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Gennady Korban: Kolomoisky as Plyushkin does not like to sell – he only buys

end interview with the group “Privat” in the raid and corporate conflicts Gennady Korban. Start read here:

Gennady Korban: Impact on “1 +1” – more than have its own faction in the parliament

Gennady Korban: The Kolomoisky simply coincided with the tracks Tymoshenko

Discover the secret – why Kolomoisky in a circle of businessmen known as “Benny”?

– Kolomoisky by nature is very similar to the heroes of the story of Babel Benzion Creek. Benya Krik on … Hence the nickname was born. “Benny” – a prototype of Benzion (Benjamin) Crick.

You know, on this occasion there is an anecdote, I had even talked to Igor Valerievich. He describes it very vividly. Hence, there is Kolomoisky the street. Sees – is the purse. He raises his, pulls out all the money starts to count, counted, and said, “Yeah, something is missing here !…”. (laughs)

– If you try to move away from Kolomoisky and try to assess objectively – for your own personal opinion, which business groups in Ukraine is developing more effective than other?

– All major business groups can be divided into constructive and destructive.

Design – Group that Akhmetov, Pinchuk Kolomoisky, Yaroslavl. And Pinchuk and Akhmetov are opening their assets, bringing them to the international market. They will have a more direct way to cheap foreign capital. And this is – investing in real estate in Ukraine, in the food industry, in communications.

– but takes the opposite Kolomoisky!

– Yes, it does not open until Kolomoisky their assets. However, the same holding its ferroalloy – maybe it is not structured, not publichen, but really it’s 20-30 percent of the world market of ferroalloys.

Sooner or later Kolomoisky too open. The fact that there is a wonderful tool Kolomoisky – “Privatbank”, number one in Ukraine. And through the bank it has access to international resources. Akhmetov and Pinchuk has no such tool, so they seek an IPO.

But there is in Ukraine and destructive forces. This Grigorishin. He calls himself a Russian businessman, although his roots in Ukraine. The companies that he controls, are being degraded or broken up. It’s happening now with “Ukrrechflot” before – with “Turboatom” even earlier – with the power companies. He is constantly in conflict.

– But if you’re talking about conflicts around Grigorishin, then around Kolomoisky them no less. All Internet littered with banners “Kiperman attacks factory” Darnitsa “before -” Ozerka “…

– Around Kolomoisky many conflicts, but it is always necessary to look at the root. Those businesses that are absorbed by Kolomoisky, still in the future are a result of a constructive nature.

– But you must admit that often Kolomoisky attacks, while other business groups to choose more civilized forms.

– In fact, any corporate conflict is not resolved in the courts, with the secret police or the political will. Any corporate conflict is solved by agreement of the parties. Although Kolomoisky has a lot of conflict, as a result he comes to some agreement. And the people with whom he clashed, as a result become partners Kolomoisky.

– For example?

– Their mass. On Southern GOK had a conflict with Vadim Novinsky, or at the Nikopol Ferroalloy – with Viktor Pinchuk. Now they – Partners Kolomoisky.

– Well, there Pinchuk still unclear who will win first toss …

– I have no doubt that Pinchuk and Kolomoisky will maintain good relations. Pinchuk – a very astute man, very sensitive impending disaster or deception. And if you try to deceive Kolomoisky, Pinchuk it feels when you first click and take action. Pinchuk also able to adequately fight, and he has this resource, including the media.

There was a time when there was a possibility Pinchuk use administrative resources, which he did. But later there was a kind of reincarnation. The revolution changed him as a businessman and as a politician. He became a patron of the arts to engage, while in general it Kolomoisky not care, he is more pragmatic businessman. Pinchuk still occasionally does business with a heart …

A Grigorishin, when someone consumes, then around him constantly remain resentful people, the former owners. And leave the offended – it means leaving the curse in his back.

– In the “Private” Bogolyubov – is equal partner Kolomoisky?

– Yes! This is totally equal partners Kolomoisky, they work in such conditions since the 1980s. In principle, the word is equal to the word of the Bogoliubov Kolomoisky …

But Bogolyubov other by the cast of his character man, very religious, does a lot of donations.

– Kolomoisky has finally engulfed the group Surkis?

– Surkis – it’s like a separate group, although they have common projects with Kolomoisky. But they do have some – a bank, real estate, trade. They still have joint projects with Gubsky – despite the fact that they practically do not interact.

Surkis – it’s just guys who play football, for them it is – life! They are not interested in IPO, a merger or acquisition.

