Предприниматель | Информационно-аналитический журнал - Part 65

Gennady Korban, “Impact on “1+1″ – more than have its own faction in parliament …”

Private”- the non-public business group in Ukraine, whose principal owner – Igor Kolomoisky – live in Geneva, and everything else is a citizen of Israel.

Gennady Korban – a ram and a ladle of “Private”. His name occurs in the context of corporate conflicts of this team. Although primarily known Korban raider country, and its methods – outrageous, he prefers to call himself “Conflict”.

In an extensive interview, “Ukrainian Truth” Corban first revealed many secrets of the “Private”. On some of them previously only guessed the public, and some even became a revelation.

– The “Private” is perhaps the most closed business empire in Ukraine. Do you plan some more public activities?

– Structuring, as does, say, Akhmetov? … He, I believe, exposes your business to political risks. I’m not going to criticize him, it’s a private matter businessman.

He structures the assets of myself and the company SCM, where he also – the owner of 90%. There is obvious risk for a businessman – owner of billions of dollars of assets.

I think sooner or later Kolomoisky assets and partners – what you call a group “Privat” – are somehow structured, displayed on the world markets, will get some form and content.

– Can you say exactly what is included in the group “Privat”?

– This is a very large ferroalloy holding a very large oil holding company, Metallurgical Holding, a coke business is engineering assets. They are less relevant, but they are. Are there any nutritional assets such as brand name “Biola.”

But we can not say that the group “Privat” – is a certain group or some kind of legal entity, which is owned by two or three people. It’s just a group of partners, and Kolomoisky has partners in this business.

– And you – a partner?

– I am a partner in several businesses Kolomoisky, but not for some strategic directions – it is a legal business, business, associated with PR, with some media.

– So you Kolomoisky partner in a media holding company, which is created on the basis of UNIAN?

– Yes. I, Gennady Korban, together with my partner at the legal business, Boris Filatov owns 25% of UNIAN.

But recently formed holding company based on the “Glavred”, which went in UNIAN. If our share count, it may happen that we belong somewhere 12,5% “Glavred”.

– What is the situation with the channels of the “City” and “Movie”?

– They may have come into this holding “Glavred”.

– That is, Tretyakov – partner Kolomoisky?

– Tretyakov – also a partner. Tretyakov has a share in the media holding company.

– What?

– I can not say that.

– That is, holding “Glavred media” – is the property of the four partners, Kolomoisky, Korban, Filatov and Tretyakov?

– If you overdo, you can say so.

– Explain the situation with the purchase of Igor Kolomoisky shares of CME, which owns the “1 +1”? Kolomoisky bought by itself or as a representative of this group of people?

– No, Kolomoisky personally owns 3% of the CME, which acts as a shareholder, “1 +1”.

Now with Kolomoisky Lauder teamed up. As far as I know, has the right to Kolomoisky affect no more than a destination management company “1 +1”.

– What do you mean by the appointment of management?

– If he is dissatisfied with the leadership of the channel “1 +1” if it fails to meet its objectives, it can initiate their retirement.


– And as was stated? 3% – too small to influence a company …

– There is a board of directors. And every member of the board, obviously, has some responsibility. Kolomoisky as a fairly powerful businessman in Ukraine, will affect the Ukrainian assets of CME and voice their opinions, but for him to listen. No more, no less. It’s just a board of directors.

Plus, there is an option to Kolomoisky 40% of the channel “1 +1”. This option is worth tens of millions of dollars back in 2003 or 2004, was bought from Messrs. Rodnyansky and Fooksman. Now this option is going to realize Kolomoisky, but only with the consent of CME.

– How much time will be in proportion Kolomoisky “1 +1”?

– In the case of the option it will have 40% of “1 +1”.

– But before the court invalidated all agreements and Kolomoisky Rodnyansky!

– If you want to understand the nuances, you’ll have to catch the legal technicalities. I had an option to Kolomoisky Fuksmanom and Rodnyansky, which is caused, first of all, the consent of CME.

That is, before you exercise the option, the CME as the owner of the vast package has a preferential right – the right of first refusal.

At that time, the CME has agreed, but that agreement appeared in the form of e-mails. Therefore we can not say it was a deal. And Kolomoisky filed a lawsuit on the recognition of the so-called verbal deal he reached with Rodnyansky and Fuksmanom.

Today, probably, written consent of CME on the implementation of this option. And this is – is a new process. Our Ukraine has the right regulatory, formal … Formally, at the time Kolomoisky could not file documents showing actual prisoner deal between him and Rodnyansky Fuksmanom. So was invented by a certain design, it had a controversial …

– you acknowledge it, and yet, on the basis of a verbal agreement and Kolomoisky Rodnyansky you tried to prove that the contract between them …

– But money is been paid! They got most of the money. Fuksman and Rodnyansky are well aware that it was not a verbal deal.

And when they went to court and protested that no agreements are not concluded, they actually lied, because there is such a treaty. Just do not sign these contracts they are personally, and offshore companies affiliated with him.

These documents we have, and if you give Kolomoisky requirement to implement the option – with the consent of CME – Fuksman not have the right to refuse him. If he fails Fuksman – then, of course, Kolomoisky is entitled to accuse him of cheating and other dirty things.

– A channel “1 +1” will enter the holding “Glavred”?

– I think not. “1 +1” – a separate business projects, especially with a partner by the name Lauder. Therefore, Lauder also be called the group “Privat” (smiles).

– Everyone says “Private Party”. As in the group decision-making? Partners quarterly sit down and work out tactics and strategy? Or is a Kolomoisky?

– Kolomoisky in fact a very democratic person, although he is credited with various horror stories. Every business has a managing partner and that person is fully responsible for this trend to all the partners – to himself and to the partners Kolomoisky Kolomoisky.

– That is the managing partner – is a key link?

– Yes.

– In what areas do you have managing partner Kolomoisky?

– I run a business in real estate – shopping malls in Dnepropetrovsk – and research project “Proton 21”. This is – a private physical laboratory, which is separated from the former Institute of Nuclear Technology.

– There are already some invention?

– Yes, of course. There are great works, but mostly they go to the West, the local Academy of Sciences does not recognize them. In fact, scholars of the “Proton-21” open method of cold termoyadra. Cold fusion reaction – a dream of mankind, the energy from nothing! (skeptical)

– It’s business on the verge of national security?

– Yes, on this occasion there is a very large volume of correspondence between the National Security Council, Security Service, with all sorts of bodies.

– And the media do not you managing partner?

– We manage UNIANom and managing partner of Kolomoisky “Glavred Media” is the Tretyakov.

– What is the general aim was the creation of this media company, are you satisfied with its development?

– Holding just created, and say whether or not we are happy, very hard. After a year there will be some first reports. Because there is no Kolomoisky unhealthy political ambitions. And he is more suited to any project as a business first and foremost.

– He is a political project!

– No!

– you know, Kolomoisky supports the “Our Ukraine”!

– Maybe he supports someone … But I would not say that it is systemic support. It does not controlled by political parties or officials on the payroll.

– You know Kolomoisky – he also will never invest in one thing and will diversify the risks?!

– Yes, it will diversify risks. And definitely try to put on a future winner. He has tremendous insight!

– That is, if they say that he supports the “Our Ukraine”, BYuT, Vitrenko and Brodsky – it could be true?

– It is relative, but can … Brodsky had friendly relations, but the policies he did not give him money, I can say for sure.

– And what gave?

– They have a joint business – holding “base.” This Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill.

– That is, in fact, Brodsky also managing partner of Kolomoisky?

– No, he does not manage the business. He – a passive investor.

– Brodsky made the proposal to “Observer” also came in holding “Glavred media”?

– “Browser” – a personal business that is owned by Brodsky. Perhaps the proposals and made, but Brodsky today commended “Observer”.

– How much do you estimate UNIAN?

– From 10 million dollars.

– How much did you spend on “Glavred Media”?

– I do not know. We have merged by combining the corporate rights. An estimate of these rights, arranged, of course, with Kolomoisky Tretyakov.

– How true story that came to Kolomoisky Tretyakov in 2005 with the requirement not to buy the “1 +1”?

– In 2005 was indeed a situation in which some policies do not contribute to this process. Moreover, they urged the president and even organized a meeting with Viktor Yushchenko Lauder to Kolomoisky was not in the business “1 +1”.

