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Kolomoisky: Yes, I’m a fan of Yushchenko

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About Rinat Akhmetov, and Constantine Zhevago group “Evraz”

Why do not you spend the structuring of the group “Privat” in a single company, as it did, Rinat Akhmetov, who has collected all assets under the guise of SCM?

The “Private” will never be a structured unit, because the group “Privat” – is a myth, a phantom! There is no such legal entity, there is no legal concept of “Private Party”. Therefore, there is no way to make public what actually exists.

But why would you then clearly no limit: that’s “Private”, my interests, Igor Kolomoisky, and this – not “Private”? Even if we assume that your partners on their own attack on some assets, all are confident that this makes the group “Privat” and immediately Kolomoisky. Or would you like your demonization?

I agree. It’s all “Private”, but it is intangible ( laughs ). As soon as you start to make excuses and say, “That’s not me”, everyone starts to think: “I am sure 100% it is his handiwork.”

So you kayfuete what you frighten children?

– No, not fun. I just know that there is nothing to excuse, if you do not have this relationship. I have no relationship to the conflict Kiperman (partner Kolomoisky) to “Darnitsa” I have no relation to the attack Korban (another partner Kolomoisky) in some “Dobsoki” or gastronomy … But the spin and shout: “This is not me!” not intend to.

Talk about a major transaction that occurred in late 2007, when you sold the steel assets of the Russian group “Evraz”. Do not you think that you make a bad bargain?

Maybe make a bad bargain, but we had nowhere to go, because his union Vadim Novinsky with Akhmetov broke the whole situation to (metals and mining) market.

Novinsky violated the established balance when I left the market and with the negotiation process.

That is, he left in a clearing just Akhmetov and us. I used to have Novinsky, and we are influencing the Ingulets GOK and owning part of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant, to maneuver, to build some kind of policy with Akhmetov. When they came together through YuGOK Akhmetov was in fact within us!

And we realized that we have today, or something to do tomorrow or we simply will not. He (Akhmetov) will take you the market will make any cartel relations, will take your customers will not let you breathe inside your company is …

Rinat Akhmetov had with you in talks to buy assets that you sold, “Evraz”?

Conducted. But, well, Akhmetov was not willing to pay in cash all of the required amount – we sold the ore assets for $ 4 billion, and the entry into his company did not suit us.

As a result, we have received from “Evraz” cache billion, and the rest – stocks, which today has increased in price by half.

Is it true that you were negotiating the sale of Constantine Zhevago own half in the Southern GOK?

Zhevago really wanted to buy, but we did not make sense to discuss the deal because he wanted only to South mine, as we have sold everything – and coke and steel plant Petrovsky.

You have consented to Vadim Novinsky to make its half of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant in the overall company with Akhmetov?

We have with him is a verbal agreement to each other not to interfere with, writing is not signed.

What future do you see from Vitaliy Haiduk and Sergei Taruta, have no raw materials for industry?

Merge with someone or acquisition – whether Usmanov, then Akhmetov, whether Mittal, or “Eurasia.”

Although, as far as I know from the press and from direct sources, Hayduk generally goes out of business. However, there’s an audience that may well be breeding …

— You did not receive an offer to buy shares in Haiduk “ISD”?

I think I would have been if not first, then second only to Akhmetov list of those prohibited from offering ( laughs ). Taruta stop to sleep, if he will be a companion or Akhmetov, or Kolomoisky.

Generally in the metallurgical field, we will not enter into any non-transparent, non-public thing. Maybe only if they are really quite gratuitous.

What in the near future plan to buy abroad?

Recently, we participated in the contest to acquire the plant in Baltimore is – a successful asset. Mittal Steel has exceeded the concentration and he was forced to sell the plant. We have offered 870 million dollars, but it bought the “Severstal” for 810 million. That is, we did not win the contest, but gave more money. It’s just that “Severstal” has agreed with the unions. A difference of 60 million sellers felt weightless.

— Will bring up a ferro alloy business into a separate holding company in order to make a public offering, IPO?

I think that soon they will not.

— But you play in the global market, where it is unlikely you will remain non-public company!

Publicity – it’s a waste of money, at least in the first stage. I do not know whether Akhmetov an IPO, but I have a feeling that there is.

While I know that an IPO is Pinchuk. Want to see what are the conditions, how much will it cost Pinchuk.

— However, you bought shares of the Poltava ore mining and processing plant, where their public offering in London spent Konstantin Zhevago?

