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5 reasons why you need to open a beauty salon

  1. Cares about the beauty of one of the fundamental requirements. Which would not now have time to get a haircut, styling and manicure done, paint the gray hair in the end people will not stop. Each year, the market is growing beauty salons to 15-20%.
  2. to open a beauty salon, a sufficiently small space – whether it’s in a shopping center or business center, prices are now way down. Fits well and the first floor of an apartment house, somewhere in the sleeping area.
  3. You can start small – hairdressing room seating for 5 and a study for a manicure and pedicure. For complex procedures such as Botox injections and mesotherapy must come gradually, as experience and customer experience.
  4. Starting investment needed to start their own small beauty salon. To rent the cabin and finish area of ​​100-200 m ² must be $ 30-40 thousand can buy a franchise or business ready. A couple of years ago, working salon can be purchased for $ 50-70 thousand, now, some owners are willing to pay a $ 30 thousand in the pre-crisis time payback salon was a year or two.
  5. can attract investors and make more ambitious project. For example, a private equity fund Mint Capital, in 2007 acquired a network of salons, “Monet” over $ 8 million and is now happy with the results. During the first year of operation under the umbrella fund revenues increased by 57% in 2008 – up 82% to $ 24 million is true in times of crisis, “Monet” does not open new salons, and even made the decision to close some of the existing, but as Management expects for 2009 revenue is expected to increase by 10%. “We have now invested in it”, – says Vladimir Zaluzhsky representative of the fund.

Franchise – an excellent choice for beauty salon

In beauty salons, most networking develop only through the franchising system, for example, under the brand name Dessange, now has about 500 stores in over 40 countries and about 350 stores that sell branded cosmetics. There is a definite plus, already unwound brand helps to attract customers who are unlikely to go to the novice entrepreneur. Take the experience of Irene Zhelyaskovoy, which in 1995 bought the franchise and opened the first salon Dessange in St. Petersburg: and once during the tour when he saw a familiar sign, it came to styling herself Patricia Kaas. In addition, the already well-honed technology allows you to quickly recoup the costs.

What to focus when selecting a franchise? Primarily, this experience and reputation of the company. Next, the number of those who have already bought a franchise of this company. Certainly considerable weight in choosing a franchise is its cost. And finally, what services you franchisor (seller of the franchise. – Ed.) For the money. For these parameters we sorted the franchise. Here are the 5 most attractive and accessible from them.

«Persona Lab»

Franchise, «Person of the Lab»

Franchise, «Person of the Lab»

  • One-time fee : € 25 000
  • Royalties: € 5000 per year
  • Program Start: 2005
  • Number of franchisees: 25

The largest franchisee in the mid-price segment. “Person” offers its franchisees individual counseling, and general meetings – twice a year. The most popular format – interior, designed for different customers, from economy to premium. Franchisee may choose to do what services he focused, it can be a cosmetology, barber or manicure and pedicure.

Russia’s largest franchisor in the middle price segment. The company provides individual counseling for their partners, and twice a year – the general meeting. Salon aimed at different customers – now one of the most popular formats, ranging from the economy ending the premium option. Partner has the discretion to focus on cosmetology, barber or manicure and pedicure. “Person of the Lab» concluded a contract for three years.

Funky Nails

Franchise by Funky Nails

Franchise by Funky Nails

  • One-time fee: $8000
  • Royalty: 5% of revenue
  • Program Start: 2007
  • Number of franchisees: 6

One of the first franchisees on post-Soviet space in the nail. Funky Nails designs for its partners and interior design provides full advertising support. The following year, Funky Nails suggests to set up production and sale of its products for manicure and pedicure. There are currently represented franchisors in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Saratov, Ivanov), but anyone can open a salon in any other country. The truth of their own salons in Funky Nails are only two, but that does not prevent them from developing their own brand, based on franchises.

Jean-Claude Biguine

Franchise by Jean-Claude Biguine

Franchise by Jean-Claude Biguine

  • One-time fee: € 65 000
  • Royalties: € 18 000 per year
  • Program Start: 2002
  • Number of franchisees: 5

The French network of hairdressers is unequal in different cities. For example franchise in Kiev is € 65 000, and in St. Petersburg – € 80 000. But unlike other companies, Jean-Claude Biguine teaching staff franchisee for free – at the beginning after the conclusion of the contract, and after half a year. However, there is a minor limitation: only trained up to 5 new staff cabin, a partner in the year. But you can upgrade the skills and remotely – to watch videos on the site.

