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How to Register a LLC?

Registration of a legal person as opposed to registration SPD (FLP) takes much more effort and money.

Firstly you need to understand the difference between LLC from SAP? First of all the fact that the self-employed (SPD) is responsible for all property and LLC only within the authorized capital. What does this mean in practice? This means that if you took a large amount of credit and have not returned it, the bank has the right to sue for alienation of all your belongings within your long course, though, in the case of a legal person company with limited liability the bank has the right to sue only the amount of your authorized capital, which can be anything from a 1 billion USD to UAH.

Secondly, the legal entity is completely different from the physical, it’s a very different and more complex subject of economic relations, in the legal sense, which works on the basis of the received statute and consists of founders (owners). Let us from A to ZLLC registered in Ukraine.

  1. First, you need to come up with the name of a legal entity, it may not match the actual name of the company. For example if your company is from Dell, as a legal entity “New Technologies”, it is not against the law. Select the name of your own, everyone has their own fantasy. Before you register your name, state registrar checks if the same name in EGRPOU (unified state register). If the same name is not, register.
  2. In the second step you need to have to decide how much will be the founders. By law can not be more than 100 individual founders. The founders are: citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons who have full civil legal capacity, legal entities established in Ukraine and in other countries.
  3. Each registrant LLC must have its registered office, this may be one of the founders of the living space, office or any other premises for which you have documents (rental agreement or the documents proving ownership).
  4. Next, you must create a share capital. Previously authorized capital should not be less than 100 minimum wages. from January 1, 2010, he was reduced to 1 minimum wage, and now there are no restrictions at all. The capital can be formed in monetary terms as well as in the property, such as an office or building can be a statutory fund. If one of the founders of the statutory fund will pen and write what it is worth $ 1 million, and all the other founders of this sign, then so be it.
  5. Then, by analogy with the registration SPD, you need to choose a CTEA 2010 klasifikatore economic activities, which activities will engage LLC.
  6. You have chosen to engage in activities which would be a legal entity, you now need to determine what kind of tax system you choose. In Ukraine, at the moment there: general taxation (19% income tax or 19% income tax + VAT 20%) and the simplified tax system (groups 4 and 6).
  7. Next you will need to register with the tax, pension fund and the authority of the state statistics.
  8. Account opening, we have described in the registration of the SAP. Here is a similar situation, a problem should arise.

Certainly – all external processes LLC registration, unlike SPD from the company that in the society of limited liability, there is also internal documentation such as financial statements of the company, minutes of meetings of the founding documents on the appointment of the CEO, the chief accountant, etc, decoration and certification of the statute. For all this, and you need a professional accountant, or your dreams of a business can turn into tax nightmares. We wish you success and prosperity!

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