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Sell MySpace

Media Corporation Rupert Murdoch has officially confirmed the intention to sell the social networking site “MySpace”, which we recall, is unprofitable.

Reporting on financial results, which were presented by Chase Carey (Chase Carey), Chief Operating Officer, “News Corp.” said that now the best time to sell a social network.

According to the results of the financial report for the II quarter of 2011, net income, in relation to last year’s results the same period, the entire media corporations “News Corp.” rose 2.5-fold (from $ 254 to $ 642 million). However, the success of social networks in this, rather it is the main failure of the company over the past 5 years.

Media have repeatedly asserted that the “News Corp.” going to get rid of the social network, which has evolved from a promising and growing in unprofitable. The company’s management has repeatedly tried to revive the social network and cut losses.

In November last year was made a redesign “MySpace”, which was close to the main and more successful rival Facebook. And in January, management reduced the number of employees by almost half, have been laid off 500 of 1100 workers.

However, these steps are not saved “MySpace” – a social network profits continued to fall as well as her attendance. After that, “News Corp.” decided to sell the project to another owner. Given such a strong competitor like Facebook, there are a willing, ready to revive the social network? The issue date.

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