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13 millionaires who made ​​a fortune before graduation


As a teenager, sixteen, in 2002 Teshovich Milan has launched a music site, where it simply for the fun of collecting the lyrics of their favorite artists. Two years later he turned it into a business. Today the project Metrolyrics.com includes 2 million songs, and the company, which earns revenue selling advertising was in 2007 – $ 1 million, when Milan was 21 years old. To date, the company employs 20 staff. Teshovich combines business with his studies at Simon Fraser University, located in British Columbia in Canada, where he received an MBA. “Education is not necessary to me for a career – he says – but for myself, for personal growth.”

Tickets online

Joshua Dzyabyak sold the hosting company for $ 1 million.

Joshua Dzyabyak sold the hosting company for $ 1 million.

Dzyabyak Joshua in 2005, a goal from the age of eighteen had already sold his first hosting company Mediacatch. The deal amounted to $ 1 million, he immediately bought himself a «Mercedes» and a plasma TV, and the rest he invested in new projects. The number of new projects came Showclix – a web service that allows you to concert halls, cultural centers, colleges and other organizations to sell tickets directly online or by phone. In 2009, he attracted investments worth $ 1 million, and now the company’s capitalization is $ 2.75 million in revenues last year amounted to $ 9 million Showclix takes a commission of 7-15% from each sale .

Import truffles

Jan Purkayastha at age 15 selling 1 kg of truffles for $ 12,000

Jan Purkayastha at age 15 selling 1 kg of truffles for $ 12,000

Already at the age of fifteen, Jan Purkayastha began to import truffles and sell them at a price of $ 12 000 for one kilogram, its clients are natural products stores and restaurants. Ian grew up in Houston, where as a child loved to pick mushrooms in the woods near the parental home. However, imported truffles are not so easy, his job controlling four federal agencies in the U.S., and besides, you always have time to time, as the truffles have a short shelf life (seven days). Ian opened the nursery in Arkansas truffles, among other things the first in the United States. At the moment it costs the company closer to around $ 1 million.

Road site

Jason Brian makes a car online $ 6 million per year

Jason Brian makes a car online $ 6 million per year

After high school, the summer of 2008, Jason Brian got a job in the marketing department of one successful company that is engaged in trade cars in Florida. He knew that great results in marketing, it can be achieved only on the Internet. “I found that I could double the result, buying advertising budget in half optimizing queries in search engines,” he recalls. Three years later, when he was 21, Brian has invested $ 10,000 of his savings into a site that helps visitors to search the car. Autocricket.com has become a profit by selling customer information to shops and manufacturers. After half a year after the launch of the site caught the attention of investors who subsequently invested in a $ 250 000. In 2009, the revenue the site was about $ 1.2 million, and in 2010 – is already $ 6 million

Cards and plush toys

Cameron Johnson, 15 received checks for $ 400 000

Cameron Johnson, 15 received checks for $ 400 000

Cameron Johnson made his first $ 1 million, creating several projects. The first was, Cheers and Tears , which he launched in the age of nine. With the help of Photoshop, sitting at home in Virginia, he made invitation cards for their parents and soon received orders from his colleagues and friends. A few years later, having collected some money, Johnson began to buy wholesale plush toys, and then resold them on eBay, as well as the already popular website Cheers and Tears. On the resale of toys he had earned more than $ 50 000.

Even in the age of 13 he invented the Internet service My EZ Mai, which sends e-mails to this address, without disclosing the sender’s personal information. To do so, he specifically hired a programmer to implement his ideas into practice and two years later My EZ Mail brought a steady income from advertising at $ 3,000 a month.

In 1997, Johnson, along with two similar enterprising teenagers have created a program setting that users receive 20 cents per hour, and the browser displays the title blurb. The case was successful and they began working with ad networks DoubleClick, Advertising.com and L90, which had its own 30% of income. “I was 15 years old, I received the monthly checks for $ 300 000 – $ 400 000” – says Johnson.

