Предприниматель | Информационно-аналитический журнал - Part 50

Financial performance of the restaurant

Many leading experts believe that the key to a successful restaurant is usually four quarters of 25% – the cost or fudkost, 25% of the costs – room rental, 25% – payroll employees, 25% – profit restaurant. Tatyana Melnikova (restaurant “Khachapuri”) also believes that in a normal restaurant profit can not exceed 25% of the . – If the profit is greater, so personnel costs reduced by up to death, or is cheating customers “. The average profitability of projects in the market is 15%. If less, not worth powder and shot.

According to Tatyana Melnikova, if 32% of the cost – the restaurant is not a long stretch. It’s worth noting that the cost of meals is growing every year, because there is inflation, prices rise. Vladislav Dudakov (“KofeHauz”) cautions – “This year began with inflation, the street food crisis, food prices are growing and will grow anywhere else in the 10% accurate.”

The maximum payback period – two to two and a half years. If the profit after two years of work to be seen, then either place was not chosen well or does not match the concept, or pick up experience and skills management, either – they steal.

How to attract customers in new internet project

problem of finding clients – an important issue for any company, but for startups – especially important. In fact any start-up begins with the authors of their own investments in the project. Money on advertising are often there, and to attract clients is urgently needed. Denis Alaev, co-founder of geolocation service AlterEgo, formulated the 7 tips that are designed to help beginners to attract the first customers in online projects.

Communicate in thematic community

Your first clients – very interested in your service people. You have to solve their pressing problems. It is best to offer this service may be subject to the communities where people mainly come to solve a particular problem. When we launched AlterGeo, at first the service was, how-to platform for Wi-Fi navigation. So I just climbed up on the various forums on the Wi-Fi, where people were talking on Wi-Fi, how to determine the location, etc. How to choose a resource? Quite simply, if the forum or in the conferences have comments – it means life “living» and there will be people who would be interested in your service.

On time and professionally react to complaints and suggestions

From those of the first visitors / customers will come to you depends on someone else or not. For a man, it is important that it be heard, but how to convey it, via e-mail or phone, will depend on the specifics of your project. Of course I would recommend both, as in most cases the response speed is not critical and it is possible to manage e-mail message. If you have brought some damage, be sure to give compensation or discount. This is important. If there is no damage, it is enough to apologize and to promise that more is not repeated.

Be patient

Sometimes there is a feeling that the user base does not grow as fast as you thought. She almost always does not grow as fast as it wants. Certainly very slow growth says that business is something wrong. But the temptation to adjust base growth must be restrained, may be tempted to start an active newsletter users to share such as “Bring a Friend”, which are not pleasing methods. If you are properly arranged on the site, if the service is good and convenient, people will eventually do recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

Communicate personally

With your first clients try to communicate in person, especially in the beginning they will not so much. Write a letter, or even call, ask them how your service, everything is like, maybe they would like to change something or improve. People love attention and always talk about it or write a blog. The truth need not be too intrusive, as it can play a bad joke, and users of the principle will not attend your service.

Remember and advertising

Promotion of social media – a good thing and working, but advertising is still needed. Discussion in the community, SMM (Social media marketing), SMO (Social media optimization) can not distance constant stream of customers, these methods can only be a background, some early users of the kernel. For significant growth – need advertising. The main influx of people is carried out only through advertising.

Do not promise too much

If you have something to announce, or have promised, it should be 100% sure that it is able to do this. When we launched the site, many times we have announced some useful options in mobile applications, for example support for “Yandex.Maps” in the Android-version. But to improve and could not, because they always put off as low priority. We have good reason, force majeure. However, at some point we noticed that the complaints began to rise. The paradox, but: users were upset by these minor changes, which we all promised, but failed to comply with, at the service as a whole worked well.

Enter all the time for something new

This is very useful for service and for customers as it encourages them to go more often to the site, but did you have any interesting lotion? Over time it becomes a habit, and users will always enter the site. Such improvement should be planned in advance, even at the stage of project development.

Oleg Chirkunov: Top officials have come out of the business

Top officials come out of business

Visiting Oleg Tinkoff head of the Russian region, a man who was a former businessman, but it is now the governor of the Perm region – Oleg Chirkunov. Communication of business and government officials sometimes runs in different languages. Why is this happening? What does a man need to live comfortably?

Which restaurant to open

Open a restaurant for himself, for the image, for friends – a bad practice. Profits will not be here, as well as something in the style of “a la Novikov,” hoping the temptation to the public. In order to “create a get-together,” the same as in Ginza Project, or by Dmitry Borisov in Moscow, should be directly in the get-together to be part of it “- says a representative of CDF (Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, approx. Ed.) Denis Yakhno.

Which restaurant should open a newcomer to earn it? One of the most common opinion – it’s fast food or low-cost institution for each day, but this is subject to the development of the network as one or two institution would not be very profitable.