– Why?

– Obviously, the fear of influence. I think that “1 +1” weight on the processes in the country – is more than have their own faction in parliament.

What is a faction in the parliament? This is 14 people. “1 +1” – is big business, big business advertising, a great influence on the public, on public opinion.

– In what is now estimated “1 +1”?

– It is hard to say. I think that no one really channel is not evaluated. I could tell their subjective evaluation, the analogy with the “Inter”. If the “Inter” is, for example, $ 300 million …

– Wait for the channel seems to have asked a billion!

– And, already a billion? At a time when the “Inter” Khoroshkovsky bought … By the way, you know that the coterie of his nickname – Ken!

– Why “Ken”?

– Well, here is his nickname in Kiev polittusovke. He, you know, for a so caring … well, a true metrosexual. (From NC: Ken – a doll, a friend of Barbie)

Therefore, the “Inter” and if today is worth a billion – is for the entire holding. A “1 +1” – is not holding this one channel.

– A channels “City” and “Cinema” is it not integrated into the “1 +1”?

– “1 +1” is neither a direct nor an indirect owner of the channel the “City” and “Cinema”. If this integration occurs, it depends primarily on the will of the CME. Since they are stockholders in the “1 +1” and “City” and in “Movies.” If the merger takes place, the value of the group increases.

But I think that today, “1 +1” as the channel is not less than the “Inter” as a channel. Because they share approximately the same advertising market. And if the “Inter” audience of 35-37% in Ukraine, then the “1 +1” – 33-35%.

– you yourself to understand who is the beneficial owner of the “Inter”? This was a lot of different walks of conflicting information …

– We – is Inter. I believe that behind it the Russian investors, Russian money. Mr Abramov, mostly.

– And that Firtash bought part – is a myth?

– It is known that Firtash sold Khoroshkovsky K1, K2 and “Megasport”. But Firtash – not the guy who just takes and disposes of assets for cash. I think it was interesting to exchange their shares in the channels on the new venture.

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Igor Kolomoisky: I would advise you not to relax – the crisis has not passed

The first part of this interview is available here: Igor Kolomoisky: Between Us Pinchuk guarantors can not be – we are currently guarantors

— In times of crisis Privatbank has received 7 billion refinancing. How do you get them — under the arrangement?

— No. Absolutely official channels.

— There was talk that a refinancing is paying bribes …

— Well, I do not know. what they say — we is not affected. There was not that a hint — even hints.

— Who do you think, proved to be better prepared for the crisis and effectively fights with him: the power or business?

— The crisis was severe enough … I find it difficult to evaluate, who behaved like — this was the first time in Ukraine. And I’ll tell you, not only the reaction of the Ukrainian authorities, but also other states was not very adequate at first. By and large, from the Ukrainian authorities not very much depended. I would say that this crisis is an objective reality that existed beyond the desire or reluctance of the reaction of the Ukrainian authorities and businessmen. And what fight? No, well, it was possible to something and fight, but the epicenter of the crisis was not in Ukraine, so the fight is nothing. He was so global in comparison with the possibilities of the Ukrainian authorities and business, that the only way? that they remain — it has something to adapt and begin to live in new conditions.

— You keep talking about the crisis in the past tense. Do you think that he had already passed?

— No, not yet passed. We must wait for the fall. The first signal that the crisis has passed can return to the level of production before the crisis. Or at least a positive trend. This yet. So I would advise you not to relax — we do not stand at the helm of the world economy and particularly on what we have no influence.

— Now all who have spare capacity, try to buy some assets. How much money have you spent on acquisitions during the crisis?

— Come on, we will not discuss the amount. In general, we have increased in different branches of our holding. Although the ferroalloy business, we have not increased their power, did not buy anything. Had only some repairs and tried to adjust to market requirements in a crisis. But in general, where a given new assets, somewhere got new fields are, somewhere — infrastructure elements. And, of course, bought everything crisis priced inexpensively. Here, in particular, strengthened in the oil business, we have now is still fairly complicated design of the transaction on petrol stations under the brand “Alfa—Nafta—products” …

— but in fact — already filling in your portfolio?

— No. There is a common understanding and agreement on the purchase of a number of stations. But to say that the money paid and goods have already re—written to us yet. And I think this registration will last a long time, because if the filling would be burdened with something, I simply do not buy it. For example, I just do not pay money if they are pledged.

— I understand that you insist on the fact that these stations were removed from the structure of deposits “Ukprombanka”?

— You know, sometimes I look through the press and read that the show was going to Kolomoisky some refueling and so on …. Of course, I understand that this is nonsense, but let us, I’ll still explain. It’s simple: we want to buy a net, weighed down with no good — filling. I just expressed interest, said he was willing to buy the property, but when they began to understand, the product was laid down. We talk to the seller, well: let us pay money, and you part repayment and part zaberesh itself.

You know, I do not want to buy a gas station, then to the creditors came to me the same Ukrprombank and said they were because of me left with nothing. In principle, the seller will agree with us, understanding is.

And now this whole process we are engaged is not a salesman stations. We are buying assets, and the purification of these assets from liabilities — is the problem of the seller, who in his time filling in these laid your same bank. But what is fueling removed from the pledge, does not mean that someone is not going to repay these loans with collateral.

— And then what is the subject of litigation?

— I understand that some refilling were incorrectly issued, some, for example, were laid by two or three credits and so on. And now, somewhere someone with something that does not agree. There after all what the situation: the bank had ruled the owners, and now came to a temporary manager appointed by the National Bank, which ensures that all assets were left intact. He’ll spend some checking on the result of which they must decide either to recapitalize or nationalization can eliminate … we do not know that now is in Ukrprombank.

On the other hand, the bank’s owners have a deal with me to bring some of the assets of the pledge. And, of course, the interim manager is struggling to be somewhere more money to pay or have paid not one but two loans and so on … In this and the dispute. But to us it has nothing to do. The deal is actually quite complicated. Once a month, I ask, and tell me what kind of procedure is moving, everything is fine.

Many say that because of what you are trying to bring the seller and filling out the bail—out, slowed down the whole procedure of the bank recapitalization, and that you theoretically easier to break up the bank and release the gas station, than to continue this long process … < / strong>

— And here we are? The bank I never belonged. It belongs to the very same sellers refills, and there they themselves need to understand each other.

Understand that there are only 200 pledged for loans stations. Each refill — a separate set of documents. That is, 200 gas stations — 200 sets of documents. And deal with them — this is a complicated and lengthy work. But then again, I personally do not do this …

Main competitors on the Odessa Port Factory — Russians
— Are you going to participate in the privatization of Odessa Portside Plant (OPP)?

— Yes, of course. But alone we are not going to buy it. AEs, of course, good company, but to pay for this half—life or half the kingdom, we are not ready.

— Why? There are no free resources?

— At the moment, the company announced the starting price of around $ 500 million — 4 billion hryvnia. I will not say whether I have to have the funds or not, but I’m not going to spend the money on the IPF in this situation. Not so much because the SCR is not necessary, but because we do not know what will happen to anything at all osenyui ready: Will the second wave of crisis, there will be a second wave of the crisis. And we have elections in the country on the nose …

— If none, then with whom are you going to bid?

— For anyone who is ready to cooperate with us in this matter. The entire list of those with whom we are negotiating, I call you can not, because that is the secret negotiations. I can only say that we have just found a rapport with the owners of Cherkassy “Nitrogen” ( Alexander Yaroslavsky — UP ). It is still our only partners, but we continue to negotiate with the owners of many other plants.

— That is, in this part of you also do not yet ready to participate?

— No, why. Together we think. Together have spread half — it was easier, all three will be even easier …. Well after all, still do not know how much it will be necessary to accumulate. I think the maximum price may go up to a billion dollars. That is, if there will be many participants and will stir. But it is also possible that particularly would not want to and you can pick up at the starting price ( laughs ).

— Who do you think his main competitor in this auction?

— I do not know — no one emerged. But I think it will necessarily take part Norwegian Yara. It is true, given that there is a large share of public capital in the frontal part she could not. The fact that the Ukrainian legislation in the privatization of the company can not participate, in which more than 25% stake in another state. Then it is not privatization, but sale of the asset to another state — we need intergovernmental agreements, etc. Therefore Yare have to take some partners. There will be more participants and with the Russian side — Sibur, Eurochem ….

