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Firtash changed direction, “Stirol”

Shareholders of OJSC “Concern” Styrene “(Gorlovka Donetsk reg.) Meeting on January 17 was re-elected to the supervisory board and the board, the press service of the enterprise.

The composition of the Supervisory Board included Alexander Hulin, Oleg Kikta, Dmitry Stemkovsky, Sergei Perepelitsa, Maria Bezzubov, Roman and Alexei Anisimov Pliskovsky.

In turn, Leonid Mizyak, Yuri Rudensky, Ivan Hamsters, Alexander Bukin, Alexander Vitusevich, Igor Jankowski, Alexander Dzherihov, Alex Rag, Nicholas Jankowski (former chairman of the concern) and Yuri Makogon removed from the supervisory board.

According to the report, new board members was Andrei Eremenko, Alexander Belousov, Yuri Sikorski, Vitaly Ponomarenko, Sergei Vakulenko, and Elena Troyanov. Terminated the powers of Yuri Zakabluki, Nazar Apiaries, Stephen Zdelova, Andrew Boitsova, Victor of Korolenko and Yury Mironenko.

In addition, the shareholders decided to reorganize the “Stirol” in public joint-stock company (PJSC).

Recall Cyprus Ostchem Investments owns 90.3044% “Stirol” included in OstChem Group (part of Group DF, Dmitry Firtash).

Buying Firtash “Stirol” learned in the first half of September 2010 The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but according to experts on the basis of market capitalization Gorlovka enterprise value of the controlling stake could reach $ 500 million

According to the analyst of investment company “Dragon Capital” Tamara Levchenko, the main reason for the sale of concern is the uncertainty of the profitability of the issue of chemical enterprises of Ukraine in the future. So, in 2009, concern was loss of about $ 40 million, though the previous year net profit was $ 111 million main reason for the sharp deterioration in the financial condition of the company expert believes the overall situation in the market.

JSC “Concern” Styrene “- one of the largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers, polystyrene and drugs Administration.

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