Aldo Coppola

Expensive franchise from Aldo Coppola

Expensive franchise from Aldo Coppola

  • One-time fee: € 35 000
  • Royalties: € 12 000 per year
  • Program Start: 2005
  • Number of franchisees: 5

Unlike many other franchises in Aldo Coppola is thoroughly “casting” of partners, they set strict requirements for interior decoration and interior, so invest in it less than € 200 000 will not work. Out of 50 wishing to obtain a license is a treasured “casting” is only one. Nevertheless, the winners of “casting” now operate in cities such as Perm, Kostroma, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, and in Alma-Ata. Initial training of masters not to walk in a one-time fee, paid separately: a little-a lot – $ 6,000 per person. Also provides a price for training your employees – $ 3,000 per employee per year. The period of the license – for five years.

Network of beauty salons «May»

Salon Franchise «May»

Salon Franchise «May»

  • One-time fee: 100 000-200 000
  • Royalties: 0
  • Program Start: 2008
  • Number of franchisees: 0

Network “May” has 7 of its beauty, which are located in St. Petersburg. Franchise of this company only at first glance looks like the most accessible. Franchisee will be required to purchase a “May” all the tools for manicure and pedicure, cosmetology, as well as products for hair, which sells the company. Also have to pay for tuition and staff. Approximate volume of investments in the salon on the basis of this franchise – 70 000 $.

Alexander Kravtsov: Brand faith and way of life

brand of faith and way of life

Alexander Kravtsov created the brand “Expedition” 5 years ago. Today in its network includes 300 stores and annual income reached $ 15 million.

“The barber’s nobody taught me”

Igor Stoyanov its first facility opened in July 1998, just before the crisis. He now has 50 stores in five cities, and the company’s revenue last year exceeded $ 20 million

– Tell me, Igor, where to start?

– I think, with intent. Why do you need me? What I’ll do as a result? Can I live without a hair salon? These questions need an answer.

– Do I need to learn the profession of stylist to the owner?

– I did not study. I remember in the early 1990’s as a haircut in a salon and asked the hairdresser how much it costs to open a salon. He said: $ 30 000. Here’s how it started. Then, 14 years later, I went to study at the hairdresser. Now I understand that such a zone, parting, and so on.

Beauty Shop «Person»

Beauty Shop «Person»

– How do you find a good place for schools?

– There is a writer, Haruki Murakami, and so in one of his works have a character, he opens a restaurant there. When realtors offer him a place, first he goes there for a long time sitting in front. If most of the passers-by a common language, he finds, therefore, the place is good. The basis I take the same principle.

– What’s in the cabin should be the average check?

– We have a $ 30-50. Now one of our salons, “Persona” is a system of four grades price: haircut will range from $ 30 to $ 100. Over 50% of the cost of a haircut can be a weekend. This is an opportunity for people who just come to Moscow, alumni and students.

Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop

– Due to what such a low price?

– They serve the masters of novices who need to get a certain number of clients. Every newcomer who comes to us in “Persona”, clearly sees its future. Career ladder consists of four steps. The next step differs from the previous payment of not less than one-third.

– Where do you find artists?

– We are always looking for unusual solutions. For example, we now have taught deaf manicure and pedicure. Some have already sent to work. They are gaining a lot of good customers just for a month.

Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop

– How to promote a beauty salon?

– If you just invest in advertising, then they do not pay back. I managed to make the school of stylists and image of the laboratory for TV stars. So I developed the awareness and brand. You can unscrew the master-star, but if there is a fear that she will leave, then promote yourself as a star.

Boris Kim: The leader of the instant payments

Leader Instant Payment

The annual turnover of instant payments «QIWI» more than 350 billion rubles. Co-owner «QIWI» Boris Kim described how this system works.

How to become a trader

Professional stock market players who started playing ice ten years ago, studied by Western books translated into Russian. Over time it became much easier for beginners to learn the basics of stock trading: at their disposal a host of training courses. After the 2008 crisis, many brokers to re-open courses. Currently about 20 companies are trained for future traders at seminars and authoring courses. A few educational centers promise to the actual practice of experienced traders and as teachers. We chose five features that can help you choose the right training center.

Practice in the first place

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to whether there is a detailed description of the site is the center of the course. The program must be specified exactly what knowledge and skills the student will receive after graduation. Must give preference to those companies who have in the curriculum there is as much practical training. It is desirable that they started a few days later, on the second or third lecture. Teachers should start with the basics, like running Exchange and what tools are available for the stock market. They must also teach the basics of technical analysis and work with Terminal (Quick and others).

“In many courses there is a problem with the program, students make what they do not need yet. For example, why students Elliott Wave Theory? They need to talk about simple strategies that will determine when to buy and when to sell, “- says Oleg Makarov, head of the Institute of exchange trading” ALOR. ”

Another important point that the program is given due attention to the basics of trading psychology on the exchange. Also, do not need to go on courses where a lecture talk about the benefits of a particular broker.

