Предприниматель | Информационно-аналитический журнал - Part 30

The best way to pay for online shopping

The main advice is to use in ways convenient for the customer who does not bring you losses. Co-owner Kupi.Vip, Oskar Hartmann, adds: “Everything has to work fast, be simple and understandable.”


Much of the customers in the CIS countries prefer cash transactions, paying the purchase of a courier delivery. Delivery of goods across the country are often paid by cash on delivery – many online stores look like an online catalog with the ability to order.

Advantages: Cash is convenient and customary to pay for most buyers. The popularity of this method of payment for goods in shops – 59% of the total in Ukraine and 74% in Kiev.

Disadvantages: The human factor. In the cash money to bring the courier, the trust which is not always justified. In the newly opened online store www.onovamnadom.ru similar case has already occurred – in the words of CEO Natalya Kulakova had to dismiss one of the couriers, who simply did not come at the end of the day in the office to deposit revenue.

Payment by WebMoney

Possible way to make purchases through the electronic money system WebMoney, or “Yandex”. With the granting of such a possibility you will be able to attract more potential clients and to simplify the receipt of proceeds in cash.

Advantages: Simplify the task of courier – no need to pay to drive to the store. According to Natalya Kulakova of www.onovamnadom.ru, this payment method is attractive for buyers who want to order, for example, the goods at the house to another person.

Disadvantages : Fee to convert electronic money into ordinary is about three percent.

Credit Card Payment

For the introduction of card payments in your online store, you can apply to the services of companies like ChronoPay, CyberPlat, Assist. They are engaged in full service of such transfers for a percentage of every transaction – from 0.8% to 3%.

Benefits : By analogy with the electronic money, simplify the process of obtaining the money. This payment method is also potentially beneficial in the future: more and more customers online retailers moving to cashless payments. At present, the percentage of users was 10% (according to research holding ROMIR).

Disadvantages: We are still not very popular to pay credit cards. About 90% of cards issued by banks for payroll, but use them only for withdrawals from ATMs. In addition, you can lose a lot of time setting up a system of payment by credit cards. According to director of the online store rubashka-na-zakaz.ru Basil Muntean, the red tape can take a month or two and a half – to negotiate with the companies serving these transfers, the provision of the necessary documentation and the necessary settings and configurations.

Payment by SMS

This payment method is useful when working with virtual goods. To make money for the purchase of a client sends a message to the specified number, and the correct amount is automatically debited from its account subscription.

Advantages: This payment method can theoretically use each, which is not the credit card or WebMoney. Now mobile phones provided by the vast majority of the population.

Disadvantages: There may be delay in obtaining money from the mobile network operators – up to six months after the reporting period. In addition, a high percentage of the commission, which can take up to one third the amount paid.

Combined payment method

To serve at once all payments in shops, there are specialized companies aggregate, such as “Robokassa.”

Advantages: The contract with this company will allow you to get any kind of money transfers, including through the facilities of fast payment. Such a contract will save you from self-connection of different payment systems, the company aggregator will receive payment from customers and transfer them to your bank account.

Disadvantages : A large percentage of commission for currency conversion rates and service charges.

Investments and the problem of leader

The main criteria for evaluating initiator startup, meaningful for the investor.

We have been consulting in the areas of investment for ten years. Our company analyzes businesses and business plans, promotional support in the preparation of plans for growth, goal setting, organizational issues. Each year, our experts will find and consider nearly one hundred projects, including those who sent us. As shown in the work of about twenty of them, then we help them in finding an investor.

Reasons that our company does not take up all the proposals, only five. For this article we have chosen the fundamental – the problem of leadership.

In every business there is usually the instigator – the project’s creator, entrepreneur, organizer and initiator of the process. In the circle of investors is popular English term – “Stakeholder”, but he is more informal, and I will use the designation “leader.”

Since the dating and in the process of cooperation with the leader to find out:

Does he understand the purpose of his business?

For the leader needed is the ability to talk about problems, he decides to help a specific project, thus showing a high personal interest in its success. A good leader can be considered as someone who is easy to determine the purpose of his business literally in two sentences and confidently describes his vision of the business in the long run. If the investor does not like the intended picture or description will be confused and unclear, then he will not invest. As an example, we convert to the Russian businessman to the question, “How will your project in five years?” Said the company will increase production of its best products in the world. Investors are not satisfied with this position – they felt that an entrepreneur, this is not a strong understanding of the competition, or does not see opportunities due to its lack of ambition. Now his company continues to consistently produce their products, and even increased its production. But recently (the year before) the release of such goods were engaged in China.

Effectively put it?

Any business should operate “as an adult,” starting with the first stage of existence. The scheme of work and the measurement of success should be accessible and understandable to everyone who takes part in the project, albeit unofficially. At one firm, which we did, the main criterion for success of a top manager was in his own words, “the opinion of Bones.” Kostya (name changed to the conspiracy, by the way, all of them are now working successfully) was the owner of this business. This situation led us to a more detailed study of the business processes of the company, and then to the conclusion that all they have kept on without him, and Costa, nothing happens. For small businesses this is normal, but the prospect of business development for medium and high level of almost zero.

For a good leader is important to understand that the project is not created for the initiator of the business, and to future shareholders. In the absence of this understanding of the entrepreneur to obtain investment for it will be problematic.

Can he become the leader, followed by the people go?

The answer to this question is very subjective, but it can be easily verified by experts. Would you personally work under that person, whether you are clear reasons for his actions, normally you think of his methods work? An indicator of a good leader is the credibility of subordinates and a rare change of the substituents. But his close associates should be sufficiently independent in decision making and are able to cope with their own part of the work. Paradoxically, such an environment a leader always easy looking for a job in other companies. But for the “real” leader is not difficult to “grow” new worthy partners. And if the company is not the normal rotation of personnel, but there are many “essential” employees, it may be to increase the investment risk.

Such criteria are suitable for projects where the initiator and the leader. In our practice, was a case where the initiator of the business was a scientist. He has developed an innovative approach to the treatment of unpleasant diseases, and is well understood that to effectively run a business and deal with organizational issues it is unlikely. We found it an effective project manager, who helped the cause ripe for serious undertakings. After that it became possible to invest in this company, and it works well so far.

Are you confident in the leader as a good partner?

Can you trust this man? Is it possible to agree with him about anything? The entrepreneur, who can insist on its in any contentious issue, not a good leader. What was not impressive business plan, investor confidence to a man representing this plan will be the determining factor. It happens after the next meeting with an investor, someone from the staff may blurt out: “Alex, even though you yourself believe in what they just said?”. Once we had eight months to convince members of the company and potential investors to conclude an investment agreement with us, but because of mutual distrust within it never happened.

