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Money fast moving Internet

“Money is rapidly moving online,” – says Olivier Crepe Leblond, head of the Public Advisory Board of ICANN, the VII Congress of the Internet Association of Ukraine in Kiev.

An example of this is already gone from the market of audio and video media.

“I remember how twenty years ago, music producers and distributors have invested billions of dollars in music and video on tape and sold it successfully. Then came the CD, the amount of cash injections into the CD-ROMs ever 16.4 billion. Now sales are falling rapidly CD, disks today replaces the Internet “, – says Olivier.

Short-sighted officials restrict access to the Internet and are suffering losses. “Suffice it to recall the situation with the temporary stop of the Internet in Egypt. Country paid for it $ 90 million. Business noted the loss of some partners, and left without electronic sales. If you do not have Internet access 5 days, the partners may from you to leave, lose credibility, “- he says.

According to a study conducted in Britain, ICANN has determined that 7.2% of GDP of the country falls on internet business. More money comes only from financial transactions or services – 9%, real estate transactions – 12%, various types of trade – 11%. According to Olivier, a business in Britain depends entirely on the Internet: virtually all the paperwork going through emails, faxes, no longer in use.

“As a true eye for the head of the Counseling Center ICANN, the aircraft with the inscription The Internet has already arrived. Do not miss the chance to buy a ticket for him. “- He concluded.

Note: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – an international, nonprofit organization established September 18, 1998 with the participation of the U.S. government to regulate matters relating to domain names, IP-addresses and other aspects of the Internet’s operation.
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