Another company Cameron is a service CertificateSwap.com, which allowed people to sell unused gift certificates online. “On eBay, it has worked, but took away the auction up to 13% of the value card – says Johnson. – And our commission is only 7.5%. ” In 2004, a 19-year old Cameron Johnson sold his Internet service CertificateSwap.com for round six-figure sum.


Fraser Doherty in 2009 with jam sales generated $1.2 million

Fraser Doherty in 2009 with jam sales generated $1.2 million

In 2002, Fraser Doherty, who lives in the small town of Edinburgh, in his 14 years in the kitchen of their parents get used to make jam. At 16 he was no longer interested in school, his only interest was the jam. Already by 2009 his company SuperJam reached a value of $ 1.2 million, however, formally employed by the company listed only Doherty did not prevent him from earning good money.

Social Network for the focus groups

At age 19, a social magnate Adam Hildreth amassed $ 3.7 million

At age 19, a social magnate Adam Hildreth amassed $ 3.7 million

In 1999, a 14-year-old Englishman Adam Hildreth has created a unique new social networking site, members of which Coca-Cola used in its focus groups, developing their marketing strategies. Adam also served 4 years as Managing Director Dubit Limited. When Hildreth was 19 years, BBC has recorded it in a list of some of the richest teens of Great Britain, whose fortune was estimated at £ 2 million, which amounted to approximately $ 3.7 million.

Site about computers

Michael Furdyk million earned in the sale of the company

Michael Furdyk million earned in the sale of the company

Michael Furdyk in 1996, a 16-year-old in the basement of his parents’ house in a suburb of Toronto has launched an Internet project MyDesktop.com , which was full of advice on computers. The answers he sought out online or in chat rooms. In the same chat room, he met with his counterparts in Australia, Michael Heymenom. Shortly after theirs dating, Hayman moved to Toronto to help Michael build a business. They tightened the belt and found office space for barter and servers for the project. It was not long MyDesktop.com bring income of $ 60,000 per month, customers were advertising companies such as Microsoft. In 1999, Hayman, Furdyk and third partner sold the company’s online project Internet.com «more than $ 1 million.”

Press vegetable oil

Daniel Gomez Iñigo adolescence earned $ 150 thousand

Daniel Gomez Iñigo adolescence earned $ 150 thousand

The company owner Solben – twenty Daniel Gomez Iñiguez , whose company is engaged in the development and implementation of presses for squeezing oil from plants, which, when applied in the production of diesel fuel. Development of the first press, Daniel started back in school. At the first press Iñiguez sale earned $ 150 000. Mexican company Monterrey for the first year of existence Solben, put into it a little more than $ 1 million today the company employs 15 staff. And Daniel went to college.

Album online

Catherine and Dave Cook in 2011 to make millions advertising sales

Catherine and Dave Cook in 2011 to make millions advertising sales

In 2005, leafing through the pages of his school album in 15-year-old Catherine Cook and her 17-year old brother Dave the idea to create a free online version of the album on the Internet. Soon, they joined their social network with a mini-Zenhex.com. By 2006, the site of Catherine and the Virgin cookies – MyYearbook.com raised $ 4.1 million investment from two venture capital funds First Round Capital and US Venture Partners. After that, the site had attracted advertisers such as Disney, Neutrogena and ABC. The network began to develop further, and thanks to the concept of the project the number of participants has reached three million worldwide and annual sales of advertising from the site are equal to seven-digit numbers.

Sell T-shirts

Raymond Lee T-shirt sales earns $ 2 million a year

Raymond Lee T-shirt sales earns $ 2 million a year

Raymond Lee took the practice as a schoolboy in China, the company engaged in web conferences. Contacts with many Chinese manufacturers have helped to make business at home, in California, Lee began to order T-shirts in China for its tennis team. Do not confine your friends and sales began to grow. After that, Lee has opened its $ 2200 web project to sell T-shirts Ooshirts.com. Two letters of «O», he explains the fact that in Google, Yahoo also has two «O». At the age of 19 Lee gave up his studies at the University of California, to work for their own welfare. At the moment he is working 3 employees. According to Lee, sales in 2010 amounted to $ 600 000 to $ 900 000. Today its 20 years, and he expected to sell T-shirts this year should grow to $ 2 million