– Kolomoisky and Pinchuk – Neighbors in the richest Ukrainians. Possible such that at some point the state will exceed state Kolomoisky Pinchuk?

– I think the wrong assessment of various magazines. Can not say that capital Kolomoisky now lower than Pinchuk. I find it so you can Kolomoisky state that its equity capital exceeds Akhmetov …

– Well, count !…

(Laughs) I do not want. I say this to the fact that I can estimate capital Kolomoisky, but I do not know all that there is a Akhmetov and Pinchuk.

– Group Konstantin Zhevago for involvement in corporate conflicts may even compete with Kolomoisky …

– Zhevago deserves respect. He is very attentive to the legal issues, and practical. Still, sometimes making rash moves – to take the same public offering in Poltava GOK London Stock Exchange. The value of shares rose, but the capital it received less than he would.

– A listing in London, he took refuge from persecution by the “luzhnikovskih” …

– Yes! But he thought that came into the world market, and actually went to the same gate, because its competitors such as Kolomoisky, Usmanov, and the same “luzhnikovskie” mastered by the tools to participate in the purchase of shares in London …

– It still is true that Kolomoisky bought shares Zhevago for IPO?

– I can not answer this question. But believe me, that the shares are posted on the exchange, fell into the hands of its competitors. Almost everything! Another thing is that they fall into the hands of various competitors.

Lutsenko offered me a position in the list
– you’ve figured out who the customer was an attempt to you in Dnepropetrovsk?

– Yes. The actual attack on the customer I was Kurochkin. Just recently visited a Russian investigator of Moscow gorprokuratury, who was arrested in Moscow Chechen named Gaytukaev, organized the attack on me.

And unofficially told the investigator that there are official statements: the order for my killing a citizen, Anatoly placed the Kulinenko. This is – one of the victims of the massacre at the Obukhov track. He also transferred money to this Chechens. A Kulinenko far as I know, was one of the closest people Kurochkin. He lived literally in his house, and the connection is obvious.

– However, the market “Ozerka” not so serious asset to be responsible for assassinations!

– And why not? Remember what was happening around CSKA, “Luzhniki”. Scary stuff! In fact, “Ozerka” – this is a very large market. Perhaps, the biggest in the CIS food market.

– you will not deny that you helped oust Lutsenko Kurochkin with “Ozerki”?

– It does not help and was not involved. Lutsenko more flying in the clouds, as close to real things related to real business.

– Kolomoisky Lutsenko finances?

– No.

– But you will not deny that your name could appear in the electoral list of “Our Ukraine”?

– No, I did not want to run, although I have received such proposals from politicians of “Our Ukraine” and politicians of the “People’s Self-Defense.”

– you suggested that people Lutsenko?

– Do not it personally, but his associates offered me a spot on the list.

– Who? Kirill Kulikov?

– From Kulikov had various conversations with Zhvania and I had a conversation. But I’m not interested.

Kolomoisky associated with the era Ford

– You said that Tymoshenko and the way Kolomoisky coincided in the selection of NFP Pinchuk. It is true that this fact contributed to the final settlement with Kolomoisky Tymoshenko for the Southern Mining and Processing Plant, which she considers her away in the 2000s?

– I have not talked to her about it. But I know that Kolomoisky, Tymoshenko took away nothing to pay extra money to her. Kolomoisky bought YuGOK a partner in business Alexander Timoshenko Gravtsa. It paid him completely full amount.

– we even brought you a printout of an interview with Timoshenko “Ukrainian Truth” for 2001, where it says “to rechі, tsya kradіzhka s Privatbank was performed, and takozh structure blizkoyu to Privatbank i Surkіsa, yak nazivaєtsya Slavutich-Kapіtal “.

(Korban reads) And have the same concern was Surkis “Slavutich”! Both Tymoshenko just thought that “Slavutych Capital” and concern “Slavutich” – it’s the same thing.

What concerns the relations between Tymoshenko and Kolomoisky for the Southern GOK, I do not know anything and I will not comment.

– But you are heading the supervisory board YuGOK?!

– Yes, I still am the head of the supervisory board YuGOK. I know that Kolomoisky partner in this business is Mr. Novinsky – but not the managing partner. Southern GOK controls directly Kolomoisky.

Generally I’m very in sympathy with Yuliya Tymoshenko as a politician, no matter what, and voted for it in the parliamentary elections.

– Now Novinsky combined his steel business with Akhmetov. He also introduced a half of its assets in the Southern Mining Holding this?

– I think that Novinski wants to invest assets that it has in Southern GOK, a holding company with Akhmetov. But he can not do this without the consent of Kolomoisky.