— I understand that they can become major competitors?

— I think so. They are always top competitors. In general, Russians in Ukraine — the most important competitors.

— And how do such privatization is rational in a crisis?

— From the viewpoint of the state, I believe, is not rational. I believe that in times of crisis privatization be stopped.

— What do you think, why the President has agreed to sell the plant with amiakoprovodom?

— A way, I do not know if he agreed or not. It seems to me that lately Yushchenko tried not to influence this process. After last year’s conflict over the IPF has been associated more with the change of the head of the State Property Fund, and the factory was only a pretext.

— And you as a potential future owner of the plant are not afraid that you will not have control over the strategically important object, I mean amiakoprovod: in terms of the tender prices will adjust to the handling of the state, not the owner of the plant?

— Well … will govern and will be — and us what is the difference? I do believe that the goal is not to take this handling, and buy the plant. After all, handling is important for producers of ammonia, as, for example, and Dniproazot Cherkassyazota not have a lot of ammonia. Ammonia is of great importance for the Russian companies, for example, Tolyatinskogo plant of the Ukrainian — maybe even for Horlivka …

Actually, I think that Ukrainian producers of nitrogen fertilizer has long had to create some semblance of a foreign organization. Any “Ukramiak” or “Vneshhim” or “Ukrhim” … to consolidate volumes of nitrogen fertilizers, which are exported. Because the power of six Ukrainian refineries together constitute about 10—11% of world market of this product. At least, once it was. And if you combine the efforts to trade nitrogen fertilizers, it is realistic to influence world prices. And it will help dampen rising cost of the increase in gas prices.

“1+1” will not serve nor Tymoshenko nor Yanukovych, Yushchenko nor

— How much cost the purchase of 49% of the “1 +1”?

— I am now in the process of the deal, under which I must pay $ 100 million in common shares of the company and channel TET, and CME must pay 100% of “1 +1” channel and “Cinema” and the company will be allocated 51% to 49 %.

What if you do not believe that I still have a stock of CME, shares the “1 +1” will cost me 100 million plus TET channel. I think that today’s crisis TET can be estimated at least another 100 million, while last year it was possible and the 200 million estimate. Here, and read …

— It turns out now, you pay about two hundred … It is inexpensive, given that the recent nearest competitor — “Inter” — recently asked shareholders billion ….

— Wait a minute! When in “Inter” gave a billion and then TET was worth 200 ( laughs ). Why, then, a little? You are reading the statements about the “advantages”: Fuksman something to say Radnyansky, Prof—Media has made some statements. … They offered 300 to 400 million for 100%. So if you take the top mark, just as in and out — 200 million.

Is not it be easier to agree to the terms and Fuksman P odnyanskogo and buy the channel for half price?

— This is not a valid question because Fuksman and wanted to throw out all Rodnyansky me out of the deal. They took me the full amount and refused to issue shares to me under the guise that it is supposedly prohibited CME. But if it were not for that deal with Fuksmanom and Rodnyansky, there would be no deal this today — it’s not two different events. And then buy now and can not be viewed as two separate transactions.

— Do you have plans to become sole owner of all shares of “1 +1”?

— Well … except that the CME will offer me to buy their share — anything can happen. But this makes no sense for CME. The fact is that if a public company there is no majority — it makes no sense to own minority stakes, because then the asset is not included in the consolidated financial statements.

— That is not even such negotiations took place?

— No. Today we have agreed on a deal in which it owns 51% and are now discussing the principles of cooperation. Since I can now begin to negotiate that they do leave? Or even think about it? Then I would have had now openly say they do — why then do this company? The question still is why I want it? Who then will manage the channel? These transnational television company, they have stations throughout Europe. And I that, TV? I’ll do it will not, that is, I need someone to hire. And why, if they are professionals in this business.

— Now you are in the operational control of processes in the channel?

— Never do. None of my people on the channel no.

— It is said that Tkachenko — your people …

— No, but listen, so you can make a person Kolomoisky anyone. It reminds me of the movie “The New Adventures of elusive,” where Buba Kastorsky interrogated in the secret service asked — and you are in Buenos Ayrose their people are.

— you already can guess what changes will occur in the management of the channel after the end of the transaction?

— Upon completion of the transaction I will not have the right to change the management of the channel. And to influence the appointment and I can now — I get to the supervisory board of the channel. At the moment, and I was completely satisfied with the CME and Tkachenko. I generally try not to interfere with the channel, because there are professionals. Adrian Sarbu ( executive director of CME ), for example, I have a big reputation — he is a great professional.

— But recently, the channel rates are falling and it’s not a secret. And do you as a businessman should not be interested in the change management that can not handle the situation?

— Everyone is talking about falling ratings, and I think that this is not happening in one day. At the very fact that today we disentangle the policies that were more Fuksman and Rodnyansky. When they realized that they were going to withdraw, they did everything to break down these channels. Moreover, Rodnyansky was a clear conflict of interests: he was in the CCC and CCC entered the Ukrainian market, and he deliberately created a situation in order to facilitate this process. Rodnyansky Lauder was negotiating with, offering some joint projects, as well as the arguments cited that the “pros” is still down, still all bad ….

So we’ll see. The results of the current management we will see in the new season: to analyze ratings, really appreciate the work of a team and then we’ll decide where we’re going.

— Who ask the supervisory board? The media appeared information that Novikov …

— I do not know who it is. But Novikov — unlikely, it is zampredbanka, he will be that part—time work there? While I do not know. Will be a day — will be food.

— To be realistic, it’s hard to believe that the upcoming presidential election you will not use the TV ….

— In what sense?

— As the election resource. For example, a television channel Inter.

— Wait a second. Compare the “pros” and the Internet at least not correctly. Inter belongs to specific individuals, someone says, half Firtash, Khoroshkovsky half, and someone — that is completely Horoshkvoskomu.

A “1 +1” is owned by a public U.S. company and is controlled by clearly written out the scheme, which corresponds to the corporate law of public companies, which operates in including in the United States. And there is no one fools around and no one can tell. I, for example, in the public broadcaster, as a board member signed the oath of a whole that has to do, and what is not. In particular, if I find out about some negative things regarding freedom of speech, I must inform everyone about this and scream “Help! Help!”. Therefore it is impossible to compare the management of “ins” and the management of Inter.

I do not have, such as the right to pick up, call Tkachenko and ask, “what you put out there in the story” or “can you do something to change it.” It is impossible, you know? It is unacceptable and impossible.

If I afford to give instructions Tkachenko, and then he will notify the board of directors, then I have a great chance to be in U.S. custody.

— All may not be so rude. And it’s not Tkachenko, who may or may not call. At stake — the presidency and if you have the opportunity to influence it indirectly, then your risk may be warranted.

— Firstly, the Tkachenko too, is a normal person. Second, think, and I have to depend on the call Tkachenko, or not? Or maybe I’m going for the presidency? What effect might be worth it, so I then got into a U.S. prison?

— Your description looks like something utopian in Ukrainian reality. Indeed, to date, and “1 +1” is often not a model of objectivity.

— This is the problem of the entire Ukrainian journalism — they think that if the channel is biased, then the owners fault, not journalists. We will not deal with Inter — everything is understandable, so all we saw and heard, especially the famous air in winter, when Firtash were free. And it is not necessary to explain.

“1 +1” in contrast to the other channels have to be objective channel. And if some bias creeps in some moments, it is not because the process run by the owners or the puppeteer, but because journalists allow themselves to express their opinions and stand on a side, but do not have the right to do it .

— I am going to ask you a question that concerned the majority of politicians and journalists. Many of them fear that the upcoming presidential “1 +1” will serve the interests of Yulia Tymoshenko. You as a shareholder can ensure that this does not happen?

— I can now tell you that even if someone wants and that this channel is served by someone, he can not do it. Either now or later. And it’s not only the BYuT and Tymoshenko, as did the Party of Regions and Viktor Yanukovych, “Our Ukraine” and Yushchenko. This is a non—excited, we can then!

Even when I have this package, I can not, and the procedure I will not manage the channel — this will make the CME. And since I’m not going to get out of the CME, I’ll be under oath.

