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Online shopping: first correct the error

Change the concept of our online store had almost immediately after its launch. What was the result?
From his experience will tell you that well-designed concept is not less than 50% success rate. But not anymore, as even the ideal concept can be spoiled by poor execution. In our case, not very hard to believe in the concept of the ideal, though, and would like it to be such.

As I said, we have decided to give up perishable food, hoping to save not only for storage but to write off spoiled food. Thus, it was possible to avoid many losses.

Initially, our concept is something like: “That’s enough to carry weight, we can do it for you.” In addition, we provide customers with free shipping if the order value exceed 2000 rubles. Soon, this figure had raised to 3,000 rubles. And the average weight was 60 kg baskets. Thus, the client needs to go to the store just to buy bread, cheese and butter.

All products and goods that have been standardized in our catalog. That is, if a customer orders a pack of sugar from “Mistral” diapers or Huggies, then it is good that he will deliver. But when it comes to veal, then there really tastes may differ. And how do you can buy meat online? Therefore, in our range of meat and was not.

As for the food, then one has decided to sell only quality products are well-known trademarks. For example, sugar cane should be only as pasta made of durum wheat.

Moreover, abandoning the perishable products, we seek to maximize the range of groceries. Suppliers are fast enough, and many by endorsing our idea, offered goods and products at wholesale prices, regardless of the volume of purchases. Such action by the supplier has put us in an advantageous position, because in many hypermarkets, promising low prices, margin amounted to 80%. And so to beat them did not present a particular difficulty for us.
In general, the range in our shop had a good, largely coinciding with the “ABC of Taste” and “The Seventh Continent”, but lower cost by 10-35%. Still, the number of orders left much to be desired.

Everything was very simple. Even though we did not try to compete with the “Auchan” or “platypus”, as we did not try to determine for themselves a separate niche, but still people continue to compare us with them. We lost as a pricing policy, so in the range. Of course, pricing is not so concerned with us, because we wanted to attract your customer and build your audience. In addition, not all customers understand that the delivery of products to Moscow – is the service is not cheap. And if the client did not understand what the client is not ours.
What really surprised us is the fact that even “our” customers were unhappy with the assortment. As it turned out, they did not want to go to the store for butter, and meat were ready to buy blindly. Moreover, even our columnist Cyril Haratyan was extremely surprised that there was no store in the range of greens.

So we lasted three months. Many complaints received from customers with requests to add a range of cheeses, yogurt, dairy products. Many openly stated that will buy only when selection is bigger. We did not want to give up. And at this time, Moscow was preparing for the New Year, and the golden period of retail we are not caught. Then we recognized their mistakes.

Already in the beginning of December, added to the existing range of sausages, meat and milk products, which has helped increase sales tripled (this helped and New Year). In the spring we added more and freezing that adds about 40% to sales.

We were able to admit their mistakes and even more. Now on our website you can see a new concept, which states that previously we thought that klmenty not trust the orders of perishable products over the Internet. But as it turned out, we were wrong, so myy recognize our mistakes and understand that it is necessary to carry everything and so on.

Following the expansion of the range followed by a change of the location of the warehouse. Now we have moved to the outskirts, so were able to save on rent premises. But it became more difficult with the delivery of products to Moscow. As before, we do not really want to buy perishables in bulk. At the stage of development of stable orders yet, the number Bole in waves, so to calculate the necessary amount of food was very difficult. And the write-off of damaged products revenue decreased to zero. And customers are very careful about it to the “perishable”, and therefore there were complaints that, say, the products are brought to the expiration date.
As a result, the decision was made to purchase perishable food or in the nearest supermarket or grocery bases. Of course, even if such goods are much more expensive, but always delivered fresh, which is very important. Because of this, the special damages from damaged goods we do not have. But now, we continue to look for suppliers of “perishable”, getting to know the other members of the market and creating favorable conditions for further cooperation.

A little easier with the freeze, because it can be stored in freezer for months, and sooner or later it is still the buyer.

After changing the concept, we realized that customers are not that hard to tolerate high prices, especially for sour-milk production. It is much harder to solve the problem of lack of stock of some items, and late couriers do not really like the clients. Of course, there are days when you just can not find green basil, and traffic jams are deprived of hope for the prompt delivery. And if the lack of products in stock, can be solved by offering an alternative to the client, the problems with the movement of the Moscow transport is almost impossible to solve. But if we say about good service, it is necessary to conform.
The range of our store and more continues to grow, even there were two new partitions “OnoVamVOfis” and “Cooking”, where you can enjoy a meal prepared by our partner. Now engaged in gathering statistics. Of course, I want to extend the range, and the customers are also requested to do so, but do understand that no one will embrace the boundless. And when the stock rises, and store management becomes much more difficult.

In addition, only in the process have noticed some flaws on our site, but more on that next time.

CEO and co-owner of the grocery online store onovamnadom.ru, Natalia Kulakov

Online shopping: first experience

Are working on shipping

How did the idea to do their own thing, or how I decided to open an online store.

Its online store I invented with a friend Nicholas Poluektov. It was he who persuaded me to do such a thing, claiming that the lead operators and drivers – it is essentially the same as the lead reporters than I am used to doing. He, like I, too, was a journalist, but a few years ago decided to leave journalism. Together with friends, he started his own business, which was called “Moonshine Kosogorov” and proved quite profitable. And now this role model sitting and waiting in front of a pizza “Margarita”, trying to support my idea. He has had its own reasons: as a businessman he thought held the expansion of its business. 2008 was a period of very height of the crisis, and it was at this time I lost my job. I offered to work on a new project, and when it was already running, it rolled. After that, continue to work in the media I do not want to.

The idea of ​​

Find a niche for your business was not as difficult. Even when the crisis in the yard, people still continue to eat. Of course, the restaurants have become less popular, as it turned out dinner at home is much cheaper. In addition, television stations, cooking at home has become very popular. People do not just eat at home, they have created from the products of new and interesting stravy. Thus, the idea for the business for a long time did not have to look for, but these are the arguments in favor of this idea had to find.
Will present some of them. First, online grocery stores were not so common. Second, many Internet users are familiar buy online all tend to start to use other services. Accordingly, it is possible to attract many new customers. Third, to open a case of this kind is sufficient amounts ranging from 700,000 to 1 million rubles, and it’s not so much. In addition, the organization and management of such business – the process simple, and most importantly, transparent. In addition, a similar experience I have had since I previously worked as an administrator.