I knew how much Poltava GOK – I had always valued at $ 3.5 billion, and it sold for $ 1.7 billion. So I personally bought 3%.

You know how much I earned on these shares? When placing it cost 60 million, but today there are about 140-150 million.

Many were surprised that you bought the shares directly, in his personal name, rather than through a mutual fund. Why you did so? This is a form of bullying Zhevago – to show his name among the owners of his company?

Of course! But, in fact, the most Zhevago it makes no sense to show something, he would still have sold these shares. I wanted to show what will happen to shares of the following participants of the competition – Pinchuk, Akhmetov … ( laughs. )

Here at one time Akhmetov and Novinsky offered me to go to their company with all its ore assets. I answered: “What we shareholders? How to evaluate our share? I do not want to be in your non-public company a minority shareholder. And anyway, I do not understand how you comment on that?”.

And they tell me: “Well, come to us, we will have a big company.” I asked him: “You are going to IPO?”. They say, “Yes.” I say, “Well, you sort things out inside myself, all the comb, and I’ll be waiting for you at IPO!” ( Laughs. )

The thing is, I already said that when entering the company’s IPO is often underestimated. I believe that those who deduced Zhevago the IPO, deprived him of half the money! Its simply underestimated.

Let’s say, but after a placement of shares at the IPO can appreciate the full value of their asset.

But is it worth to make such sacrifices? Zhevago to evaluate its assets, paid 400 million dollars! Not much is it?

About Konstantin Grigorishin

— You are going to participate in the privatization of “Ukrtelecom” and Odessa Portside Plant?

The privatization of “Ukrtelecom” – no, but Portside – yes.

—  Themselves or with someone else?

We do consortium. With whom – do not know yet, because it is not clear how the privatization will take place: Odessa port will sell the pipe ( amiakoprovodom and shipping ) or without. I believe that the State will be easier to sell without the tube. There is a plant worth one billion dollars, so let him buy it.

And you are willing to pay for the Odessa port plant one billion dollars?

We will convene a consortium of Ukrainian plants to march on the plant. Invite “Rovnoazot,” Yaroslavsky with Cherkassy “Nitrogen”, open the door for Jankowski (“Styrene”) . Maybe for Rovta (Severodonetsk “Nitrogen”) .

You will participate in the privatization of power companies and the thermal generation?

The power companies we would first need to finish our business with the old Grigorishin.

By the way, since the beginning of the year you had to start the trial in Cyprus with Grigorishin line of your overall company, which owns shares of power companies?

He has already ended. Everything fell into place by mutual consent.

— You entered into a settlement agreement?!

We stopped this process, we decided again to try to cooperate. All of the trial no! In agreement with Grigorishin we have withdrawn their petition. The decision was taken in early March, but this is not a settlement agreement.

They (Grigorishin side) have expressed their position that do not agree with our claim that they are against the liquidation and division of property. Already been three years, lost the sharpness, the two sides met each other and see opportunities for further dialogue. So we said that they agreed to withdraw his petition, provided that all costs are halved.

Before the first kidka?

( Laughs ) None. Now we have him in the negotiation process. We are in correspondence. True, something I have not seen Grigorishin! I can not find it, although we are prepared to do business together.

Iron Grigorishin condition was jointly buy a share of power companies Surkis. And he thinks you did it secretly, behind his back.

It was a line of defense Grigorishin. In general, the conflict arose because of what? When we had made a deal before the presidential election in 2004, then going to buy the shares Surkises discussed the price, I agreed with them.

But after the Orange Revolution happened, Kostya sat down in Moscow, broke up and, well, drinking coffee, said: “Maybe, let’s now not going to buy the shares from Surkises, and take away their way.” I said: “Kostya, you’re out of your mind? What does” take away as “?”.

“Well, so – is responsible Grigorishin – let’s go to the plant, remove the management, they will give testimony, Surkis it a hundred years is not necessary – and will pick stocks.” I said: “This will not happen.” And off we go!

How do you get out of the trial with Grigorishin, which has been expended so much energy, so anything fundamentally not agreeing?

This trial did not need anyone. Well, would divide our possessions, it appeared that he had 20% power companies and I have 20%. Who benefits from it? I win with the view that tomorrow I will go to Surkis and combine them with shares. A Grigorishin remain at 20%, it will be very bad.

And I’ll be bad, because Grigorishin then bring its 20% stake in power companies, for example, Akhmetov. And Akhmetov will come to our company and will swing right. And true!

