Предприниматель | Информационно-аналитический журнал - Part 30

How to profitably sell small bank

To sell the bank on favorable terms possible during the crisis. It is important to know to whom it will be interesting . This principle was followed by the Russian group ” Renaissance “, which sold a small group of Ukrainian bank Rinat Akhmetov’s SCM in March last year. Conglomerate , which in 2010 made ​​a profit of $ 850 million , and could buy a large company. In this case, there were many vendors , as many Western banks sought to withdraw from the market of Ukraine. How did the ‘ Renaissance ‘ to sell his bank SCM ?

In 2010 was the year of the crisis of bad debts in the banking sector of Ukraine, and so many owners of banks were not ready to expand. And if in 2006-2008 it was possible to sell the bank for 3-7 of capital, which was at that time a record figure in the whole of Eastern Europe , then in 2010, the year to get even a single capital at the bank was very difficult. According to Greg Krasnov , CEO of Platinum Bank, then the average for the capital of the bank amounted to 0.2-1 and depended on the quality of the loan portfolio. In February 2011, Bank of Georgia has sold its 80% stake in a subsidiary in Ukraine, Donetsk investors for $ 9.6 million (representing 0.82 Capital Bank). ” Renesang ” does not include the amount obtained from the sale of the bank, but claims that this amount exceeded the bank’s capital . Bankers who know about the conditions of the deal, said the bank was valued at $ 31 million , which was 1.2 equity.

In 2005, the “Renaissance” is buying a small Ukrainian bank

The bank was renamed to Renaissance Capital , and its development proceeded on the basis of consumer loans. In the wake of the financial crisis, some operations were discontinued. As explained Tatiana Khondru , deputy chairman of the bank’s loan to Russian Renaissance , the owners felt that the investment dollars in Russia is much more profitable than in Ukraine.

Already in May 2010, the bank’s owners have started preparing for the transaction. Then the bank Renaissance Capital , which in terms of assets held 95th place, with a loan portfolio of $ 45 million , re- launched earlier frozen consumer credit program , but under the name ” Renaissance Credit” . At this time the SCM combined Donghorbank And Pumbaa belonging to her, and began searching for opportunities that would allow them to take a segment of consumer lending , capable before others recover from the crisis . According to Ilya Arkhipov, business development manager at SCM , the creation of such a trend in FUIB would take three years. And to save time , it was decided to buy a small bank specializing in consumer loans .

Sebastian Ruban, board chairman of Renaissance Credit , back in 2008, was interested in working with FUIB . At the time, his head was Rafal Juszczak . They discussed the possibility of a joint project in the field of consumer credit . But the joint project was never realized, because Juszczak soon left his post.

According Arkhipova, about the possibility of buying Renaissance Credit in SCM learned from colleagues in the market. In addition, SCM managers considered other sites for shopping , for example , Platinum Bank and Home Credit Bank ( HKB ) . But as the Platinum Bank was also looking for items to purchase, SCM and stopped at Renessense HKB with which negotiations began and quickly was performed their due diligence. As a result, HKB has sold Platinum Bank, and SCM has continued negotiations with the Renaissance . It remains only to establish the value of the bank. Representatives of the Renaissance began to extol its loan portfolio of high quality. During the 2009-2010 -ies the bank managed to sell distressed debt , which earned them 100 million UAH from the six collection companies . According Foul , while the share of problem loans , depending on the product and the bank was 15-50 %. With that , these figures were the best at the time. However, the SCM does not immediately believe the reports . FUIB then chose to err , since no experience in consumer credit , he did not. Then it was decided to give the money only after the closing of the transaction in case of defaults will increase dramatically , and degrade the quality of the loan portfolio.

Another argument is that the Renaissance deserves a higher price than the average at that time to market was a good team and new technologies. SCM agreed with this , but because the deal was struck.

After the sale Renesssansa Donetsk investors , its development took off . Arkhipov says , the very next day after the announcement of the transaction , many of his friends began calling him with questions about the possibility of opening deposit . True, we did not cater deposits , as cheaper resources for this can attract FUIB . Already in 2011 , the assets of Renaissance Credit rose to 40 %. The banking system growth rate was 12%. SCM did not change the state, but only extended it to 2,000 , up 67 % over the previous figure . According to Krasnov, Pumbaa is allowed to become a leader in consumer lending . The objectives have been achieved.

Moreover , the situation in the Renaissance would have been better if you would have delayed negotiations with the SCM for eight months. And while the negotiations were conducted on the transaction price, the Renaissance competitors offer consumers the most favorable conditions for cooperation. As a result of the Renaissance among the three major networks after the others on less favorable terms. Today the Renaissance behind the market leaders in consumer lending in the number of sales outlets in three times.

This means that the CCM will continue to buy up banks . To sell bank SCM ? According to Arkhipov to interest in buying the bank SCM , you must clearly demonstrate how the business will be able to add business Akhmetov , because not enough simply to increase its scale . At Renaissance Credit succeeded. And the price of such transaction shall be reasonable.