But this had its shortcomings. Neither I nor my friend had never worked in the retail trade (he only worked with wholesale sales).
But in spite of this, we decided to pursue the case. Performing calculations on a napkin, we made sure that we are required not such a large sum, and the profits will begin to appear almost two to three months. Hiring drivers we had to do in 8000 rubles (but ultimately cost twice as much), and every order is an average of 100 rubles. In addition, it was necessary to hire an accountant, operator, to build a website. It looked very simple. And as in Moscow population of about 15 million inhabitants, is at least 10 orders a day we will be getting for sure. It remained only to find out who were our competitors, and we could be better than them.

Market Analysis

Hastily analyzing the market, we found out that there are three types of competitors. The strongest competitor is the supermarkets, who organized the order and delivery of products via the Internet. In addition to the supermarkets, have been online stores that specialize only in the delivery of food. Well, “platypus”, which we have decided to allocate a separate service. Why? Tell us about it below.

We decided that the major networks are not our competitors, because they have their regular customers, who are accustomed to a system of service and range of products offered by them. Our main competitors are online shopping, but for them to compete in attracting customers is not so difficult. First, the interface at the nickname, usually ugly, photos, poor quality, and the prices are quite high. Most of all we wanted to know how to lead their customers. And where exactly they are, so it’s in the “platypus”, which is practically a monopoly in this area. Therefore, we have defined it in a separate category.

The main issue is that to offer customers this, which is not yet at the “platypus”? Of course, we could not hope for that suppliers offer us such prices, because the volume of purchases from us is much lower and, as practice shows, the price plays a crucial role in the selection of products. But there are exceptions. On this we have decided to play. The main idea of ​​our project was the quality service and individual approach to each client.

What does a quality service? This is an opportunity not only to receive the order at the appointed time, but in the proper form. With regard to the second point about the personal touch, we even put forward the slogan on its base. So this is a store with a “human face”. The range will be expanded depending on whether they want our customers. Also on the main page of our online store we have created a book of suggestions and complaints. In the end, we found a weapon in the fight for customers, we only plan the plan of attack.

And there is a new question: “What are we going to sell? ‘. So I have previously worked as a journalist, the market research is not particularly trust. Therefore, we have taken the form sections of our store, which included pastries, groceries, juices and water, household cleaning, hygiene, children’s goods, and other little things that may be useful both in the home and at the cottage. All perishable foods such as sausages, vegetables and dairy we immediately deleted from the range, it is not only required a storage cost, but also the delivery problem. Soon we had to carry these products in the range, but more on that later.

We did not compete with the “platypus” or “Auchan”, so have focused on groceries. We offer consumers not only high quality but also attractive prices.

Getting to practice

My main task was to manage the store. And in April 2009, we rented a small office room, worth 15,000 rubles per 1 m ² per year, as well as stock, valued at 4,500 rubles per 1 m ² per year. In addition, the office and the warehouse we shot almost in the center of Moscow. We were very fortunate to find a warehouse at a reasonable price, as well as groceries should be stored at temperatures above 25 ⁰ C, the room was filmed in the basement of the business center. Of course, we could save by renting a room somewhere in the suburbs, but in terms of speed of delivery, it was the most convenient option, as all districts of Moscow were equidistant from the center.

For registration of our company – “OnoVamNaDom” took 11 000. Ososbo should thank my partner, because he came up with the name of the store. It’s called a smile, and thus the sympathy of many, and I certainly enjoyed it.

Domain onovamnadom.ru we recorded very quickly, but here’s domain onovamnado.ru we bought from physical persons, in order to avoid the appearance of a clone in the future. At it’s all gone wrong and a lot – just € 200.

Somewhere within three months we have suffered with the site, despite the fact that the company is holding its promotion promised that everything will be ready in three weeks. But that will not stop for a long time.

This was followed by filling in the warehouse merchandise, that’s gone on for another month and a half of our initial costs. Our spin-doctors were former journalist colleagues who also lost their jobs because of the crisis. It remains to find two drivers with personal transport, but this was no problem. In late August 2009, our online store has been opened. It remains to wait for orders.

The first clients were friends. But the real orders, we waited another month. Our napkin calculations have failed, and then had to change and the whole concept of an online store. What will discuss in the next article.

CEO and co-owner of the grocery online store onovamnadom.ru, Natalia Kulakov

Initial investment — where to look?

We offer several ways to implement the idea and prepare a project that can be offered to investors.

There is a classic way 3 F, which operates around the world and help you find the investment to start your business. According to this method, you can help friends (friends), family (family) and fools (fools). But there are a few ways to help you find the initial investment for a new project.

Use own salary

IT-pharmaceutical company Egis director Sergei Novikov for five years as a quit smoking tobacco but it still attracts. He tried to try electronic cigarettes, but they quickly became disillusioned. Production of Chinese firms are not of high quality: the leaking liquid in cigarettes, and the batteries sit down very quickly. Since Sergei was an engineer by training, he decided not only to understand the device of the product, but to create something similar yourself.

By the end of 2010, using water pipes and couplings, acquired in the construction market, Sergey created the first prototype of the electronic cigarette. Of course, the cigarettes were not different beautiful appearance, but worked. After that Novikov decided to improve their development and acquired lathe for 80 000 rubles. At this time his interest in the development of other fans of electronic cigarettes from the forum on the corresponding website Ecigtalk.ru. Moreover, they were ready to make a prepayment. Therefore Novikov hired Turner, who was ready to carry out large quantities of goods. Then there was a question: “Where do we get funds to expand their business?” Since banks do not give percentages like Sergey has decided to use the family budget. To persuade his wife have been able to, and then his wife began to spend on the project one of the salaries, so investing in a business for the year of about 1 million.

For the first year ever Sergei combine its business with the main work. Waking up every morning at 4:00, he drove to the station, where the train from Donetsk he handed the finished parts, after he drove to the office. Sergei knew that it was risky to go to work, while his project has not yet brought a constant profit.