Be dishonest channel “pluses” does not allow its structure. This is a channel that runs the civilized foreign standards. And even those manifestations, which can sometimes be — is the problem of journalists, that is, your colleagues — their impropriety or incompetence. And from the owners it is impossible.

— Finally. Tell me, what is still the essence of your conflict with Mikhail Brodsky?

— We have no conflict. And anyway, I will not discuss in the media some of his personal relationships with friends and colleagues. I can tell you only one thing — you watched the movie Running? There was such a hero KORZUKHIN Paramon Hitch — he’s Paramosha, who brilliantly played Evstigneev. He had lost at cards, paid off and then cried that he took the money. And Brodsky — he lost a dispute with him have all received, and now he is displeased that he had had all received. It was a personal dispute — I will not discuss. In Brodsky’s got a lot of money, and now he is crying that his nespravdelivo robbed. And after its release to the press, I do not talk to him. Given the nature of Brodsky — we had a mediator, who before joining the debate gathered from participants in the money and then gave all the winner. And Brodsky would have long settled. He’s insane, so who pays attention to it?

— Brodsky himself argues that the mediator was Tihipko …

— No, not a mediator Tigipko — let slander is not a candidate for president and do not draw in some private disassembly. If he submits to Brodsky in court, I witnessed with his hand and was ready to confirm that it was not him.

Igor Kolomoisky: Between Us Pinchuk guarantors can not be – we are currently guarantors

… back in ’96, Igor Kolomoisky with his three partners — Gennady Bogolyubov, Alexey Martynov and the late Leo Miloslavsky went to lunch at the office of Privatbank, where they waited Tihipko. During the meal Tigipko as casually said that over three million bought about ten percent of the shares of Dneprodzerzhinsk nitrogen. Eating at the table stopped …

— What three million? — Asked Tigipko.

— Dollars.

— Dollars? And that is — stock?

— Well, the company’s shares — has continued to head the bank.

— It’s clear! And they look like?!

— Well … it’s a line in the computer — says 10% — Privatbank.

— And for that, three million? — Outraged partners. In those days Kolomoisky friends still continued to trade Korean computers from Moscow. Games with the shares seemed to them a sham. But it took less than ten years, and Privatbank has become one of the biggest players in the securities market, and the band gained fame Inside the most aggressive raiders in the country.

By crisis of 2008—2009 was prepared by Igor Kolomoisky better than many competitors. A few months before the collapse of the market, Privat successfully sold nearly all of its metallurgical assets of Russian Eurasia, and met the crisis with a large sum of free resources. Of all the oligarchs in the country, Igor Kolomoisky least complaining to the crisis and, using the political situation and the collapse of prices, continues to strengthen its position.

We recorded it telephone interview — Igor Kolomoisky, is currently on vacation in Greece, where he, in his words, hiding from Ambrosia. At the request of the businessman, the conversation was divided into two parts — the economic and political. The political part of the interview will be prepared and published in early September.

— Igor Valerievich, a year ago during an interview with the “Ukrainian Truth”, you said that Rinat Akhmetov, has created a terrible precedent, when using the fact that the Regions Party was in power, usurped “Dniproenergo.” But now that the new coalition government, you are using the influence of his deputies for the majority, received 18% of the shares Ukrtatneft. What then do you differ from Akhmetov.

— I believe that this comparison is not just incorrect, it is absurd in itself. First of all, “Dniproenergo” was almost a state company — it has more than 75% of shares belonged to the state. And Akhmetov, using the fact that Yanukovych was in power, initiated an additional issue, that is actually caused the state to issue additional shares on account of debts of the enterprise. And instead of buy it myself, the state allowed to buy this package Akhmetov. This is called the hidden privatization. Scheme — but not fully legitimate. If Yanukovych was not in power, this would not happen ever.

And what does this situation is the fact that happened on Ukratnefti? Ukrtatnafta not owned by the government and I Tymoshenko as prime minister it is not bestowed. And anyway, I did state sold the shares? The state as it was 40% and left.

A 18% stake was contested. At the time these shares were issued and were in possession of the issuer. Ex—leader Vladimir Ukrtatneft Motytsin changed the stock to the unsecured promissory notes and companies SeaGroup AmRuz Traiding. In the words of the Motitsyna who also managed by these companies on behalf of Kuchma and Pustovoitenko.

When Motytsina imprisoned, he sold the company Infox. And when Infox understood that nothing in this package can not do, he resold them Tatar side for alleged $ 20 million. A final point with theft of the securities put the Supreme Court, which ordered the return to action Ukrtatneft.

By law, the issuer can not hold these shares in his more than a year — it must either liquidate the stock or sell. A company needs money for its purposes, and put it this stake up for auction. Invited him to all participants. And the firm “Korsan” bought these shares.

— but by a strange coincidence, participated in the auction only to your company.

— Wait a second. “Ukrtatnafta” — Closed Joint Stock Company and the law of the auction, in principle, could participate in only three parties: “Korsan” Tatar side ( Tatneft Tatarstan and the State Property Fund — UP ), and “Naftogaz Ukraine”. NAC refused to participate, and the Tatars did not come because they believe that this is because of their shares. A “Korsan” came and bought it. And here the influence of some of my deputies to the majority?

— Two members close to you — Igor Mace and Alexander Tretyakov — chaleny coalition and are directly related to the creation of a coalition …

— I understand. We assume that there is your assumption that Kolomoisky can affect a bat and Tretyakov, the existence of the coalition, but it’s like air to Tymoshenko and the Cabinet, because if there is no coalition, then it goes to rest. Right? Let’s not waste time on it, because it’s so obvious: yes, we can work to ensure that the sympathy of the government were in our favor ….

— … and in particular, for example, influence the decision of NAC to withdraw from the competition. In terms of interaction between business and government than the situation is different from what you are accused of Rinat Akhmetov and the Party of Regions?

— Wait. We live in a country where everything is connected to everything, including business and government. But the question is: what took myself through this connection? What gave me the government? Maybe port plant? Or you might let me spend an additional issue in Ukrnafta to dilute the government stake? Or maybe I was given an 25% equity stakes power companies, which in principle with me Grigorishin very interested in?

— but the question still remains: why from the competition refused to “Naftogaz Ukraine”?

— All elementary: NAC refused to participate because he could not — he has no money! I believe that the leadership of NAC has made a mistake — they had to find money and participate. Moreover, we would have been glad that they participate — would be a normal classic auction. But the NAC has no money — and it had great financial difficulties. Where it took two and something billion hryvnia? In the country every month hysteria as pay for the gas comes from Russia, and you believe that NAC would be kind of money?

I’ll tell you more: the words of management of NAC, Tymoshenko made them participate in the auction. “Naftogaz Ukraine” has registered, filed documents. This is true. And indeed they were forced to Tymoshenko. But then it came to deposit the amount that should have been made to the accounts of the organizers of the auction. Since NAC did not send money!

Or do you think this Tymoshenko told them? If you sincerely think so, then I have another question for you. Let’s say, ten days after the auction Nacu would have to pay two or two and a half billion hryvnia. Where would he get them? In this note: NAK if not paid, the deposit would be returned to him no — he remained at the company. Who would be responsible?

— But you can not deny that the presence of NAC in the competition could significantly raise the price of those shares and you would have to pay a lot more ….

— Do you think Tymoshenko nothing else to do but to save money Kolomoisky? ( Laughs ) That the state benefits from it? What wins a budget? Wins only company and do not receive state, but increase the value of its stake in Ukrtatnafta.

Basically, you can leave your suspicions, but say that I have as a journalist has the right to interview Tymoshenko, the Tatars and to ask them all the same questions. Was there such that they are not allowed? Or say that come do not come, but we will still not let. ( Laughs ) I think you can even request and receive all correspondence for the auction. After all, look, most importantly, that the court gave no!

— Who could?

— Yes, the same NAC. Stated, for example, that they did not report about the auction, or that it is not allowed to bid that they submitted the documents, but they have not taken ….

You are nothing think so benevolently of NAC is configured to us. Take a position on the NAC Ukrnafta. There after all what the situation? I told them long ago said, let’s sign a joint agreement between private and public shareholders, and thereafter will operate normally. This agreement is being prepared for two years. In principle, it is already at the exit. When his sign, collect shareholders’ meeting, divide the dividend and so on.

