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How do we promote the site

Co-owner of online store products continues to talk about how she opened the business.

About a month ago, my partner suggested a single experiment : to refuse advertising for one week . That is, we have to voluntarily disable context on two pages – Yandex and Google.

For me the idea was not the best , because you can lose a lot of orders. But , on the other hand, do not try, do not know. And if the reduction of orders will not critical , it can be a considerable part of the cost to transfer to something else , because the extra money will never happen. So I decided to try. The very next day I called in a panic Cole , that, well, there are fewer orders . But, as it turned out, he had not advertise disabled , and I should not have worried. However , the day was as usual.

The next day, we have disabled ad . The result – minus 5 % on orders . I argued that we were lucky because the orders did our regular customers . But the very next day – minus 10 %. Of course , this is not an indicator , because the days are different. But large orders became fewer , and the drivers were underutilized .Then Nick decided to give up the idea and wrote the advertisers . The very next day, including advertising, and our website has been a real boom. Feed blog readers to Forbes rushed to our website . And where did many additional orders can not be determined without analyzing . Generally experiment with advertising is very difficult , besides scary. Therefore, we must rely on their own experience . I want to share it with you.

Online advertisingInternet

Advertising – this is the main engine for sales online store. In doing so, we have seen very quickly. Here is today one businessman from Kazakhstan asked me how to promote your online store, to which I replied – that’s how . Especially when your budget is low . Here you have proof – the lion’s share of clients (at least 90 %) are finding us through the network. They look , investigate , and if your service offers the convenience and quality, assess it and test . And this is where you have the opportunity to get another regular customer .

Now, tell a little about the benefits of contextual advertising banner in front . First of all , PPC advertising provides the opportunity to formulate a narrow inquiry as much as you need. Secondly , the audience , attracted by such advertising – is a quality audience . After all, when a person enters a query “buy cider ” and sees an ad that you can buy pear and apple cider , and even home delivery , most likely, he will buy it and .

Contextual advertising effectiveness is different , because you do not have to pay for the number of impressions and the number of hits on them. And though the transition to a website does not mean that necessarily will be made an order, but the probability is quite high . Another advantage of PPC advertising is its maneuverability. You can control the advertising yourself, you can charge it by managers to promote it on the Internet , you can limit the cost of your queries , enable or disable them yourself , but you will always see the results of their work.

Internet advertising market is accessible to everyone , and enter it , you can , with just 1,000 rubles budget. But if you want to see the real results of your work on advertising is better not to save .

We had to use and banner advertising. One day before the New Year we bought at one banner . Special effects are not followed. I will not say that banner advertising is dying , even though many talk about it , but to say that it brings good results, too, will not. This advertising works too , although it is less mobile and more expensive . Yes, and edit the banner in the course of work , too, had .

If anyone thinks that online advertising is very cheap , it is very wrong. If you compare the cost per contact from the internet and offline , you will figure quite comparable . For comparison, take the ad in a magazine and banner advertising . In the case of a magazine advertisement for the number of contacts is due to the number of views and images, respectively, for banner advertising – is the number of impressions . So for 1000 contacts in a magazine advertisement you will pay an average of $ 50-100 thousand for the same banner ads – $ 5-20 . We can see that the figure is quite comparable . In addition, an advertisement in the magazine gives less likely to attract the client, while in a banner just a click away – and the person already in your store. Yes, and the entry into the market of advertising in offline is much more expensive , especially for the print media.

Advertising is offline

Offline advertising we specifically did not use due to the limited budget. But there are still some experience . When we decided to take part in ” Good Housekeeping .” The point was to take orders from people at the time of the exhibition . The exhibition lasted for three days, and we hoped that taking 100 orders a day, will be able to cover all the orders. But it was only a hope. As it turned out , people were not prepared to immediately make reservations , however, as we are. I had to tell everyone about your store, but this time came five more interested with your questions .

Though with the orders did not work, but advertising is successful. Our advertising stand saw about 3,000 people , and has more orders . And attendance online store has grown by an average of 500 people a day .

And about the same time we decided to make our advertising makaronomerok with the help of FlyCards. This makaronomerku invented Jura Parfenov , chief editor of the ” Crocodile” and our good friend . He has always been a master at such notions here . This meant makaronomerka to measure the exact portion of pasta to cook them . In addition, he found the Jura , where you can make them , could only spread. Then we turned to FlyCards. But no results are not followed – was no more orders , but 60,000 rubles we spent. Sending the money on contextual advertising , we would have a much greater effect.

However, not all bad : we have decided to use the remaining makaronomerki as gifts to the orders of our customers.

Social networks

As without advertising on social networks? So we decided to take advantage of this resource for the advancement of our website store. And so we opened a LiveJournal community . At first, we did not even know what it can be filled , so arranged various competitions and games . Now we publish our newsletter , which all registered users will receive every two weeks . It so happened that we publish the newsletter does best , and with the genres we have a lot of experimenting – sometimes it avtointervyu and sometimes short stories , but a lot of ideas .

This summer we had the opportunity to sponsor one of the ethnographic expedition , which was held by the chief blogger headings Artem Lebedev . We then bought a sponsorship package for $ 2,000 , which included the placement of the logo on the car Artem Lebedev, as well as a link to our site, posted a blog The audience of 150 000 people was not a myth. Being a famous designer , he uses his blog for promotional purposes and earn good. The cost of a single contact from Lebedev in our store was $ 0.15, which is comparable to the cost of such contact in other media. But it’s worth it , because Lebedev read almost everything.

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