Really easy to find a compromise leader in any situation, even where they seemed to be no. It is important to understand that the contract, especially the investment should be mutually beneficial. Especially if this contract is an investment.

Gennady Korban: Lazarenko thought that it betrayed Axelrod

Only dreamed Axelrod — so I ended up conflicts … I get much more difficult, I move around in armored cars and am not in a public place. And Gena strongly refused protection. In this regard, we have repeatedly had a conversation with him. — And you are not inconvenienced by such a lifestyle? — It is very hard — look at the world through the glass of an armored car.

chapter of “Slavutych-Registrar” Gennady Korban referred to as “raider number one in Ukraine.” He himself describes as a “Conflict”. But the difference in terms has almost no value. Corban is known as the author of the most daring, dirty and simultaneously virtuosic raids in Ukraine over the past 10 years. In particular, he led the conflicts around the “Southern Mining”, “Dniprooblenergo”, Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant.

Especially a lot of companies he took for the owner of “Private” Igor Kolomoisky. It is said that later Korban demanded too much, and Kolomoisky refused his services.

But now the famous “Conflict” wants to engage with the same business. By this he pushed the financial crisis and the change of power in Ukraine. But there is another factor. Recently the center of Dnipropetrovsk killed his best friend, Gennady Axelrod . This is the second one businessman, who was killed. The first was Vyacheslav Braginsky, in which an attempt was made in 2009.

appears that Corban himself and his entourage are still in shock. They all say that it would be understandable if the next attack made on himself “Conflict”. But the most absurd in this attempt that killed his partner, who, in the words of the Korban was the only builder, and tried to not get involved in dirty business. In contrast to the same Bragin, who had also been actively involved in corporate conflicts.

businessman knows who ordered the murder — he points to the former prime minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko, who was himself once Korban deprived a large number of businesses. Interestingly, he does not name the name directly, but said the former owner of the Ukraine, “the man”. What is it — the legal tricks (not to divulge the secret of the investigation) or no respect — it is not clear.

now Corban seeking artist murder, and otherwise taking care of the family of the deceased Axelrod. In particular, the day of our meeting, he provided legal assistance to the wife of ex-partner, to which the police came to search. Businessman promises that will complete several projects that have started to his friend.

“Customer of the offense is in the U.S.”

— As a consequence of moving to investigate the murder of Gennady Axelrod?

— As always, it is on false paths. In police work drinkers and non-professionals. Instead of having to deal with these versions, they work out stupid, unnecessary event, seize any documents on the property.

For example, on the second day after the tragedy, they held four o’clock his wife and daughter during the interrogation. Tell me, is this normal? It’s just a blatant lack of professionalism — the psychological, human.

— Maybe it’s deliberate actions?

— No, not consciously. They have two years can not hear what we have told them. After the first attack happened September 17, 2010, when we were with him (Axelrod — “EP”) together.

From what I sounded and asked them to do is not done nothing. They were engaged in garbage. Practiced domestic version, the version associated with the internal relations. They did not want to work with victims.

— I read that at the time of attack were in the car Axelrod’s wife and daughter.

— As far as I know, it’s not.

— In your opinion, what are the true direction, which would have to go a consequence?

— I do not want to sound names, but I know that the customer is the crime in the U.S., and is in jail. Singers, of course, I know I can not. But I hope that know their names.

— You do not name names, after losing a similar suit ( wrote that won the case against Lazarenko media, which issued a statement Korban that this is the ex-prime minister ordered the assassination attempt on him < / em> )?

— I’m not lost. I won all the lawsuits in him of whom you speak, along with newspapers. Lost to the man. If you need a solution courts, we’ll give you a copy.

— Why you did not want to sound his name? It is on the lips, and this is one of the most common version.

— Unfortunately, the investigation is not considered as one of the versions. While not considering. I do not want to sound, because I do not want to.

— is so resonant murder (Axelrod — EP), and even in a crowded place, and with control in mind — this is a signal?

— The execution of this murder many poorly understood. Cold-blooded bastard who shot and at the same time, absolutely poor quality weapons. There are inconsistencies, they obviously planned this crime, but there is a feeling that it has been allocated a minimum budget. Or someone managed to squander the money was “allocated” to the previous burst, and now just “finished the”. We are conducting their own investigation.

— but it is a signal to some people, in particular, to you?

— Yes.

— Or is it solely concerned?

— No. In fact, I just have to get much harder as I move around in armored cars and am not in a public place. Since 2006 I have increased security measures, and I was hard to get.

But Gene did not think that he is involved in a war or some kind of order, therefore, strongly refused protection. In this regard, we have repeatedly had a conversation with him.

— And you are not inconvenienced by such a life?

— This is a very hard life. It is very hard — look at the world from behind the glass armored car.

— When the point of no return came when you could not live otherwise?

— In 2006, after the first attack. After that, I completely changed his life.

“Gene was a man of conflict-free”

— once you change your direction in life after what happened with Axelrod?

— Change the direction of … you can only change is now a place of residence.

— you’re not going to leave the country?

— Maybe I’ll go. I do not know.

— you will release the first works?

— Yes.

— You used to be able to just walk the streets without protection?

— Once upon a time I can. When finished with the enemy …

— Classic Seekers — Switzerland, Austria, Israel. They are safer, or your kind of man is no longer possible to hide?

— I think it is safer. They operate on a different principle of law enforcement, and perhaps even a different plan their activity criminal elements. There are cameras, there are places where hard to hide. There is a clear and coordinated work of law enforcement agencies, as well as civil liability of those who live there.

So I think that in these countries more difficult to fulfill the order. Although anything can happen, but it’s harder, more expensive.

— in your address received calls and threats?

— No, it has been reported. I know my enemies in the face.

— you started on the pressure from the prosecutor’s office, the Security Service, the police?

— I do not understand what it means to “pressure”. I know that lately I’ve been, Gennady and Boris Filatov and our employees have been defendants in a certain OSA called “Agate,” which was engaged in OCD. We officially wrote to the Ministry and Prosecutor’s Office that we see behind us is shadowed. They wrote that UBOP directs requests to various agencies of our names, the names of our relatives — children, fathers, wives. But they gave us an unsubscribe.

