Net profit amounted to 314 million Xerox USD | Предприниматель

Net profit amounted to 314 million Xerox USD

Net profit of American company “Xerox” in the third quarter this year reached 314 million dollars in the diluted earnings per share of net income was $ 0.22, including amortization and restructuring, this indicator decreased by 5% to $ 0.17 This is stated in the analytical review of “X-Trade Brokers Ukraine”.

The company’s revenue as a result of the reporting period increased by 48% to 5.428 billion dollars against 3.675 billion dollars last year. The largest revenue came from the technology, representing the sale of document systems, supplies and maintenance.

“Based on the strong results of the first half, we got a steady growth in the third quarter. We have turned our company into a leading company in the world of business processes and document management. In this case, we have successfully used our brand on a global scale and innovation to win the long-term contracts, “- said Ursula Burns, chairman and chief executive officer.

Given the analysis of price changes in stocks, the experts “X-Trade Brokers Ukraine” predicts further growth in assets of the company to 15.8 per share.

“Xerox Corporation” – an American corporation, one of the world leaders in printing technology and document management, a pioneer in mass production copiers. The company’s headquarters is located in the city Noruak, Conn., but most of the staff continues to be in the Rochester (New York), where the company was founded in 1906.

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