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The European way

Political unrest around the Association of Ukraine with the EU there still. Supporters believe the association panacea, opponents – an absolute evil. That the association between Ukraine and the EU say the dry figures?

When cheaper petrol in Ukraine?

It’s been a month after the promised gas station owners drop in gasoline prices, but nothing has changed.

Tigipko trying to lead the Party of Regions

Secret silence on the sidelines of the recently most influential Party of Regions plays it clearly is not good. Who is able to recover from the ashes of the Party of Regions?

Putin is lying

Putin’s propaganda is so comprehensive that Putin believed in it himself.

The Russian stock market crashed

As a result of the military conflict in Ukraine and negative background , one day Russian business lost 2 trillion rubles.

What will happen to the Ukrainian currency?

The current situation with the national currency result of the protracted political crisis.

Russian-Ukrainian conflict: Causes and Consequences

Behind the scenes of the game and the battle of politicians who pursue what interests detail on conflict of interest among politicians.

Yatsenyuk: previous government brought in $ 70 billion offshore

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk told reporters that the family Yanukovych brought into offshore about 70 billion $.

External public debt reached $ 140 billion

The total external debt at the beginning of Ukrainian in 2014 reached $140 billion (80% of Ukraine’s GDP), short-term $ 65 billion.

How to withdraw Ukrainian business to a new level

The main distinction of leading companies from the rest is the focus of strategic marketing.