For example, some materials that went to the prosecutor’s office in December 2011 by groups in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The first written — Gennady Korban. “Rozroblyaє scheme zahoplennya pіdpriєmstv, Got stіykі zv’yazki s members fіnansovo promilovih-group (well, it’s true, do not deny), scho dіyut on teritorії Dnіpropetrovskoї oblastі i Ukrainy in tsіlomu, pіdtrimuє koruptsіynі zv’yazki in organs that Vladi pravoohoronnih, kontrolyuyuchih that vessels of, stvoryuє dіyalnіst іnozemnih kompanіy offshore, away in the yakі prichetnі to privlasnennya aktivіv zahoplenih pіdpriєmstv. ”

And then — Axelrod. It’s just a mockery. The man who all his life engaged in real estate has never been involved in any wars, always criticized me for it. “Axelrod Gennadіy Illіch … stvoryuє organіzovuє is the number of robot SPD conducting yakі zabezpechuyut nalezhne fіnansovo-buhgalterskoї dokumentatsії on pіdpriєmstvah, yakі zaluchenі to reyderskih schemes.” Well, in the accounts he had understood nothing.

“The fact chislі quiet, far away in the scho vikoristovuyutsya yak fіktivnі pіdpriєmstva s metoyu vivedennya aktivіv zahoplenih pіdpriєmstv on pіdkontrolnі yomu that Korban GO.” Written “spіvorganіzator, active participant should be.” It is concluded that they are simply because I am with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Boris Filatov, a well-known journalist in the city, these idiots attributed to “influence public opinion in the interest of regional organized crime groups.” And made him the owner of the two channels, one of which belongs to the structures of “Private”, and the second — the structures, “SCM”.

Say it is OCD? This is the police? They are professionals?

— It may be that the killing of Axelrod’s for you “hang”?

— Let him hang.

Just wonder how the presence of an operational-search business, where we are and the persons involved are the police under the hood, there is. Maybe it’s the police and she did? Or merged information?

— Murder by Vyacheslav Bragin figured the information that he played a former police officer.

— Unfortunately, it turned out to be misinformation. Artists have found. They are just a finger on the finger does not hit any of the case, nor to attempt to “pepperoni”. Doing stupid things, and do so far.

— Other versions may be? For example, Axelrod had large debts to Leonid Yurushev.

— He had no debts to Yurushev! First, the bank “Forum” — not Yurushev. This is a very important point, because they grabbed for this version, made it almost basic. This is nonsense.

Gennady did have debt to the bank “Forum”. But that was after the bank sold Yurushev “Commerzbank”.

Gennady I do have a judgment on which the bank wanted to charge him personally with 3 million 300 thousand dollars of personal debt. This is the only debt that was listed for him. But it is impossible to recover this debt, because genes did not have the property, or formally he was not there. I personally engaged in his debt, and I know it thoroughly.

Bank “Forum” is simply pleaded in public. A feeling that we needed it more than them. That is, they do not engage in order to actually recover the debt. They are, in my opinion, anyway. There’s shareholder — the “Commerzbank”. When there is no owner, management does not want to return the debt, the soul of this place, he will not. Therefore, the version with the bank “Forum” — false.

Also gone are the version that is some crime bosses, who are here in the city — NARIC not NARIC, someone else. This is also a false version. Because all the crime bosses in this city long ago turned into a housing managers. They did that bullies can be frightening.

I do not go, do not give evidence. But it is not criminal authorities and the bank “Forum”.

— And all the other options that could be?

— Gene in general was a man without conflict. He was committed to building real estate, shopping centers. He loved life, socialized with people, joking.

He was a talented conceptology. He built the “Menorah” in Dnepropetrovsk. It is the largest Jewish center. It’s his concept, his idea and its embodiment.

He worked exclusively peaceful, creative business. The only thing he has always dreamed of — that I have finished their conflicts. And trying to help me finish these conflicts. That’s it.

— Of those who came to the cemetery to hold Axelrod, one can draw any conclusions?

— No, this one does not make conclusions. Someone could, some could not, someone has been abroad. One can only conclude that Kulichenko — full r … but. Here it can be done. He was in town knew and did not come to lay flowers. …

(Pokazuє starі photo — “EP”) This looked something like those places that has built up Gene. It is the center of the city. Kulichenko this does not put his hands. These were the markets — dirty, smelly. Now here the area is lined with lanterns, with benches, is a shopping center, on the other. Type of Europe.

— Then why did Axelrod? This is a message to you?

— No, this is not the message. Just in conflict with this man, he at one time also took part. And I think that this man was very offended at him.

Most widely known structures Axelrod -

Most widely known structures Axelrod –

“It has not all taken away, that’s for sure”

— I found the material on the Donets Natalie Fosdick, who once worked for Lazarenko. It was a phrase that she asked for your services.

Pavel Lazarenko - on the right

Pavel Lazarenko – on the right

— It is not something that appealed to the services. In 2005-2006, her ex-partner Pavel Lazarenko started to take what he believed belonged to him. And she asked me for help, in Genoa. We helped her to finish this conflict. She was pleased.

— Among the residents of Dnipropetrovsk prevalent view is that when Lazarenko “closed” in the United States, there remained a lot of his business. When the business was abandoned, there are many people who want to stretch it. And these people are very against it, if you want to go back Lazarenko.

— This is a very philistine, it sounds trivial. He really left a lot of property — in Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, Kiev and probably in other regions.

On it there is still a huge number of working people. This I have repeatedly said the law enforcement agencies, but they did not react. That is, it is quite a structured business.

Indeed, it so happened that we went with him into the conflict, including on the property which he had once with their capabilities, we will say so, has acquired.

This is not no man’s property. It works fairly large group of his supporters. Some of them are now relocated to Kiev. There is still a lot of its “Community”, which they re-registered in Kiev. At the moment it has limited funds, and obviously loses any capacity.

Here he lived a brother — Ivan Lazarenko, who is engaged in agriculture. He was until recently the deputy in the Dnipropetrovsk regional council. Paradox. He is a son who is engaged in the business. Mother-in-law — a very active participant in the business.

— Managers of a lot, or directs one person — a son, brother, mother-in-law?

— They have different directions. Brother — a complete idiot, round, square, even. He is so stupid that even the Pasha, he was never trusted to conduct any negotiations. It does not breed two words. This is the “farm.” So brother, mostly engaged in agriculture around some objects.

His son, too, does not possess any special abilities, and also engaged in small business.

The main violin played by his mother-in-law now, some Tsikova Tamara. This is a new mother-in-law. He married another woman in his former secretary Oksana Tsikovoy.

Naturally, there is a conflict, even inside. He has not seen, not heard. But, of course, the family Tsikovoy trying to find for themselves all the residues that it is there. And somehow push the old family.

— What do you think he ever come back Lazarenko to Ukraine?

— No, he never returned to Ukraine. I’m sure. Because the prosecutor’s office there are 16 criminal cases, two of which — it is murder. This murder and the murder of Shcherban Getman.