What started as a hobby gradually turned into a full-fledged business. Soon Sergei registered Company and hired an assistant. This year, he has created his own website, which opened the online store Svoemesto.ru. For 4 months of work, he has sold more than 500 sets of self-developed electronic cigarettes. The package price is from 1800 to 7300 rubles, where the margin is about 30%. Each new batch of snapping up in just 8 minutes. Today the turnover of the shop already reached 1 million, so in late spring Sergei was able to get away from Egis.

Budget can help

During the competition, “Start a business”, which was held in Yekaterinburg unusual fashion show was able to revive the male audience. On the show presented models transformers, outfits which consisted of dresses with eight styles, jackets, bags and jackets, which turned into a clutch. The author of this unusual collection has just received the diploma of a graduate designer Anna Popova, who dreams to start their own businesses.

It all began in November 2009, when the crisis came the law, designed to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses. According to the law startups could get a guarantee for the opening of the business from the regional and federal budgets. So Anna Popova sought to obtain a grant.

Terms of programs differ depending on the region. For example, in the Sverdlovsk region to all applicants for grants had to go through a 3-month course designed to teach people the basics of their businesses, after which all applicants were required to provide a business plan for the first year, and the best project received the highest grant 300 000.

As she says Anna, the most important thing was then able to calculate its estimates, so many wishing could not get a grant because of frivolous spending. But Hannah knew what she wanted: to buy fabric, laptop and printer, embroidery machine and pay for work of seamstresses. On that day, only to Anna managed to get the maximum grant. But in general, for the whole 2009 424 Sverdlovsk entrepreneurs managed to get grants for a total of 111 million rubles.

After a couple of days on account of Anna, there were not only 300,000 rubles grant and subsidy for the unemployed, which at the time was 58 000, entered the start-up capital. In summer, Anna asked the regional administration of a request to submit an expense report, and it has brought all the checks. According to her, since grants are given for free, many of the girls, getting the money went abroad.

By the end of the summer, Anna Popova, a profit of $ 400 000, which was used for the purchase of a new batch of tissues and the opening of its office. Typically, such an office only a year can go to zero, but because of the money that did not need to return, Anna made a profit much earlier.

Thus, anyone can open a business to get support from the state. For example, in 2012 the development of small and medium-sized enterprises Ministry of Economic Development has allocated 19 billion rubles. The money at the disposal of the regional authorities, who decide to whom and on what projects to give them. In the Sverdlovsk region such grants can get people up to 30 years, we need only to apply for participation in the competition.

Most recently, yesterday’s student moved to the capital, where he plans to develop its own brand. According to her, she has enough money to continue the business only through a grant.

Get a loan without unnecessary formalities

Founder of the Company “BioFid” George Blagodarev started a rather unusual business: a few aquariums with green liquid, in which sensors are installed. Thus, he is growing chlorella – microalgae, which is taken as the basis for the production of animal feed. Chlorella promotes rapid weight gain and less disease in animals.

Of Education George Blagodarev engineer, and he works the head of the Czech company Key Part Industry Engineering Group. Once he had the opportunity to work to get acquainted with the biologist Nikolai Bogdanov, who discovered and patented strain of Chlorella. As a result, thanks to an interest in the production of Chlorella.

Even then, a potential client George was the Russian Grain Company, which vledela pig farm in the Tambov region. But to sign kontarakt immediately failed, as the company did not agree to use chlorella before it is tested, which in turn required the George 1 million rubles for the organization of such an experiment. He soon realized that to borrow money in the bank – it’s not for him, and in an attempt to find the money for testing, he began to turn to microfinance institutions. Then came the first stroke of luck – the company “Rusmikrofinans” George agreed to allocate the required amount on the condition that they have full control over the flow of funds. In addition, George has received 1 million at 16% per annum, while the banks have asked for 25%.

Already in March 2012 launched a Blagodarev testing, which was completed in July. Who is the owner of the Tambov pig is ready to invest 10 million rubles in the production of micro-algae. And even now Blagodareva almost zero income in a year it expects to achieve sales of 4-5 million rubles per month. A to February 2013, he has to repay the loan “Rusmikrofinansu.”

Investing in times of crisis — 12 tips

Experts share tips investment at a time when the usual schemes lose their effectiveness.

1. If you bought a long time do not keep

To date, more risky is to buy stocks and other securities, hoping not to sell them for a long time. This mechanism works only in a stable market growth. As the economist Gary Shilling, it is not necessary to be a carefree traveler when to be partisan in the jungle. Therefore, you should very closely follow the existing assets, and in case of a fall, immediately sell them in time to buy assets, rising in price.

2. Do not count on diversification

It should be recalled 2007-2009 crisis, when the S & P 500 fell 57%, before which failed to resist the assets and sectors of a class. In this case, you need to remember Warren Buffett, who once said that diversification does not make any sense to those who know what to do. According to him, “diversification – is the protection of misunderstanding.” You can diversify, but do not forget that a large number of shares and assets do not guarantee you protection, they will provide only average results.

3. Do not fall into the trap of indicators

Many investors are fond of fundamental analysis and investing in securities often search for these companies, in which the coefficient of P / E (price / earnings) and P / B (price / book value) are below the average. And this is a big mistake, because it was such indicators is largely caused the financial crisis.

4. Volatility can generate income

Do not forget about volatility. According to the Chicago Board Options Exchange in the average daily value of the index has almost doubled since the mid-2000s. As for the S & P 500, in 2011, its value varied by more than 1% during the 75 trading days. You can use the volatility to increase its income! Enough to buy when there are abrupt and even irrational price changes. You can transfer funds to those funds that are able to earn on volatility.

5. Pay attention to the policy

Today, the political changes in the country could affect the movement of shares even more than the increase in capital of the company. Recall how in August 2011, due to the fact that the whole world was confined to the situation in the U.S. Congress, which could pull the country out of debt default, collapsed a huge number of blue chips. Fundamental factors are always important, but you need to watch and politics.

6. Look at the dividend

According to the research, if we talk about the long term, stocks that pay dividends far predominantly to purchase, than companies that do not pay them, and also have a lower volatility. Recently, companies have begun to give this issue more attention. For example, Intel began paying 3.5%, and most recently, Apple announced that for the first time in many years, will pay dividends in the quarter. It should take the money.

7. No need to beat the index of

Probably, your broker will not just tell you about the need to beat the index. Most often say to persuade someone to buy assets that provide income. But why try to beat the S & P 500, if you can just send their forces for a particular income? If you want to achieve their goals – no matter whether it would be entering a college or carefree old age – that use this approach.

