marchmont Capital Partners. ” – Flexibility developed a financial model to calculate quickly the new scenario as conditions change. ” “The evaluation, development of business plan risk analysis helps us to overcome the less painful the consequences of force majeure” – confirms Zaitsev.

With the permission of both parties, customer and developer, we are publishing as a model a real business plan «Sikora». It is composed by all the rules: it describes the market and competitive advantages, the proposed funding scheme and the main stages of the project, scenarios and risks. Hopefully this information will be helpful in developing your own business plan.

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