How to make money on laundry

Interesting ideas on how to create your institution the right atmosphere and attract new customers.

Even as the CEO of financial company ” Yumis ” Alex Lukyanov decided to realize his idea to open a bar and a laundry service. This prompted him friend from Germany Anke Navottne . She decorated the bar and began “Wash -40″ , which was for a student of the Academy of Art and Design Zurich theme of the thesis. Furniture for bars made ​​to order Petersburg artists , and for ordering beushnye laundry dryers and washing machines from Germany, where such establishments are commonplace.For 150 rubles you can get a wash, but for $ 100 – one- drying. The share of laundry is only 25 % of the income , that is 5.6 million rubles a year. But Lukyanov believes that it is a competitive combination of bar and laundry in one institution , and the best advertising – word of mouth .

Regular clients ‘ Wash -40 ” are poets , musicians , and students. Lukyanov describes the audience of its bar as subcultural layer Petersburg. Also comes a lot of foreigners. But the owner is rarely in a bar , because after Anke defended the diploma , the couple moved to Berlin, where Alex has opened a new business – a studio infographics.

When Lukyanov open his bar laundry , he was guided by Anton Belyankin , who as leader of the ” Two aircraft “, and was a trendsetter for such facilities in St. Petersburg. It was he who brought popular at that time in Europe the concept of club life . In 2003 Belyankin opened the bar “Dacha” Deliberation on the street , who worked on the principle of similar bars of Hamburg. His partner was a friend from Germany.

These bars operate on a simple principle . An area of ​​100 square meters . m playing live DJ, and sold only snacks and alcohol. The most important thing is to face control , monitor not intended for those who are dressed and how or whether the visitor is drunk, but for the fact that all the visitors would have been one of the cultural layer , and there were no problems between guests . According to the most Albers , in their bar nobody steals jackets come to them are nice people , and ashtrays not change after the first stub .

It would seem an impossible task . Especially in Moscow, where the only ” John Donne ” and ” Lighthouse ” can claim the title of such places . In St. Petersburg, as this concept is the most popular for bars . But only after the divorce Alexis and Anna. Then he opened a new bar “Fidel “, which was located next to the cottage. Chances are the owners of these bars did not yet know what synergy, but that’s what happened. In the area of ​​Prospect number of such institutions are now tens . And now with the street Duma associated club life in St. Petersburg.

Of all three of these institutions belong Belyankina – from one place it gets relatively little revenue, but compensates for this by the amount . Today, among these bars in St. Petersburg held a kind of competition. A few years ago, Albers , who lives in St. Petersburg for ten years , opened its own cafe ” Dune” , located in the yard of a house in the area of ​​the Stables . With the sand and sun beds , she managed to create a beach atmosphere . Since visitors come mostly at night , they were roasting under the sun .

High turnover or the maximum margin?

Dreams and uncertain financial model can lead to a loss of customer expectations and defocusing business, and as a result – a loss of money.

How much do you think there is a fair way of doing business ? Bender once offered 400 ways of obtaining money , but honest business models , there are only two . The first is to be cheap to buy and expensive to sell in order to get the maximum margin . A striking example is a boutique jewelry , which can be a year to sell one large diamond, get your million and go to the Canary Islands . Typically, the model has a large margin the costs of promotion and marketing , good service. For the consumer, the value of the goods is the right price for it. An important role is played by the brand.

The second model is based on a high turnover where you need to slow to pay debts , but to collect them faster. A good example is the supermarket . Sold a million loaves of bread, make a million and the Canary Islands . Is there a relationship between these two models ? Of course , there is : either you have high turnover , or the minimum margin.

Of course , you should always strive to ensure that both turnover and margins were highest . The point at which the turnover is turnover diamonds loaves of bread called ” orgasm of capitalism.”

Are there many of these businesses do you know? For example, this iPhone. But companies rather the exception. According to the rules , you have to select one item and one item . Dreams and uncertain financial model can lead to a loss of customer expectations and defocusing business, and as a result – a loss of money. But we should not think that such strict rules forbid you to be creative and wants to grow revenue.

Here is an example . Two years ago my family and I went to Stockholm. Take a walk all day on the streets and museums of the city, is coming to the hotel , we decided we wanted to eat. Our hotel was in the center . Who have been in this town knows that is a little patience to get to the Michelin restaurants, but there can be a real pleasure. But the kids did not want to wait . Yes wife was more upset. Having decided that the three hungry women next to me – a lot , we decided to find something nearby. Hearing the Italian speech outside one of the restaurants, we decided to enter into it , because who does not like Italians so finicky eating habits.

The waiters were all brushed and worked very quickly, there were tablecloths on the tables and vases with natural colors , large portions of pasta were very tasty , and the dessert was great at all ! My companion decided that tomorrow we will come here again .

