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Location for a restaurant: a very important detail

The decisive factor for success in the restaurant business as well as the retail consider the location of facilities.

«You can do anything a fanciful design with a beautiful concept, but if he does not have a good place, if not resisted, is unlikely to be successful”, – says Yekaterina Drozdova, the owner of the cafe “Ragu».
How then to determine how well the chosen place in the institution? Take the example of a company Rosinter, which takes into account a range of factors: first, infrastructure, and secondly, the transport and chelovekopotok, well and thirdly, the visibility of the restaurant and its signs, the proximity to the subway.

Traditionally Luxury restaurants and more democratic institution prefer the city center. Country variants rather suitable for very hyped or restaurateur to a very brave investors. Family-like facilities, various cafes, coffee shops, fine can range in retail and business centers, as well as through-streets near the metro stations.

Formats for «fast casual» and «casual dining» (Ukrainian institutions such as «Coffe Life», «StarBucks» or any other non network version) perfectly fit into airport infrastructure, and at the station, rather, is relevant to «fast food». However, the division into such formats and their appropriateness – is conventional stuff.

In addition to the geography of institutions plays an important role and the room itself: square meters, air conditioning, power, a backdoor, etc. If electrical power is enough only for one coffee machine, then of course, that somehow no-one may say, you can not build a major production. Or, conversely, it is possible to organize a full cycle, but the seats in the hall is limited and seats will be a little bit. All this must be borne in mind, compare the size institution with the size of the area, planned capacity, before taking it out.

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