Selling points online

Jamie Murray Wells - the founder of Glasses Direct investments in $ 34 million

Jamie Murray Wells - the founder of Glasses Direct investments in $ 34 million

Jamie Murray Wells as a 21-year-old university student in 2004 tried to buy a pair of glasses with a prescription of a physician. Stunned by the price of glasses at $ 300 at Murray instantly had the idea of new business. Wells dropped out of school and let your student loan at $ 2,000 per case, which then turned into a successful online retailer Glasses Direct , whose office is based in London. During the first year the company showed revenues of $ 2 million by 2010 revenue Glasses Direct was $ 5 million, and the number of employees – 70 people. Over the entire period of its existence the company has attracted more than $ 34 million investment.

Design for the pages of MySpace

Ashley Kuols owner of the site valued at $ 1.5 million

Ashley Kuols owner of the site valued at $ 1.5 million

How to make a design for MySpace pages can be found in fourteen native of Detroit Ashley Kuols. In March 2006, Kuols, which owns an Internet project called Whateverlife.com, got an offer to sell the project for $ 1.5 million, but later rejected it.

Natalya Kaspersky: Spyware in every office

Spyware in each office

Natalya Kaspersky tells how the anti-virus program has helped her become the first Russian businesswomen IT-industry. Oleg Tinkoff visitor answers the questions: how to prevent leakage of company secrets and why she does not sell his business for $ 2 billion.

Daniel Shader: Main thing is not to give up!

Daniel Shader in 1998 starts the processing of transactions between buyer and seller on eBay under the domain name Accept.com. Several months passed unexpectedly eBay official chooses a competitor Shedera as settlement services, it was actually a sentence Accept, Sheder already managed to attract the company $ 5 million

«I thought it would end – says shader. – I was, incidentally, received a very serious lesson: never give up».

He refocused the business and was the predecessor to PayPal – service to transfer money on the internet. Less than half of the year, Amazon.com acquired Accept a $ 175 million.

Now Sheder start in Internet business for the fourth time. His new project PayNearMe, it allows users to purchase no-name credit card, paying by cash at any grocery store now popular in the U.S. network of 7-Eleven. The process works this way: the user have chosen a product from Amazon.com and wants to pay in cash. Project Shedera generates an order form and a picture with a bar code already in the store scans the barcode seller accepts cash, issue a check and sends a signal that you can send an order. Those who do not have the printer can get at any store network 7-Eleven, as they currently about 6,000, a free card and use it PayNearMe Vice barcode printing. PayNearMe takes from 2% to 3% commission for every successful operation of the commission goes to the network 7-Eleven.

As well as Accept.com, PayNearMe began its work in a very different format – the service short-term loans in social games. But Shader secretly heard that Facebook is preparing a similar service and reoriented so as not to engage in pre-game losing with Facebook. But he did not get used to the old experience helps.

«The main thing in Internet business – to gather sensible team of people who focus on the specific task,” – says on its way shader to do business.

By the way, he calls himself a veteran of the Internet “, in his 49 years he has not lost courage and did not even grayer.

In the autumn of 1998, when eBay took the offer of his competitors, sorry shader applied to the company, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which invested in his startup, spoke about the issue and decided to return the money. “They thought I clinked glasses – he says. – They told me that I better come up with something.”

The money for the treasury. I have a sea of ideas - Daniel Shader

"The money for the treasury. I have a sea of ideas", - Daniel Shader

After lengthy negotiations with Amazon shader looks picked up a new business. While his wife lived in Seattle (headquarters Amazom.com), he helped his friend Khan and looking for new ideas in California. Khan, at that time member of the board of directors of Good Technology, a company engaged in the creation of compact mp3-player that connects to the PDA. The company had problems and asked Khan to revive it.

Deal with the shader network of 7-Eleven is not exclusive, because he’s going to sign contracts with other networks and other partners. Service EBillMe offers similar services and has even more powerful, which includes all the stores of networks such as Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven and CVS in the United States. However EBillMe takes no percentage of the transaction from the seller, as is done in PayNearMe, a flat fee of $ 5 for every successful transaction, the buyer. “Model for PayNearMe certainly interesting in that it is free for buyers, but in the end everything depends on the coverage, but we have it as widely as possible,” – retorted Maruen Forzli, CEO EBillMe.