— Do you think it is provable things?

— It is very difficult to prove it. But we have some correspondence in which he instructs his staff to travel to visit prisons and people who are sentenced for life for the murders. He sends his greetings, money, food. He gives directions — to give them-so. He then wrote reports: a ticket to Lugansk colony has spent so much on the bed spent this much. Question — why?

I have friends who are serving a life sentence in prison, I have nothing to send to anyone. Why does he do it? So, he knows why he does it. It is possible that those who serve for life, never with him were not the case. A chain of people who have had dealings with him, interrupted. And to prove the killings would be extremely difficult.

Therefore, he will never return to Ukraine. Never. Moreover, he settled there, living there was his wife. He had three children there. Why three? First, children in the U.S. territory under the law automatically granted citizenship. Accordingly, it has the right to family reunification. This is an important legal factor. In addition, there is some kind of amendment or a rule that if you have three children, it is a reasonable basis to stay in America.

He never became an American citizen, it is a fact. Convicted in the United States on such articles of non-citizen will never get there citizenship. But to live with the family he’s able to. Either there or in Canada.

— And use the proceeds from this he can? Or revenues, which are somewhere. I do not believe that it all away.

— I do not believe it. It has not all taken away, that’s for sure. Because the revenue it gets here, he’s not in America to declare. It is known for certain. That is, property which exists here, drawn up by shell companies. This junk company that did not show the property and income, wherever they are registered.

To hide this, he created a number of non-resident companies, which are simply the owners. Revenue receives all of its local gang that somehow redistributes these revenues. Some part, obviously, is the family in America, some part is spent on the existence and maintenance of this community.

— What if his motive? If the bulk of the money he had and did not see it. There should be a compelling motive for murder.

— He has a motive. Because Gene was trying to him to conduct peace talks on the conflict, which we had with him. He successfully led the negotiations. And we actually stopped for a moment the conflict. But then the conflict began anew.

The motive … I’m with Gena spend the maximum amount of time each day. And it was obvious. We lunched together, dined together, dined together, we will call up to 20 times a day. And even if someone is watching, say, for me, he saw that this person is close enough.

A motive — that’s what he thought and believed that Axelrod is one of the parties to the conflict. He was dissatisfied with the settlement agreement, which we had. He — is someone who sits in the USA. He believed that Axelrod is it so “spread.”

Corban and Axelrod, along with Luciano Benetton. Photos from the office Korban

Corban and Axelrod, along with Luciano Benetton. Photos from the office Korban

“I am confident that Tymoshenko to this has no relation”

— Are you familiar with the criminal authority “Sailor”, through which Tymoshenko and Lazarenko allegedly ordered the murder of Shcherban?

— No, I do not know and never knew. This man was in a different generation.

— you know something about this person?

— No, nothing.

— What do you think of the very version of the Prosecutor General of the murder of Shcherban?

— I think this is a very real version. The fact that it did Lazarenko, I doubt not there. But I would very much doubt that Tymoshenko has to do with it.

Another thing that Pasha had the right manner to dispose of money controlled by businessmen. He could calm her or Dityatkovsky say, “Here’s details of placing so much money.” But for what, and who …

At that time it was very easy. It is now, if you want someone to send money, the banks require documents that verify the legality of the company and the transaction. In the 1990s, the West has not been all of these terrorist issues, and could transfer money to someone you like, what you want and without documents. Baltic banks have always been particularly loyal to clients, they did not ask questions. So, I suppose, that Pasha could give details and say: “Make the payment there so much money.” I am sure that Tymoshenko to this is irrelevant. But that’s my opinion. There is a corollary. There are some faktazh them — let them do.

— In 2009 the U.S. Court of Lazarenko, you sent a statement telling where you talked to Lazarenko, when he was under house arrest and had no right to communicate.

— It’s true. This is precisely the time when I fought with him, Gennady so-called peace talks. We talked through what is coming or his brother, who is idiot, or some lawyers. They recruited him from a mobile, it is they call back, and they gave me the phone. I kept saying it to investigators. But I have a feeling that they hear the other place.

— As the United States reacted to it?

— We have submitted all applications for prosecutors and the courts. But the court was already at the sentencing stage, which does not take testimony. They have attached them to the materials, but not considered on its merits.

— How Jewish community reacted to the murder of Axelrod?

— How can it respond? Well, indignantly.

— I understand this is a very strong and influential group.

— The Group?

Another building Axelrod. Hotel

Another building Axelrod. Hotel

— Whether or not the unity of the Jewish community?

— The Jewish community — a community. This is a religious, social organization, we can not call it a group. They assembled business leaders. In recent years they have greatly impoverished. This is not a group that has some practical features. It is a place where people come to devote time to rub the different religions and Mays: who said what, who is who won, who did not give anyone.

— What conclusions have you drawn from previous attempts: on you, Bragin?

— The same as now. Bragin is actively involved in the conflict with Lazarenko, in contrast to the genes. He took an active part in terms of redistribution of property, but also refused to protect yourself in every way. All that I have outlined the investigative authorities, and repeatedly, and gave names, and gave who should look for and how to look for, and what factors indirectly confirm my version. But nobody did anything.

— Maybe they’re afraid of something?

— Yes, what they fear? Just the police have, unfortunately — the most inefficient, most corrupt and most unprofessional punitive agency.

— And you can bring it under the jurisdiction of the Security Service?

— It’s hard. In the SSU, I believe, are working more or less decent people — not selling, do not completely unscrupulous, not drunkard. There are officers, they have slightly different bearing and a different attitude to things. But the criminal things do not fall under their jurisdiction. To bring under their jurisdiction, there must be some special instructions prosecutors, they are redirected to a result under the control of the SBU.

SBU able to disclose such things, I think. But for this they must have the procedural ability.

— Have you tried to create such an opportunity?

— Yes, we tried. If you remember, the first attack on me in 2006 it opened the SBU. He was here the head of the SBU Karpenko. He reacted very sensitively to the situation, and how the investigation took for themselves. It is a crime of the SBU opened up to almost Politkovskaya. have already passed on the Russian security services, all data on the Chechen, who is in Moscow, and already charged for the murder of Politkovskaya.

— He shot?

— Do not shoot, and organized a company to order, the dispatcher.

— In 2010, bombed in the “Pepperoni,” You wanted to kill or scare?

— No, I would like to kill. The charge was enough to just blast the rebound went by, and I just hurt. If I had sat three meters closer, we would not talk to you.

— The charge was not directly under you?

— No. I was thrown to the side.