– A Kolomoisky will agree to purchase shares Akhmetov YuGOK in Novinsky?

– No. We have a preferential right Kolomoisky, he will use them always. Kolomoisky does not like to sell something. He is Plyushkin only buys.

– Buys and structures. “Private” – is generally a gathering of some of the corporate rights.

– Actually, not quite. All corporate law Kolomoisky menedzhiruyutsya effectively, and the company – managed. Another thing that does not make a firm Kolomoisky “KLM”, wherever it has been 99% which would be wound up all his assets.

– This is a Kolomoisky such business philosophy, or he just has not had time to restructure your business?

– Kolomoisky to date does not believe that he needs. It is associated with the orthodox businessman era Ford …

– But these people paid taxes to the budget of America. A company “Solm” Kolomoisky – main optimizer taxes in general in Ukraine.

– I am not prepared to comment on it.

– And the phrase “I never pay my taxes” does not belong to Kolomoisky?

– It is possible it came up with his enemies. All businesses pay taxes Kolomoisky.

I’ve never heard of Kolomoisky that he set the goal of maliciously avoid paying taxes.

Any business of any famous person – the same Akhmetov and Pinchuk, and Yaroslavl, and Firtash, and other Russian and American business – is aimed primarily at preserving those revenues that it receives.

In America in the tax laws even in a reservation that the businessman has the right to evade taxes if he makes it a legitimate way. So, if something is illegal Kolomoisky, let authorities to claim.

– What is happening in the industry – lack of ore, its concentration in Akhmetov, which should lead to a subsequent absorption of metallurgical enterprises, which will be left without the resource base … Kolomoisky will this somehow interfere with, or conversely to maintain?

– I think that Kolomoisky will play in this market and try to compete.

– That is, if Akhmetov can pick up those who now sits on the ore dependence, and also plans to Kolomoisky pick them up, but instead Akhmetov?

– And what’s wrong: Part Kolomoisky picked up, picked up some Akhmetov? Metallurgical Holding Kolomoisky, perhaps, has such a large number of processing facilities, but has enough raw power.

Let’s say there ISD refineries. But they can be called the Headless Horseman! If tomorrow Akhmetov, Kolomoisky and Novinsky agree, stop the supply of raw materials – coke, ore and coal, the ISD will be scrap metal.

Therefore, ISD is trying to cooperate with Kolomoisky in processing, ISD can not do without YuGOK. They have nowhere else to go. Because Akhmetov could not share with raw materials, it must load their metallurgical facilities.

Scheme Akhmetov has risks for him

– now trying to prevent Kolomoisky additional issue on “Dniproenergo” and go “Dniproenergo” under control Akhmetov …

-I can tell you my personal opinion, but I do not know how to think Kolomoisky. I believe that such a rich man as Akhmetov can just go and buy “Dniproenergo” and not think of the various schemes.

– But you also come up with various schemes!

– But wait, there’s nothing we have bought from the state! In this we can have some emotional or moral conflict with other business groups in Ukraine. Because we are fighting for equal rights and equal participation for all!

That is, if the state wants to sell “Dniproenergo” I believe that this should be open to all comers. Kolomoisky believes that everyone should be equidistant. Either this is an honest, open sale, or start the scheme in the style of Kuchma. And those who do have to think about tomorrow.

– That is, the ability to capture the future?

– No, just the state, of course, can return back to the corporate rights.

– In your view, the transition scheme “Dniproenergo” under the control of Akhmetov’s questionable?

– Doubtful, and it carries risks for Akhmetov.

To help you understand how the hidden privatization “Dniproenergo” … There is a 75% +1 share, which belong to the state. There is a debt – say, 1 billion hryvnia.

When does the bankruptcy process, the shareholders of the company suspended its management. Accordingly, the bankruptcy administrator or distributor of the property is actually single-handedly taking management decisions. Shareholders and their collections have no value for the bankruptcy process.

Conventionally, a company associated with Akhmetov, began the concentration of these debts with 20% filling. That is, in fact, they bought this billion for 200 million hryvnia. And the bankruptcy administrator to decide on repayment of debts due to the additional issue. This regulation is regulated by law.

– but if it is legal, then why Akhmetov wrong?

– From a formal point of view, what he’s doing – legally. I can not say that it directly violates the law.

– That is, the more dirty scheme NFP?

– Scheme of NFP was more dirty because declared transparent privatization, and it did not allow anyone but Victor Mikhailovich, and issued a competition so that no one there could not even apply. There were so-called dopusloviya competition, under which only he approached. There remained only to write that the buyer may be a man named Viktor Pinchuk.