In this market, there is considerable potential: about a quarter of households in the U.S. do not use if you pay by credit or debit card. Almost 37% of families whose annual income is below $ 30 000 (target shader) are (according to the consultancy EMarket) broadband internet. Also, Shader says that buying online can be a cash card accounts from people who do not want to get into debt.

The shader was born and lived in Palo Alto (the cradle of Silicon Valley), California. His father having a degree in mathematics, worked in business development by IBM, and his mother taught in the elementary grades. After graduating from the Faculty of Industrial Technology at the University of California at Berkeley, he was hired consultant Bain & Co. After some time the shader has been successfully in business school at Stanford University.

His next career step was a company Go Corp., Where he had the honor to meet with experts in the venture business John Doerr and Vinod Khosla, as well as Omid Kordestani, who later became principal of marketing on Google, as well as the major issuer, the distributor for the certificates of authenticity sites and the future CEO of VeriSign – Sprettonom Sklavosom. Go was a pioneer in the field of computer systems on the PIN-code. However, in 1993 the company collapsed and Shader joined the company Collabra, founded by Eric Hahn, who worked to develop software allowing to arrange discussions with the participants in the online e-mail. In 1995, Eric Hahn sold Collabra, a shader that time was in her head of international marketing, but later he resigned and ran Accept.com.

Shader spent on development of a prototype system of payments between fiz.litsami about three months and then showed the major players in Silicon Valley. Then came the Amazon and in 1999 closed the deal.

«Sell the company needed only when the bubble inflated up to a maximum” – raskazyvaet shader.

Shader criticized business plan and sent to the scrap a few thousand new mp3-player Good, fearing that customers can require a refund or technical support. At the time, RIM has announced a new BlackBerry, which was then only a two-way pager-only. The name of the venture capital of $ 40 million, decided to create a shader Short Message Service, which would work on devices that compete with the BlackBerry. Already in 2004, Good software is on the main competitor – Palm Treo. Three years have passed, and Motorola joined the game and bought Good for $ 500 million

After the sale of Good shader worked for a time at Motorola, and then left to create another project, Jasper Wireless, which develops software for cellular networks. He raised $ 25 million, but in 2008 went out of business after a falling out with co-founder.

In this shader is not stopped, and in 2009 conceived Kwedit, a company that was supposed to issue short-term loans for the purchase of virtual items in games like company Zynga on Farmville and Mafia Wars. In the first nine months of the shader has attracted $ 3 million and signed a contract with by the same 7-Eleven on the admission of cash. After the shader heard that Facebook is planning to soon break into the market for micro-gamers, shader did not give up and after consulting with the management of 7-Eleven, which is owned by a Japanese company Seven & I Holdings, has decided to start up service for all electronic transactions. “All clients must have the same opportunities when purchasing goods, regardless of payment method”, – says Raja Doddalla, director of new services in the 7-Eleven.

Still other potential partners PayNearMe – a collection agency. Western Union also caters for the debts, but charge the debtor a fee of $ 15 or more. Company PayNearMe among which now employs 20 staff, offers this service for $ 3-5.

«Business that you have in mind will never be the way you planned it », – complains shader.

Gleb Fetisov: Investor – a state of mind

Investor – a state of mind

Gleb Fetisov – one of the most successful investors in Russia. Some of his deal to become a true legend in the world of finance. His personal fortune exceeds $ 2 billion.

Where to put the money you need at any moment?

The most successful experience of bankers, as to keep the investor – to allow them the freedom to manage money. Therefore we will now see a lot of contributions from the possibility of a partial withdrawal without loss of interest or a deposit.

