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Leonid Boguslavskiy on how to select the right team for a startup

One of the biggest investrovo Runeta , co-owner of Ozon, Yandex and Biglion shares tips on how to choose the right startup.

The first investment Bohuslav fall of 2000 . At that time, he served as head of the Board of Directors of the Fund Ru-Net Holdings. He invested in a non-profit search engine Yandex and little-known online store Ozon.ru. After 12 years, these investments have brought Leonid Boguslaski hundreds of millions of dollars. Now he is looking promising Russian and foreign projects to invest in them. During 2011 only one of its investments totaled $ 150 million you can read an essay about Leonid BOGUSLAVSKAYA in the next issue of the magazine Forbes.

To become a successful investor , you need to have a well -developed entrepreneurial intuition , you must learn to assess the scope of the project and to find mutual understanding with the team. You should be aware of if you need a service that the consumer and the technologies that offer creators proekta. For investment very important to understand how the project works , who its competitors are and what practices are most successful . In addition, it is important to evaluate the potential of the entire project, because it happens so that the idea is interesting , and the team is good, but due to the current market circumstances , it is doomed to remain always young.

Good team – is the key to the success of any startup . It is not enough to have a strong team of professionals who devote themselves to the project. It is very important if the goals and aspirations of the team and the investor are identical . After all, if the founder intends to profitably sell their project in a year , while the investor is planning to build a successful and dolgostochny project, for the latter is not the best investment.

It is also important to understand how an investor can work productively and founder , as partners, in fact happens is that one of the parties ( this may be as a founder and investor) uses another to achieve their goals. It’s not easy to predict , but it is very important. Also destructive force in relationships can become ego. Forte will always be pressure on the weaker . And even if the goals of the investor and the founders are identical , build partnerships is very difficult – one of the parties must concede.

Before you invest in a project , you need to learn how to better understand what kind of culture in a team and how to work with it further . Often, the founder – investor relationship problems . Here is the most typical .

Extracting such that one party is planning to build a successful long-term business , while the other povygodnee plans to sell it in 2-3 years . In addition, investors often work on capitalization. They do not want to withdraw money from the business, trying to minimize the amount of dividends and bonuses founder, while the latter does not want to risk , so you can try imetkak more income in their hands. Problems arise when an investor shit to develop business as transparently as possible , and the founder , in turn , does not want to . Sometimes investors want to make the team stronger , attracting new, more professional , in their view , workers in high positions, while the founder was used to their team , and to change its composition does not want to , even if it is not professional. This problem can be solved slowly and carefully in the event that the project is developing a strong and successful , but if the project is not successful , there may be a considerable problem .

By the way , I never pay attention to the age of the founders , for me, is always important their energy. And this is not the age of the dependent . It happens that a young man in a 6:00 pm home runs have to walk the dog, and the weekend is going to his mother in the country to dig potatoes . And I ‘ve met people in age, their eyes are just on fire. They were ready to work every day and late into the night .

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