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Firtash won a court in the State Property Fund

Commercial Court dismissed the claim of the Crimea to the SPF of Crimean enterprises, which required the agency to pay 15.9 million UAH. as rent for use of the plant. This amount also included a penalty for late payments. The State Property Fund insisted that “Crimean Titan” is obliged to pay for that used a complete property complex Irshansk mining and processing plant in the period from December 13, 2009 to September 28, 2010.

Officially, the lease Irshansk GOK controlled OstChem enterprise ended in September 2009. Then, despite the position of “Crimean Titan”, which would continue to use the plant, the Cabinet of Yulia Tymoshenko has refused to renew the document.

In particular, the Cabinet hoped to enter the mine and Irshanskiy Volnogorskiy Mining and Metallurgical Plant produced in the NAC “Titan Ukraine.” Also, the previous government intended to regain control over himself and “Crimean Titan”.

As a result, the conflict between the government and the “Titan” has passed into the judicial plane, and both the mining companies remain under the operational control structures businessman.

In this case, since the start of proceedings “Crimean Titan” did not pay the rent Irshansk GOK. Therefore, the State Property Fund has decided to court to recover money for the use of the plant. However, the court arguments of lawyers did not accept the office. In court, representatives of the “Crimean Titan” failed to prove that they had the right not to pay the rent. So, as a result of the confrontation with the Cabinet Tymoshenko property complex Irshansk MCC was under arrest. And as evidenced by the materials of the case, because of the arrest “Crimean Titan” could not pass the property complex of the Fund. Consequently, in the opinion of the court, blame the company that rents have been made and mine has not been returned to the State, no.

It is worth noting that the situation with the arrest of the company has not been solved so far. Ministry of Industrial Policy continues to insist on the return of the property complex of the enterprise under their control. In this court’s decision regarding the future and Irshansk Volnogorsk plants are still pending. Today, both companies continue to monitor the structure OstChem.

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