Most investors prefer such universal contributions. Requiring only one thing: not to reduce the monetary threshold, which the client and the bank in advance stipulated in the contract. Now the minimum threshold ranges from 1,000 to 100 000 UAH.

rate,%interest paymentMin. sum

# Organization Investors Name rate,% interest payment Min. sum
1 Alfa-Bank All Savings 8,00 capitalization 1 000,00
2 Ukrsotsbank All Savings 7,50 at the end 100 000,00
3 Ukrsotsbank All Savings 7,50 at the end 2000,00
4 Raiffeisen Bank Aval All Universal 6,75 capitalization 100 000,00
5 Raiffeisen Bank Aval All Universal 6,50 capitalization 10 000,00
6 Raiffeisen Bank Aval All Universal 6,25 capitalization 1000,00
7 UkrSibbank All Active Money 5,00 capitalization 1000,00
8 OTP Bank All Easy money + 5,00 monthly 1 000,00
9 Prominvestbank All Demand 0,50 monthly 1000,00

We picked the most profitable deposits with withdraw money at any time, the list includes only the most reliable banks, according to the rating reliability. Total deposits, we analyzed the 25 banks. Best deals in UAH in front of you.

Financial performance of the restaurant

Many leading experts believe that the key to a successful restaurant is usually four quarters of 25% – the cost or fudkost, 25% of the costs – room rental, 25% – payroll employees, 25% – profit restaurant. Tatyana Melnikova (restaurant “Khachapuri”) also believes that in a normal restaurant profit can not exceed 25% of the . – If the profit is greater, so personnel costs reduced by up to death, or is cheating customers “. The average profitability of projects in the market is 15%. If less, not worth powder and shot.

According to Tatyana Melnikova, if 32% of the cost – the restaurant is not a long stretch. It’s worth noting that the cost of meals is growing every year, because there is inflation, prices rise. Vladislav Dudakov (“KofeHauz”) cautions – “This year began with inflation, the street food crisis, food prices are growing and will grow anywhere else in the 10% accurate.”

The maximum payback period – two to two and a half years. If the profit after two years of work to be seen, then either place was not chosen well or does not match the concept, or pick up experience and skills management, either – they steal.

How to attract customers in new internet project

problem of finding clients – an important issue for any company, but for startups – especially important. In fact any start-up begins with the authors of their own investments in the project. Money on advertising are often there, and to attract clients is urgently needed. Denis Alaev, co-founder of geolocation service AlterEgo, formulated the 7 tips that are designed to help beginners to attract the first customers in online projects.

Communicate in thematic community

Your first clients – very interested in your service people. You have to solve their pressing problems. It is best to offer this service may be subject to the communities where people mainly come to solve a particular problem. When we launched AlterGeo, at first the service was, how-to platform for Wi-Fi navigation. So I just climbed up on the various forums on the Wi-Fi, where people were talking on Wi-Fi, how to determine the location, etc. How to choose a resource? Quite simply, if the forum or in the conferences have comments – it means life “living» and there will be people who would be interested in your service.

On time and professionally react to complaints and suggestions

From those of the first visitors / customers will come to you depends on someone else or not. For a man, it is important that it be heard, but how to convey it, via e-mail or phone, will depend on the specifics of your project. Of course I would recommend both, as in most cases the response speed is not critical and it is possible to manage e-mail message. If you have brought some damage, be sure to give compensation or discount. This is important. If there is no damage, it is enough to apologize and to promise that more is not repeated.

Be patient

Sometimes there is a feeling that the user base does not grow as fast as you thought. She almost always does not grow as fast as it wants. Certainly very slow growth says that business is something wrong. But the temptation to adjust base growth must be restrained, may be tempted to start an active newsletter users to share such as “Bring a Friend”, which are not pleasing methods. If you are properly arranged on the site, if the service is good and convenient, people will eventually do recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

Communicate personally

With your first clients try to communicate in person, especially in the beginning they will not so much. Write a letter, or even call, ask them how your service, everything is like, maybe they would like to change something or improve. People love attention and always talk about it or write a blog. The truth need not be too intrusive, as it can play a bad joke, and users of the principle will not attend your service.

Remember and advertising

Promotion of social media – a good thing and working, but advertising is still needed. Discussion in the community, SMM (Social media marketing), SMO (Social media optimization) can not distance constant stream of customers, these methods can only be a background, some early users of the kernel. For significant growth – need advertising. The main influx of people is carried out only through advertising.