And for a solid businessman, Akhmetov as the scheme “Dniproenergo” looks doubtful. I do not think that the absorption of enterprises through the bankruptcy process – this is the right way. It’s like “sit” on the director, which will build us a debt for a short period of time, then we will go bankrupt and buy into the process of emission.

In fact, it is – the usual pattern. For example, “Ukrtatnafta” … It used to be the Kremenchug refinery.

There was appointed director of Matitsina. What did he do? He took notes of the two Swiss companies. Even without a bill, but simply a piece of paper, because the bill is in the form, content. And these are ordinary pieces of paper that says in Russian “Bill the Swiss company a certain amount to 130 million dollars.” He takes this bill, instead of giving real assets – stock company “Ukrtatnafta” in an amount of 18%.

Circulation of bills from non-residents, for example, at the time it was forbidden. Bullshit! In fact, the director creates debt. Further, this bill is sold to its structures for $ 2 million. Thus, generated $ 130 million in debt to the holder of the bill.

– So Tatars came to the Kremenchug refinery?

– Yes. Initially, the Tatars and the state were parity terms, the state had to own 51%. Thus, they have blurred the government stake. Actually 18% stake in the plant from the state took is not clear whom to pay bills for 130 million dollars, and bills are in no way supported.

– What is your role in trying to return to the Kremenchug refinery under state control. You want to start later this asset under a roof “Ukrnafta”?

– No, under the roof “Ukrnafta” it can not be for one simple reason. Because 43% owned by Nacu, 18% now prosecutors sued the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, and we – just a small shareholder. I’m just the representative of “Korsan”, which owns 1.5% of shares Kremenchutskogo refineries.

– Who owns this company?

– It affelirovana with the group “Privat” group, and Yaroslavl.

We’re just interested in so as not to repeat history with bankruptcy, “Dniproenergo.”

– What is it that the registrar was also connected with you?

– Registrar “Ukrnaftogaz” was purchased by us in 2003.

– And is it happening now in Kremenchug – this is not a typical raid?

– Raiding is just part of Andrei Klyuyev, which gives some indication. In fact, chairman of the Supreme Court reinstated Ovcharenko, he entered into the state register of legal entities as the head of government, it easily came to the territory of the enterprise.

– It looks like an attempt by one business group to push the other business group in the Kremenchug refinery.

– And what group is Klyuyev? What this group right? If Klyueva have any views on the enterprise, it must be a shareholder.

Kolomoisky chosen to be the uncle awful

– When in Ukraine completed the period of reallocation of capital?

– The period of mergers and acquisitions will continue as long as the last business. And with the participation of the state – a few more years until the major pieces will be sold.

– What else might be interested in your group, but the Odessa port?

– First, the Kremenchug refinery. That part of the “Ukrtatnafta”, which belongs to the state represented by NAC and will ever be privatized. Kolomoisky interested power companies and energy – as the generating companies and distribution.

– So Kolomoisky bought Surkis part of power companies, agreeing behind Grigorishin?

– No. Kolomoisky bought his part in Grigorishin. A Surkis has its part. Maybe something he agreed, but I do not know about that.

– But you have not answered the question that we’ve been asked – why corporate conflicts are concentrated precisely on Kolomoisky?

– This is nothing more than the opinions of journalists. Simply select the role Kolomoisky terrible uncle. He is also non-public person, is enclosed privacy.

– all businessmen who have become public, and passed through an MP in parliament, it was good for: the same Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Yaroslavl …

– A Kolomoisky is not a politician, he is a businessman from God (smiles).

– Maybe the reason is that Kolomoisky can not run for parliament in Ukraine as a citizen of Israel?

– Yes, he would not go there, even if it were shoved back. He is simply not interested. I’ll say it openly.

My business does not depend on government, business and Kolomoisky little too independent of the government. Yes, we have to reckon with some authority, which operates in the country, because we live here. But we consider it the same way as all other citizens. You just demoniziruete image Kolomoisky.

PS “Ukrainian Truth” has offered to speak to people who could hurt the Korban in an interview – Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk and Konstantin Grigorishin.

Representatives Pinchuk told that no comment would be, and Grigorishin replied that respond to Korban – “lower self-esteem.”

“The tools do not take offense. If you hit a hammer on a finger, then hold the hammer at the evil stupid. And if you threw a brick, then you’re a brick not to take offense, but the one who started it” – said Grigorishin.

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