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Gennadiy Bogolyubov increased its stake in Privatbank

Gennadiy Bogolyubov – the second major co-owner of Privat increased the proportion of share capital by 0.03 percent, to 49.027% of shares.

According to the press service of the largest bank in Ukraine.

“Based on information from the registrar the following changes in ownership of the company, which owns 10% or more of the voting shares. At the moment, Gennady Bogolyubov in the proper asset is 23773384 pcs. ordinary shares (49.027% of the share capital), “- says the site Privat.

Recall, the largest commercial bank “Privat” own Igor Kolomoisky (49.154%) and Gennady Bogolyubov (48.997%), and small packets have higher management of the bank. According to the NBU’s assets Privat up 104.4 billion UAH, loans issued by legal entities – 71.7 UAH billion, loans of individuals – 19.3 billion USD. Among the commitments PrivaiBanka, who incidentally reached 92.9 billion USD, there are tools in the population of 45.5 billion USD, funds of enterprises in the amount of UAH 18.2 billion.

The amount of bank’s equity capital is 11.5 billion USD.

Oleg Uvarov: Erysipelas more!

Beget as much as possible!

Beginner businessman Oleg Uvarov only a few months ago, arrived in Moscow and has already organized online shop selling strollers. Young businessman told of his crusade and called on women to bear as many children, well, our half-baked Santa Claus of course supported by his message of demographic expensive for Russians.

On Monday, the price may be called the privatization of “Ukrtelecom”

Today is the last period of work on the assessment of shares of Ukrtelecom, which planned to sell. “The contract we signed with the State Property Fund, today – the last day of the assessment of the property sold. On Monday, we will give all the information SPF, after which the fund will examine it and if it deems it necessary to make a some changes “, – says Alexey amphitheater.

However, when asked how much appreciated shares of state companies, refused to answer, citing a confidentiality agreement.

Experts still expected, how much can be assessed Ukrtelecom package, for example consulting firm, “The Island” appreciated the majority at or above the reserve price, which was proposed and approved by the ESU SPF, which incidentally is the only bidder state-owned operator. The company offered to pay 10 USD more than it has been suggested that MFI – 10.5 billion USD. The same opinion is shared by Denis Belov, a financial analyst at Astrum IM.

Oleg Tinkov: The world changed employers

Oleg Tinkov: The world has changed employers

Oleg Tinkoff, chairman of the bank “Tinkoff. Credit system. “Oleg reveals the meaning and the idea of ​​entrepreneurship, the benefits of entrepreneurial freedom and how to find it.

Irina Razumova: People want to spend on health

Irina Razumova: People want to spend on health

Irina Razumova, founder of the fitness centers “Planet Fitness” talks about his entrepreneurial ways, the market of sports and fitness, as well as its underwater reefs.

In Uanet counted 11.3 million users

Ukrainian Internet has grown, and the number of users grew by 29% compared to December 2009. According to research gemiusAudience, which were held by “Gemius Ukraine”, the number of Internet users totaled about 11.3 million people.

Gender composition of the audience is almost balanced, men more than 51% of total Internet users, women – 49%. Both women and men spend on the Internet the same amount of time.

However, in the Ukrainian Internet audience continues to be young: 36% of audience from 14 to 24 years, 29% – a group of 25 to 34 years.

Picture 1. The Ukrainian online audience by age, December 2010 *

As the results of the study, most users access the Internet from a home PC (89.38%), less often – in an Internet cafe or at school / institute (12.55 and 7.26%).

About 59% of the audience lives in cities with populations over 500 thousand people.

Kyiv and Kyiv region remain the most advanced in terms of Internet, the region (see Figure 2 ).

Picture 2. The Ukrainian online audiences by region, December 2010 *

Recall, according to various estimates (including these “iKS-Consulting”) audience, which enjoys the services of broadband Internet access, at the end of 2010 amounted to some 3 million people.

Victor Remsha: Internet — affordable access to a person

Internet — affordable access to a person

Victor Remsha, founder of the holding company “Finam”, talks about financial markets and the development of the Internet.
Group of Companies “Finam” in late 2010 was awarded the title “Largest broker in 2010” according to RBC.

Southern Mining has new chairman

On April 30, 2010 to chair today with the prefix “Acting” held Korolenko (see photo).

Later he was appointed the new head YuGOK after scandal with the dismissal of a top manager Sergey Barabanov due to inefficient management of the enterprise, resulting in YuGOK 2009 ended with a loss of USD 73.6 million, while revenue fell by more than half (53.7 %), to 2.12 billion hryvnia.

These dismal results have forced the shareholders to change the company’s management, which would have been able to establish effective working mill, identified the program of modernization and development strategy, which until then just do not do it. Shareholders put on Michael Korolenko, who started his career at Southern GOK.

Subsequently, the month of August YuGOK could reach record levels for the implementation of its products, which could not achieve in 10 years. This was facilitated by better management of sales, of course, not without improving the overall situation in the iron ore market in Ukraine and the world at large. With these factors, the company managed to increase sales of iron ore by 52% (to 1.8 million tonnes) as against the same period last year.

In the first and third quarters of 2010 the volume of sinter production rose by 61% (to 1.09 million tons), compared to the same period last year, and concentrate production by 38.4% (to 5.8 million tons).

The new management so developed an investment program in the production of the 2010 total of 370 million USD, which was implemented from September. The bulk of investments will go to repair existing equipment, as well as to purchase a new one. “It has to ensure smooth operation of the plant and lay the foundation for future development” – says Korolenko.

Ex-pats in Ukraine: the pros and cons

Yuriy Atanasov, CEO of the holding “Centravis” of typical mistakes in hiring expats, their strengths and priority of teamwork.

