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How to increase restaurant revenue

Why allow waiters and fooling around on the job free feed secretaries.

Want to increase profits from the restaurant? There are two solutions: either to work to increase the number of guests, or try to increase the average check – the amount that the visitor leaves the restaurant. Both paths eventually lead to an increase in turnover. Only need to know on what exactly you’re working on.

Three ways to increase the number of checks

If you need to increase the number of checks, we use three methods

The first way – to attract new guests. Visitors are different, they come to the restaurant at different times and different objectives. Have breakfast in the restaurant at the other end of the city no one would come. So in case you need to attract people for breakfast or for lunch, it would be logical to work with the local trade area, for example, with local offices. At the opening of “Dolls gun” We decided to put on secretaries – they disseminate information in the office. We called to nearby offices and secretaries invited to a free lunch for two in honor of the opening. Our costs were 50 000, if you calculate the cost of gift lunches. During the first month of our restaurant was visited by several hundred people. While outdoor advertising on the street would cost 80,000 rubles. It would attract hundreds of guests? But never, with the overabundance of ads out there that are hung. The restaurant was completely filled for lunch about four months from the date of opening.

We try to carry in all the different places the party, working with subcultures. For example, for the past two years on Tuesday, we are going to Couch surfers – people who stay each other while traveling around the world. At one time going to bikers, but their tusovka – not the most profitable for the restaurant all on the go, take tea or cola. Recently engaged kicker here: set the bar, “Honey, I’ll get back …” professional table football table and arrange tournaments kicker.

The second method, which we use to increase the number of checks – increases the turnover table. Then speed is important: you need to have time to feed the people at the table not three, but four times in two hours. This is possible if all quick serve, to reduce the delay to zero, and make sure that the guest is not perturbed. More importantly, all to organize on Friday, when visitors to the bar are three rows and reach for cocktails. We are seriously working on the organization of the bars, which bring a substantial part of revenue: everything is signed, the bottles are always in place. Ordered tequila – not looking bartender pulls out a bottle of the right, the service is accelerating.

And the third way – to work with the client – to increase the frequency of visits by patrons. This is extremely important to the quality of guest service. That is what we have to focus. We do not and have never done any advertising because our strategies do not attract new customers.

For example: a certain Alex on Friday sitting in a bar with friends. Two Fridays, he comes to us, the other two – to another institution. If we can do so that next month it will have three times, our sales will grow in the half. If each customer visit us once again, it will be enough for the growth and development of the restaurant. For some reason, this simple strategy is not particularly prevalent in any trade or in the restaurant industry. Convince Alexis to come a third time this month is much easier and more economical than to find a completely new visitor to lure him to the bar, to give him a discount.

To keep the guests importantly – maintaining the right atmosphere and the right service. We have no discounts, regular visitors as well. I know that the discounts do not increase the frequency of visits. And despite the fact that the hundred dollars on account of my income – twenty, and if I give the customer a discount of 10%, this means that I give him half of the profit. I prefer to give less.

Each manager has a budget change to PR, which he must give to visitors. And I like it better when they overspend him than when he sekonlen. My hope is that they make decisions wisely. For example: visitors – a company of six regulars. Manager can invite them to draw the match, and the long, short eats for free.

We work under the slogan: the people come to the people, not just to eat or to look at the design. And our staff does not just bring the food, everyone who works for us, are part of the concept, part of my proposal. On the main page of the site shows the whole team, you can view information about any. Our people – our pride, we give them the freedom to create and encourage their creativity. Even during the interview and the assessment staff, we give them the creative task.

We always try to bring something unusual. Here people come to our bar, and there is a cello, which for us is utterly absurd. Waiters or play “sanchosa” – when you have someone draw a mustache quietly whipped cream. I ask how I can make them. But I do not force anyone, I give them space for the manifestation of idiocy and set the mood.

We in the “doll” is a red armband for shaping, and her bright yellow thread embroidered: “I’m late” – and the one who was late for work, we have the whole day to work in it, entertaining visitors. They did it themselves, brought into a bar and says “late” with the accent on the second syllable, which bears called “opozdalom.” Or zateyut game of “praying mantis” – senior change every half hour shouting into the megaphone word “mantis”, and all employees must freeze on the spot, no matter what they do – to communicate with customers or carrying plate. Who stopped the last, lost. If you find the right employees, then they pin up each other, created such an atmosphere that visitors feel. All I give increased frequency of visits – the client looked then brought friends to see.

Working with average check

How to make sure that the customer has spent more? First, work to increase the number of items in the check. This is easily controllable parameter – using a database you can find out how many items in the check and how much the customer buys. Guest takes two to three positions – you can put the task of making four of them. For example, with additional suggestions. And second: work hard not to buy more items, and more expensive ones. How so?

Work with the average check, we most often is to carry out various competitions for staff, is a competition for the sale of any particular food or drink that works to expand the items in the check. It can be a game of bingo or a team game: waiters against bartenders, for example. In my opinion, the most brilliant of the competition is a game of forfeits. On the morning of the waiters write assignments for each Fanta. For example, to get on the bar and sing “Born in the Woods Tree”, or kiss the back of the visitor, or sell any dessert while sitting under the table. They put all the tasks in a hat or in a pot, then goes out and calls the manager of five courses, which will be played out today. This dish, which rose by an average check. If the waiter will sell an item from the list catechumen, he can point to any person to whom, and will need to pull the phantom. He should immediately perform the job hitting him. That’s all the motivation bartenders and waiters, elevates mood, creates a fun atmosphere. On the other hand, it works to increase the average bill – in the process we are selling the right position. And the third thing – there is increase in the number of checks, because the visitors are beginning to participate in an event. They ask the waiter what it was. Acquire the desired item from the list, wanting to see more shows. And the main thing – I do not mean by a penny.

Third by increasing the average check, I think repositioning institutions – look for another customer, which has higher requirements. This may be attracting some wealthy subcultures or set the lower limit value – we just do not happen cheaper beer 220 rubles.

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