So you were afraid to leave Grigorishin Akhmetov?!

No, well, if not to Akhmetov, Grigorishin may apply to the UES, where he had excellent connections. Or sell his share of VS Energy.

About the attempted arrest Kolomoisky

At the time, prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into the assassination of lawyer Sergei Karpenko. At one time you took on the case suspected. You are wary of his arrest in 2005?

Of course.

– You threaten a lawyer Karpenko?

No, I did not threaten anyone, it is useless, and therefore meaningless. Paraphrasing a sentence Grigorishin , which asked whether he is offended by remarks in his address in interview Gennady Korban . Grigorishin replied: “Why be offended by a hammer with which you struck his toe, if it is a tool in the hands of the owner.”

The same applies to the Karpenko. Why would I threaten the hammer, if he has a master?

The situation with Karpenko was rigged or Pinchuk, or Grigorishin. I thing all the time poshugivali Karpenko in 2003-2004. Although the case against me as such was not, it was “in fact”.

But in 2005, a warrant was issued for your arrest. So you left the Ukraine under the pretext of an allergy to ragweed?

– When beginning to bloom in the ambrosia August-September 2005, the sharpness was asleep, she came in June-July 2005. Then Deputy Attorney General Shokin signed some papers on the case. It was a decision on sanctions for my arrest, and it was supposed to go to court.

It is said that Sviatoslav Piskun was stimulated by the material to the case against you has been closed.

At the time I was in Israel.

But there was a mediator – Michael Brodsky.

And that Brodsky? You could imagine that it was, if I have to find something serious?

By that time it was tried on those who attacked the Karpenko, one customer even had a great time. Convicted on no evidence I was not given. It turned out that during the investigation, under pressure in their testimony they even mixed up my name. It was not written “Kolomoisky,” and “Kolomoets” or “Kolomiets.”

Another thing that appeared in the person who worked in the security structure “Security. Conservancy. Warranty”. …

“B.O.G.” – This is your company?

– Yes, it’s our company, it protects our plants, factories, companies. But in the security structure are thousands of people! She organized the former head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Internal Affairs Directorate General Kozin.

Firm “B.O.G.” Dnepropetrovsk even scare kids, they say, there are many people with criminal records, skinheads …

Well, now such a time that they are identical in appearance, and can not figure out where the police, and where these guys ( laughs ) .. But if without jokes, the “B.O.G.” anybody not take.

— You use the “B.O.G.” in all actions of intimidation, involving them in conducting meetings of shareholders.

Well, the company participates in all meetings. It’s just a security structure, for example, our office is also guarded by employees of this company.

Kolomoisky about Kolomoisky

How much you value your status today?

– It is impossible to estimate, because what’s the point estimate virtual things? For example, our steel assets are valued differently. As a result, estimated at $ 3 billion, but it turned out that they are 4.

What is your share of the four billion, for which you sold the steel assets, “Evraz”?

Interest 25. I have many partners, there is internal – Martynov, Bogoliubov, and there are External – Shulman, for example … Others I can not call.

A Yulia Tymoshenko, the former owner of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant?

It is not among the partners.

What can enter?

We do not know.

Well, if your worth a billion metallurgical assets, then estimated how many ferroalloy – along with the recently purchased an Australian asset?

If we could prolong the economic conditions today in the next five years, I would rate the ferroalloy business not less than 20-30 billion dollars. And my share in this is, maybe 30%.

This is somewhere 6,5-10 billion to a billion, which you have sold to industry. What time do you evaluate yourself and what there Privatbank your share?

I think today it is worth 6-7 billion dollars. We will assume that my share is 44%.

That is another plus 3 billion. How much is your share of “Ukrnafta”?

From 8 to 13%. The company itself is estimated somewhere in the $ 5 billion.

— Your somewhere else for another 400 – 650 million. The total yield of your state of 11-15 billion dollars. What else is a major asset can remember?

There are many different projects, but now focus on listed.

In general, you know, our calculations remind me of an anecdote. Son comes to daddy and said, “Dad, what is virtual?”. Dad thought a moment and replied: “Well, I’ll try to explain to you.”

He calls his wife and says: “My wife, now tell me you’re writing a thesis there some, not all you get, the supervisor gets on the chair problem, well, how much time you have spent. But if the professor told you that tomorrow you will be a PhD, you’d give him? “. Well, my wife thought to herself that the thesis gives an increase to the salary to the pension money, so she replied: “Well, I guess, would have.”