Immediately answer the question: Yes, an international team can be effective in the management of the Ukrainian company. Another thing is that for some businesses this team is like a luxury car: for the image to have a pretty good, but on our roads makes sense to go for something simpler.

For me, it is abundantly clear that the global business development – is a stable trend, which involves including local companies. Even while remaining a local, any company is increasingly experiencing competition from international agents, or involved in an international project through close interaction with their customers. In any case, an expat – this is a good support for a team that strives to reach an international level of management. Attracting foreign expert significantly accelerates the development team. Moreover, this HR-reception should be a way to not only address specific short-term goals of the company, but to pursue a global goal: to actively develop the capacity of the whole team.

The presence of expat tops – is a strong factor in building a positive company image in the eyes of foreign partners. But the bottom line, of course, not individual stars on a gray sky. The impression will be much stronger if the external observer sees a balanced team, feels like she interacts effectively, providing a stable result.

Foreign experts have an obvious advantage over managers who have learned the native style of management. Expatriates are building a business on the Western model, which is based on principles such as the promotion of local initiatives, a clear delineation of responsibilities, feedback from subordinates. But after some time, and the company has already created the appropriate corporate culture that generates its own distinct candidates for the top position among the key leaders of the average.

Today Centravis sells seamless stainless steel pipe in 70 countries. This does not mean that our team has come from each region. But I know that, if necessary strategic decision to market such as Germany, I must draw to consult the German. Moreover, for the expertise we can draw more than one or two expatriates, and to organize the discussion by inviting foreign experts 5.10, each of which has its own point of view. When there is expertise, which consists of the views of managers, to work in different countries, the risk of a decision, which would run counter to the culture and practices of the target market is much lower.

From his personal experience of communication with foreign experts, I want to note their greater openness to new knowledge and experience.

I have long paid attention to one interesting feature: the larger is the professional manager, the more it is open to new knowledge, does not hesitate to ask questions and to show respect for the expertise of colleagues. This quality is often not enough local managers.

Among the cons – “Lost in Translation.” Obviously, this is the main obstacle to the formation of international teams. On the other hand, the presence of foreigners in the team as nothing more than stimulate the increase language proficiency of other employees.

I want to mention two typical mistake made by the Ukrainian enterprises, attracting foreign experts. First of all, no work experience, education and certifications are not one hundred percent guarantee that this specialist will really benefit the company. An unfortunate fact is that many ex-pats with good diplomas, but with poor results are ready to accept work in the Ukraine because they can not find anything suitable at home.

Second, high-quality expert, imported from abroad – is the possibility of development, which still need to be able to properly use it. And if it should be, for example, in charge of sales in Ukraine, consider that you have missed this opportunity. Everyone should be in place and the place of an alien – is a strategic questions (if top), or foreign markets or foreign customers in the domestic market. Rash to expect from an American manager, not speaking in Russian, a rapid effect in the management of our production.

I propose to treat foreigners as experts, bearers of knowledge, working in specific markets. In all other Ukrainians and foreigners – are the same managers. The only question of competence, the ability to correctly solve the problem.

In fact, in the end there is only one criterion for assessing the success of integration in the expat team – this is his reputation among his colleagues. Just being authoritative manager will be a leader and lead the changes his team ahead.

Top 10 richest Ukrainian expats

A list of the most successful Ukrainian expats contains 21 Americans, 5 Brits, 3 Germans. First place in the ranking is the owner of the newspaper that and spent the study Mohammad Zahoor, whose fortune, variously estimated between $ 500 million to $ 1 billion group of companies ISTIL Group, owned by Mohammed previously had a majority of its assets in metallurgy, and with the onset of the crisis the company more concentrated its activities in real estate and media business.

Second place goes to Tomas Fiala, Director General of the IR Dragon Capital. His fortune is estimated at $ 100 million, Tomas was born in the Czech Republic in Brno, while still young in 1996, he came to Ukraine at the age of 22 years.

Third place went to an ethnic Ukrainian born in Poland Bogdan Batruh, worth an estimated $ 83 million, is engaged in kinodistributsiey. Bogdan Batruh controls a network of cinemas “Movie Palace” across the Ukraine (15 cinemas).

  1. Michael Don and Benny Golani, the U.S. share a common condition in the $ 46 million are engaged in the restaurant business, owns the restaurant chain “World Map”, about 30 institutions.
  2. David and Daniel Svir, the U.S. accumulated $ 31 million for two. Are the owners of the agro-industrial group “Kyiv-Atlantic Group”.
  3. Joan Boden and Carl Sturen, Sweden also have a double, $ 26 million specialize in nutrition, in 1995 attracted investments and founded the company Chumak, which currently is one of the major producers of power in Ukraine.
  4. Jerzy Konik, Poland managed to save $ 24 million, began his career with a business in Ukraine, was committed to selling the flowers of many colors. In 2003, built a plant for the production of contraceptives (brand Perfekt) in Lviv region, for the moment the brand is 20% of the Ukrainian market. Should build another plant, also in the Lviv region, but the retreading truck called Euromeister for $ 2.5 million
  5. Robert Koenig and Falk Nebiger, USA and Germany. Have a $ 23 million in ya two. Own network of fast-food Mr.Snack. Also, are the owners of 15 shops of clothes, which are the brands of companies Richemont Group: Alfred Dunhill, Montblanc, Roger Dubuis, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels.
  6. Jed Sunden, the U.S. earned $ 16.5 million Founded Media Holding KP Media, which in turn holds weekly “Reporter” news site Korrespondent.net. and Internet portal Bigmir.net.
  7. Joseph Lemire, USA. The assets of Joseph according to different estimates $ 12-15 million, owns real estate and media resources. Owns radio Gala Radio.