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The main secret of marketing — keep it simple

About the most effective techniques in marketing says the former ex-director of e-commerce and marketing for Cirque du Soleil.

Ever heard the saying «Simplicity is perfection»? It is very common among designers, but just as effective in marketing. People do not take the hard stuff, so the most common marketing tools tend to work best: they not only bring traffic but also increase customer loyalty. Here is an example. In America, was launched fairly simple advertising, is designed to promote the Marines. The ad was shown the airport, where one by one the soldiers came out, and the people applauded each of them. Thus, many people put themselves in the place of soldiers, wanting to look just like them.

Before moving to Russia, and lived in the Canadian city of Montreal for 15 years. Then I became the director of marketing for the newly formed company Recently, he worked in the field of e-commerce and marketing for Cirque du Soleil. In addition, I have worked in retail – I helped to increase sales on the Internet’s largest retailer. It should be noted that the marketing techniques that are used in North America are very simple, yet effective, but in Russia, unfortunately, are rarely used and is not systemically. You can use these technologies in four areas, so you should take a closer look each of them.

Motivation – especially

Despite the huge number of different ways to motivate, not all are suitable for startups, which are limited in terms of capital. For these people, the idea is important, perspective and, of course, a personal example which they will be able to navigate. Therefore, for the employees to be a model of professionalism and competence, so the guru himself.

I do not when I do not expect such results from people who are not able to achieve myself. You can hire an IT-director, with no understanding in the field of IT. But if you are the director of marketing, the marketing you need to know about everything! What is email-marketing, contextual advertising, usability, and how all of this into practice effectively. I have to understand all with what my employees are working, because then they will strive to do better and better, and this is the strongest motivation.

Learn how careful planning

Not so long ago on local TV held an interview with a psychologist who talked about personal finance planning. As it turned out, the Russians did not plan their finances more than a year.

Of course, bad habits are not unique to people in everyday life, but also in business. The excuse is that because of the unstable situation in the country from the plans still will not be any good. For business, it is dangerous, because if you plan to stay in business for a long time, you should make plans for at least the next few years, especially if the situation in the country is not stable.

For long-term planning needs full concentration of effort and a clear focus on business. If every day you’ll be at full vylazhivayut to achieve their goals, then sooner or later you will still reach them. It is an axiom, and it works. After all, even an elephant can be sold, if you really want.

Do not forget to measure the performance of

When you open a business, it is important to measure performance, as a rule, measured by the KPI, which is that for a certain period, the goal is, and then fixed – has been achieved or not. For start-ups is very important. It is very important to consider how the goal is achieved. For example, if you want to make 100 sales, you should take into account the resources spent to achieve the goal. This may be $ 100 or $ 1,000. It turns out that the goal is achieved, but the outcome is uncertain.

In the field of marketing in North America is very common financial measure ROI (return on investment), which characterizes the rate of return of investment. In other words, it shows how the investment was profitable for its initiator. Applying this rate, we can determine whether we are spending money wasted to make sales or not.

Now in addition, we plan to use the KPI and ROI, which will help us determine which sales channels are most effective, and how to spend our budget wisely.

Learn to combine experience

It’s no secret that the Internet today is a very effective channel to promote products and services, especially for startups. Offline sanitation are not only high prices, but also the complexity of the definition of efficiency. How to determine whether increased sales of the publication of the new offline advertising? And as for performance of the whole advertising campaign to highlight the proportion that is attributable to a particular channel?

To evaluate the effectiveness of a particular channel, it is enough simply to combine. For example, we can in one place to hang a billboard, which will be accompanied by a reference to our site, and in the other – to place a shield showing our phone number. Thus, we will be able to determine from which source more traffic.

Why Russians prefer complex scheme

All of the ways I have described is not revolutionary, is actually a very simple and effective, but in Russia for some reason are not used, though they are well aware of. Maybe people used to think that everything simple without result, and is simplicity itself confuses people. After all, even in communication often happens that you do not believe when you tell the truth.

Another reason is that the Internet industry in Russia is at an early stage of development. And while Western counterparts are not trying to invent something new, and efficient use of the available methods, the Russians prefer to try something a little more complicated, and learn from mistakes.

I suppose the fact that the Russian people love everything complicated because of the strong academic education. Young professionals after five years of study in the theory comes in the company of trying to apply the learned knowledge into practice. But the theory always turns into life experience, and it does not progress. After all, only a theory foundation prepares for him.

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