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High-quality service: how to avoid traffic jams

As an online store to organize delivery in the face of constant traffic jams.

We chose the capital of the new measure , and this is good news . Although I am not interested in politics , but with the arrival of the new head of Moscow on the agenda was immediately raised the question of improving the traffic situation in the city, so it’s worth a comment . Although the success of this campaign is not very hard to believe , but still want to dream about such an idyll itself , such as about Moscow in the 50 – 60 ‘s, when there were no traffic jams . What are the prospects opened up for my online store , because I initially made ​​a bid for good service, and all products must be delivered on time, fresh and high quality . But in the face of constant traffic jams this is not always possible to achieve, so something with transport logistics have always been some misunderstanding.

The first error

One of the main components of our business is the transport logistics . Although other components are also important, but I will say one thing, when it comes to owning your own business , you can not be mistaken for anything. But on the question of transport I also admit mistakes .

Immediately it was planned that the drivers we will have less . More precisely , we proceeded from the number of orders for one, which was , for example , H. However, in practice it turned around 0.6-0.7 X, and in a particularly busy days even 0.5 X. And with the salary we also miscalculated. At first, hoping that it will consist of salary of 8,000 rubles plus commission with each order. But working for the money , no one wanted , and the requirements we have been narrow : only needed people with Moscow residence permit . For this requirement had to pay , rather pay twice as much than expected. But, as experience shows, only the local well-known in the city. Once the driver has worked with us from the suburbs , but not sustained for a long time : in traffic spoiled their nerves , and did not know the short cuts. The result – a late delivery , and that afford we could not.

More suitable scheme we have developed only for half a year . We have always worked full-time drivers . But as it is uncomfortable , so the fact that at the stage of development of the number of orders can not guess – it is really very unstable . And no matter how much we did not hire drivers , still could not guess . Today, a lot of orders , and drivers do not have enough , and they are less than tomorrow , and some machines are idle. And as the full-time workers , they have to pay and always on time. And besides, it happens that the machines break down , drivers are sick, and no bench indispensable. So we decided that we have a permanent full-time drivers , and ” replacement ” – freelancers . Thus , it was possible to establish some transport logistics . Yes, and it’s more convenient to workers – someone get to work two days a week , and someone – two weeks a month. Now we have a ratio of 60/40 .

Also needed to solve another problem: whose machines we use . Since we have a small company , we own fleet , we can not afford , so we decided to hire a driver with a private transport and, in extreme cases, contact the transport company.

Of course, this scheme is only at the initial stage , but in the future , even limits our actions. For example , we can not put on someone else’s car is a custom logo , and this is already saving for offline advertising, with it own logo on transport – this thing is branding . In addition , if you have your own car would be decided by a lot of problems hiring workers , and would have avoided some of the costs. For example , a car could be used in two shifts , the more so at the request of many customers we have extended delivery time from 20:00 to 22:00. Now, orders are shipped within 11 hours.

We are therefore Nicholas came to the conclusion that it is necessary to buy a few cars in the lease ( I will be grateful to hear the comments of those who have already had to work so ) . But most of all, that implement the plan we will be able only after the New Year holidays so the future will have to overcome the fact that there are.

Experiments with delivery

Also, we decided to experiment with delivery – as you may have noticed , we’re not afraid to experiment . One day in mid-summer, we offered to cooperate express delivery service QuickFrog (http://59min.ru/). Quickly preview your site, I am still interested , because QuickFrog offered to deliver an order from one end of town to the other in just 59 minutes. Earlier couriers deliver drugs , and now offer us their services for express delivery . Refuse such an offer I just could not. After meeting with representatives of QuickFrog I almost caught their optimism. They offered a fairly simple scheme – delivery of orders on scooters and on such transport is certainly possible to go round all sorts of traffic jams. Immediately there was a problem with the capacity of cargo in Corfu scooter , so it was decided to limit the order VEEM 10 kg. To collect the order we were given 30-40 minutes for 10-15 minutes on the transfer order courier. Thus, the client should receive the products already after 1 hour 59 minutes. In truth , to cooperate with the express delivery was scary , because in our company lay much of the blame . Embarrassed and service cost – 600 rubles, while on our side no commissions on delivery is not required.

But nothing happened. As it turned out , customers wishing to order two hours and still willing to pay and the cost of 600 rubles were many . In addition, the weight limit orders were ignored, and people filled their baskets all in a row . Even on stock all got out of hand , because we have always worked on well- constructed circuit and always deliver the product the next day after the order. Then I took such a cowardly decision – to reject the service – or rather wait for better times.

But on the street already November , and delivery on a scooter stops running to warm pores. Although QuickFrog plans to implement a different plan : to organize during the cold season in the delivery of compact cars . So, perhaps , I still presume to offer delivery of products to customers within a few hours.

And now already November , and our partners are driving scooters in the garage. While here , by the way , a different perspective emerges : in the winter, “fast frog ” planned to enter the logistics with the use of small cars. So it may be , we still manage to give their customers a service with very fast delivery .

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