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How to make money on laundry

Interesting ideas on how to create your institution the right atmosphere and attract new customers.

Even as the CEO of financial company ” Yumis ” Alex Lukyanov decided to realize his idea to open a bar and a laundry service. This prompted him friend from Germany Anke Navottne . She decorated the bar and began “Wash -40″ , which was for a student of the Academy of Art and Design Zurich theme of the thesis. Furniture for bars made ​​to order Petersburg artists , and for ordering beushnye laundry dryers and washing machines from Germany, where such establishments are commonplace.For 150 rubles you can get a wash, but for $ 100 – one- drying. The share of laundry is only 25 % of the income , that is 5.6 million rubles a year. But Lukyanov believes that it is a competitive combination of bar and laundry in one institution , and the best advertising – word of mouth .

Regular clients ‘ Wash -40 ” are poets , musicians , and students. Lukyanov describes the audience of its bar as subcultural layer Petersburg. Also comes a lot of foreigners. But the owner is rarely in a bar , because after Anke defended the diploma , the couple moved to Berlin, where Alex has opened a new business – a studio infographics.

When Lukyanov open his bar laundry , he was guided by Anton Belyankin , who as leader of the ” Two aircraft “, and was a trendsetter for such facilities in St. Petersburg. It was he who brought popular at that time in Europe the concept of club life . In 2003 Belyankin opened the bar “Dacha” Deliberation on the street , who worked on the principle of similar bars of Hamburg. His partner was a friend from Germany.

These bars operate on a simple principle . An area of ​​100 square meters . m playing live DJ, and sold only snacks and alcohol. The most important thing is to face control , monitor not intended for those who are dressed and how or whether the visitor is drunk, but for the fact that all the visitors would have been one of the cultural layer , and there were no problems between guests . According to the most Albers , in their bar nobody steals jackets come to them are nice people , and ashtrays not change after the first stub .

It would seem an impossible task . Especially in Moscow, where the only ” John Donne ” and ” Lighthouse ” can claim the title of such places . In St. Petersburg, as this concept is the most popular for bars . But only after the divorce Alexis and Anna. Then he opened a new bar “Fidel “, which was located next to the cottage. Chances are the owners of these bars did not yet know what synergy, but that’s what happened. In the area of ​​Prospect number of such institutions are now tens . And now with the street Duma associated club life in St. Petersburg.

Of all three of these institutions belong Belyankina – from one place it gets relatively little revenue, but compensates for this by the amount . Today, among these bars in St. Petersburg held a kind of competition. A few years ago, Albers , who lives in St. Petersburg for ten years , opened its own cafe ” Dune” , located in the yard of a house in the area of ​​the Stables . With the sand and sun beds , she managed to create a beach atmosphere . Since visitors come mostly at night , they were roasting under the sun .

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