More lectures, the better for you

The first session usually lasts two to three academic hours. It should acquaint teachers with the stock market, and how much it can earn. “Many people come and ask to teach them how to earn 300%, and once in three days – says Oleg Makarov. – But we just be warned: in the first year if you earn 30% per annum, it will be very good. ”

If the student is decided, it is usually advised to write to him at first on the initial rate. In a good educational centers is 8.10 for 2-3 sessions akadem.chasa. In less time, not learning anything, even the basics of stock trading, said Viktor Romanovsky, Director of Training Center “BrokerCreditService.” You must also pay attention to the teaching staff: well, if there are practitioners of traders, not university professors, said Valentin Savenkov, director of the Centre for IC “Aton”.

Free Consultation

After the introductory courses for beginners at once there is a lot of additional questions. Major educational centers provide an opportunity to get answers to them: through the Internet or by telephone. Such advice is usually provided free of charge. But it can allow only large brokers. “Choose training centers, which are organized by major brokers, they have their own teaching staff, and a decent level,” – says Yaroslav Kabakov.

Distance Learning

As the leaders of almost all the centers, more and more students prefer to learn at home, by means of the Internet. Pluses are obvious: low cost and flexible training schedule. There are two ways this kind of training: a webinar in which the student has the opportunity to immediately ask the teacher and the distance course. All major centers organize webinars. But this type of training is one drawback: the student may not always thoroughly investigate a particular difficult situation.

Nearly free

For many brokers, educational center – is another channel of selling their services. Therefore, they are interested in getting the student to knowledge, traded with them the same services. Therefore, courses are relatively inexpensive.

Maxim Kochanov: Do not be afraid to take a step

Do not be afraid to take a step

Maxim Kochanov started his business 14 years and 20 years, he sold the company for 5 million rubles and is preparing to invest in a new project.

6 errors restaurateur in HR

Reputation restaurant depends on its employees. And despite the fact that staff turnover 70% per year – a normal situation. Almost all the restaurants are from this serious financial losses, but the restaurant owners in most cases, indifferent to the problem of retention. There are six common mistakes that restaurateurs are doing.


Restaurant Management personnel often refer to as thieves and idlers, the place where there is a quick replacement. With such an attitude creates a hostile atmosphere and lack of interest in the overall success, which guarantee a high percentage of turnover. This directly affects the revenue the restaurant.

Ignoring the views of staff

not consider the opinions of staff – a big mistake . In this way communication channel with chopped visitors institution. It is necessary not only to listen to the views of employees, but also actively engage in their operational management. Creating new dishes and drinks, the development of work schedules, activities – all this helps staff to become involved in the process and helps him to be implicated in the business, it is well motivated. The most effective way to establish communication with the staff – personal and confidential communication, because the general planning meetings almost always result in mass discontent and complaints.

Lack of incentives for result

waiter – the seller of your product to the visitor . A lack of motivation he has to sell this product will significantly reduce the average check. Set goals for the staff and be sure to mark the award for achieving results. The waiter will necessarily seek with you, if it is convinced that the achievement of the objectives will be followed by her promotion. Many schemes – from a small percentage of each check up bonus for selling a certain number of dishes, or, for example, who would sell a portion of the elite alcohol also need to give a bonus for the best result. Do not forget that these programs can be created with suppliers who are happy to offer discounts and bonuses to motivate.

Ignoring the problem staff

Not all restaurants can afford to pay for courses and training for staff. But the absence of basic training of its own – a big mistake. This may be a simple weekly lecture about one of the food or drink , which you offer your guests, followed by wine tasting, this will allow the waiters to get all the necessary information for the job. Knowing the ingredients and calorie content, method of preparation, taste dishes in the end – the necessary knowledge for the staff. The waiter has to understand what was going on, because without this knowledge it will not be able to select and recommend a particular dish to the visitor, if you have not tried it myself and not about him not the slightest idea. In addition to internal training, to use lectures and advice, which offer their own suppliers . They are professionally talk about your product and how to use it. Quality education also affects the increase of motivation of the staff.

Lack of attention to detail

Missing parts of your employees, you might miss important issues for the staff themselves. Thus, finishing the work of the restaurant at two o’clock, management often does not reflect how employees get home. While the main restaurant industry workers – young people and students for whom even small amounts are critical. Caring for transportation, food and other essential little things will be very important for anyone, in fact it is his moral motivation.

