The IMF will provide Ukraine 1.2 billion euros | Предприниматель

The IMF will provide Ukraine 1.2 billion euros

Completed its first review of IMF program with Ukraine within the framework “stand-by”, International Foundation has decided to allocate 1.2 billion euros. This is stated in an official statement on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine.

IMF Executive Board completed the first review of the results of Ukraine’s economy under the approved program, with funding support under the agreement “stand-by.”

Result of a review of the program will highlight the Ukraine 1.2 billion euros. Thus the total amount of funds allocated to Ukraine for the entire period of post-crisis cooperation is 2.6 billion euros.

This agreement is in the format “stand-by” Ukraine has signed July 28, 2010 for a period of 29 months and the allocation of 11.7 billion euros, which is designed to support the economic development of Ukraine.

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