— You no longer at the restaurant do not go?

— No, I do not go.

— Please rate quote: “Korban tried unsuccessfully to persuade him to finance the campaign of Ivan Kulichenko, the team is hard form of Donetsk.” In particular, it is mentioned in this connection, a respected gentleman from Donetsk, known as “cut”.

The mayor of Dnipropetrovsk - Ivan Kulichenko

The mayor of Dnipropetrovsk – Ivan Kulichenko

— The first time I heard about this “authority”. Secondly, I want to say that Corban has never taken, do not accept and does not intend to participate in the political life of the country, city, village, or whatever.

Moreover, Kulichenko — it’s just worthless. It’s just scum and worthless. Gene in 10 years this man has done in just a valuable work. And this jerk did not even come to lay flowers, when they said goodbye. This is my human attitude, not political. I do not know what he is the team — “Donetsk” or “Donetsk”. I do not care.

— you announced one million reward for information about the killer. Why, if you know the customer?

— I know the customer, and want to take artist. Because the singer give me a procedural opportunity to come to the customer. And the money we pay for the performer. We’ll pay more if necessary.

— How can you guarantee the security of the person who contact you with information? You probably listen to all sides.

— We can guarantee the security, trust me. If the information is accurate and will help you find the perpetrators, believe me — we find all possible ways, legal and illegal, to protect such rights. But, unfortunately, mostly addressed some lunatics, idiots, just sick people, schizophrenics. We can show you letters that they write. Do not talk about.

— Boris Filatov, Miron Sosnovsky threatened?

— No one threatens no one. Sosnowski did not have and did not have to do with us. On the contrary, is now being investigated by the case against the fact that he shot at the helicopter, which was Filatov. But it was just a drunken outburst, for which I am sure he will be punished according to law. They live in adjacent areas, and Sosnowski started drunkenly shoot, hunt for the helicopter. What an idiot, plain bytovuha.

The second part of the interview can be read here

Gennady Korban: Axelrod has done for more than Dnepropetrovsk all mayors together

Daring murder in a public place known builder and patron of the city shook million. Conventional wisdom: in Dnepropetrovsk return “dashing ninetieth.” Police comments on the stingy. They are silent and the local authorities. The only one who agreed to an interview – is a friend and business partner of the deceased, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Slavutych Capital” Gennady Korban.

– Mr. Korban, in your relationship with Gennady Axelrod was dominated by business or personal reasons?

– We met about 10 years ago, and from the very first meetings I have deep respect for this man. Very soon we became friends. Business issues faded into the background, giving way to human relations. It was more than friendship, but rather, a spiritual kinship. We had breakfast together, lunch and dinner, called up twenty times a day. They said, basically, on everyday topics. Most went to rest with their families.

With Gena was easy and pleasant to talk to. He was tireless in fiction. Could drag me to podvernuvshiysya boutique, almost by force to impose new clothes, and take away the old, promising to return it as a gift for 50th anniversary. He loved all stores, with a long ruffled traffickers, through which was aware of all the city’s gossip – what people are breathing, and even who is sleeping with whom. It was always interesting. I genuinely liked this man.

– And yet the townspeople remember Gennady Axelrod, primarily as a builder.

– At the end of 1990 in Dnepropetrovsk formed a group of young and dynamic business (Vadim Ermolaev, Alexander Kaganovsky, Gennady Axelrod, Valery Shamotiy and others), aiming to dramatically change the look of the city. There were interesting projects, investors were tightened, and began the “golden decade” of the construction boom.

Gene was probably the most talented and highly motivated. Not for nothing was he who took the most neglected parts of the historic part of town. Think that was a center of Dnepropetrovsk 15 years ago. In the Central Department Store – squash, where the Chinese traded mixed rags, sauerkraut and fish. In the “Children’s World” – a series of false and counterfeit vodka, caviar. And for hundreds of meters around – terrible unsanitary conditions. Now it is clean and spacious European area with two modern shopping malls.

– But some citizens still believe that Gennady Axelrod destroyed valuable architectural monuments, such as “Children’s World” or hotel “Central”.

– It’s not true. “Children’s World” – a typical example of the late Soviet eclecticism. The hotel “Central” – Stalin’s Neoclassicism in the low-budget version. There is no architectural value of these buildings are not represented, and this is not the opinion of the inhabitants, and the conclusions of experts.

The hotel Central

The hotel Central

Another thing that was not all the objects appearing in place of the demolished “Passage”. But Axelrod was not just a talented senior manager of large construction projects, he – conceptology ahead of his time, and the true dignity of his buildings still appreciate descendants.

Shopping Complex Passage and the French Children's Carousel, instead of peace and hotels

Shopping Complex Passage and the French Children's Carousel, instead of peace and hotels

In modern architecture, there are two extremes – either the extravagant exterior of the building is detrimental to the functionality or the functionality of the rate leads to primitivization appearance. Axelrod, like no other, has a sense of architectural taste, was able to strike a balance, do not go to extremes, so that its facilities and stylish, and functional at the same time, but the lack of pretentiousness. I think they asked the vector of urban development of Dnepropetrovsk in the years ahead.

That is the Children's World

That is the Children's World

– After the tragic death of Gennady Axelrod on the city internet forums erupted discussion. Some implicitly recognize the merits of the deceased in the formation of the modern image of Dnepropetrovsk, others believe that all of his projects – pure commerce. Who is right?

– I see no contradiction between these points of view. The ideal building, on the one hand, to integrate harmoniously into the environment, on the other hand, have a commercial component. So accepted throughout the civilized world. I will open a “terrible” secret – even a museum of modern art, built at the expense of patrons, are designed for self-sufficiency. Business – the engine of progress, it is an axiom, and silly to deny it.

Let’s ask ourselves – and that for more than 20 years built in Dnepropetrovsk city officials that have the billion-dollar budget? One or two schools, several Heat Exchangers … And then, you thought about how monstrous objects gives green light to corrupt licensing system? Just look at the buildings on Prospect Kirova, try to find them in harmony. The mayor and the chief architect for the cultivation of tastelessness in town planning has long should resign.

– Leaves, Dnipropetrovsk authorities have not found a common language with a large construction business?

– It pains me to say this, but despite the best efforts of businessmen, the city where I was born and lived most of his life, in the eyes of the dead criminal into a province. Although relatively new source of manpower was called, the financial capital of Ukraine and other honors given characteristics. After starting conditions, we were better than in other metropolitan areas. Because people like Axelrod, one of the first in the country have begun to clear the Augean stables of the architectural “scoop.” It is they, not the city officials have become the new engine of urban development. And officials are mired in greed. True, they did not forget the Day of the city to cut the ribbon at the opening of another object. But in reality, only one in the last decade, Axelrod has done for Dnepropetrovsk more than all the mayors put together – 20 years of independence.