It’s time for lunch. We have come to the same restaurant and saw all spoiled : there was no vases , no flowers, no handsome waiters , and portions of pasta and sauces less than others. And the prices were lower. But in the restaurant, as well as yesterday , a lot of people. It turns out that they are working up to 16:00 on the turnover , and after – on the margins . And at the same time offering a different product ! Everything is different : tablecloths , tables , music , waiters, menu. And the customers know what is going on at this time. This approach seemed to me a very good one.

How to choose the right model? It depends on many factors: the strategic objectives , the value of the goods to the consumer , market , etc. Most of all, the choice affects the businessman . Margin model is more risky than a model of high turnover . First, you can not sell anything at all , and secondly – not to sell the desired amount . Should choose something that you are more willing to build a financial model , and then you can move on and other steps which bring you to the point of ” orgasmic capitalism.”

Maxim marigolds on how to do business in crisis

Head SC ” The Messenger” tells the story of how risky it is now to create new projects and how to avoid such risks.

To date, the business environment has changed , and entrepreneurs are already accustomed to phenomena that have recently considered the crisis , so do not panic . Now if you want to start your own business , you should be aware that selling your products and services will be very unstable , and the same goes for your financial situation. Not so easy was to get loans from banks , and investors are not in a hurry to invest in new projects.

The opening of the next project SC ” The Messenger” , namely, retail store chain had to Enter in the fall of last year. Store format was such that any man could not just walk into a store and choose the desired product, but also to order it through an online store or by phone. Enter the store assortment is very wide – from toys to furniture for the home. The idea of ​​setting up shop in this format came to me two years ago , but I was able to realize it only last fall. The fact that my team has been working in MTS. 13 top managers and executive director of the State Corporation ” The Messenger” went on a 3-year work in the ” Russian Telephone Company ,” which promotes the retail network operator. Only with this team I could build a really strong business.

Be able to ” squeeze” the business

For us, a new project is no more risky than the others. The most important risk can only be low liquidity . While many entrepreneurs are most afraid of falling demand for their goods or services. But that’s not the worst. Worst of all – is the lack of finance , even for a minimal development of your project. The fall in demand can be scary for those projects during the fall can not shrink it proportionally. If you own a retail business , you’d better avoid permanent and considerable costs and long-term commitment to a situation of falling demand , you can quickly adapt to new conditions. For example, if a chain of salons 80 % income is spent on rent and staff salaries , we can afford to give up shopping. In 2008, when a wave washed over the crisis , we had to close some stores , and with the tenants failed to agree on reducing the cost of rent. Thus, we have achieved a reduction in rental costs by 11%. In addition, the varied and the number of people able to avoid cuts and new employees we hire , and wages are not indexed . Especially in the field of retail trade turnover is very large , and for the year may change 40-60 % of the staff . As a result, the number of employees has decreased, but consistent demand. In running a business should always remain flexible .

Always be aware of the liquidity

The lack of liquidity may cause considerable problems . For example, for the last wave of the crisis has stopped a lot of development projects. It was not that bad projects , just do not have enough money to bring them to fruition . In this case, too, has its risks , but we try to minimize them through the acquisition of new financial partners , working closely with banks, attracting investors to invest in our project . We , of course , a little bit easier, as the years of its operation network of shops ” The Messenger” has already gained an audience , and the large debt we never did. Now we are very seriously working to increase the liquidity of the Bank’s liaison in an attempt to attract more people and businesses to the contributions of deposits. We are constantly offering new and exciting environment for deposits, and for the last three months we have been able to attract new product – deposit ” Messenger +” more than 5 billion rubles. We hope that 2012 will be a period of active development areas of retail lending – such as credit cards and retail lending, which will provide us with a good income.

Look for new directions

Have you heard the phrase: ” The crisis – a time of great opportunity” ? Yes, it’s a little corny , but this does not become less popular. Even in the most difficult market conditions the company can find new directions for the development of their business. Back in 1998 , we were selling audio player Sony Walkman. At that time they were very popular, and even before the crisis brought us considerable revenue. But the market collapsed because of the devaluation of the ruble , so we had to work on a ” two -for-one player ,” but at the same time sell the whole game we were able to just one year . After that, we discovered a new direction – a standard cordless DECT, which were created by the new at the time, technology. Growing demand for wireless phones , regardless of the fall in the electronics market . Now at the peak of popularity of mobile Internet and smart phones, so we are actively developing these areas . Enter A new project has become such an example of sustainable destinations in crisis : now trade on the internet is much more popular than the offline trade , so it will grow even in a crisis.

Do not wait for problems – improve

Working in the field of mobile communication , we ‘ve experience and periods of rapid growth, and a sharp fall. Despite this, “The Messenger” is now one of the largest networks of mobile retail . What makes our business remains strong in all conditions ? The answer is – we are always ready for something to change , improve, optimize. That is why our company has been developing steadily and a half years , regardless of market conditions. We are always trying to increase the effectiveness of each outlet, and as a result of increased turnover on the entire network.

