For Entrepreneurs | Предприниматель - Part 22

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Open restaurant: how to avoid becoming a twin

Opening the restaurant look as if not to open a restaurant like that one over there around the corner.

Restaurant promotion

Social networks allow you to reduce the costs of promotion of the restaurant.

Restaurant checks

Various organizations with which you want to or not but to deal with.

To combat theft

If you do not control everything – restaurant stolen in two weeks.

Наслідувати потрібно з толком

Billionaire Oleg Boyko says on learning how to succeed in a strange example.

Business ideas: where to get?

Five of the most brilliant businessman said, under what circumstances they are born in the head of a successful business idea.

The staff for the restaurant: where to look

To get started, any restaurant will need to find a certain number of qualified employees, but still have to find them, but also necessary to motivate.

13 millionaires who made ​​a fortune before graduation

They cultivated truffles, cooked jam, selling points, creating online projects and to 22 years become millionaires.

Daniel Shader: Main thing is not to give up!

Daniel Shader invented a way to pay for purchases in shops without a credit card.

Financial performance of the restaurant

What should be the payback, costs and profits directly.