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The European way

In late June, finally Ukraine, represented by the President Poroshenko, signed an association agreement with the EU. The essence of this agreement in the joint integration of the economies of the European Union and Ukraine. What it looks like in practical terms? Simplify any movement of capital, reduced trade barriers, Ukrainian legislation will be “tightened” to European quality standards. That’s nice. But you would not expect from this agreement significant growth of the Ukrainian economy? This question can not respond if you know the meaning of the document was signed on association with the EU. Itself an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU is not a magic wand benefits, and the opening of barriers between the European Union and Ukraine, new opportunities so to speak, take advantage of our business if these opportunities or will continue to look at the easily accessible markets of the CIS and Asia, is an open question.

Calculations that let Ricardo Giucci of the German group of advisors to the Government of Ukraine and Veronika Movchan of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting as follows: after the signing of the framework agreement on association with the EU, the welfare of Ukrainians will grow by 5%. If we continue the integration of the economies and sign extended agreement that welfare will increase by 12%. If Ukraine joined the Customs Union, the welfare of the contrary had fallen by 3.5%. Certainly it is a reason for optimism.

We now turn to the stock market, in this regard gave a comment Christoph Moser ETH in Zurich. The only conclusion which he did: the stock market of the EU and Ukraine as a whole has responded positively. And started to grow shares of Ukrainian companies, which not only work for export to the EU and exporters to the Customs Union. However, the second had a hard time right now, as Russia had began stopping trucks at the border.

If you read the studies of both Ukrainian and European economists can do for yourself the simple conclusion that the association of Ukraine is to win if it is not simply refer to themselves as Europe, but actually act and take its niche in the European Community.

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