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Which restaurant to open

Open a restaurant for himself, for the image, for friends – a bad practice. Profits will not be here, as well as something in the style of “a la Novikov,” hoping the temptation to the public. In order to “create a get-together,” the same as in Ginza Project, or by Dmitry Borisov in Moscow, should be directly in the get-together to be part of it “- says a representative of CDF (Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, approx. Ed.) Denis Yakhno.

Which restaurant should open a newcomer to earn it? One of the most common opinion – it’s fast food or low-cost institution for each day, but this is subject to the development of the network as one or two institution would not be very profitable.

But, as noted, Vlad Dudakov, CEO of the network “KofeHauz” – “Today, to enter the market with a network – a very expensive pleasure, as to what it was 5-7 years ago».

Denis Yakhno identifies other types of institutions, this premium format (gains achieved by high margins and excellent service), as well as a club (not profit at the expense of high production costs). Roman Rozhnikovsky believes that success will have a project that is designed for daily demand, but on condition that “the quality is higher and the price – lower.” Tatyana Melnikova (Restaurant “Khachapuri”), believes that now everywhere is not enough cozy, conceptually sustained the city’s cafes.

«All run to open the glamor of the poor, with Italian-Japanese-Ukrainian compote on the menu – this format is” all in one “has already become boring. Now is the time from the city’s cafes and cozy atmosphere and moderate check, regardless of what you ordered, and the quality of cooked food: Ukrainian, Georgian and European cuisine. “- Says Tatiana.

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