Calls to her father’s daughter, student, and said, “Well, my daughter, I know you have a problem in college. If the associate professor offered a deal that you give him, and he’ll put the exams, you will have an increased stipend, the , ce … You’d give docent? “.

The daughter says, “Well, basically, yes, but what is not!”.

Well, here’s father calls his dad, an old guerrilla, who lives in the attic. “Tell me – he says – Dad, that’s if you have an old partisan Germans and asked to give the whole party, and instead gave you money, and not Reichsmark, and gold crowns – what you want, you have betrayed her? Grandfather thought and said “Well, basically, I looked like this all over – would be granted.”

The father turns to his son and said: “I understand my son?”. “No,” – said the son. “Well, what – explains the pope – a virtual you and me rich, but in reality we’re living with two prostitutes and an old pederast.” (Kolomoisky long and lingering laughs.)

So, you suggest not to assess your condition?

– Well, what’s the point? How much would all this cost in 1999, and how much cost during the Orange Revolution? I am to assess the state virtually. How many would there not have been written, I do not eat burgers two, eat one, two bottles of wine do not drink, I drink one. With age, people consume less, become more humble.

It is obvious that after the Maidan assets have grown substantially in value?

– Right. By the way, whose merit it? I think Viktor Yushchenko.

— You – a fan of Yushchenko?

Yes, I am – a fan said. Because it very carefully and gently apply to the economy, does not apply to her hands. He refers to her as a self-regulating organism.

Why did you not support him in 2004?

Maintained, but morally, otherwise I could not. Besides, I was not accessed, but there is an adventurer by the name of Trofimenko, who built the shopping center “Trinity” at the stadium “Olympic”. We had some talk about supporting Yushchenko, but they are nothing and have not ended.

— You, by the way, does not hurt that Akhmetov is estimated richer than you?

Generally not. I do not care.

Who today’s top businessmen of the most promising?

Well, Akhmetov is promising. Perhaps Zhevago. Maybe Pinchuk, if opened its second wind. And who among us still? I particularly remember no one of the top 10, and they had enough. And who is there on the 20th, 30th place? Do you remember? That’s where to look for future development.

What is the minimum limit for your business. Where the bar that defines: this business is too small for me, and here I was ready to enter?

Everything is determined by emotions, sensations, I should be interested in the project. But I will not enter into a business worth 100 thousand dollars.

What is the minimum annual income may be of interest to you?

Depending on your investment, maybe 50, $ 100 million a year.

Is it possible, for example, a 1 – a business that generates $ 50 million?

We can not estimate the revenue of this business. In this case the profit is not something reflected in the accounting department. TV channel – it is also an instrument of influence.

Do you have ambitions to manage a business channel?

I’m not going to manage this asset, it must engage experts and journalists. Any interference with the editorial policy of shareholders leads to a loss of value.

Then explain why, for example, the site UNIAN often serves as a mouthpiece of the information interests of the group “Privat”. It turns out that you declare one, and your resources are otherwise?

The site serves the interests not UNIAN group “Privat” and those who come to the site of news and, let’s get there information support. They are about something agree with those who govern. What I mean is that you can not buy or enter into a media business, in order to make it a tool of influence.

— But with the aim to create a resource you can?

If you have created and can use it, then enjoy, if possible.

Why, then, as they say, you have repeatedly expressed fears that the “Ukrainian Truth” has not bought Rinat Akhmetov?

( Silent ) Well, well, I would not like it. Just frustrating.

I have a home in Geneva, the first page – “Ukrainian Truth”. If your publication will buy Akhmetov, I have to change the start page. Otherwise, get this: I wake up in the morning, take a cup of coffee and walk over to the computer, and then I want to Rinat Akhmetov, “Good morning!”.

And you change your home page on the “Browser “?…

No, the “Observer” I do not read. There’s the same thing, “Tymoshenko bad” and in general, “all the riffraff.”

Michael Brodsky you did not offer to buy “Observer”?

Offered. Its estimated that 50 million, 100 million. I told Brodsky: “Please do IPO, and I’ll see how it all worth it.”

If you had to live my life again, would deal with business?

If I were born in the same 1963, then yes. Then it was impossible to go another way.

In the business I do not not regret anything. You can even talk about life in general. But I would probably be interesting to live another life. After all, what we do? Duplication of money.

If you are starting your business, so you would be able to get up?

Gave it to a 20 percent probability. I do not know what I would do today as an intern after graduation.