But, as noted, Vlad Dudakov, CEO of the network “KofeHauz” – “Today, to enter the market with a network – a very expensive pleasure, as to what it was 5-7 years ago».

Denis Yakhno identifies other types of institutions, this premium format (gains achieved by high margins and excellent service), as well as a club (not profit at the expense of high production costs). Roman Rozhnikovsky believes that success will have a project that is designed for daily demand, but on condition that “the quality is higher and the price – lower.” Tatyana Melnikova (Restaurant “Khachapuri”), believes that now everywhere is not enough cozy, conceptually sustained the city’s cafes.

«All run to open the glamor of the poor, with Italian-Japanese-Ukrainian compote on the menu – this format is” all in one “has already become boring. Now is the time from the city’s cafes and cozy atmosphere and moderate check, regardless of what you ordered, and the quality of cooked food: Ukrainian, Georgian and European cuisine. “- Says Tatiana.

Location for a restaurant: a very important detail

The decisive factor for success in the restaurant business as well as the retail consider the location of facilities.

«You can do anything a fanciful design with a beautiful concept, but if he does not have a good place, if not resisted, is unlikely to be successful”, – says Yekaterina Drozdova, the owner of the cafe “Ragu».
How then to determine how well the chosen place in the institution? Take the example of a company Rosinter, which takes into account a range of factors: first, infrastructure, and secondly, the transport and chelovekopotok, well and thirdly, the visibility of the restaurant and its signs, the proximity to the subway.

Traditionally Luxury restaurants and more democratic institution prefer the city center. Country variants rather suitable for very hyped or restaurateur to a very brave investors. Family-like facilities, various cafes, coffee shops, fine can range in retail and business centers, as well as through-streets near the metro stations.

Formats for «fast casual» and «casual dining» (Ukrainian institutions such as «Coffe Life», «StarBucks» or any other non network version) perfectly fit into airport infrastructure, and at the station, rather, is relevant to «fast food». However, the division into such formats and their appropriateness – is conventional stuff.

In addition to the geography of institutions plays an important role and the room itself: square meters, air conditioning, power, a backdoor, etc. If electrical power is enough only for one coffee machine, then of course, that somehow no-one may say, you can not build a major production. Or, conversely, it is possible to organize a full cycle, but the seats in the hall is limited and seats will be a little bit. All this must be borne in mind, compare the size institution with the size of the area, planned capacity, before taking it out.

Alexander Evdokimov: Business aviation came out of the peak

Business aviation out of the peak

In the new edition of the owner of «Jet group» Alexander Evdokimov showed how you can create millions of businesses without large upfront investments. Find wishing to make a private flight and a business jet for him. Just do not put profit in planes – planes of some losses.

Tony Hayes: Russian women are not feminists

Russian women are not feminists

In 1993, the American businessman Tony Hayes left his business in New York and arrived in Russia. Here he created the largest company neon sign «Trinity Neon» and legendary night club “Hungry Duck.” In the 18 years spent in Russia, Tony had never learned to speak in Russian.

The cost of PJSC “Ukrtatnafta” — $ 2 billion

The value of shares of PJSC “Ukrtatnafta” Igor V. estimated, but potential buyers to date yet.

There are currently 43% stake in the plant belongs to the state in the face of “Naftogaz Ukraine”. 10% of the shares is the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Net income PAO “Ukrtatnafta” on the basis of the past 2010 was 377.731 million UAH, the year before the crisis in 2009, the company suffered losses amounting to UAH 621.463 million.

Note: ПJSC “Ukrtatnafta” (the Kremenchug oil refinery plant located in the Poltava region) – one of the largest refineries in Ukraine, production capacity 18.6 million tons. Operational control of the PSC “Ukrtatnafta” in 2007 established the “Private”, earlier this plant operated Russian “Tatneft”.

Eugene Finkelstein: The Alla Pugacheva, we are partners

With Alla Pugacheva, we are partners

PMI Corporation owner Eugene Finkelstein organized concerts in Russia, many international stars, including Madonna. Also Eugene busy developer activity. In the construction of a new musical theater in St. Petersburg, he invests with Alla Pugacheva.

Corporation “Alef” workshop will start bottling Scotch Whisky

“Alef-Vinal” until June of this year, plans to launch a line for bottling of scotch in the Crimea. This was announced by director of marketing for the company “Alef-Vinal” Anatoly Kogan.

«The volume of production can not yet name. The amount of investment to build a plant was about $ 1.5 million plus an amount for the purchase of whiskey “- said Kogan.

According to him, a bottle of whiskey with the volume of 0.7 liters, will cost about 110 USD. He added that this year’s assortment of filled up with new kinds of vodka, the company also plans to increase production relative to 2010 by 1.5 times and bring turnover to $ 1.2 million addition in 2011, the company plans to plant another 140 hectares of vineyards, bringing the number up to 3,650 hectares.

Note: “Alef-Vinal” is a company “Alef”. Founder of the group is Vadim Ermolaev.