In a normal city, and a normal country, officials and residents would have said “thank you” to businessmen who risked for the sake of the common good of its own and borrowed money, reputation and, as has now become clear, life. But the kind words in his address Dnepropetrovsk builders and have not waited. Moreover, Mayor Ivan Kulichenko, who once wrote the European area and the other Axelrod projects in their electoral asset, does not even come to say goodbye to the dead. In my opinion, because he could do only a little man.

I think if you have local deputies remained a shred of conscience, they should raise the issue of assigning Gennady Axelrod title of “Honorary Citizen of Dnepropetrovsk.” The man who literally put his life for his native city, has earned this award.

– What were the principles of life Gennady Axelrod?

– This was a man who appreciated the beauty around. He is beautifully dressed, beautifully formulated his thoughts, even ate pretty, but it does not get hung up. “The most exquisite pleasure is to add pleasure to others.” This aphorism of Jean de La Bruyere was so close outlook Genes that he made it the motto of his construction company.

Inaccessible to the press, it was easy in dealing with ordinary people. Could start a casual conversation with a salesman, a waiter, a foreman, and for each find the kind words. In the glittering circle of friends honed sense of humor.

And Axelrod was a great mystic. Literally every one of his mysterious creature keeps tracks of fate. When the project is developed the world’s largest Jewish cultural center, “Menorah,” Gene was originally focused on the variant with 12 fronts and 20-story main tower. Later, decided to increase the tower to 22 floors. Did it instinctively, as if obeying an inner voice. And when the building was already in full swing, suddenly realized that the number of fronts, “Menorah” represents the number of tribes, which formed, according to the Scriptures, the people of Israel, and the floors of the main tower – the number of letters in Hebrew. Everything happened as if the author of the plan was driven by the hand of God.

And another mysterious coincidence. Long before the “Menorah” Vadim Ermolaev Yekaterinoslav installed on the boulevard so-called architectural form small businessman, beggars, which became the prototype for Axelrod. Most recently, Gene took me to “own” the monument and asked: “Guess where I look?” I was dumbfounded: a look bronze businessman was fixed directly to the central tower of the newly constructed “Menorah”.

Bronze statue of Gennady Axelrod - Vadim Ermolaev gift on the day of birth

Bronze statue of Gennady Axelrod - Vadim Ermolaev gift on the day of birth

– And why the businessman-fashioned beggar with Axelrod? After all, Gennady Axelrod, according to media, was a very wealthy man.

– This is a fallacy. Gene has never sought to accumulate capital. Personally, he had the money just enough to have enough for good food, quality clothing and travel. He often said: “Quite what I have rich friends.” And indeed for the implementation of their projects, he went to the wealthiest people and how would jokingly asked, “Give me your money, I will make them a beauty!” From here – and a corresponding sculptural image.

In our conversations, Gene often lamented that the oligarchs are often invested millions into dubious projects, development of which involved people who do not feel the specifics of Ukrainian cities. Foreign kontseptologicheskie firm to get an order, offer the client a volume of documentation until the calculation of public transport and traffic density. But not in these papers the main thing – the concept of the future facility.

A similar story exists with the first Jewish cultural center. The project sponsor, one of the owners of “Privat” Gennadiy Bogolyubov approached several foreign companies, but the proposed options was not satisfied. Then he remembered about Akselrod, and soon there was a project “Menorah”. Bogolyubov, when I saw the layout, the author said the idea: “I have no words, it is simply a genius. I will build “Menorah”, whatever the cost. ”

By the way, the events described took place in the midst of financial crisis, and the construction of Axelrod has not earned a dime. That I deliberately emphasize for those who in every nouveau riche businessman sees greedy.

– “Menorah” – a project of world significance, but in the minds of most Dnipropetrovsk it is still associated with the Jewish community. That’s voices, they say, Axelrod engaged in charity work only “for her» …

– Remember that museums, restaurants, retail establishments and other objects of the Jewish cultural center open to people of any nationality. In addition, Axelrod donated to the town library, built by him on the street. Lenin. And he renovated hundreds of meters of urban communications. And then, few know that in 2010 he developed the concept and preliminary design of the reconstruction of the Assumption Cathedral in the square Poor Damian, that is next to the “Menorah”. According to the author, the cathedral was reborn in modern form, but with the preservation of historic proportions and architectural forms. It is important that the height of the bell tower of the temple corresponded exactly to the height of the main tower, “Menorah”. Thus, stressed the closeness of an equivalent of two and the world’s oldest religions.

Central City Library

Central City Library

After the death of Axelrod fate of the project is questionable. However, I can pass it of use to those who undertake the revival of the Assumption Cathedral.

Jewish Center

– Your friend recently there was no apprehension?

– Gene more than once that he was going to live in ’93, so the plan – more than enough. But the bitterness that increasingly have to swim against the tide in his thinking still present. “In Dnepropetrovsk became impossible to build – he complained – no commercial sense, but the authorities are on the drum, and the townspeople, too.”

Axelrod is very worried about the lack of a strategic concept for the development of Dnepropetrovsk. He proposed to follow the example of German cities of Frankfurt-am-Main and Dusseldorf, which in the absence of historical and natural curiosities, attracted millions of visitors, erecting a huge exhibition centers. But such objects on the money only private investors will not build. Requires partnerships between business and government. Unfortunately, the word “partnership” government officials, mainly understood as a “bribe.”

Gene is so tired dull indifference of the authorities and citizens, that his next concept called “Evolution” he presented in the form of a stepped building with the figure of a man walking down the towers – a monkey. It was a signal that the evolution takes place in Ukraine in the opposite direction, from Homo sapiens – the Australopithecus.

– What do you think about the versions of possible customers murder?

– I have already said in an interview with one of the sites that the police, in my opinion, is on the wrong track. For example, delves into the family relations of the deceased. Or puts delusional assumption of debt owed to the bank Axelrod’s “Forum” as the reason for the assassination. For those interested, I can clarify that the industrial and financial group “Sparta”, headed by Axelrod, really was the debtor of the bank “Forum”. She, like many other construction companies went bankrupt during the financial crisis and was dissolved by court order. If you follow the logic of the police, then by now the bankers had to shoot for thousands of executives of bankrupt companies.

– Among the inhabitants are also popular version of the involvement of high-profile case of local crime bosses – “NARIC”, “Mazeppa”, etc.

