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How to succeed in the negotiations

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Operation of any head is half of negotiations , the outcome of which depends on the success of the company. Professionals talk about how to make the most productive negotiations .

Vice president of IBM’s Inna Kuznetsova

– Collect information

Carefully collect the facts , because of this very often depends on the success of negotiations . As a rule , the party prepared better , you win just because the reasons given on the basis of facts and figures , much more effective and convincing.

– Pre- define its position

The position should be formulated in advance : it is important to specify not only what results you want to achieve , but also on what conditions are ready to conclude an agreement . If you are negotiating about working conditions , it is necessary to determine for themselves what wages you want to receive a minimum payment in which you agree to work , what kind of vacation , schedule or stake you are satisfied , moreover verify their relative value.

– Understand the logic of your partner

Based on my experience , I can say that the most effective approach to negotiations is to understand the logic and causes of action partner. Many people think that in all the negotiations that do not get you , your partner gets . In fact, most of the negotiations resemble a parable about how a brother and sister could not share one orange until it found what it was needed for each of them. As a result , it turned out that his brother wanted to squeeze the juice , and my sister wanted to add orange zest to the filling of the pie , although it was possible to satisfy the desires of each of them without unnecessary disputes.

– Prepare a “pocket question “

There are many methods of negotiation , for example, “Pocket question ” to be decided almost on the fly, when both parties are tired and want to quickly complete the process. Imagine that lengthy negotiations have been completed and your partner are ready to say goodbye. Hardly, he wants to argue if you casually think about such trifles as the preparation of a press conference on the launch of the project . Thus you will be able to improve their position.

– Take into account the entire company

Negotiations are always conducted on the basis of relations between the two sides . There are situations where it is necessary to conclude a single transaction , there is a lasting relationship , and sometimes it is necessary to conduct negotiations within the company. Sometimes attempts to improve its direction can harm the entire company just because one of his colleagues was more adept at negotiating . It is important to be able to look at the whole situation through the eyes of senior management and to improve the situation in the whole of the joint efforts , even if it may slightly degrade the performance of one of the branches .

Team leader for the training and development of KPMG, a business coach company ” Oratorika ” Alex Peshekhonov

– Be ready for any top”

We have received more lucrative offers from other companies,” – this phrase uttered at the beginning of negotiations , can unbalance . Unfortunately, this technique is a very common way of manipulation during the negotiations. Opponents tend to hide their emotions , trying not to betray himself, so to find out if this is true or just a bluff, it is very difficult . Best answer something like this: “We have also received other offers, but let’s discuss further opportunities for the development of our relations .”

– Know how to be silent

Silence is one of the powerful weapons negotiator , which allows us to weaken the opponent’s position and go for a more favorable concessions for you . But it is important to know when to pause and when to make a new proposal.

– Respond quickly

You should always know by heart all the clauses of the contract , to be able to quickly respond to the actions of your partner. In addition , it will allow you to quickly make the right decisions . If necessary, change the terms of the contract , but do it quickly.

– Learn how to count money on the go

Professional negotiator should be able to calculate the financial impact of all concessions in price and the variables . Therefore it is very important to always remember the cost of the transaction and competently carry out a ” price negotiations .” Try to go to solve the following problem: “Your margin products in this group is 20%. Buyer asks you discount 2,5% on invoice and the same amount off invoice. According to the plan increase in income will be 18 %. What will be your decision and what the maximum discount you can afford ? ( at the end of the text provided the correct answer ) . ”

– It is important to have a trump card

Your negotiating partners will immediately feel when you are in doubt . ” And if the parties fail to agree , then what? “. If you do not know the answer to this question, doomed to defeat. In this case, do not even begin to negotiate! You must be a trump card . It is this card is an alternative to this agreement.

Independent expert on business development Denis Zapirkin

– Prepare a negotiating strategy

Try to anticipate the opponent’s actions depending on your behavior , ask for this question, “What if .. ? “. It is important to prepare a number of options out of the box in case the negotiations go beyond the limits. This will be helpful in the event that your opponent wish to make significant changes in conditions , or if the negotiations reach an impasse .

– The opponent should be aware of all the benefits of a deal with you

Most advantageous situation when your opponent before the start of negotiations is aware of the benefits of signing an agreement with you. There are effective methods of ballot box stuffing information ( analysts’ opinions , authorities , information about the situation on the market or in the right environment) , predictive information, creating a background risk , fear or positive, the correct formulation of subdivision and leading questions – it all depends on how you need to direct the consciousness and sensations opponent.

– Hold negotiations in an atmosphere of mutual trust

The most important in the negotiations is the control of openness and trust between the opponents . When the opponent feels threatened or impairment of its interests tenses or guards, he hears worse and perceives you , and sometimes disabled. To bring it out of this state , you must take a step back , or go on a long-planned assignment or take a break in the negotiations , during which to apply the methods of soft power .

– All register the results in writing

During the negotiations, it is very important to record all results (even intermediate ) . Such a protocol ( key issues , plans , decisions , opinions and subsequent steps ) should be agreed with all stakeholders to give their comments or clear evidence . Should not translate this process into a long discussion , otherwise you will never come to a particular decision. Typically, this situation indicates unDeveloped interest or hidden conflict.

* Correct answer: The proposal purchaser can not agree ! Total discount at the planned increase in revenue of 18% can not exceed 3 %.

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