But no! Representatives of the NAC hard not to come to the meeting and the press trying to fool her that Kolomoisky not want to share dividends. And I asked them directly: if you want the dividends, then why the hell you include in the agenda of the meeting of shareholders of changes in the composition of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the shift? You want to get control over the enterprise? So under existing legislation, I will not allow it. The agenda before distribution of dividends you turn on the issues that I fundamentally do not uphold, because I, for one, do not like change director. In the end, we have there forty—something percent of the shares, and we reserve the right to protect their rights? Here we are fighting, as we can.

And then I want to ask you, why is this situation with NAC Ukrneft spoil our blood, and by Ukrtatnafta he suddenly silent? Why can not I call Tymoshenko and say tell me that these NAKovtsy already behind us? But this is not happening. Do you think that the more important to me — or Ukrtatneft Ukrnafta?

— Obviously, Ukrnafta. But then arrangements can be local or global.

— Then I have another question: the conservation coalition to Tymoshenko — a global issue? Obviously, yes. And if we assume that your chain is valid: I — Mace — Tretyakov — coalition — Tymoshenko, then what is the meaning of my local exchange to the global question? You also agree that I can be anyone, but not an idiot? Why, then, I can not exchange the global to the global and solve all their problems with Ukrnafta?

If I can not, so either way, this scheme does not work, or on a really impressive effect in my coalition. Right?

— Would you do that you have chosen this?

— First, because the scheme does not work!

— What is the impact on the coalition still impressive?

— Well, you do it, they said that if the Tretyakov — my managing partner at Glavred — this is all they know, and the Axe — and this is also no secret — in the oil business, in addition, also a friend of mine, naturally that I have influence on the coalition. But these people have their own interests, his vision, his own views. That is, I can not call club and say, tomorrow come out of the coalition. Thus, this scheme does not work either.

— But you can influence any vote?

— Are you really think that I can call a bat, his friend and say — a voice or no voice? Do you think I can do that?

— Maybe in a tone not, but I am sure that agreement is still going on.

— First, there are lots of themes and issues that we, in principle, not interest. As the saying goes, we still — as they like.

And secondly, Mace himself knows better their own interests than I know them. And if he wants, he will communicate with Tymoshenko and talk. But since the forehead — a voice not vote, it does not work.

We do not live in a one—dimensional society, where a causal relationship quite primitive. That is, I will vote you here, and you give me Ukrtatneft — call Dubin, so he did not come to the competition. ( Laughs ) and in principle I am glad that it’s impossible. Because for Dniproenergo no exchanges were not. They are different — they have it all together and everything works perfectly. They pulled together and Dngeproenergo.

— but for some information, you still have reached a truce with Akhmetov about Dniproenergo?

— And where does it? We have him and there was no war. I’m not at enmity with Akhmetov, and with a government that gave it to him and voted for an additional issue. And with that Akhmetov? What does he have to give up those gifts that he do it? This is a question of his personal modesty or immodesty. It sometimes happens that a person says, you know, I’m such an expensive gift can not accept. ( Laughs ) So is this!

In this situation, I fought with those who made such gifts. Yes, Akhmetov might do not like it, but I do not like much — what to do. This is a business. If, for example, tomorrow will be declared the privatization of large, then the money saved on Dniproenergo Akhmetov, will go back to where I want to buy something. And at the auction Akhmetov will fool my head and raise the price. Why should I? I believe that everything should return to the starting point. That is, Akhmetov there were 15 or 12% — please let it remain.

So we continue to struggle, and there no reconciliation. Moreover, we have won another Supreme Court because the Supreme Court decision a year ago were disavowed by the Higher Economic or some other court. By the way, it is generally in practice impossible, inconceivable!

— If you fought against the former government, and you must fight against this, because it actually recognized the right of Akhmetov …

— You know, on the one hand during the reign of Yulia Tymoshenko gave nothing to anyone. This is a good thing. On the other hand — did so, just to Dniproenergo, I think, Tymoshenko broke their election promises. Because she promised to return it to the state, and as a result of its officials were at the meeting of shareholders with 51% of the shares than the de facto acknowledged that they do not have 76% and 51%. A vote given Akhmetov Service in 40%, than actually also acknowledged his share. And yet voted for the board, which belongs to Akhmetov — DTEKovskoe.

I think it was a conspiracy. But in what form and at what level, I can not explain to you, because I do not know. But I am sure that without the agreement has not done. Maybe someone conspired behind Tymoshenko, and perhaps with her consent. Nobody knows. But facts are facts.

— Just before the crisis, you sell all of its steel assets. You now feel the benefit of the money?

— ( Laughs ) You know, we try not to assume someone else’s money, and do not like it when we believe. And if you ask about the status of the assets, it all depends on the market. For example, our ferroalloy assets work so—so, because the whole market fell metallurgy. Dropped production of steel, respectively, dropped production of ferroalloys. But we have this attitude and philosophical: there are good times are bad. Indeed, the positive market conditions have become discernible only last three to four years. And before that it was not shaky or rolls — and there were times heavier than when harvesting cost of $ 130 per ton. ( Now price in the area — 400 — NC )

— Some businessmen claim that Private metaktivy sold, because he foresaw the crisis.

— If I foresee a crisis, I would be two orders of magnitude richer ( laughs ). No one foresaw the crisis, and I do not believe those who say that anticipated. Yes, we understand that the crisis may descend at any moment, but no one understood how this happens, how much it will strike. Because, in fact, the crisis did not start last year, and another in 2007.

If you remember, too, and the Asian crisis did not start in 98th, and 97th year and has come down to us exactly one year later. And if we take the current situation, the mortgage crisis began in 2007. And even then it felt very good financial structure. Everyone thought that the industry and commodity business stretches from the financial situation of the hole, but it did not work — everything collapsed. But all this is felt only in September 2008. Who clever — in July, in August, because then they could not have contracted. I personally also relate it with the Olympics in Beijing. It opened on August 8, and by the time large purchases from China have stopped — I mean the procurement for the construction of infrastructure. All the money was spent, all limits are automatically closed. And it was the last straw.

So all this talk, we’re so handsome and all anticipated — it’s an element of randomness. Metaktivov sale was the result of a chain of events. At one time we were Novinsky industrial partners. And after he teamed up with Akhmetov, other enterprises have lost meaning, there could be no prospects for their further integration. And we had to think, or to unite with ISD, or to join in Metinvest Akhmetov, or look for someone else. Well, here m and found someone else. That is, push all the same association was Novinsky and Akhmetov.

— But do you now regret having sold the company Evraz?

— No, of course. The price of these assets today, about four times lower than in the past year. But .. do not worry — I think, once again grow.

— And how do you assess their losses? Falling asset prices, for example?

I would not say so. We have not lost — we nedozarabotali. ( Laughs ) A fall in asset values ??have not really care about — we are not going to sell anything, so who cares how much do they cost? Our companies were not included, we did not take loans against their shares, so we do not care how much their estimates the market. For example, Privat: sure, he has fallen in value at times 4—5. But what I difference, if I was never going to sell? Except for the comfort of their self—esteem.

— Recently, the results of trading 25%’s shares you bought the shares with Grigorishin Chernigivoblenergo, and actually gave Lvivoblenergo Surkis. Why?

— There arose such a situation: because of our complicated relationship with Konstantin, so we decided that the entire process of buying shares in our fully managed Grigorishin. I gave him this complete carte blanche and said that everything you do, I admit in advance: how much you buy, so many will — I will give half of it. Therefore, what is bought Surkis Lions, not Grigorishin — I think there was some technical overhead. Grigorishin can not expect that Surkis buy, do not know. I think that if the auction was repeated today — he would not have missed, and then missed. I think so.

— And you have the proceedings on this occasion was not?

— Well, what trial? If I had not bought it, he could say. that I had played up there Surkis. And so it is entirely the work of his hands.

— you’re going to continue to buy shares of power companies?

— Now — no, because the starting price is inflated.

— By the way, Pinchuk has remained in the proportion of NFP?

— Where? In NZFe — no. There does not share it.

— And where did it go?

— Let’s not discuss where the proportion of Pinchuk.

— So Pinchuk no effect on NFP?

— Directly — no. Mediated, not much can be influenced.

— not much — this is how many percent?

— Well … at around 20%.