Leonid Boguslavskiy on how to select the right team for a startup

One of the biggest investrovo Runeta , co-owner of Ozon, Yandex and Biglion shares tips on how to choose the right startup.

The first investment Bohuslav fall of 2000 . At that time, he served as head of the Board of Directors of the Fund Ru-Net Holdings. He invested in a non-profit search engine Yandex and little-known online store Ozon.ru. After 12 years, these investments have brought Leonid Boguslaski hundreds of millions of dollars. Now he is looking promising Russian and foreign projects to invest in them. During 2011 only one of its investments totaled $ 150 million you can read an essay about Leonid BOGUSLAVSKAYA in the next issue of the magazine Forbes.

To become a successful investor , you need to have a well -developed entrepreneurial intuition , you must learn to assess the scope of the project and to find mutual understanding with the team. You should be aware of if you need a service that the consumer and the technologies that offer creators proekta. For investment very important to understand how the project works , who its competitors are and what practices are most successful . In addition, it is important to evaluate the potential of the entire project, because it happens so that the idea is interesting , and the team is good, but due to the current market circumstances , it is doomed to remain always young.

Good team – is the key to the success of any startup . It is not enough to have a strong team of professionals who devote themselves to the project. It is very important if the goals and aspirations of the team and the investor are identical . After all, if the founder intends to profitably sell their project in a year , while the investor is planning to build a successful and dolgostochny project, for the latter is not the best investment.

It is also important to understand how an investor can work productively and founder , as partners, in fact happens is that one of the parties ( this may be as a founder and investor) uses another to achieve their goals. It’s not easy to predict , but it is very important. Also destructive force in relationships can become ego. Forte will always be pressure on the weaker . And even if the goals of the investor and the founders are identical , build partnerships is very difficult – one of the parties must concede.

Before you invest in a project , you need to learn how to better understand what kind of culture in a team and how to work with it further . Often, the founder – investor relationship problems . Here is the most typical .

Extracting such that one party is planning to build a successful long-term business , while the other povygodnee plans to sell it in 2-3 years . In addition, investors often work on capitalization. They do not want to withdraw money from the business, trying to minimize the amount of dividends and bonuses founder, while the latter does not want to risk , so you can try imetkak more income in their hands. Problems arise when an investor shit to develop business as transparently as possible , and the founder , in turn , does not want to . Sometimes investors want to make the team stronger , attracting new, more professional , in their view , workers in high positions, while the founder was used to their team , and to change its composition does not want to , even if it is not professional. This problem can be solved slowly and carefully in the event that the project is developing a strong and successful , but if the project is not successful , there may be a considerable problem .

By the way , I never pay attention to the age of the founders , for me, is always important their energy. And this is not the age of the dependent . It happens that a young man in a 6:00 pm home runs have to walk the dog, and the weekend is going to his mother in the country to dig potatoes . And I ‘ve met people in age, their eyes are just on fire. They were ready to work every day and late into the night .

We must still go on the attack

As an entrepreneur has to work under unstable conditions

The company was resistant to changes in the market ( as in the rapid growth and a sharp downturns and volatility ) is very important to have a valid strategy. An effective strategy should help to ease the company in the first place in the industry to market forces , so as to remain at low levels of risk and unpromising. For example, for the FMCG market by market forces first place – it’s multi- retailer network (Mulliez Family, Metro Group), the second place – well -developed manufacturer that owns a network of production facilities and branches in areas close to the producer , allowing you to have enough profitable logistics (Unilever , Kraft Foods).

It is also important to carry out a large-scale business format ” 24/7/365 “, which requires the generation of revenue for the company for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is particularly important to understand the importance of this principle to companies that have a long sales cycle or production.

Companies that own this strategy and that follow these principles , to date, there is quite a lot. It is these companies even during the economic downturn have shown growth. For example, the Civil Code “Elecard “, which is well-known global manufacturer of hardware and software development for digital TV (HQ GK ” Elecard” is located in the city of Tomsk) . The company’s strategy is based on a strong competence in terms of technology – it is entirely dedicated to the research, the creation of new technologies. GC ” Elecard” launches the development of new technologies for 5-7 more years before it will appear on the market , which gives it the ability to always set the tone . Works well and the company is “The Messenger” , because in times of crisis it has reached a new level of development ( opened flagship store multi- Enter – Forbes). It is impossible not to draw attention to the company Nespresso, which is engaged in sales of coffee capsules , intended for special coffee machines – something that people will buy and during the crisis and, in stable times . Despite the fact that the solvency of the population and the demand for products is not growing in most parts of Russia , the company Nespresso achieved faster than the economy itself . The main advantages of their strategy – attentive approach to each client and caring and quality service.