– Another nonsense. Axelrod has never entered into relations with criminal structures. And then, you mentioned “authorities” have long been “turned into a house manager.” And their “six”, if anyone, and fearsome, is it that the market traders.

– Is there a political motive for the incident? It is widely believed that with the advent of the new government, “Donetsk” undercover officers and security officials “squeeze” someone else’s business.

– Neither I nor Axelrod in politics has never climbed. And we never received the so-called Donetsk group of signals, or, say, improper proposals to reallocate business.

I was and still is only one version of which I have been voicing in recent years various investigative agencies. This and other killings and assassination are connected with a person in an American prison, as well as with members of his family. I insist on this version!

– In the media there have been reports that you have promised one million dollars for his help in apprehending criminals.

– We do guarantee the payment of financial compensation in the amount of $ 1,000,000 for information that will help the investigating authorities to enter the killer. This refers to reliable information (number of machines, information about rental housing, etc.) rather than the conclusions of fortune-tellers and psychics. If anyone has such information, please send them by e-mail antikiller.akselrod @ gmail.comPolnaya confidentiality is guaranteed. Let me remind you also that giving false information to impede the investigation falls under the Criminal Code.

– How do you see a way out?

– If the government and the citizens do not learn to appreciate the work of talented local businesses, will not stop flirting with the bandits and will continue to turn a blind eye to the antics of xenophobes, we spit on everything and go away from this city. And they let him continue to live in their shit together with Kulichenko lzheistoricheskimi and architectural monuments.

But those who ordered the killing, and Axelrod, though not relaxed. Gene was the soul of our company, and these inhuman monsters tore our soul. I declare to them hunting. I will find both performers and customers heinous crime, and they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Objects constructed Gennady Axelrod:

European square, 1990

Европейская площадь, 1990 год

European square, 2010

Европейская площадь, 2010 год

Karl Marx Avenue, 22 in Dnepropetrovsk, 1990

Угол ул. Куйбышева и просп. Карла Маркса, 1990 год

Karl Marx Avenue, 22 in Dnepropetrovsk, 2010

Угол ул. Куйбышева и просп. Карла Маркса, 2010 год

The residential complex «Amsterdam» on the Quay

The residential complex «Amsterdam» on the Quay

Gennady Axelrod — new debt or old conflicts?

September 17, 2011, at 3 pm, Gennady Korban and his friend, developer Gennady Axelrod, dined at the restaurant “Pepperoni” near the park Shevchenko, during lunch at the site of an explosion of summer – it went off, then both the businessman came to the hospital and escaped with minor bruises and fractures. After the incident, said Gennady Korban attack:

– Do you think that trying to kill you or your business partners?
– I believe that an attempt on me. Business Gennady Axelrod quite peaceful and creative – he builds shopping centers. Oleg Levin, as I said, suffered less than others.

After the assassination (September 17, 2011) found out that the company “PFG SPARTA” vice-president is Axelrod Gennadiy Ilich has filed a lawsuit against itself and requests to declare bankruptcy because it can not pay the debt of $ 668.7 million . UAH several creditors, including the main creditor bank “Forum”, which the company “PFG SPARTA” to UAH 362 million (this amount was used for the construction of two houses Akselhoff Boutique Hotel and Residential Complex “Kudashevsky”). The key to this loan was the shopping center “Europa”, but without going through all the restrictions he had nevertheless been resold several times unknown offshore companies. In his statement of claim lawyers of “PFG SPARTA” indicated that the company has no property assets sufficient to meet the full requirements of all creditors, which means that the portion of debt that can not repay SPARTA simply write off the court. Moreover, before filing the complaint came from the founders, Gennady Axelrod, Myron Levin and Oleg Sosnowski. Ownership structure PFG LLC “SPARTA” and the conflict we wrote earlier .

April 14, 2012, at 17:30, after 7 months, there was another attack on a representative group of “Private” as a result of which was killed by Gennady Axelrod , whose business according to Gennady Korban is a peaceful and constructive. At the moment it became known that the construction of a new shopping center “Passage,” an estimated cost of about $ 100 million was taken by a new loan, which has not yet given. After the introduction of an object “Passage” was only 1.5 years, while the payback period of such projects even in the face of Ukraine at least 7-10 years.

And now constructively on the causes of the attempt:

Old debts

Bankruptcy LLC PFG “SPARTA”, which was held in April 2011 actually made it possible to avoid the payment of arrears in the amount of 668.7 mln. However, the experience of the lawsuit, which the bank sent a forum about bankruptcy eruption of SPARTA is in production at least a year, but in reality, 2-3 years, hence the time of the lawsuit has not yet happened, and I can not believe that German shareholders of the bank Commerzbank, which owns Bank Forum will address issues like this.

New debt

October 1, 2011 in the center of Kiev has opened a new shopping center “Passage”, at an estimated cost of $ 100 million facility, the majority of this amount was taken on loan. However, as shown by the investment experience and return on such projects as the shopping center “Passage” even if highly profitable Ukrainian market from just five years, hence the reason the attempt because of the new debt is absurd.

Old conflicts

The hatchet between the group of “Private” and Pavel Lazarenko is not buried ever since the ’90s, when such facilities as the Department Store, Children’s World, located in the central avenue of Karl Marx in Dnepropetrovsk, formerly owned by nominees Pavel Ivanovich suddenly changed the owner.

It is unfortunate that business conflicts in Ukraine is still not resolved in the courts and the criminal plane. This is not conducive to the business mood in the country.

To be continued …

8 most unsuccessful transactions in the IT

June 30, 2010 Internet company Specific Media was acquired social networking site MySpace for $ 35 million . The former owner of MySpace Corporation News Corp. media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Sales amount to 10 times less than the amount you paid for MySpace News Corp in 2005. And such “unfavorable stories” are not enough, MySpace, ICQ, Bebo and other successful projects in the old days, which brought the state in the past one and a headache in the future to others. 8 will reveal some of the failed trades in the history of IT-industry.

Buying MySpace

Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp.

Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp.

Buyer : News Corp. Purchase Price : $ 327 million Price : $ 35 million In summer 2005, the Corporation Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. become very popular at that time, the site in the world of MySpace, paying for it $ 327 million . As early as 2006 mu site led the world in terms of page views and has dominated the segment of social networks (75% of visits). But in 2008, Facebook is not only caught up with him in popularity (it has since MySpace started to lose an average of 1 million unique monthly visitors), but leave the competition far behind: By 2010, Facebook has 640 million registered users compared to 100 million from MySpace. In October last year, MySpace, acknowledging his defeat, officially re-classified into an entertainment portal. Unfortunately, this does not help, and MySpace continues to plummet. In 2010 MySpace will record a loss of $ 165 million on a turnover of $ 109 million, Yes, with indicators such News Corp. It was not easy to find a Buyer on MySpace. But in the end they all still did it, and the owner was a little-known company Specific Media. While nothing is known about the plans with respect to Specific Media MySpace, while News Corp. (Obviously, just in case) retained 5% in MySpace.