— And how true that mediate between you on NZFu spoke Russian State Duma deputy Alexander Babakov?

— Between us Pinchuk guarantors can not be — we are each other guarantors.

The second part of the interview is available here: Igor Kolomoisky: I would advise you not to relax – the crisis has not passed

Igor Kolomoisky: “I said Pinchuk, “Life it’s a supermarket, take whatever you like, but the ticket office front”

All three Ukrainian billionaire — Akhmetov, Pinchuk and Kolomoisky — almost peers. The most public of them is the son of ex-president. In the last year has become relatively affordable, Rinat Akhmetov. 42-year-old Igor Kolomoisky — the most private person of higher caste of Ukrainian business. Three months of negotiations preceded the agreement of different intensities, given in an interview with Igor V. “ZN”. After finishing the interview, we think hard … and asked the leader of the group “Privat” after proof-reading material to send us a text with a signature on each page. Kolomoisky agreed without hesitation: “Every word of his I can confirm the documents and witnesses …”

Igor Kolomoisky was born in Dnepropetrovsk. An engineer-metallurgist. He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute. Business deals since 1985. He is a member of the supervisory boards of most major companies of the group “Privat”, “Moscomprivatbank” SPC “Neftehimikprikarpate”, “Ukrnafta”. Under the control of the group are metallurgical and ferroalloy plants, a monopoly position in the Ukrainian market of manganese ore. The assets of the five packages GOK. The Group owns metalloferrosplavnoe production in Russia and Romania. The total value of the Group’s major shareholders of which are also Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Alexei Martynov, on a very rough estimate is estimated at half a billion dollars.

“Hard businessman who is trying to detail to defend their interests. He tends to frequently revise the rules during the game. It should therefore be treated with special attention to the business with him. He nepublichen, but officials and influential. ” This is the opinion of Igor Kolomoisky competitors. We can add that neither in the past, nor under the new government did not accept the dictates of Kolomoisky and authority.

When Viktor Pinchuk is angry, then moves to a quiet, polite tone emphasized communication, from which the interlocutors shivers down my spine. When angry Akhmetov, his blackened light-gray eyes. What makes Kolomoisky when angry? Now we know — he agrees to an interview …

— Igor V., to begin with, could you tell our readers what “group” Privat “. Everyone says: “Private”, “Private”, a large financial-industrial groups with interests in the mass of the spheres, with immense capital. ” What is the property owned by the group and in what areas are her main interests?

— I think that the “group” Privat “— is a phantom, a journalistic term. Reality — it’s Privatbank, which has shareholders. Each of the major shareholders are, in addition to banking and other businesses. But all these businesses are not united among themselves, are not associated economic and corporate responsibility. The fact that journalists have called the group “Privat” — no holding or corporation. Here one can draw an analogy with the “Interpipe” IUD or SCM.

— What do you personally own in Ukraine?

— I have about 30 per cent stake in Privatbank. I own other property through indirect non-affiliated companies. Some of them are residents, some — not.

30 percent of the shares owned by Privat Gennady Bogolyubov. Among the owners of the bank is Alexei Martynov, as well as management Privatbank.

In principle, the shareholders, “Private” there exists a conditional distribution business mentoring programs. Martynov priority deals with ferroalloys, Bogolyubov is the president of Privatbank, is its main load, although there are many others. I’ve been doing more corporate things, oil sector, in part — iron and steel.

— Some argue that Tihipko Privatbank left with a dowry, which exceeded the amount of formal provisions. Is this true?

— No, not so. If Sergei Leonidovich produced with the structure of a divorce later, but not at the stage of market development, it would get so much more. But what has been done — is done, and today he is related to “Private” is not. In some small objects, where we have a small package, but he has a little more, we have retained the interaction. But it does not scale business and about them not even worth talking about.

— We have heard reports that in Italy at the bottom of the birth of a daughter of Igor Surkis had a dispute between you and the minions of the previous government. You said that under the new government live well, and they claimed that bad. What were the arguments of the parties?

— This was not a serious discussion, and participated in it, not I, my friend. And he really objected to his opponents, who argued that life in Ukraine is very bad: “Before, we could not participate in the competition for” Kryvorizhstal “, and now we can.” And he said that now people sit in jail for what he said: “From prison is a way out, and out of the woods with a severed head will not leave …”

— How do you assess the economic situation and its prospects?

— By the numbers all look good. But the standard of living is very low, and it worries me. Although the reasons for the same prices in the vast majority of non-internal and external: more expensive energy becomes, the external market conditions unfavorable for steel products, of which the budget is seriously underpaid. Although there are signs that the fall in metal prices due to seasonality and is transitory.

— How to feel in Ukraine millions, we know about. And they feel like billionaires and multimillionaires? What are going to, for example, and you’re going to invest if you?

— Most of my assets are directly or indirectly in Ukraine. So I worry about what is happening and will happen in the country. But I am — an optimist.

With respect to our investment plans, then, of course, if justice will prevail and the NHF will return to the state, then we will participate in the competition for the acquisition of controlling interest in Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant. Pinchuk, the plant was acquired illegally, as it, by the way, back in 2003 warned: “The contest should be no special conditions. Clear and distinct. ”

I think that we will participate in a sort of consortium or pool for the acquisition of “Krivorozhstal”. As for other objects, then today the privatization process has slowed down noticeably. I think that Valentina Semeniuk still need to figure out what legacy she left Mr. Chechetov, bring in all the State Property Fund in order and a clear program of privatization. And if the program will be interesting for us to object, we will participate in competitions. Although today we still need to work on bringing order to the existing facilities.

— For example?

on petrol, gas and oil

— I belong to a certain stake in “Ukrnafta”. And under the influence and control so-called “group” Privat “is more than 40 percent of the company. Until two years ago by the shareholders’ Ukrnafta “has decided to build a vertically integrated company. But for a number of subjective and objective reasons, today this process has stalled. And despite the fact that the recent meeting of “Ukrnafta” was conducted and we found common language with the new leadership of “Naftogaz Ukrainy”, we have not developed a system of effective and coherent implementation of the cooperation in the construction of FIV.

— Have you developed relationships with the new head of the supervisory board “Ukrnafta”, the first assistant to the president, Alexander Tretyakov?

— We met with Mr. Tretyakov only once, several years ago. And recently we communicate only by phone. You know what to call the relationship does not add up.

— When Alexander Tretyakov said that a gas station to buy “Ukrnafta” more than a million, Alexander Y. pootryvat promised for this head. However, to date all of the head intact, meeting was held and it was decided to spend more than $ 500 million for the purchase of gas stations. How did you negotiate?

— Last refueling “Ukrnafta” purchased in 2004. And those stations that “Ukrnafta” bought at auction in May and June this year, not paid so far: at some gas stations do not permit of the Antimonopoly Committee, and in other cases, the government limited powers to the size of the sums allocated for the purchase. I think that the feasibility of expanding the network refills “Ukrnafta” will be discussed at a shareholders meeting in September, where a final decision.

— Alexander Yaroslavsky has sold its 10 percent stake, “Ukrnafta” you. But it turned out that this was an option package and Pinchuk. As you have resolved and settled whether this situation?

— We have some papers signed on this occasion with Pinchuk. But they signed when his father-in was president. And yet these papers will be considered, and I do not know at what level …

— What in your view is the main cause of rising gasoline prices and what is your price forecast?

— The main reason — increased market prices for oil. And while the price of oil will remain at the current world level or rise, the price of petrol in Ukraine has dropped. Or it may grow.

— To what extent?

— I do not exclude that the price could rise to five hryvnia per liter.

— For what period?

— Peak sales are usually in July-August and October. If we get through September and October and up to five hryvnia for this period, the price does not crawl by the end of the year it may be somewhat reduced. Everything will depend on the price of oil on the world market, as well as on what the price of oil will form a Russian suppliers.

Also today, Ukraine has a shortage of refining capacity: one closed in the long reconstruction, someone — to prevent. I have a fear that rising prices could also coincide with a kind of artificial shortages of gasoline (call it so). But I hope that this will not happen.

— If Russia, which likely will, increase the price of gas will not have a close in Ukraine steel industry?

— Iron and steel — no, but chemical fertilizers, nitrogenous, which in Ukraine six, it is likely to be closed for a while.

— Do your partners have a stake in “DneproAzot” that they will do in this case?

