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How to register business entity?

So you’ve decided to take the entrepreneurial path, and does not depend on his uncle, working only for yourself, you want to become an entrepreneur, popularly SPD (entrepreneur). At the moment, the legal name – FLP (physical person-entrepreneur). In this article, we will gradually write out all the details of the registration of the SAP.

1. Select the activity code of the CTEA 2010.

Surely you’ve already decided what exactly you intend to do, but to tax what you do know, coined Classification of Economic Activities (CTEA 2010), select the activity you can follow the link. For tax you will need to choose one main and a number of additional activities. If you are sure that in the future will take something else, specify this code, it will not be worthless, but then run around, if you need to make one more activity in the Certificate of Incorporation of the SAP.

To engage in certain activities, you need licenses, such as oil refining, or sale of alcoholic beverages.

2. Refer to the single window for registration Business entity

To register you as an entrepreneur, you need to go into a single box, or if there is none, to the city executive committee at his residence. Attention! To do business, you can all over Ukraine, but are required to report to the place of registration, ie registration. Before you come back in a single window or a city council, you will need to bring along the following documents:

  1. Completed registration card for state registration FLP on Form 10;
  2. A receipt that confirms the payment of a registration fee of 2 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens – 34.00 USD.Props you can get in the office where you are registered. Either the Ministry of Justice website:
  3. A copy of the identification code;
  4. Original passport;
  5. If you register your dad / mom or just a third party, you will also need a notarized copy of power of attorney.

The list of documents is exhausted. Any other documents you do not need to apply.

3. The registration tax, PF and State Statistics

Fortunately legislators mind you all the defects, and thanks to the Law and the Law №4839 №4834, entered into force on 17.12.2012, the improved principle of “single window” now do not have to become a separate registration with the tax, pension fund and state statistical agencies, rather get a single document – an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, but it can get you when you are logged in a single window (as Gosregistrator to collect your data and register you as an entrepreneur, and then send this data to the agencies listed , then they give an answer that’s all right, you can get the account, that’s when you can come for an extract), this procedure usually lasts a week, but it is advisable to check with the state registrar, who will issue you a certificate of state registration. Also, if you are going to choose a single tax system, you can immediately apply for a flat tax directly at gosregistoratora. On the choice of the tax system on.

4. Select the tax system

You need to decide what kind of tax system you want to choose? Simplified system of taxation, or the general system of taxation? Most likely you will stay on a simplified system of taxation, then you will need to decide on the EH group. In more detail, what are the group on simplified tax system and how it differs from the general system of taxation can be found in a separate article.

To keep records of income, expenses you have to buy a book of income and expense (for each group has its own book). It is sold in each tax. It should be stitched and numbered. If you buy a book in a stationery shop, it numbered flash and you may have to, if you take it to the tax, the more likely there have already done it for you. Keep a book of income and expense you have to clear the rule: Payment received – written in the book. Once you’ve got the book, you need to take it to your inspector for registration.

Also from 01.01.2014, the single tax payer certificate canceled. Instead of it, you get a free Mindohodov bodies (tax) vytyag with the Register of single tax payers. But vytyag need to submit a separate application – RFQ on otrimannya vityagu s Reєstru platnikіv єdinogo podatku.

5. Make print or not to do?

Self-employed FLP can work without printing, but if you want to enhance the reputation of their company, you can make it, it will cost 500-700 USD (price includes direct printing pattern design and manufacture the most press). To do this, you will need to pay a visit to your regional department of the Ministry of Interior. Apply for a print to take permission for a print, and with the resolution of contacting the company that makes them. For everything you have to go from 2-3 days to a week.

However, the press is also minus any bank documents, tax documents, or any other body, you can not sign without printing. Also to place electronic reporting, you will also need two electronic key (signature and seal), not one (signature). In Europe, the press are long gone, sometimes used facsimiles, and that is rare.

6. Opening a bank account

To enjoy a full business, you need a bank account. Opening a bank account is not required, you have the right to make all payments in cash. If you need to work with the clearing settlement, here’s recommendations:

  • To begin, select the bank. It is desirable that there was a service of Internet banking, so you did not run for nothing in the office, and send payments directly from the office / home.
  • To open, you will need the following documents: Application for opening an account (give the bank), an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, help shape number 4-OPP (if you are registered to 17.12.2012g), evidence of a single payer tax, passport and identification code.

If you have registered as a Sole proprietorship in 2013, then to open an account with an extract of the USR, passport and identification code.


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