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Goldman Sachs: Bonus for employees in 2010 totaled $ 15.4 billion

Recently, the U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs published a financial report, in which state the amount paid as bonuses middle and senior managers in the amount of $ 15.38 billion

However, compared to 2009, the size of the bonus pool was reduced by 5% and reached $ 16.2 billion

The percentage of bonus to the bank’s net profit by end of 2010 amounted to 39.3% in 2009 crisis, this ratio was equal to 36%.

Thus, the bank’s total revenue for 2010 dropped faster than the volume of paid bonuses. According finotchetu Goldman Sachs, revenue in 2010 fell by 13% and was $ 39.2 billion, compared with $ 45.2 billion previously.

If you divide the total amount of bonuses for all employees who receive them, you get $ 430 thousand per employee. Certainly senior management got a lot more, and the mean correspondingly less.

Thus, the U.S. bank earnings last year fell faster than the annual bonus fund. According finotchetnosti Goldman Sachs, revenue fell 2010godu 13% – to $ 39.2 billion, while in 2008 it was $ 45.2 billion if compared with the crisis year 2009, the one employee had $ 498 thousand award in 2007 this figure is much higher – $ 660 thousand.

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