— We’ll have to then rebuild the company or create a new at this site. Today the price of gas is in an area of ??70-75 dollars per thousand cubic meters. If the price is raised to 150, about which there has been talk, then “DneproAzot” will not be able to be not only profitable, but even to work “to zero.” I think that this fate befall “Cherkassyazot” Severodonetsk, Gorlovsky, Rivne and port.

— Will you and your associates to participate in a tender to build a new refinery, after the president and the prime minister said that he would build?

— I’m not sure that this construction will take place. Rather, we participate in this tender will not. Even if the plant will actually be built.

Threats, power companies and Budenovka

— know that you are in the three addresses in Ukraine — the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Interior Ministry and Security Service — have sent letters that Constantine Grigorishin and you Poroshenko alleged racketeers. What is in dispute, and respond if somehow our law enforcement agencies in your letter?

— I know that the authorities are interested in this information, and the Attorney General’s Office conducted predsledstvennye action. Personally, I’m with Peter Poroshenko no contact had not. Simply referred to him Konstantin Grigorishin, describing the actions to be taken against me. Grigorishin said that Poroshenko — his partner “50 50”, and told me what car I get any earth, if I do not support the issue Grigorishin capture power companies. Indirectly, the attitude Poroshenko to this process, I can tell by the fact that virtually the entire action plan, outlined to me Grigorishin was implemented. And about this plan for some people, relaying information to me and told Poroshenko.

— According to some sources, you and your partners have acquired Konstantin Grigorishin half of its package of eight power companies. In addition, you also got half a packet belonging to the former partners Grigorishin. Thus, you should be formed in each power companies package up to 40 percent of the shares. Is this true?

— I will try briefly to tell you the story of the acquisition package power companies, especially since it was largely determined by my current situation, including my address generated in the threats that we talked about above.

So. I purchased a 50 percent Grigorishin of its assets in eight energy companies, “Dneproblenergo”, “Zaporozheoblenegro”, “Poltava”, “Sumyoblenergo”, “Chernigivoblenergo”, “Lvivoblenergo”, “Ternopoloblenergo” and “Prikarpatieoblenergo.” The first paper we signed at the end of September last year. Before the first round of presidential elections and a half months. I understand that Constantine wanted Grigorishin “inshurens” — strahovochku in case if Yanukovych wins. In mid-October, I gave him the deposit, which he, as far as I know, used to support the opposition and told everyone that he gave the revolution its money. Although, as it turns out the de-facto, the money was mine. They say the opposition has Grigorishin support in the amount not 15, not $ 16 million Now 12 of them were mine. Therefore, let the great revolutionary Budenovka itself tries not: it is not known who is more revolutionary.

But we do not know. The deal was completed in late November. As a result, I have gained 50 percent of those companies which, in turn, owns 40 percent of the power companies mentioned. Agreement also provided that we have to buy out their former partners Grigorishin …

— Do Surkis and Medvedchuk?

— … Yes, the former partners Grigorishin the 30 percent stake in power companies that they own. And then work together to create a normal power company. We planned to make the company public. The fact that power companies do not give a high operating profit — they have a high capitalization cost. But if there is stability and the conditions for normal operation, this company can be expensive on the market, and this makes it possible to increase the value of shares that you possess.

Until December 5 — the date the Supreme Court invalidated the second round of elections — Mr. Grigorishin normally look at plans for the repurchase of a former partner of shares. But after the victory of Viktor Yushchenko became the all clear and determined, the position has changed little Grigorishin, and he just said that there is no need to buy, because now we can take everything away for free.

On this ground and we had a conflict. I said that we are at war with anyone and do not intend anything from anyone not intend to take. As a result, he warned me: “Then you may have difficulty.” In February, he tried to capture the “Poltava” and “Prikarpatieoblenergo.” I am in the beginning of March, made a statement on “1+1”, which is unacceptable things and Grigorishin no right to call the owner and dispose of edinovlastnym on his own behalf about 40 percent of assets oblenergos. After all, half the package of already belonged to me. This situation is not resolved to this day, and I think that is not resolved, since he made against me of which went far beyond commercial relationships.

— And what was the threat addressed to you?

— The threat was this: if I do not give him a power of attorney for shareholders’ meeting on power companies, it will be trumped up against me, criminal cases, and I will have a lot of trouble.

— By the way, under the previous government against you, a criminal case over an attempt by a lawyer Konstantin Grigorishin, who at that time had already parted with Surkis and Medvedchuk and became a partner of Viktor Pinchuk. Incidentally, before the opening of the case, I personally was holding statement to the Prosecutor General Grigorishin lawyer that you threatened him. Then the lawyer had suffered serious stab wounds, and, accordingly, a criminal case. As far as I know, so it does not end. Is it true that now is an attempt resuscitation of this criminal case and how it could happen that hurt is the person who threatened you?

— What may be, in your opinion, the relationship between a businessman and lawyer, serving another businessman? Lawyer — is a performer, as an accountant, as a manager. It is beyond the line of corporate conflict. Therefore, no relationship between a businessman and a lawyer can not be a competitor. Even more so — threats. Lawyer, you are talking about, worked Pinchuk and Grigorishin. I think that these businessmen are carefully worked out the whole procedure and run it into the case. But even though the political regime, they could not open a criminal case against me, came only “fact”. However, I do not know whether it was all because I have a paper where it is written that the opening of a criminal case denied for lack of evidence.

Now was another attempt to send the criminal case opened into the attack on the lawyer, directly opposite me. But after my letter to the prosecutor, I hope, will be objectively investigated and held accountable by those who originally planned the worst. Resuscitation attempt included in personal case scenario that I outlined Grigorishin March 5. All points of the plan implemented in May, June, July, so I have no doubt who is behind this. Those people, whom he called to me as their partners — namely Poroshenko Peter I, and the organization behind it all. I do not think the power of attorney to attend a meeting of shareholders is of such methods for both the Grigorishin, and for those who, he says, is his partner.

About “honey-cake” in the fight for the NHF

— What, in your view, should end with an epic Nikopol and whether an objective solution to this dispute in a situation where everything depends on the courts, and courts in the business pluralism could be way affiliated with both parties?

— I do not want to judge whether or not the courts bribed bribed. I can competently judge of how in 2003 a competition was held on takeover NHF, as it was carried out economic activities in the enterprise. And my knowledge gives me reason to believe that justice — namely, in the return package a 50% share of the state as illegally acquired at the time the consortium, “Dnipro”, represented by Pinchuk.

We fully understand that before he had the opportunity to put pressure on the State Property Fund, in the courts. By the way, I do not understand why, in the light of what is happening not ask a few questions to Mr. Chechetov, the former head of the State Property Fund: Who called him and he was given some instructions? Ask him, in particular those formed as the conditions of competition, what were his actions to implement the regulations, decisions and determinations of courts, who came to him and why he threw them in the trash? I remember how in 2003 he said that “someone knows how to play chess, while others can not.” So, for everything in life when something has to respond. And for the “soup! Soup! “Too. I understand that Mr. Chechetov person was forced, I understand, from what he called the high cabinets. But there is always a person who has courage, it is possible to retire, instead of clinging to a chair and carry out criminal orders.

— Do you intend to redeem shares at the NHF and Schegolevskogo Dementienko — junior partners Pinchuk?

— I’m not sure that they have a standing stock.

— Given what’s going on with the “Alpha-Invest”, they probably can not be Pinchuk …

— In the NHF, as you know, in general, very complicated story with the registrar. Despite the decision of the Securities Commission, “Alfa-Invest” continues to exist as a country illegal entity. This recorder was appointed meetings, which later were recognized by the courts as illegitimate. So I do not know what stocks to Pinchuk, which — in Dementienko. Do not know what to NHF owns Viktor Pinchuk, except for a package of 50% +1 share, resulting in illegal competition in 2003. They say he has a 23 per cent, and perhaps actually 10? Who knows?

— Why are you so you are aiming for is to package the Nikopol returned to the state? Why the example of Abramov and Vekselberg did not want to buy the plant from Pinchuk?