What would you do business differently if they could start over? Linked to Pinchuk, Tymoshenko, Surkis, Grigorishin?

Maybe I would have been different line up with someone relations. For example, you have a good relationship with Surkis, and he quarreled with Grigorishin. Grigorishin with whom you are also in good terms, is waiting for you something that you can not give him. His expectations are too high. We also Surkis overstated, but it is less painful it makes sense.

As a result Grigorishin, being a vindictive, I begin to build some kind of intrigues … That’s the way it is spinning.

But, by and large, I have no personal conflicts. If this business, personal conflicts in general can not be! A lot of things just flow.

I can not say that I was someone paid any irreparable injury or insult. Although I can not shake hands with someone with whom I have no personal conflict. There are people who deal with the fact that I just do not like.

Why did you move to live in Switzerland?

I do not live in Switzerland. My sister lives in Geneva with his family, there is my daughter. So I go there very often.

Well, why did your relatives live in Ukraine, do not study in this beautiful country, so that you are protecting against monopolization?

My sister married an Israeli, so she lives in Geneva with her husband. A daughter, tired of living in Ukraine, with a guard.

She’s studying to be an economist, has already changed the second high school. The first time she came, it was psychology, sociology. Although I once told her: “Do not go there, you do not like it.” In the end, she really did not like it there, she left him and moved to another university. My daughter works at my sister in the gallery and learn.

How much do you give pocket money my daughter?

Five thousand francs per month for all expenses, except for rental housing.

— You will attract business to their children?

No. I do not think that children or relatives should be involved in the family business. I would not want them doing business.

Where are going to go away all of your state? You are going to pass something by inheritance to children?

Maybe by the time I’m going to retire, it will be in a civilized manner, and this can be somehow controlled. Do not do business, and manage. Today, business requires a personal guide.

Why do you need a dual citizenship – in Ukraine and Israel? After all, the Ukrainian legislation prohibits it.

You can not obtain Ukrainian citizenship, had another. And, having Ukrainian, you can get citizenship in another country.

I have been granted citizenship of Israel in 1995. Then everything in general was seen differently. On the one hand, I was going to emigrate from the Soviet Union to Israel. But America was already closed, then I hesitated, in the end did not come.

And already when I first came to Israel in 1992, it appeared certain emotions awakened sleeping chromosomes, in general, the voices of the ancestors, especially in Jerusalem … But this topic is a separate discussion.

There is Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation, Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Will the fund Igor Kolomoisky?

Sincerely you say? I am not going to do anything just because there are all these listed funds you. I’ve been doing charity work, but I think publicly it to do.

About how much of your fund charitable activities – per month or per year?

– I never thought in a different way to treat it. I can not understand the philosophy of Pinchuk and Akhmetov. What is it? PR? If you want to spend 10, 20 or 100 million dollars, so spend a, do not make noise and spin-doctoring. What to yell about it?

A response to these actions is only one. If the deal with “Dniproenergo” brings a billion, well then you can and spend 100 million to charity ( laughs ).

Or take Pinchuk – first to steal from NFP “Kryvorizhstal”, and then funds or museum open?

And what feelings of ordinary people? I think the same, even more radical.

Personal Fund – is an element of publicity.

This is not an element of publicity and public relations tool. I personally do not need a PR, so I do not think it necessary to engage in charity in this way.

I’ve been doing charity work is chaotic, not for any purposes. How to have and do, yielding only short-term emotions.

— All you can afford in this life?

In principle, yes, but I do not have anything unusual.

Flying in space you can afford?

I guess I can. But it is not going to fly. It’s just nonsense, competition consumption. So I would not want my children to doing business. It’s not interesting to do. Doing business – is, in principle, necessary decision in order to feed themselves and their families.

If you just want to feed a family, you could stay 5-10 years ago. Put in the bank money and all.

A business can not stop, can not get out. Believe me, there is an entrance but no exit. You have always some unfinished projects. For example, we started ferroalloy business in 1994 or 1995, but he still has not been completed. Difficult to stop, you have a partner, companion, someone agrees to do so, someone – else.

That is, you have to live the lives of others?

One hundred percent! Once I told myself that in 40 years, retire. And I have 45, and I still did not come out.

Although I am 40 years radically changed the conduct of business. I no longer deal with current affairs.

Today I do not do routine, and only a global planning. Sometimes I focus on some important issues in anything involved. But, as I did that up to 40 years, no longer. Sitting in the office from morning till night, something to consider, discuss, boards of directors, the meeting … I’m tired.

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