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Effective negotiation of salary

6 tips on how to negotiate a salary

I once told one of his friend, who at the time was a top manager in an advertising company that I want to write an article about how the best in the interview to talk about his salary . A friend , who at the time was already over fifty (I will call him Don ), very interested and wrote me a memo , which consists of ten items. He was one of those who played by the strict rules .

Among the advice of the Don were these: “If you liked the employer, it ‘s in your hands,” or “We need a little more to tell lies about the same salary .” He also advised to tell your boss that you received a job offer. In that case , you need to tell a lie about the salary at the new place to get a head squeeze more. But negotiations should be carried everywhere, from where do you like .

Don was able to so skillfully manipulate his leadership that in one year he managed to get two days off benefits from two different employers – each of them for six months. He says that he was able to receive an annual salary, having worked only five months. But then he adds that it was in his youth. Now he has to beg and grovel , and take as much as offer . Some shocking is how he is able to suck up . He thanks the hundreds of times , lying about his age and talks about the nine other kiddies , if only it had not been fired .

After listening to Don , I also talked with experts on employment and realized that his tricks still work . None of these experts do not like the idea of ​​employers tell a lie , but they all were in agreement with the fact that some of the above tricks and have their benefits. For example , to show the boss that other employers want to hire you , and pre- specify the size of the severance pay .

Rusty Ruff , who wrote the book “The Power of talent : a new manifesto of the human side of the business ” and the former head of HR- services, Electronic Arts and PepsiCo says that the applicant must specifically explain why he wants to be just such a salary. According to him, this is the same as applying for a mortgage loan on the same sludge formation , because the need to give the manager a reasonable explanation. For example, if an employer wants you to move to another city , you should not hesitate to tell him that you have two children who attend private schools , and you need such and such amount of money to cover the costs of their education .In addition, Ruff said that the discussion salaries – is also talk, and therefore should show the employer that you offer other options that will make you a more valuable employee in his eyes. Author of a forthcoming book in print “Professional Guide to survival on Wall Street,” says Roy Cohen , it is necessary to have another proposal , or at least to have an interview with a prospective employer and talk about it all .

Ruff also advises not to cross the border , because you have to be confident, but not cocky . He advises everyone to prepare for a job interview . First, you must decide what matters most to you – salary , career growth and achieve great goals . From what you can give ? For some sosskiateley not so important any wages as vacation time .You should also discuss severance pay severance .

You should also make sure that you own the information about the new employer , about what the company policy in relation to employees , what salary they are paid and what benefits you can get from this post. To do this, you can read the blogs of your future colleagues or former employees of the company.

Also, always try to negotiate in person. As Cohen says , if a person is sitting in the office of the employer , the latter begins to feel more obligated with respect to the applicant than if the conversation took place over the phone. It is much easier to hang up rather than drive long-term employee of his office .

It should tell you about the basic techniques in the discussion of salary.

Discuss the salary of a private conversation

It is much easier to make an impression during a private meeting than on the phone. The person starts to feel more obligated when you are present in his office .

Decide on the most important

What matters most to you ? Severance pay ? Salary ? Comfortable office? Disclaimer lack of competition? Before starting negotiations , decide what chtanet subject of trade , and what you can donate.

Increase your value

Do not forget to tell the employer about competitive offers or other interviews that you had . If delicately mention it , it will only increase your value as an employee in the eyes of the employer.

Get all the information about the possible salary

On sites like Linkedin.com and Glassdoor.com you can find out what level of salaries and bonuses in the presence of your employer. Try to learn more about what salary you can get. Employees of this company could mention it on their blogs.

Suggest contractual terms

If the HR- manager does not agree to pay, on which you ask , offer contract terms . Started work , you can show their best side , forcing the chief to meet you.

Learn how to market yourself

Do not stop selling yourself . Offer your ideas and solutions to the challenges of the new job. The more you appreciate the employer , the higher your salary .

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