Do not promise too much

If you have something to announce, or have promised, it should be 100% sure that it is able to do this. When we launched the site, many times we have announced some useful options in mobile applications, for example support for “Yandex.Maps” in the Android-version. But to improve and could not, because they always put off as low priority. We have good reason, force majeure. However, at some point we noticed that the complaints began to rise. The paradox, but: users were upset by these minor changes, which we all promised, but failed to comply with, at the service as a whole worked well.

Enter all the time for something new

This is very useful for service and for customers as it encourages them to go more often to the site, but did you have any interesting lotion? Over time it becomes a habit, and users will always enter the site. Such improvement should be planned in advance, even at the stage of project development.

Oleg Chirkunov: Top officials have come out of the business

Top officials come out of business

Visiting Oleg Tinkoff head of the Russian region, a man who was a former businessman, but it is now the governor of the Perm region – Oleg Chirkunov. Communication of business and government officials sometimes runs in different languages. Why is this happening? What does a man need to live comfortably?

Which restaurant to open

Open a restaurant for himself, for the image, for friends – a bad practice. Profits will not be here, as well as something in the style of “a la Novikov,” hoping the temptation to the public. In order to “create a get-together,” the same as in Ginza Project, or by Dmitry Borisov in Moscow, should be directly in the get-together to be part of it “- says a representative of CDF (Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, approx. Ed.) Denis Yakhno.

Which restaurant should open a newcomer to earn it? One of the most common opinion – it’s fast food or low-cost institution for each day, but this is subject to the development of the network as one or two institution would not be very profitable.

But, as noted, Vlad Dudakov, CEO of the network “KofeHauz” – “Today, to enter the market with a network – a very expensive pleasure, as to what it was 5-7 years ago».

Denis Yakhno identifies other types of institutions, this premium format (gains achieved by high margins and excellent service), as well as a club (not profit at the expense of high production costs). Roman Rozhnikovsky believes that success will have a project that is designed for daily demand, but on condition that “the quality is higher and the price – lower.” Tatyana Melnikova (Restaurant “Khachapuri”), believes that now everywhere is not enough cozy, conceptually sustained the city’s cafes.

«All run to open the glamor of the poor, with Italian-Japanese-Ukrainian compote on the menu – this format is” all in one “has already become boring. Now is the time from the city’s cafes and cozy atmosphere and moderate check, regardless of what you ordered, and the quality of cooked food: Ukrainian, Georgian and European cuisine. “- Says Tatiana.

Location for a restaurant: a very important detail

The decisive factor for success in the restaurant business as well as the retail consider the location of facilities.

«You can do anything a fanciful design with a beautiful concept, but if he does not have a good place, if not resisted, is unlikely to be successful”, – says Yekaterina Drozdova, the owner of the cafe “Ragu».
How then to determine how well the chosen place in the institution? Take the example of a company Rosinter, which takes into account a range of factors: first, infrastructure, and secondly, the transport and chelovekopotok, well and thirdly, the visibility of the restaurant and its signs, the proximity to the subway.

Traditionally Luxury restaurants and more democratic institution prefer the city center. Country variants rather suitable for very hyped or restaurateur to a very brave investors. Family-like facilities, various cafes, coffee shops, fine can range in retail and business centers, as well as through-streets near the metro stations.

Formats for «fast casual» and «casual dining» (Ukrainian institutions such as «Coffe Life», «StarBucks» or any other non network version) perfectly fit into airport infrastructure, and at the station, rather, is relevant to «fast food». However, the division into such formats and their appropriateness – is conventional stuff.

In addition to the geography of institutions plays an important role and the room itself: square meters, air conditioning, power, a backdoor, etc. If electrical power is enough only for one coffee machine, then of course, that somehow no-one may say, you can not build a major production. Or, conversely, it is possible to organize a full cycle, but the seats in the hall is limited and seats will be a little bit. All this must be borne in mind, compare the size institution with the size of the area, planned capacity, before taking it out.