More ” hygienic ” element – is competent management costs. The first phase of the crisis was not conducive to ensuring that all secondary costs were excluded. In this case, it is appropriate to evaluate each employee according to his perspective and effectiveness. Therefore, people who have no prospect , or whose work does not give smooth results , should be able to look themselves in the labor market . But the owners of the company needs to understand why the best professionals should work just at them.

You need to get serious about the selection of business partners. Working with different clients give different results , so you need to immediately decide which customers are most profitable for you . According to data for the period 2008-2010 to the process of finding new customers attracted CEOs , sales managers and marketing directors who are more actively working with both regular and potential customers . This is a very important step, as the number of successful transactions can not only stabilize the company, but also to contribute to its growth.

Therefore, companies should move to shorter tender schemes. For any kind of production among suppliers is always a leader – a supplier that provides a product or service , the best in the category of price and quality , and most importantly – to make it in time .

It is equally important to develop a good relationship with customers. Some of the customers may be difficult , but if we keep them well -established contact, we can find out in advance about the difficulties encountered , it will not immediately stop the shipment. We can go to the meeting and to enable customers to pay in tranches. But the hard line must be able to understand.

Companies should evaluate who is the financial partners of their customers. In 2009, there were many situations where many companies have ever refuse to comply with its obligations , that was caused by the negative situation in the financial service providers . Companies received loans if the same were on factoring , and their banks are bankrupt or withdraw the license . To date , such cases have become commonplace. One of the banks closed , on the part of banks are changing owners , which often becomes the cause of the termination of operations.

In 2009, many were simply no time for the Internet economy , and do not have the resources to do so. Now a changed market conditions – in a couple of years, almost all retail will conduct operations in both online and offline mode. Translation of business in the online mode has considerable advantages for sales. It should also remember that , on one hand , a nation aging, but , on the other hand, people who are actively using the Internet in the economic life . Therefore, the company presented in the Internet , has a number of advantages.

Of the 235 countries in 87 stranaz during the first wave of the crisis, there was an increase . Therefore, many companies need to rethink their positions and begin to conduct profitable operations in other industries. You can attend and maintain its growth in Russia , but also to move to a more stable areas in which there are more competitive offers .

High-quality service: how to avoid traffic jams

As an online store to organize delivery in the face of constant traffic jams.

We chose the capital of the new measure , and this is good news . Although I am not interested in politics , but with the arrival of the new head of Moscow on the agenda was immediately raised the question of improving the traffic situation in the city, so it’s worth a comment . Although the success of this campaign is not very hard to believe , but still want to dream about such an idyll itself , such as about Moscow in the 50 – 60 ‘s, when there were no traffic jams . What are the prospects opened up for my online store , because I initially made ​​a bid for good service, and all products must be delivered on time, fresh and high quality . But in the face of constant traffic jams this is not always possible to achieve, so something with transport logistics have always been some misunderstanding.

The first error

One of the main components of our business is the transport logistics . Although other components are also important, but I will say one thing, when it comes to owning your own business , you can not be mistaken for anything. But on the question of transport I also admit mistakes .

Immediately it was planned that the drivers we will have less . More precisely , we proceeded from the number of orders for one, which was , for example , H. However, in practice it turned around 0.6-0.7 X, and in a particularly busy days even 0.5 X. And with the salary we also miscalculated. At first, hoping that it will consist of salary of 8,000 rubles plus commission with each order. But working for the money , no one wanted , and the requirements we have been narrow : only needed people with Moscow residence permit . For this requirement had to pay , rather pay twice as much than expected. But, as experience shows, only the local well-known in the city. Once the driver has worked with us from the suburbs , but not sustained for a long time : in traffic spoiled their nerves , and did not know the short cuts. The result – a late delivery , and that afford we could not.

More suitable scheme we have developed only for half a year . We have always worked full-time drivers . But as it is uncomfortable , so the fact that at the stage of development of the number of orders can not guess – it is really very unstable . And no matter how much we did not hire drivers , still could not guess . Today, a lot of orders , and drivers do not have enough , and they are less than tomorrow , and some machines are idle. And as the full-time workers , they have to pay and always on time. And besides, it happens that the machines break down , drivers are sick, and no bench indispensable. So we decided that we have a permanent full-time drivers , and ” replacement ” – freelancers . Thus , it was possible to establish some transport logistics . Yes, and it’s more convenient to workers – someone get to work two days a week , and someone – two weeks a month. Now we have a ratio of 60/40 .

Also needed to solve another problem: whose machines we use . Since we have a small company , we own fleet , we can not afford , so we decided to hire a driver with a private transport and, in extreme cases, contact the transport company.