8. First, decide how to sell and then buy

Most investment advice designed to teach you how, what and when to buy. But in terms of instability, more likely to be better for you to decide on how and when you will sell what they bought. As advised by Charles Rotblud who is Editor of AAII (American Association of Individual Investors), you first need to define the conditions under which you will be able to sell the stock before you buy them. This will help avoid losses as in a quick sale, as well as in long-term holding of shares.

9. Take for an example of successful investors

Feel free to take as an example the other talented and successful investors. Many successful investors and act that way. It will be useful to know the entire list of holders of shares of Berkshire Hathaway, as it is only first-class funds. Keep track of data that provides the U.S. Commission on Securities and Exchange, so you can keep abreast of the latest news in the field of investment. A variety of activities of insiders and hedge funds will tell you these Web sites: www.insiderscore.com, www.gurufocus.com, www.marketfolly.com.

10. Keep saving money

The crisis of 2007-2009 has taught much to the investors on the markets collapsing shoulder has a terrible back side. Therefore, in order to always stay calm, it is better to give up margin trading and keep most of the proceeds in cash at 10-40%.

11. Global investments yield good returns

In recent years increasingly popular investments in high-growth international markets, such as China and Brazil. Do not be fooled into thinking that investing in stocks of large companies like Pepsi better and more reliable. Do not be afraid to invest in those areas that are rapidly growing and evolving – it’s a good exchange-traded funds. To do this you can use as electronic broker as well as analytical online resources like ETFchannel.com.

The main secret of marketing — keep it simple

About the most effective techniques in marketing says the former ex-director of e-commerce and marketing for Cirque du Soleil.

Ever heard the saying «Simplicity is perfection»? It is very common among designers, but just as effective in marketing. People do not take the hard stuff, so the most common marketing tools tend to work best: they not only bring traffic but also increase customer loyalty. Here is an example. In America, was launched fairly simple advertising, is designed to promote the Marines. The ad was shown the airport, where one by one the soldiers came out, and the people applauded each of them. Thus, many people put themselves in the place of soldiers, wanting to look just like them.

Before moving to Russia, and lived in the Canadian city of Montreal for 15 years. Then I became the director of marketing for the newly formed company Heverest.ru. Recently, he worked in the field of e-commerce and marketing for Cirque du Soleil. In addition, I have worked in retail – I helped to increase sales on the Internet’s largest retailer. It should be noted that the marketing techniques that are used in North America are very simple, yet effective, but in Russia, unfortunately, are rarely used and is not systemically. You can use these technologies in four areas, so you should take a closer look each of them.

Motivation – especially

Despite the huge number of different ways to motivate, not all are suitable for startups, which are limited in terms of capital. For these people, the idea is important, perspective and, of course, a personal example which they will be able to navigate. Therefore, for the employees to be a model of professionalism and competence, so the guru himself.

I do not when I do not expect such results from people who are not able to achieve myself. You can hire an IT-director, with no understanding in the field of IT. But if you are the director of marketing, the marketing you need to know about everything! What is email-marketing, contextual advertising, usability, and how all of this into practice effectively. I have to understand all with what my employees are working, because then they will strive to do better and better, and this is the strongest motivation.

Learn how careful planning

Not so long ago on local TV held an interview with a psychologist who talked about personal finance planning. As it turned out, the Russians did not plan their finances more than a year.

Of course, bad habits are not unique to people in everyday life, but also in business. The excuse is that because of the unstable situation in the country from the plans still will not be any good. For business, it is dangerous, because if you plan to stay in business for a long time, you should make plans for at least the next few years, especially if the situation in the country is not stable.

For long-term planning needs full concentration of effort and a clear focus on business. If every day you’ll be at full vylazhivayut to achieve their goals, then sooner or later you will still reach them. It is an axiom, and it works. After all, even an elephant can be sold, if you really want.

Do not forget to measure the performance of

When you open a business, it is important to measure performance, as a rule, measured by the KPI, which is that for a certain period, the goal is, and then fixed – has been achieved or not. For start-ups is very important. It is very important to consider how the goal is achieved. For example, if you want to make 100 sales, you should take into account the resources spent to achieve the goal. This may be $ 100 or $ 1,000. It turns out that the goal is achieved, but the outcome is uncertain.

In the field of marketing in North America is very common financial measure ROI (return on investment), which characterizes the rate of return of investment. In other words, it shows how the investment was profitable for its initiator. Applying this rate, we can determine whether we are spending money wasted to make sales or not.

Now in addition, we plan to use the KPI and ROI, which will help us determine which sales channels are most effective, and how to spend our budget wisely.

Learn to combine experience

It’s no secret that the Internet today is a very effective channel to promote products and services, especially for startups. Offline sanitation are not only high prices, but also the complexity of the definition of efficiency. How to determine whether increased sales of the publication of the new offline advertising? And as for performance of the whole advertising campaign to highlight the proportion that is attributable to a particular channel?

To evaluate the effectiveness of a particular channel, it is enough simply to combine. For example, we can in one place to hang a billboard, which will be accompanied by a reference to our site, and in the other – to place a shield showing our phone number. Thus, we will be able to determine from which source more traffic.

Why Russians prefer complex scheme

All of the ways I have described is not revolutionary, is actually a very simple and effective, but in Russia for some reason are not used, though they are well aware of. Maybe people used to think that everything simple without result, and is simplicity itself confuses people. After all, even in communication often happens that you do not believe when you tell the truth.

Another reason is that the Internet industry in Russia is at an early stage of development. And while Western counterparts are not trying to invent something new, and efficient use of the available methods, the Russians prefer to try something a little more complicated, and learn from mistakes.

I suppose the fact that the Russian people love everything complicated because of the strong academic education. Young professionals after five years of study in the theory comes in the company of trying to apply the learned knowledge into practice. But the theory always turns into life experience, and it does not progress. After all, only a theory foundation prepares for him.

Business at the box office: 3 new ideas

Short term rentals toys, like a great opportunity to test the product before purchase, or a new proposal for active moms …

Why pay more for the purchase, if you can save on rent? This principle has become familiar to Western European countries. Great idea for your business! Here are three examples.