Improper distribution tip and working areas

Everyone knows that the main motivation for the staff restaurant – tipping. But it happens that they take the owners or the distribution system is not fair tip. There is a position which few people know that “at least daily.” This amount, which is compensated in the event of shortfall in the restaurant tip of the day. Management must develop the most efficient distribution scheme tip. There are some types of institutions in which, for various reasons (the mentality of visitors, size, segment, etc.), Gratuities not included. In this case, applying a different scheme for payment with the payment of interest on the proceeds. There is also the distribution of the working area must be true. Otherwise, the waiters and then will do something to fight for the best tables, which will lead to hostility and a sense of injustice. Task Management – create an atmosphere in which to earn will be equally at all.

Michael Rogalsky: Sell the car for 10 minutes

Sell ​​a car 10 minutes

Michael Rogalsky bought a domain Auto.ru in 1996. Today, its portal is visited by 600 thousand people, and the turnover reached 100 rubles Millin.

Experience restaurateur: thinking out loud

That just do need to open a restaurant? I’ll tell you: communication. And not even this most administrative resources, and the familiar at all.

Take the beginning of the real estate. Free, though a good place to find extremely difficult, and realtors with small businesses are extremely reluctant to work, responding to what to look for a small room so cheap it is unprofitable. Rescues only notebook in the truest sense of the word. Got me a friend here and agreed. But anyway, you should always check the landlord, from my own experience: in the last place already started a renovation, when it emerged that a former partner of the landlord challenged the property in court. I had to through a friend of architects to specify whether the building is not subject to demolition, asked for, is there a big debt to the utilities, etc.

Going to have money in the bank? Remember! Man on the street do not give loans. Even our equipment, dishes, the restaurant turns the previous few people care about. I was given credit for 30% of turnover, but it is minuscule. Lay flat just do not an option.

Rental rates – another story. Currently in Kiev, one square meter, close to the Khreshchatyk street, is worth about $ 500 a year. Keep in mind you would pay immediately after the conclusion of the contract. In other words, for a time when you will do the repair, you can pay $ 15 000 for a relatively small room. In parallel, will the cost of purchasing and installing equipment, as well as to design the restaurant. And here again you will need communications: for example, we had 10 aprons, but whom we did not apply, the minimum order at all – at least 40. As a result, sewed aprons girl friend. Looking for someone who can build us a case according to its own designs – a company that has agreed, once warned that our order will last. The cabinet was made after three months of regular calls to the secretary general.

Thrown everywhere. Wanted to make a sectional floor made of antique pine – such boards cut out of logs, which are in turn taken in the analysis of old houses in the villages. They found a man who agreed to do it. Made a prepayment, determined time – a month. Five days before the deadline, he called and said that he did not get back and ready to pay in advance. And we have already commissioned work, for installation of the floor – to be repaired after all the other one tied. In total, we spoke with 80 contractors, of which only two have done their work on time and for the money that was originally specified.

Sharp corners, I had already mapped out for yourself in advance – a sign, SES, alcohol license, MOE. But had no idea what might be absurd situations. For example, according to the norms of SES premises where food is prepared and where the dirty dishes have to be partitioned. And on fire regulations we need to have the pass and no walls. I had to put fanerku – now move it depending on who came to check.

A sign just do a special item. In the ATU have a specific person who claims the sketches, and sign documents. From the first time he denied to us for a reason, saying “not in the spirit of the city.” I brought him pictures of the old town, trying to prove something. Then – again, through friends, found out that you can contact the friendly clerk firm, having them draw a sketch for $ 2,000, which is 100% agree. Moreover, we can use our achievements, only to change the tone a bit, for the mind.

No small business can not support. For example, to change the rules for labeling bottles, and distributors in these rules did not react in time, and the inspection at hand. They ask to see if the energy value of Hennessy? Is there a voluntary sign of the absence of GMOs. Bottom line: at the bar we have gaping voids.

Familiar lawyer shared that the inspection bodies in 50-60% of the requirements put forward more than is written in the law. According to him the same advice we have introduced the following rule: when they come check them with his own hands, we did not show, and the authorized person (CEO), in such time there is almost never in place. Want to remove the cash – even filmed. But the free feed-water inspectors, we are strictly banned, and then got into the habit.

Once there we have the case come tax, and we met them unkind. They called the Economic Crime, brought guests and the whole person, took a few boxes of alcohol, supposedly to check. I called the police, saying that unknown, presented as DAEC, came and stole the goods, then a letter to the prosecutor wrote. Nothing – all returned. Of course it was terrible to some, but now no snares do not build.

Paid back if the cost? Paid off in about two years … You see – I’m not complaining, I am absolutely satisfied. Just such a work. Vain.