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Red card for startup

Believing in the possibility that your project is shot, venture capitalists do not pay attention to many factors. But there are things that can just put them out of themselves. Were interviewed by representatives of leading private and as a result of this survey it was found that there is a list of simple mistakes that applicants make is financial blunder.

The results of the survey prepared by the responses the following business: managing director of General Catalyst Joel Cutler, managing partner at venture fund Almaz Capital Partners Alexander Galich, president of the venture fund EDventure Holdings Esther Dyson, director of Intel Capital in CIS Igor Taber, CEO and Group Neurok Vadim Asadov .


There is a high degree of probability that an entrepreneur who came late to the first meeting is literally “removed from the field.” If you’re in love with you and your project is essential to attract investors to calculate the time on the road all still possible, even heavy traffic jams will not be a valid argument. Extreme degree of disrespect for the investor, as well as poor preparation, whereas in the case of late entrepreneur presents a draft of the scope that does not interest investors.


Causes extreme wariness situation where the entrepreneur during the second meeting with the investor forgets preliminary agreements or deals with these arrangements in a completely different way. Esther Dyson is convinced: “If a person frequently changes his mind or evades direct answers to questions, it’s a bad sign.” However, according to Vadim Asadov of Neurok, must be separated from the cunning shifts position in the debate.


Worse when the entrepreneur carries out the project does not itself, but delegates to this important task to his friend, partner, employee, who represents the project on its behalf. There is the obvious question: if the creator of the idea can not defend it in front of investors, what is the likelihood that he will be able to convince their prospective clients? According to Joel Cutler: – “The entrepreneur must drive, aggression.” When these qualities are absent, a high degree of likelihood of receiving a “red card” from the investor.

Spending other people’s time

“I can not stand idle chatter. If a person is more than an hour pouring water, I will think about whether to meet with him again “, – says Alexander Galitsky, a fund Almaz Capital Partners. The presentation, which describes a list of steps that the company will engage in the hope that at least one of them will work, is unlikely to cause concern among investors. There is no need to paint all the market indicators and make the characteristic of all consumer groups. Another fatal mistake novice entrepreneurs is a proposal to the investors of several projects that more work is underway in order that he chose one of them. “Lack of focus is bad”, – says Igor Taber. The structure of the presentation should include no more than 15 slides. Need to focus on three key issues that cause the greatest interest of the investor: the team, market size and uniqueness of the product.


Bad form is the fact that at the slightest remark in his address to the entrepreneur willingly responds, “Thank you, fix it”. “In the relentless struggle for all good investments, but you must win back the opinion and the idea that” sick “- Alexander Galich. Venture capital investments – risky business if you do not stand firm, then a high probability that you will not see the money. But the situation where the entrepreneur refuses to listen to completely counter is invalid.

Unethical statements

If the employer responds poorly about their competitors, partners or former colleagues, he will never get the money from the investor. Also, do not count on the attention to the project, designed for misleading customers. If you are not honest with customers, why should a potential investor to believe you? Another common mistake beginners business – to create an aura of indispensability around that without them the company would collapse. It means – people can not build a good project and a sober assessment of their capabilities.

Unwillingness to work hard

According to Director General of General Catalyst Joel Cutler, causes extreme caution in the absence of the entrepreneur and his unwillingness to drive to spread in your project to complete. Extremely valid argument with the investor plans to sell the business in the future. On this fact emerges quite reasonable, and which holds the feasibility of inserting money into a company that is not created for the further development and for sale? Igor Taber from the fund Intel Capital, based on their experience says that a high degree of probability of failure, a man who at the entrance of the business, talks about his salary and the amount of cash out.

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