Ability to test games

GagaGames company has created a group of like-minded people who passionately fond of board games. And it all started with the fact that one of its founders somehow brought back from France game “Carcassonne”. Unfortunately, in St. Petersburg, he could not find it. So the idea to show the citizens of St. Petersburg, who are addicted to such games, what is it and how they need to play. Thus a group of friends decided to occupy the rental board games.
According to the commercial director GagaGames Cyril Kim, the company buys only those games that are popular with its founders. For three years they were able to expand the range of from 30 to 2,000 positions. A constantly watching the news on the market and testing the new proposals, they were able to pick up that range, which has become an interesting existing and potential customers.

Initially friends opened a shop, followed by the idea to take the game to hire. The site shows a lot of pictures, detailed descriptions are, but as you know, buyers often question when choosing a product. So the idea of ??rolling gives them the opportunity to try out the first game (free, games are given a day and no more than two units of one person on bail). A person can always return to the game if it came to his liking, but, in practice, customers always find the goods.
To date range GagaGames presented in the shops, the company employs more than 35 people and also has its own office, which by its design resembles a fairy tale Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: documents it is much smaller than the various board games. In addition, GagaGames equips play areas in cafes, parks and at various festivals that visitors could also try out their games.

Toys can not buy

A few years ago, Ivan and Olga Zhivago had the idea to open your business. Back then she worked in a bank, but had long dreamed to replace the financial statements and the figures for something more “lively and warm.” So there was an online service Toyrent.ru.

Before you open a business, Ivan and Olga long been seeking a free niche by carefully studying Russian and foreign markets. The idea came suddenly: a friend of Olga, who lived in New Zealand, such as mentioned in the conversation, he prefers to take the toys for the baby to rent rather than buy them. This idea has attracted Olga. Since work began on the project. On the compensation received by Olga in dismissal from the bank was able to buy a server and order a batch of toys, most of which are shipped from the U.S..

The project is intended to provide the child with toys that form specific skills at each stage of development of the baby. In addition, it was a great opportunity to free space in the small Moscow apartments, because children had not played for a long time, even the most favorite toy, and they just pile up, taking place in the rooms. And if the child does not want to give him a toy grown fond, parents can buy it for a price.
In addition, recognizing the importance of hygiene in this kind of business, Ivan and Olga developed a system of cleaning of toys. First toys are steam treatment, after which they are cleaned with a special disinfectant “Delavita”, which is not only different security for the child, but also well washed off with water. In the end, every toy is packed in a vacuum bag and delivered to the customer.

The site was developed Toyrent.ru very easy system to find toys, which included a number of categories: search by age, brand and functionality. Now Olga and Ivan are self-promoting his website: Ivan already has a similar experience, as he had previously worked with corporate pages on social networks. Thus, John is now responsible for working with clients on Facebook and plans to begin promotion VKontakte. Also, Ivan and Olga want in the future to create your own showroom, which will play room and the studio, which will host a variety of workshops and meetings, competitions and performances.

The main difficulty in the development of the project was the fact that many Russians perceive rent toys as a way to save on children, and therefore are not ready to rent toys. But Ivan and Olga are hoping that consumers will soon change their point of view and get used to borrow toys for children under the lease.

Active Mom

Natalia Fateeva opened its online store “Active MaMa” immediately after birth. It all started with the fact that she is wanting to buy a quality slingoryukzak, searched the St. Petersburg, but, as it turned out, it is not easy to find. Natalia knew that this problem stalkkivayutsya many moms, so I decided to purchase a lot of backpacks and put them up for sale on the Internet. But this was not enough, as many mothers would like to verify the reliability and quality of the backpack, try as he will be convenient to use. Then Natalia decided to lease them.

Rent a backpack for a week can be for 250 rubles, with bail dolzhent be equal to the cost of the backpack, and at the expiration of the lease you can buy it and pay only $ 100. Practice shows that about 95% of mothers by testing slingoryukzak buy it. Some need a little more time to appreciate the benefits of this product. Demand for slingoryukzaki growing with the onset of warm pores, so how to wear them in the winter, over clothing is not comfortable. It is also very common for people to rent these backpacks before traveling.
Recently, the range of the online store appeared as clothing for pregnant or nursing mothers, as well as jewelry, destination distract the child from the mother’s earrings and jewelry. In addition, Natalia organized showroom, where there is a games room, and a small cafe moms can talk over a cup of coffee or tea. Also open fitting room in which you can apply your favorite model.

Natalia has developed its discount system, which can receive discounts at a network of partners, using a storage card. Also hosts a variety of events within the framework of this cooperation. For example, if the purchase was made more than 3000 rubles., The coffee company, which cooperates with an online store, arranges for a client tasting coffee at home, and the purchase of coffee, the customer received a coffee machine. And at various trade shows online store has its own stand. Even last year, during the festival “Childhood Planet” was a demonstration of clothing for moms also organized by Natalia.

On the project are still working just three people: Natalia herself, courier and consultant slingoryukzakam. Natalia is engaged in promoting the project in a social network “VKontakte”, which is used by the main target audience. The project always has its own booth at trade shows. Last year, the festival “Childhood Planet” Natalia organized fashion show for pregnant and lactating mothers: models gained from among its clients.

Lead singer of “Hands Up” Sergey Zhukov — serial internet entrepreneur

Singer of the pop group “Hands Up” Sergey Zhukov talks about his store gift certificates.

Sergey Zhukov, formerly a successful singer and musician became a serial internet entrepreneur. On one of his projects have already written business magazine Forbes. As new ideas? As he plans to make a new startup? What is the experience he can share with other entrepreneurs?

Once one person said, waking up every morning, it looks for a task that you can not solve the internet. Tickets for the aircraft, the purchase of new jeans or a trip into space? The presence of unresolved issues – the key to success in the new venture.

As an artist, I brought every day to get new gifts and to add up all the frames, toys and candles, I would need a whole room. Usually, people get such useless we launched the New Year, February 23, March 8, the day of birth. I also have to get them every day, so, turning his apartment into a real museum. Because of this, I had the idea of ??creating such a web resource that would help to make people interesting and useful gifts.

Choosing a gift

We had to do a lot of work before you open a business: we spent the whole study of the gifts of the market, not only in our country but around the world. Results of the study we are very happy with. In Russia in the field of gift certificates annually turns approximately $ 700 million even finishing tenth in it, we can get $ 70 million, and this is a good result. In America, the scope of gift certificates brings to market $ 100 billion annually, which indicates that we are behind by 5 years. However, as always.

