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Internet Doctor

The American doctor, Robert Novichev there are only two clients, this is Ann Donato and her husband Frank, who recorded an appointment by phone. Robert Novichev 32 years leading practitioner in the area Westchester, New York. The last two years, he urged his clients to contact him with simple questions exclusively via the Internet. And this is only a tenth of the work to improve the effectiveness of personal work.

American doctors are specialists in general practice are often forced to co-ordinate the work of a whole group of assistants, but this job does not pay them money. Such a doctor in the United States earns about $ 190,000 a year – three times less than the doctors specialists in a particular practice.

Instead of taking more patients and earn more income, as do others of his colleagues, Robert Novichev decided to cut costs. To help him come to the Internet. He persuaded his daughter to scan thousands of medical records, X-rays and other data, it took six weeks, and then arranged to access this information through the Internet, it now has access to these documents, wherever he is, at home, in his office. Synchronization and backup hosted by Internet service Dropbox and Carbonite. Another service automates the receipt of payments from insurance companies.

The breakthrough came in 2008 when Robert Novichev with his son spent $ 20,000 to create a site that allows patients to directly from the site, and order medications and to learn the test results. Today Novichev records of 30-50 calls a day, three times less than it was before innovations, 70% of the patients refer to him via the Internet. In 1999, wages paid Novichev three employees who worked on accounts, products ordered and received calls, it is now easy to cope with it all myself.

Ten years ago, Novichev were 1,600 patients and cost-effectiveness was about 55%. Today, the services of an experienced therapist uses only 1,200 patients, but due to profitability has grown to 85%, net income Novichev remained unchanged.

It is true that to achieve a result, he had to spend a lot of time, consider, for re-education habits of patients.

«In some patients had to sit down together and explain what a web browser”, – says Robert Novichev.

Septuagenarian patient, Neil Hirsch, admitted: “look pretty strange when it simultaneously measures the pressure of me, and talking to another patient in a wireless headset.”

But in general, patients are happy. Perhaps because I became interested in his work Novichev in new ways.

Novichev shared: «When I upgraded my practice, I was as shocked as the moment when for the first time in front of me opened the door to your own doctor’s office».

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