Of course, this scheme is only at the initial stage , but in the future , even limits our actions. For example , we can not put on someone else’s car is a custom logo , and this is already saving for offline advertising, with it own logo on transport – this thing is branding . In addition , if you have your own car would be decided by a lot of problems hiring workers , and would have avoided some of the costs. For example , a car could be used in two shifts , the more so at the request of many customers we have extended delivery time from 20:00 to 22:00. Now, orders are shipped within 11 hours.

We are therefore Nicholas came to the conclusion that it is necessary to buy a few cars in the lease ( I will be grateful to hear the comments of those who have already had to work so ) . But most of all, that implement the plan we will be able only after the New Year holidays so the future will have to overcome the fact that there are.

Experiments with delivery

Also, we decided to experiment with delivery – as you may have noticed , we’re not afraid to experiment . One day in mid-summer, we offered to cooperate express delivery service QuickFrog (http://59min.ru/). Quickly preview your site, I am still interested , because QuickFrog offered to deliver an order from one end of town to the other in just 59 minutes. Earlier couriers deliver drugs , and now offer us their services for express delivery . Refuse such an offer I just could not. After meeting with representatives of QuickFrog I almost caught their optimism. They offered a fairly simple scheme – delivery of orders on scooters and on such transport is certainly possible to go round all sorts of traffic jams. Immediately there was a problem with the capacity of cargo in Corfu scooter , so it was decided to limit the order VEEM 10 kg. To collect the order we were given 30-40 minutes for 10-15 minutes on the transfer order courier. Thus, the client should receive the products already after 1 hour 59 minutes. In truth , to cooperate with the express delivery was scary , because in our company lay much of the blame . Embarrassed and service cost – 600 rubles, while on our side no commissions on delivery is not required.

But nothing happened. As it turned out , customers wishing to order two hours and still willing to pay and the cost of 600 rubles were many . In addition, the weight limit orders were ignored, and people filled their baskets all in a row . Even on stock all got out of hand , because we have always worked on well- constructed circuit and always deliver the product the next day after the order. Then I took such a cowardly decision – to reject the service – or rather wait for better times.

But on the street already November , and delivery on a scooter stops running to warm pores. Although QuickFrog plans to implement a different plan : to organize during the cold season in the delivery of compact cars . So, perhaps , I still presume to offer delivery of products to customers within a few hours.

And now already November , and our partners are driving scooters in the garage. While here , by the way , a different perspective emerges : in the winter, “fast frog ” planned to enter the logistics with the use of small cars. So it may be , we still manage to give their customers a service with very fast delivery .

Discounts and advertising: what to spend more?

We offer you the perfect recipe.

Two weeks to increase sales by 10 times ! Is it feasible ? In April of this year, the company Barnaul ” Altan “, which has been producing pasta under the brand Granmulino, one retailer of St. Petersburg offered buyers a 20% discount on the entire product range . Advertising campaign in support of the brand was to show a short video on local TV in the first few days of the action.

And that was enough , as buyers began to literally sweep the company’s products from store shelves . High demand did not last long . After the action , he began to fall. But sales in the network is now 25 % higher than they were prior to the action .Coupon Offer – quite an old trick . Marketers have long understood that the buyers make a purchase decision already in store shelves , in addition to easily shift their focus from one brand to another. Such coupon offer ( or gifts for purchase), are intended to attract people to the first purchase. Some people , even after the completion of the action will not have time to buy it

Valery Pokornyak , owner and CEO of ” Altan “, argues that the sales point promotions are more effective than any direct advertising . This is the same manipulation , only more profitable for the consumer. Mark Granmulino was launched in 1997 , and since then the company has spent almost nothing on its advertising. At first this was not money, because the money went to the expansion of production and the search for channels.

Pokornyak then realized that the successful sale possible and without hype .

One founder of the ” Altai” entered the St. Petersburg store , ” Roundabout “, where each customer can get a free bag of flour if they buy two packs of pasta. According Pokornyak in one hand was given only one set, since the turn of the pasta lined up considerable. In 2006-2007, he was a franchisee of Petersburg “Pyaterochka” and ever since realized how discounts and gifts increase sales .

As a general rule , food manufacturers on advertising spend on advertising 10-20 % of revenue. Granmulino advertising budget was never greater than 2 % of sales (2008: earnings ” Altan ” has made 460 million rubles , 90 % of which is accounted for pasta ) . Only two years ago , the company started to shoot video . Sometimes they are broadcast on regional grids federal channels , but only for a few days and only in areas where it is necessary to promote a product . Outdoor advertising ” Altan ” is rarely used , often combining it with the campaign of the network that work together. Perhaps this is all without counting the posters Granmulino on trucks that transported the pasta and leaflets for the dealers.

Despite this, Valery Pokornyak still considers advertising an important sales tool. He says that if at the expense of only promotions could win the market , the company Procter & Gamble would have long ago stopped broadcasting the commercials on television. Necessary to resort to all methods of brand promotion .And choose for themselves a comfortable proportion.