“BeriDari” – is the name of our service, which should be one idea: Stop giving useless gifts. How does the system work? I’ll use my life when I want to congratulate someone. I just go to the site, write a greeting, specify the contact person on the Internet, write down the amount and send.

Almost instantly a person receives a message containing the code. Going to our website, it is enough to enter the code and choose the gift that appealed to him. The most interesting is that the person does not sit amount, and only those things that he can acquire it. You can order multiple products, until there is a total amount. Our site works with many resources, and even if a person is left 5 rubles, he can get, for example, the works of Pushkin and Dostoevsky. If there is surrender, then it returns to the one who gives. But if you do not use certificates and collect them, you can save up for a more expensive gift, even in the car.

Working in a large company where almost every day someone’s birthday? Do not need long to come up with a gift. With our customers can purchase an expensive birthday gift, collecting all of the certificates presented by peers.

You can use the “BeriDari” for personal monetization. To do this, just add a widget on your page, and then you can tell everyone that publish their new song or a story, once accumulate 1,000 rubles to “BeriDari.” Do pleasant favorite friends using our service.

Where income is

To date, we have cooperated with resources such as LitRes – email it books and literature, Softkej – various games and software, as well as Biglion, which offers a variety of events on the coupons. Each partner there are affiliate programs, under which they pay a certain percentage of sales of their goods. Thus, we are not paid on the sales of certificates, and directory. Cooperation with these resources allows us to offer customers as a gift subscriptions to various magazines. We are always trying to expand its range to increase the popularity of the service.

We work, usually with private consumers, but work with corporate clients is key in terms of monetization. Take for example the share of FMCG company that offers the buyer to buy a bottle of beer and find the cover a prize. To carry out this action must be a lot of costs, such as the production of souvenirs, storage, delivery to the recipients. We also offer the opportunity to simplify the process. Suffice it to determine the value of the gift, then buy the required number of codes. We do not force users to adapt to our system and we can to brand website specifically for any company. And people will be able to find under the hood all they want.

Now our team of seven people, and so do 40,000 requests per hour on a public holiday is not easy. Once I and my business partners, Igor Akinfeev and Sergei Maximchuk put into it $ 500,000, and now we are negotiating with more than five funds on further funding.

Tips for beginners

Unfortunately, some corporations do not even try to hide the fact that they run on a prototype of the western market the product. As a creative person, I always try to create something new. Of course, the prototypes of Western products can be very salable in our country. For example, the same gift certificates are becoming more popular. But here is to create something unusual and new more complex. So investing in automatic translations for deaf people are declining, while as ridiculous Wake up in the morning cause a lot of emotions.

In our time, becoming more important visualization. Great success in this distigli Foursquare and Instragram, after all signatures under their pictures do not even need to read. Thus, the collages are becoming more popular than text. The same should be with the services – simply and quickly.

If you want to open a business, you need to act. Do what you like, read, tips, communicate. Now everyone has a great opportunity to find new information. And if something does not work, think about what’s wrong and correct. Begin to implement their ideas right now, and most importantly do not stop, there are always ups and downs. And if you want to succeed, do not back at the first failure.

How to attract investors — 7 Tips

Founder of Internet service, “My warehouse” tells the story of how he was able to attract investments in the business founder, “1C” and Skype.

Before developing the project “My warehouse” to the level of an independent business, we had a chance to go through a long and difficult road. I had to learn a lot and even abandon the original idea. My colleague in this case was Oleg Alekseev, who is also, like me, was a specialist in the creation of products for the oil industry. Back in 2007, we decided to try his luck in creating your own business. We served as a model for the company 37signals, which sold a web based business applications. We have set ourselves the task of creating something like this company.

In creating the project really helped us keep track of the habit of the Western market, and even then we are all aware of the popularity of applications SaaS. Over the choice of areas for biznema we also long speculated as to both of us trade is of great interest. As it turned out, a program created exclusively for sladskogo accounting was not particularly in demand. The then market conditions needed for such a program that will manage all the processes of trade. Thus, we were able to turn the “My store” in rich application that would be able to manage the trade in shops and small retailers.

Run this kind of service has proved very difficult, as the provision of B2B services require special trust from potential customers, and very development and launch of service proved to be quite an expensive affair. In addition, the scope of investment in Russia in 2007 was assimilated very weak, and we had to address not only over all possible contacts, but also to many investment funds. And then we got the first and quite unexpected for us feedback – our first investors became Ambient Sound Investments, the Estonian Fund, which was the developer and founder of Skype. They agreed to invest in the project $ 200,000, provided that we will give them a possession of 30% of our company. The premise of this transaction was our participation in one of the discussions in the network LinkedIn, where we have seen. Yes, the geographical location of our new investors was very helpful, as Estonia at that time was quite advanced country in the field of IT. Though intelligent Estonian market was small, but viewed a keen interest in global trends, and the project “My warehouse”, focused on the Western market conditions represent a considerable interest for the fund.

In 2011, the second wave of investment due to the fact that the company “1C” is part of a package of shares repurchased Ambient Sound Investments. Today in my portfolio pervoispytatelya has good experience in startups and software development, so let me give some advice to those who are just beginning to move on this interesting and difficult path.

Answer yourself first

In developing your project, you first should answer the following questions:

  • What problem can be solved?
  • Exactly how can I solve this problem?
  • How to get revenue?

If you were able to answer these questions, you can begin to develop a business plan. It is best to look for ideas in the experience of Western companies market – the path of least risky.

Another tip – if you start to develop your project, first create a test version, or beta version and run it for two to three months. Let your service initially contains only the most basic functions. Already at this stage, you will be able to determine how popular it will become. Sludet not spend the time and effort to develop the service with extra features.

Go where there are investors

These days, finding an investor has become much easier than in the days when we started our business. In addition to investment funds, now there are many investors who are willing to invest in youth projects. Also regularly held many events where budding entrepreneurs can not only communicate with experienced entrepreneurs and large investors, but also to acquire useful links and contacts. Do not forget about the various competitions, designed to help the most talented developers to put their projects into reality. Once upon a time we took part in the contest Web Ready, and when it came to the finals, we had already seen the company “1C”.

