Business | Предприниматель - Part 4

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Игорь Коломойский: «В Днепре история с Корбаном склонила чашу весов в пользу Филатова»

(Русский) Игорь Коломойский – одна из самых, пожалуй, противоречивых фигур в украинской бизнес-политической тусовке. Олигарх, бывший губернатор, потенциальный оппозиционер, филигранно выстраивающий уважительные отношения с властью…

Igor Kolomoisky: “What of oil? Yes, he’s just an idiot this Kurchenko”

Transcript of the meeting of the special control commission on privatization, which was attended by Igor Kolomoisky was interviewed and gave a witness in a number of high-profile issues and business scandals.

(Русский) Рынок евроспецодежды в Украине

(Русский) На сегодняшний день евроспецодежде удалось выйти на новый уровень. Она не просто изготавливается из высококачественных и высокотехнологических материалов. Рынок радует рабочих стильными моделями, при создании которых без дизайнеров не обошлось.

From the Internet at home: a review of the freight market

Detailed review of the freight market in the context of cooperation with online shops.

How to withdraw Ukrainian business to a new level

The main distinction of leading companies from the rest is the focus of strategic marketing.

What if you can not agree

Advice for entrepreneurs who do business in Russia: every euro and every minute that you spend on building relationships, you go back to fivefold.

Four secrets of successful negotiation

Tips professor Skolkovo business school about how not to allow the enemy to seize the initiative.

How to succeed in the negotiations

Pro Tips

How to overcome stress

How to keep the line between obsession and passion and what to do if this limit is already worn off.

You can earn and sundials

Already 10 years have passed since Alexander Boldyrev, throwing biology, started a sundial. Tell this and other success stories.