Business | Предприниматель - Part 13

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In 2010, some Ukrainian providers were on the verge of negative profitability

In August and September there was a dangerous trend: in the III quarter of a quotation for the service, Internet access was close to the negative return, “- president of” Freedom “Sergey Boyko.

The Russian Trust, such as Bruce Willis

As Willis and Pitt Urgant billboard for fighting.

Personal loans

Lending Club offers loans out there where you do not agree best banks.

Alexander Yaroslavsky: I do not care market to roll down or go up. The main thing is not standing still

Continued interview with the owner of the Ukrainian Pravda Ukrsibbank, DCH group i of the club “Metalist” Alexander Yaroslavsky.

Alexander Yaroslavsky: Where am I and where the policy? I am a simple guy from Ukrainian Kharkov

“Kharkov billionaire and owner of the club” Metalist “Alexander Yaroslavsky tries to appear in the image of the philanthropist, is at your own risk and invest in projects of Euro 2012 with a sluggish return.”

Gennady Korban: Kolomoisky as Plyushkin does not like to sell – he only buys

The end of an interview with the group “Privat” in the raid and corporate conflicts Gennady Korban.

Gennady Korban: The Kolomoisky simply coincided with the tracks Tymoshenko

Gennady Korban, tells the story of the formation of the “Private”, about the relationship Kolomoisky Pinchuk, Tymoshenko, Surkis and Akhmetov.

Gennady Korban, “Impact on “1+1″ – more than have its own faction in parliament …”

Gennady Korban – a ram and a ladle of “Private”. His name occurs in the context of corporate conflicts of this team. Although primarily known Korban raider country, and its methods – outrageous, he prefers to call himself “Conflict.”

Igor Kolomoisky: I would advise you not to relax – the crisis has not passed

The second part of an interview with Igor Kolomoisky about the crisis and the media.

Igor Kolomoisky: Between Us Pinchuk guarantors can not be – we are currently guarantors

… Back in ’96, Igor Kolomoisky with his three partners – Gennady Bogolyubov, Alexey Martynov and the late Leo Miloslavsky went to lunch at the office of Privatbank, where they waited Tihipko. During the meal Tigipko as casually said that over three million bought about ten percent of the shares of Dneprodzerzhinsk nitrogen. Eating at the table stopped …