Less documents

As a general rule, the question of gathering the necessary documentation is for “beginners” most difficult. As a rule, when he saw the news list of documents that are required to present the investor, they start to panic. But it is not worth doing. Investors – are experienced, they are enough to provide a detailed presentation in which he outlined the essence of the project and a map of expenses and income. They know how to soberly assess all the ideas and figures, so often all the rosy forecasts newcomers are immediately divided into ten.

How to be when a team with no experience

One of the main keys to success is a strong team, especially if you try yourself in IT, where professionalism, or lack of skill on the contrary, can play a decisive role. You have to assemble a team whose members will virtually burn the general idea, and do not give up at the first failure. It is also very important that the team members are evenly distributed between the directions of your project, performing all the necessary improvements.
As a rule, investors abundantly if the team has previously worked with similar projects. But if no such experience, then proceed as we once – prepare a quality prototype of your product.

Distribute the money properly

In the matter of the use of investment funds should primarily be guided by what stage of development is your project. If it is only the initial stage, then by all means better directed to the development of the project. It is better to start as early as possible the beta version, because it will form a small audience of users, and gain the trust of not only available, but also potential customers. If the project is already running, you need to focus on finding and developing the most appropriate financial model for you, and after you can send money on advertising and promotion.

Will help you perseverance and flexibility

Of course, since the creation of the business, very few people of the importance of this step. Not every startup teams can assess how his life will change with this step, and therefore no mental preparation is necessary. As you know, many projects have survived only through perseverance and steadfast faith of their founders. Therefore, you should, first of all, be prepared for significant changes and instability, and also financial. For me, the lack of boredom has always been one of the main advantages of a startup, because the constant movement forward, new experiences, the growth of the company – it’s the best incentive is committed to continuous development. It is very important to have two mutually exclusive qualities, namely, flexibility, and perseverance.

Be objective

If you decide to open a business, first look at the idea from the side. Will your project to solve a specific problem. Most startups are passionate about their idea of ??how they can ignore all of its uselessness. Of course, to objectively evaluate your idea of ??the very difficult, but it will greatly help you in achieving success in the future.

Do not know how to persuade investors to invest in your business? You can help just the facts. The fact that investors are firmly on the ground just because they see all the benefits of the case, they are able to myslt categories. Therefore, use only the actual business performance. You will be useful not only general information and forecasts for the market, but the statistics confirming an increase in the customer base and the development of the company as a whole.

It should be noted that the opening of business – this is an area which is the most difficult to plan and predict. Perhaps this is its main advantage.

Letters that can not not read

Online shoe store offers 10 tips Sapato.Ru successful email-marketing

One of the main features of an online store Sapato.Ru is the active use of email-marketing. Perhaps you have already had to get his pitch to Facebook, on a torrent or other equally popular resources? Of all the features of using email-marketing business says Elena Yusupova, director of marketing Sapato.Ru.

Why use the services of the agency?

Sapato company did not transmit organization-mail marketing to another agency, and gathered his team, which includes mailing lists manager, designer and analyst database. And there are two reasons. First of all, it is the speed of decision-making, because the work of the agency involves lengthy negotiations, the approval of TK, a different kind of agreement and so on. Instead, in rainy weather, you may one day realize newsletter to Moscow with a proposal to buy a pair of rubber boots. For Sapato not least confidentiality, and send their customer base or provide access to statistics of other agencies, it is not intended.

Address on behalf of

Try to always refer by name to each person who receives your letter. As statistics show, open rate (the number of open letters) such letters almost 20% higher than non-identifiable letters. It is equally important to personalize the content and writing. It is better if men receive emails with information on men’s shoes and women, respectively, for women. In addition, each subscriber Sapato has the opportunity to choose the most interesting for him newsletter (men, children, women or «wow-Offer”).

Do not be afraid to experiment with the content

Company Sapato always implements new ideas for writing letters, while keeping track of what factors are more attracted to a man open letter to read and respond to it. Was chosen for this particular group of subscribers who receive new offers with different contents of the letter. Thus, Sapato compared results. For example, if a person likes to buy high-heeled shoes, he sent a letter, starting with the title: “What is your favorite shoes with heels X». Accordingly, the letter with a current offer have a high percentage openability. As for discount offers, the open rate increases in proportion to the size of the discount.

Not all have to send letters

It is understood that not all our members want to hear from you regular emails with offers, because people can subscribe to various reasons. So the company keeps track of Sapato those subscribers who open letters are very rare or do not open them at all. These are covered by the constant distribution, as they are entered into a sleeping base. These people are much less likely to receive the letter, it is often a promotional offer. They activate subscribers, making it possible to determine how much interest to them, such a mailing.

Uraznoobrazte subscription options

For many online retailers newsletter subscription has become the standard, but at the same time an effective marketing ploy. A sign-up form on the site a good source of contacts. Early in his work, the company has used Sapato pop-up – every person who visited the site for the first time, could not get a prize for subscribing to the newsletter. If you received a gift every hundredth subscriber, then monitored every hundredth of registration, and a lucky contacted via email with a proposal to leave the address to send the gift. This method is very effective in large advertising campaigns. By advertising on the front page of “Yandex” and knowing for sure that the traffic will be large, you should use every opportunity to attract more subscribers.

Promotions help to increase the number of subscribers

The Company periodically uses Sapato shares with gifts designed to increase the number of subscribers. For example, the action was carried out in which the client sends a message to your friends with an offer to subscribe. Also used coupons promo codes. Sami coupons were placed in the press and on the shop site was assigned a special page where you can enter the promotion code and your contact information, then people will automatically become a party to the action. And all the participants received an offer to subscribe for additional company news.

Do not forget to affiliate programs

Do you want to fill up subscriber base – use affiliate links. Also, the company was Sapato experience with Kupibonus and several other services in which Sapato used their customer base for the mailing list, and they, in turn, the subscriber base Sapato. This does not imply database exchange. It was enough to make HTML-coding the example mailings partner service, and he sent letters to their subscribers. Thus, if people are interested, they can register on the site. As a result, the number of new customers and subscribers increased.

Users need motivation

Of course, everyone loves gifts. And so the customers need not only to ask for something, but to motivate. Company Sapato follows this principle. There are cases when people, leaving a pop-up-banner your email, “lost”, and they have to seek to give a gift. Most often, as a gift to serve a variety of certificates to the amount of 100 to 500 rubles.

