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Economics online store

Today in Ukraine there are 3000 online stores, according to the tax authorities. Unofficially, though trading online three times as many pixels.

Turnover of the market for Internet commerce is nearly 1 billion hryvnia, the estimated tax.

According to the rating «» only beginning in 2010 there were 3168 online stores, this is 6 times more than 2 years ago. The number of users is growing daily. The next year, e-commerce market will add another 20% of turnover.

About 70% of people in Ukraine, the respondents in the study gemiusAudience, ever made a purchase on the Internet.

On average, the active use of the Internet must be 3 years, so people started to buy anything with it. The most popular category in online commerce is a book and household appliances, computers and notebooks, respectively, and the biggest competition.

The penetration rate of Internet in Ukraine, on average – 20%, according to gemiusAudience. In the city millionikah this figure more than in villages and small towns. True, the head of the supervisory board “UKRNET” not really trust this study, as it is carried out anonymously on the Internet that suggests the possibility of manipulation of results.

On average, active Internet buyer spends about $ 100 a month on Internet purchases. In cities with million-choose to pay cash to the courier, only 20% are payment by bank card and electronic payments are more – 40% of buyers.

The price difference is the online store and the store is the usual 5-30%.

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