The company ” Altan ” in order to attract buyers who use the yellow tags . This color in stores indicates the presence of the goods at a discount. According to the owner , ” Altana “, only large companies can afford to share with discounts , so afraid of the other losses. But if you prepare properly , you can get a plus . Necessary to provide the product in stores three times more than usual. It is not necessary to spare money for a good calculation.

As explained Pokornyak to be seen by the buyer , it is necessary to have a large “commodity spot .” Best of all, if the goods are placed on pallets , as they always produce more sales even at a lower discount than the racks.

What is the size of the discount should be set ? According to Irina Ilina , regional manager of the “Altai” , a small discount of 5.3 % did not give any result. All the same, there is a point at which the price of the product will be lower, so it’s best to set a discount of at least 10 %.

The action is considered successful if it spent less than 6 % of revenues. Experience shows that the 9/10 stocks always pay off , and in the time of the sale of shares may increase by 50-500 %. But selling products at a discount for more than one month is unprofitable , and less than a week is ridiculous . Buyers can not immediately see action in a store, where there are always new offers . A yellow price tags boost demand by 10-15 %. Such measures can hold out for 2-3 months. And if you then do not make any effort , then sales will fall to that level or even lower.

But before the conduct promotions , you need to establish relationships with vendors. To date, the Stavropol Territory ” Altan ” sells the same amount of pasta , as in the Altai. And in Pyatigorsk Granmulino can buy pasta at 70 % of retail outlets. Since sales in these stores , we are motivated by commodity researchers and wholesale customers bonuses for sale. Murmansk company ” Guimet ” , located in the north -west of Russia , has a share of 7% of total sales . Previously supplier of pasta they had our competitor – Chelyabinsk company ” McFee .” Then “the Guimet ” Altai wanted to sell products, but sales did not go well . After the termination of the contract with the ” McPhee “, the company made ​​contact and company Pokornyak . And if the ” Altan ” believe that sales increased due to the yellow price tag , the ” Gimee ” think that this contributed to the empty shelves .

How to build relationships with retailers – that’s another story.

Effective negotiation of salary

6 tips on how to negotiate a salary

I once told one of his friend, who at the time was a top manager in an advertising company that I want to write an article about how the best in the interview to talk about his salary . A friend , who at the time was already over fifty (I will call him Don ), very interested and wrote me a memo , which consists of ten items. He was one of those who played by the strict rules .

Among the advice of the Don were these: “If you liked the employer, it ‘s in your hands,” or “We need a little more to tell lies about the same salary .” He also advised to tell your boss that you received a job offer. In that case , you need to tell a lie about the salary at the new place to get a head squeeze more. But negotiations should be carried everywhere, from where do you like .

Don was able to so skillfully manipulate his leadership that in one year he managed to get two days off benefits from two different employers – each of them for six months. He says that he was able to receive an annual salary, having worked only five months. But then he adds that it was in his youth. Now he has to beg and grovel , and take as much as offer . Some shocking is how he is able to suck up . He thanks the hundreds of times , lying about his age and talks about the nine other kiddies , if only it had not been fired .

After listening to Don , I also talked with experts on employment and realized that his tricks still work . None of these experts do not like the idea of ​​employers tell a lie , but they all were in agreement with the fact that some of the above tricks and have their benefits. For example , to show the boss that other employers want to hire you , and pre- specify the size of the severance pay .

Rusty Ruff , who wrote the book “The Power of talent : a new manifesto of the human side of the business ” and the former head of HR- services, Electronic Arts and PepsiCo says that the applicant must specifically explain why he wants to be just such a salary. According to him, this is the same as applying for a mortgage loan on the same sludge formation , because the need to give the manager a reasonable explanation. For example, if an employer wants you to move to another city , you should not hesitate to tell him that you have two children who attend private schools , and you need such and such amount of money to cover the costs of their education .In addition, Ruff said that the discussion salaries – is also talk, and therefore should show the employer that you offer other options that will make you a more valuable employee in his eyes. Author of a forthcoming book in print “Professional Guide to survival on Wall Street,” says Roy Cohen , it is necessary to have another proposal , or at least to have an interview with a prospective employer and talk about it all .

Ruff also advises not to cross the border , because you have to be confident, but not cocky . He advises everyone to prepare for a job interview . First, you must decide what matters most to you – salary , career growth and achieve great goals . From what you can give ? For some sosskiateley not so important any wages as vacation time .You should also discuss severance pay severance .

You should also make sure that you own the information about the new employer , about what the company policy in relation to employees , what salary they are paid and what benefits you can get from this post. To do this, you can read the blogs of your future colleagues or former employees of the company.

Also, always try to negotiate in person. As Cohen says , if a person is sitting in the office of the employer , the latter begins to feel more obligated with respect to the applicant than if the conversation took place over the phone. It is much easier to hang up rather than drive long-term employee of his office .

It should tell you about the basic techniques in the discussion of salary.