Be professional in making decisions

Until now, some companies are creating their own servers and is used for mailings Bitrix platform or other platforms. Frankly, marketing is outdated, since the platform does not allow any build chain letters, or receive quality statistics mailings, and share databases of recipients as possible. As a result, to assess the effectiveness of mailings becomes very difficult. Therefore Sapato, working on Bitrix, uses its own professional team to improve mail marketing.

Get mail solutions from multiple vendors

Taking decisions on mail-marketing company Sapato uses services of several of their respective companies. While the subscriber base is duplicated by multiple providers, Sapato remains independent of them. And if the IP of the company falls into the “black list”, it is always possible to implement newsletter via another provider.

How to make money on free cash?

Banker shares tips.

Financial strategy is similar to the races. As a result of the usual costs, as well as differences in the timing and amount of gross income of each company always appear available funds. Most importantly – effective use of these funds.

Temporarily free money

Very often the owners of fast-growing businesses are trying to direct all the resources of the firm to obtain fast, but risky income. And the main problem in this case – to use available funds as efficiently as possible, equalizing the current account balance to the size of the banking commission and directing the revenue turnover.

The objects of attachment may be as unplanned costs and additional lines of business the same owner. Of course, this means of control means may not always be beneficial outcome is unpredictable. To make the process of development of the company has become more stable and predictable, while revenue increased steadily, it is necessary not only to continuously analyze cash flow, but to be able to properly and timely planning. For this entrepreneur useful to keep a payment schedule that will help to make more accurate forecasts for the development of the company.

Free money is best to convert into cash equivalents: if you do not take into account the mechanisms of such a risky stock market, the ratio of risk and return, as well as the optimal liquidity would be investing short-term deposits. That is, the company can provide additional income without the risk of losing him on changes in inflation.

The use of deposits as a means of additional income should be made a regular practice. Even better, if the financial manager uses this tool in financial accounting firm.

Favorable opportunities

Of course, availability means may occur not only through careful planning, but also unpredictable. With that there are a lot of options, so you must specify at least the most possible out of them. First, the available funds can appear as a result of the effective collection of debts from debtors. It is also very important to make adjustments to the terms of the investment projects, sometimes change the payment terms with customers and suppliers, to reimburse VAT. In addition, the increase in consolidated income contribute to deferred payments, if this documentary form of payment (bank guarantees and letters of credit), the seasonal nature of the business. Of course, a positive effect on the profitability of business increase sales, especially if they are not planned. Execute transactions can be formed temporarily surplus funds, which you can also send in a deposit account. If this is a fairly large company, the increase in available funds contribute to the additional issue of shares. In the latter situations, the company may not open as many short-term, many long-term loans from 2 to 6 months.

Of course, the appearance of available funds, many entrepreneurs send them to acquire the necessary tools and materials for future work, to pay for various services, payment of rent in advance, refitting office space, etc. But this kind of waste can not only lead to overstocking but in the future may not come in handy, because the dynamics of sales by its nature is very unstable and the demand for a certain group of goods can fall sharply. Typically, premature payments to suppliers and putting money into new projects that can be delayed and require a lot of money, is not very profitable for the entrepreneur. All costs should be carefully planned and very balanced.

In addition, to invest money for a deposit can be almost any length of time, it would be preferable to keep the surplus funds of the repayment period of employee benefits, payment of insurance premiums, taxes, that is, until the period when the costs will be more than usual.

What’s the catch?

For small business can earn extra income by placing money on deposit at various periods ranging from three days. Thus, the income received each day depending on the current rates on the interbank market. Such a possibility exists for the small business, but it is better to increase the term of the deposit up to 14 days. All the benefits of this investment can be estimated by counting the revenue from the contribution of a specific amount for a specific period.

In addition, a significant increase on the account can give even a contribution of money overnight, that is, from Friday to Saturday. Thus, the company will be able to for a weekend get income to cover minor expenses, such as communication charges, utilities or bank fees.

At present Russian banks offer a wide range of deposit for legal entities, who can choose the contributions depending both on their own preferences and the characteristics of their business.

How to spend money

One of the most convenient deposit allows you to not only fill up, but spending of the money, provided that the account balance should not be less than 50% of the amount originally invested. This is especially useful contribution to companies that are engaged in a seasonal business. Thus, you can increase your income in the period of growth in the number of sales. It is best to open a deposit for a period of 3 to 6 months. The main advantage is the ability to increase the interest rate during the term of the contract of deposit and as augmentation funds, because the interest rate depends not only on the term of investments, but also on the amount of investment.

Spend money from the deposit should be in the period of procurement of materials and raw materials, payment of contractors for seasonal work. But at the same interest rate is slightly reduced. If you do not plan any major expenses, you can choose deposits with higher rate for a specific amount of time and investment. This will provide a higher than average income in the market with the same parameters. And in the case of early termination of the deposit, you will not be able to get the expected profit, because in such cases, banks charge only the going rate on deposits “on demand.”

It is also possible to receive income on the balance of funds on non-combustible charge card. Annual interest rate in this case is about 2-3%, and there is no need to open a bank account.

How to deposit

If and chief financial officer and the owner of the company are willing to invest available funds in a deposit account, it remains to solve the question: what is better to invest the same amount? There are several ways that maximize correctly calculate the amount of the deposit. First of all, you should not be on the averages for deposits. According to the Federal State Statistics Service for 2012, the percentage of funds Russian enterprises in the current assets amounted to 7.5, while for short-term investments, the figure was 17.3%. The amount of the contribution depends on the industry in which the company operates, and the stage of its development, etc.

To accurately determine the maximum amount of money for the deposit, should refer to the model developed by Western economists Stone, Miller and Orr. We should not forget about the financial solvency ratio of the absolute, where the norm is the amount of 20-25% of the total existing credit commitments.

In addition, many experienced financiers can independently determine the monetary contribution, based on the characteristics of the business and trends in the industry. A determination of the effectiveness of this investment will be chete professional managers who will be able to capitalize on existing resources much more than provide all of the above methods.

And in order to manage available funds has become more efficient, improve procedures sufficient cash planning and forecasting. Banks, in turn, can provide more timely financial management of the enterprise through the timely preparation of the necessary contracts and the use of the system “Client-Bank”.