For Entrepreneurs | Предприниматель - Part 22

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How to reduce costs beauty

In assessing their capabilities, please note that the first few months will bring some interior damage. Here are 5 ways to reduce them.

How to find staff

Salon Success depends on staff, as customers return to a specific person. Six entrepreneurs shared their experiences with the staff.

10 советов как не разориться

10 things to keep in mind so as not to ruin the beauty salon.

Economy beauty

Most any competition? How is the market in the world? Which indicators should I look?

5 reasons why you need to open a beauty salon

Why is this even possible to open a business in crisis.

Franchise – an excellent choice for beauty salon

You do not need to create beauty from scratch. You can use an untwisted sign that will soon pay for themselves and not to fill the cones.

“The barber’s nobody taught me”

What it takes to succeed? By Igor Stoyanov, owner of the largest in the CIS network of beauty salons Persona Lab.

6 errors restaurateur in HR

International consultant, past the path from waiter to manager, shares his experience.

Experience restaurateur: thinking out loud

The monologue of the owner of a small but very popular restaurant.

Open restaurant: how to avoid becoming a twin

Opening the restaurant look as if not to open a restaurant like that one over there around the corner.