Buying ICQ

CEO AOL Steve Case

CEO AOL Steve Case

Buyer : AOL Purchase Price : $ 407 million Price : $ 187 million Israeli company Mirabilis in 1996, has developed ICQ. And in 1998, AOL pays for services around Instant Messaging $ 400 million (including a bonus for developers $ 120 million). At that time, the Israeli technology sector that has become the biggest deal. Unfortunately, since then ICQ was not able to achieve more substantial progress, and even gave way in the face of rivals MSN, and later, Skype, Google Talks and other services. In 2010 the world used about 33 ICQ million people, nearly a third of users were from Russia. This explains the interest to the Russian Fund ICQ DST (or Mail.ru Group), paid in the last year for the service $ 187 million . By the way, the deal could prevent the U.S. intelligence agencies, who feared losing access to transcripts of negotiations Eastern European criminal gruppv relocation ICQ servers in Russia. Purchase


CEO Vivendi, Jean-Marie Messier

CEO Vivendi, Jean-Marie Messier

Buyer : Vivendi Purchase Price : $ 372 million Price : $ 2,5 млн In 2001, the French media corporations Vivendi International, which among other things owns one of the largest majors Universal Music, for $ 372 million purchased music service MP3.com. Michael Robertson and Greg Flores (makers of MP3.com) wanted to change the world, allowing the musicians to sell their music, bypassing the record labels. But since Vivendi pursuing opposite goals, Jean-Marie Messier (CEO Vivendi), commented on the acquisition, calling MP3.com «advanced technology”, which should make the purchase of Vivendi into a leading distributor of digital music. By the year 2003 Vivendi sells service media company CNET Networks, which immediately closes it, leaving only his domain name.

Buy Broadcast.com

Founders Jerry Yang and Yahoo! David Filo

Founders Jerry Yang and Yahoo! David Filo

Buyer : Yahoo! Purchase Price : $ 5,04 млрд Price : the service is closed 1999. Yahoo! Acquires $ 5,04 per млрд site Broadcast.com (a primitive prototype of Youtube). And for several years been trying to incorporate Broadcast.com in its structure, but all in vain – Yahoo! and could not turn it into a hit. “Dotcom bubble” burst, Broadcast.com depreciated along with the other companies of that era. And today, Broadcast.com no longer exists. But its founders – Mark and Todd Wagner Kyubana selling Broadcast.com made ??billionaires. Kyuban saved his fortune and now he owns the club’s NBA Dallas Mavericks. Recently won the Dallas Cup title NBA (for the first time in 30 years). Last year, Forbes richest people in the world put Kyubana the state $ 2.5 mlrd.na 459th place.

Buy Skype

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar

Buyer : eBay Price : $ 3,1 млрд Price : $ 2 billion In 2005, eBay purchased Skype, created in 2003, a total of $ 3,1 billion Integrate Skype into its core eBay business is not managed, as well as monetize the popular auction. EBay founder Pierre Omidyar has written off its value more than $ 900 million, “How many free calls I need to do to justify the purchase of Skype?» – Lamented the spring of 2008 in a Twitter-account Pierre Omidyar. But a year later, in 2009, eBay sells Skype controlling group of private investors for $ 2 billion , but it retains the 30% stake, it is possible to earn good money (as a group after the acquisition of Skype private investors to resell it to Microsoft for $ 8.5 billion). It should be noted the quality of management, that for the period since the joint-stock outswing selling it on eBay and buy Microsoft Skype has not undergone any major changes.

Buying Bebo

Randy Falco CEO AOL

Randy Falco CEO AOL

Buyer : AOL Purchase Price : $ 850 million Price : $ 10 million In 2008, Facebook is rapidly gaining popularity among users of social networks (the number of Facebook users increased 150% on a monthly basis and by the end of the summer has reached the 100 million people). AOL decides to get its own network and acquires Bebo, Michael Birch and Hochi. However, AOL does not create a serious competition of Mark Zuckerberg. Alas, two years the number of unique visitors to Bebo was reduced from 22 million to 14.6 million per month, and subsequently continued to fall. Already in 2009, AOL began to look for Buyers of Bebo. And in the summer of 2010 it bought a private foundation Criterion Capital Partners in 85 times cheaper deal with Birch. Now Bebo – a small company with a staff of 50 people.

Purchase Flip

John Chambers CEO Cisco

John Chambers CEO Cisco

Buyer : Cisco Purchase Price : $ 590 million Price : the company is closed Cisco acquired Pure Digital за $590 million, Flip pocket camcorders manufactured in 2009. Earnings Cisco, whose core business is the production of networking equipment for enterprises in the period declined and the company was looking to enter new markets for themselves of their equipment, and cameras Flip to the point were a sensation. The reason for their popularity was able to instantly send captured video on Youtube and other video hosting. But this year the developers of mobile phones reached a significant improvement of quality shots. Because of this camera Flip lose potential customers. In early 2010, Cisco announced the departure of the consumer market with handheld video cameras, cameras for the production department is fully closes and fires the entire staff.

Merger of AOL and Time Warner

CEO AOL Steve Case and CEO Time Warner Gerard Levin

CEO AOL Steve Case and CEO Time Warner Gerard Levin

The world’s largest media conglomerates Time Warner and the world’s largest Internet company in 1999, AOL announced a merger. The amount of “deal of the century” was about $ 350 billion market capitalization by the time AOL was about $ 240 billion, company has a joint venture 55% of the shares. “Dotcom bubble” burst soon and AOL assets are rapidly losing in value. AOL Time Warner was forced to fix the 2002 record in the history of American companies damage – $ 99 billion in ten years after the merger in late 2009, Time Warner and AOL put a point in the relationship and finally separated. Today, the market value of AOL is not more than 2 billion $ .

Business Secrets: Oliver Hughes

Oliver Hughes, president of the bank “Tinkoff Credit Systems” in the “business secrets”.

Business Secrets: Oleg Novikov

Founder of the publishing house “Eksmo” Oleg Novikov in the “business secrets”.

Business secrets, Fyodor Ovchinnikov

Young entrepreneur Fyodor Ovchinnikov in the “business secrets».

Business Secrets: Maxim Kashirin

Wine Entrepreneur Maxim Kashirin in the “Business Secrets”.