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Kaspersky Lab — the first among strangers

Even in the eighties American schoolchildren were taught the right to hide, if the Soviet Union will make an attack on the United States. Nowadays, many children in the United States are trained on computers with antivirus software from Kaspersky, which has been developed in Russia. More recently, “Kaspersky Lab” on the market more than doubled ahead of Symantec is a protective and anti-virus software Norton. But according to a 2010 “Kaspersky Lab” was able to increase the volume of retail sales by 177%, which amounted to 4.45 million copies, and for Symantec number of copies sold was 3.58 million (information from Gartner, Research, IDC, etc).

Working with priority market

For “Kaspersky Lab” is a major market sales of just the U.S., where an increase in their annual revenue is about 60%. Evgeny Kaspersky, co-owner and CEO, says the intent of this provision. “Since entering this market, we set out to achieve good performance and prepare for the timely investment,” he says.

In 2004 an office was opened in Kaspersky Woburn, a small suburb of Boston. The company took the floor in one of four brick houses in the business district of this town. On the roof of the building – the name of Kaspersky Lab, and at the entrance to the office – the armor of a medieval knight as a symbol of activities. In the office of the eye comes to rest past landlords whiteboard with different patterns: a cloud with letters instead of rain, a snowman surrounded reverse oblique dashes, colons, the signs “more” and “less.” In the Boston office of “Kaspersky Lab” does not just sell the Russian program, and continuously improve their collecting data on the activity of local hackers.

Working with retail

Research firm IDC, through its vice-president, Charles Kolodgy, confident in a strong competitive Kaspersky. According to them, to effectively increase sales, “Kaspersky Lab” at the expense of competitors could – McAfee and Symantec, which bet on the PC manufacturers. Thus, their products are McAfee and Norton Internet Security with a brief period of validity installed on the computers, the retail. After a while, the owner of this PC is to buy a new program or extend ended in a subscription. Details of relevant journals shows that more and more people visiting Best Buy – Popular Electronics in the U.S. supermarkets – buy Kaspersky, rather than other antivirus programs.

“A couple of years ago, no one chose the anti-virus software, people went to Best Buy and take any necessary box with shelves,” – says the sales director of the U.S. Department of “Kaspersky Lab”, Stephen Orenberg. He is responsible for promoting the brand with the opening of the Boston office, and then worked there still only two, the marketer and the financier. Orenberg argues that the only thing that has helped to achieve success – is a consistent and persistent approach.

The first sale took place at the expense of computer fans, who are learning new program, and then discuss them on the internet and in the circle of acquaintances. About Kaspersky began to speak. At the same time the product came to the attention of serious specialized media, such as, PC Magazine and CNET, have tested Kaspersky, which also affected his popularity. Then the “Kaspersky Lab” has come to an agreement with retail brokers by offering training for sellers – and well versed in the issue affects a consultant to the buyer a much better advertising.

Today, Kaspersky anti-virus software can be found not only in specialty stores and in supermarkets. According Orenberga strategy to attract customers based on the reasonable prices of products and high quality. Despite this early last year, “Kaspersky Lab” has started advertising on television – on a regional TV. In addition, it was decided to sponsor the Ferrari in the Championship “Formula 1”, which in 2012 will be held for the first time in Texas. Number of funds spent on advertising the company does not advertise, taking advantage of its private status.

Working with local authorities

Starting this year, “Kaspersky Lab” launched the sale of a new product, a package security software for offices Kaspersky Small Office Security. In terms of the interests of the company – the market for corporate customers, who created Pure Total Security package with the possibility of installation on three computers. Because of the large state orders for the software always get American businesses, the department “Lab” in Boston, entered into agreements with regional authorities. More than 60,000 students in schools Garland, Arkansas, and their teachers are provided with protective and anti-virus software Kaspersky. The company also works with the municipal schools of the city Oldin, Texas. Delivering its products to schools, “Kaspersky Lab” can get regular customers, accustomed to Kaspersky, and in the future. In addition, in the Boston office of the Canadian Open area – 40% of Canadian hospitals concluded contracts for delivery of their software.

How they managed to get a clientele? According to Stephen Orenberga, who responded quite uklochivo – “Organizations such as hospitals and schools should not waste time and resources to the secondary issues, such as the supply of software. The cost of protecting the quality and then pay off many times. ” Director of research at Gartner, Peter Firstbrook argues that “Kaspersky Lab” is an overactive competition, and in the future certainly will be able to win significant market share from McAfee and Symantec. A striking example of a successful contract in recent years can be considered a contract with a significant software distributor Ingram Micro, which supplies software to tens of thousands of dealers across the United States. Now is also negotiating with Hewlett-Packard, a major manufacturer of computers on the installation of the antivirus Kaspersky.

“For us it has become customary clash of the forehead-to-forehead with untwisted brands everywhere – said director of marketing for American Affairs,” Kaspersky Lab “Randy Dravas. – It is enough to let us, and then we agree. We just need to get inside. “

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