Discuss the salary of a private conversation

It is much easier to make an impression during a private meeting than on the phone. The person starts to feel more obligated when you are present in his office .

Decide on the most important

What matters most to you ? Severance pay ? Salary ? Comfortable office? Disclaimer lack of competition? Before starting negotiations , decide what chtanet subject of trade , and what you can donate.

Increase your value

Do not forget to tell the employer about competitive offers or other interviews that you had . If delicately mention it , it will only increase your value as an employee in the eyes of the employer.

Get all the information about the possible salary

On sites like Linkedin.com and Glassdoor.com you can find out what level of salaries and bonuses in the presence of your employer. Try to learn more about what salary you can get. Employees of this company could mention it on their blogs.

Suggest contractual terms

If the HR- manager does not agree to pay, on which you ask , offer contract terms . Started work , you can show their best side , forcing the chief to meet you.

Learn how to market yourself

Do not stop selling yourself . Offer your ideas and solutions to the challenges of the new job. The more you appreciate the employer , the higher your salary .

How to turn a brand into a successful brand

The leaders of branding agencies offer their advice.

What is the difference between a trademark and a brand ? It seems to be the same ( in translation from English brand – « stigma “). Marketers understand this difference. Brand suggests the presence of a logo and trademark , while the brand – it is a well-known company in the market , which enjoys a notable demand. Any manufacturer seeks to make their mark in the brand. How can this be achieved?

President of Depot WPF Alexei Andreev :

1. Look for or invent values.

If you build a brand by all the rules , but without insight, no results will be. Any brand has to have a certain magic unexpressed value to the consumer , so that even if the shelves , completely hammered cheaper private labels, the buyer still gave preference to this brand.

2 . It is important to have a “constitution brand “

That is the plan for its promotion. It is important to decide what to whom and how to talk about the brand. The more specific you define the content and tone of the information for particular groups of customers , the more success will be all brand communications .

3 . The brand name does not mean anything in itself

With a well -designed communications strategy can be almost any word to give the desired sound . A lot of brands are named for nothing, but that they are no less successful.

4 . Do not forget that you can win the loyalty of customers not only high quality

Socially responsible brands are more like customers . If the brand will focus people’s attention on values ​​such as caring , kindness, love, friendship , they will not give up on him .

5 . Believe in your brand

Otherwise, you will feel constant discomfort , your communication with the consumer will not be convincing, and people immediately feel the trick. You can tell interesting legends and create beautiful images, but you only need to be based on truth.

Mildberry president Oleg Beriev

Be practical

First of all branding needs for solving problems in business. Do not just give up the original and beautiful concepts, just try to find a profitable use for them .

2 . Do not head in the clouds

The truth of life is not always happy, but it is possible to find opportunities for success.

3 . Always build relationships

Even if you are busy planning sales, do not forget about building relationships with consumers. Consumers do not want your concept , they want to see them realized. Does not really matter what you want to convey to consumers as to what consumers hear . Do not forget to inspire consumers – it’s a hot bu not give instant results , but will form the basis for further growth.

4 . Refer to the senses

Do not act according to the procedures , act according to the meaning . They live longer , they are easier to manage, they are brighter develop.

5 . Do not blindly follow the western concepts

We are constantly trying to learn something from the West, follow the new concepts and forget about reality. And it is this: Russia lags behind many Western markets, and therefore the concept we can be applied only partially. For example, if you compare the activity of native and foreign brands in the media , you know how to look past modestly . Although the application of these concepts, we are quite adequate . The fact is that our environment is not yet sufficiently developed . And it does not mean that we should abandon the social networks. You only need to give them a value that would correspond to our reality .

General Director Andrei ArtGraphics Purtov

1. Limit your target audience

Already there is no ” national brands for the entire family .” Now increase the value of advertising in the media has led to the fact that its use unprofitable. We must look for a more narrow niches , and limit your target audience. You can find vacant niches where brands can develop and bring considerable profit .

2 . Do not use direct advertising

Today, communication is necessary to focus not so much on consumers , as opinion leaders and ” evangelists “. The main purpose of communication is not to sell or promote goods, and to call for the debate and draw attention to the brand through social media.

3 . Promised – follow

A fancy name and packaging will help you attract the consumer to buy your product, but only once. If you want to succeed, always keep our promises. This includes not only products, but also communication.

4 . Work with a number of contractors

Do not create a brand of “turnkey” . Companies that have always bought all in one place, can get the product a low level , and the same will lose. Brand strategy , logo, name , packaging , promotion in social media , advertising – all the better to order it in different agencies that specialize in your desired type of service.

5 . Packaging should be the “smart”

Discard the catchy and unprincipled packages , replace them with bright and intelligent. Packaging can not only draw to the product, but also to entertain and care – for example, about the environment. Now consumers are willing to pay more for the brand, for which there are good deeds .