— Firstly, we have never bought property rotten. No one. Secondly, I believe that in time we cheated Pinchuk, when I went on a privatization tender, preparing conditions for itself alone. As a result, a package 50% +1 share he bought for $ 80 million (410 million USD.) While on a transparent bid to the price reached at the time up to a billion hryvnia. By the way, to Abramov and Vekselberg Pinchuk suggested we buy all of its available shares Nikopol Ferroalloy — more than 70 percent. But we refused. We do not want him to buy anything, it is our principled position.

— But you met with Abramov? Why?

— We tried to convince him that such a big businessman, who owns a public company, “Evrazholding,” not to make a person buy rotten, because it would lead to unnecessary scandals, including international. He did not heed the warnings. As a result of bad articles have appeared in New York Times and Wall Street Journal. In addition, it is questionable funding in the privatization process “Kryvorizhstal”. But I for one do not understand why Abrams for $ 380 million buys a package NHF Pinchuk, if after the return of this package, the state could buy it for the pure competition is almost the same money?

— Maybe he is afraid that you agree with Tymoshenko about the conditions of competition and this time they will be formed under the “Private”?

— Privatbank will never participate in contests with special conditions. We have always been supporters of the contest must be transparent and the highest bidder, the winner. We defend this view today.

— It is known that there are some papers that are signed between you and Konstantin Grigorishin on the fate of Nikopol Ferroalloy. What kind of documents and when they were signed?

— The aggravation of the process around the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant began not today, but in December last year. There is a paper signed by Grigorishin Schegolevskim Dementienko and — on the one hand, and me — on the other hand, the receipt of corporate control over the NHF. This paper is called agreement. But later, when Grigorishin told me about how much should be paid to various officials who support it, and that the plant will need to buy Pinchuk, and not the State Property Fund — the agreement ceased to operate. We quarreled and stopped work on this issue.

— Igor V., there is expert opinion that Poroshenko in NFP helps Pinchuk, and Yulia Tymoshenko — you. How do you comment on that?

— The entire press, judging by the publications, it is known that Poroshenko supports Grigorishin, but I know this situation from the inside. Remember, you asked about the signed paper between me and Grigorishin? So, according to her controlling stake in the Nikopol ferroalloy was to be returned to the state. And we buy it should have been in the public tender. But then the situation has changed, and Grigorishin said we have to buy a plant from Pinchuk, and not the state, and for it to Pinchuk Poroshenko … Well, in general, they have there is some agreement. I did not know about these arrangements, I am of them were not reported.

But in recent years become a part of broad sections of information that will be purchased if Nikopol Pinchuk, and not the state, Pinchuk for it to share with Poroshenko channels. In March of this was discussed. We participate in the transaction declined, saying that the plant will acquire from the state. Against this background, there was a conflict, after which Grigorishin rushed to look for Abramov and Vekselberg. Maybe he was someone else will. After all, it is clear that from someone who gets to plant two billion hryvnia — the state or Pinchuk, depends, will get if the people behind Grigorishin additional “gingerbread”. From this I Grigorishin and not hide it. Moreover, Grigorishin, openly, and called the amount that should go to work for someone who will help preserve the right to Pinchuk, a majority of Nikopol. We were asked to pay a pretty penny, which caused us to rejection and misunderstanding: with some of these cases?

— Behind the scenes gossip that we are talking about $ 50 million?

— Yes, yes. About 50 million.

— How much do you, in case the tender, ready to give a package of Nikopol in a 50% plus 1 share?

— If the competition was held today, I think that the price would reach 300 million and if the contest will be held tomorrow and it will auction the fight, I think the price will rise to 400 million: hype, the auction, the blood is … Someone goes to the casino, someone to auctions to buy the Nikopol Ferroalloy.

About GOKah, debts and “Kryvorizhstal”

— In his turn, and Pinchuk, you could be a claim, for example, you have washed away his shares in Margantsevskom and Ordzhonikidzevsky GOKah. How did this happen?

— If Pinchuk had a claim, he would have expressed them. I know that at one time, two 25-percent stake of the GOK has acquired a kind of American company “Bloomberg.” Subsequently, however, the company did not come to a meeting of shareholders, did not participate in additional share issue, subscriptions, and as a result of her bags had been washed away. As you mentioned GOKah we have influence but not control, and even more so — the dominant package. If Mr. Pinchuk says that the company “Bloomberg” and it — it’s one person, then we will probably recognize that there was unfairness in its shares. We are ready to discuss with him the matter to the extent of our influence and expertise in these enterprises. But he does not identify himself with the company, “Bloomberg.”

— Again, with Viktor Mikhailovich you encounter on KZHRK — “Krivbassrude.” Say that you replaced the management Pinchuk and set management “Privat”?

— Pinchuk temporarily managed by this company in derelict period. Control over management, he was again thanks to his connections with the State Property Fund. But when privatization is over, “Ukrrudprom” and company “Solayn” became a full-fledged owner KZHRK — it changed management. Now there are normal working professional people, and people “Interpipe” kicked out.

— Hard. Another issue of GOKovskoy sphere. In October 2001, you have been some misunderstanding with the former owner of the Southern Mining. In particular, the acquisition of the plant, the company was the seller of Yulia Tymoshenko nedoplacheno 30-35 million out of 50. They say that after the change of power issues, the available to you from the previous owner YuGOK were withdrawn because the missing money was paid …

— If the shares are sold YuGOK and Julia, then sold it to, not us, and Vadim Novinsky. Their relationships have, in principle, do not touch. I do not deny that in his time at Southern GOK we had a collision with Vadim Novinsky each of us tried to put the plant its management. But we sat down, agreed and, over time our relationship grew into a great friendship. And in his relations with Yulia Tymoshenko or not with Yulia Tymoshenko, I do not dedicated. If a person wants to say something — he will tell you not want to — do not tell. We Tymoshenko has never bought nothing and were not in each other’s debt. At the same YuGOK all perturbations occurred in October 2001 and from 2002 there normally coexist Kolomoisky, and Novinsky, and other shareholders. The company is working properly.

— Alisher Usmanov is now raised the issue of creating a “Eurasian companies” — the union GOKs Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. How do you feel about this very idea, and discussed whether it will go down with you and whether it is in the Southern Mining interstate association?

— On behalf of all contacts with YuGOK Mr. Usmanov is Vadim Novinsky. The establishment of a “Eurasian companies,” we did not discuss the subject. I can not categorically say — good idea or bad. Probably need to ask the author of: pluses and minuses of what he sees in her. I, for one, in which the monopolization of whatever I see only disadvantages.

— Which partners take you to the pool in the fight for “Kryvorizhstal”?

— We do not know who will go to the contest as a let’s go, but that will go — sure.

— Does your partner to be a pool of Kazakh billionaire Alexander Mashkevich?

— Do not exclude it. I know that we came up with this proposal, but negotiations have not yet been conducted.

— Can you, based on their sources to confirm the information that in Sardinia, in a hotel, talks were held between Abramov, Pinchuk and Akhmetov Vekselberg and the creation of alternative pools for the upcoming contest for “Kryvorizhstal” < / strong>

— As far as I know, Akhmetov was not there. And you mentioned plus business Grigorishin actually met in Sardinia. And, according to my information, discussed during these negotiations was in particular the “Kryvorizhstal”.

— The Prime Minister announced that the tender for “Kryvorizhstal” will be conducted through open auction in increments of one percent. What do you think will be able to defend the government if the technique of the competition?

— Given that there are rules established over the years, I find it hard to talk about the organizational problems of the tender. I do not know whether the prime minister to change the time to do it. But regardless of the technology of the contest, if there are no additional conditions, if no one can look at the package and give a competitor for five dollars more, you’ll be all right Who is the greatest gave the winner.

And if we can still hold an auction — excellent. And the move could be more than one percent and five. Put it all and we shall walk.

on “1+1”

-In case of victory in the battle for Pinchuk ferroalloy, perhaps, some channels will go to his lobbyists. What kind of “gingerbread” will go to someone who will help return the plant to the state and subsequently to make NFP a controlling stake in the new competition? 40 percent of the “1+1” you’re buying for Tymoshenko?

— I have a question for you: do you feel the difference between the two situations? Someone help Pinchuk realize $ 380 million for its rotten ownership, resulting in the state receives no money for a controlling stake, but this one gets channels. Here is the logic.

A second situation is totally beyond logic. We — business people, and why do we need to return second-sous-gift-stvu package, once purchased an illegal auction at a lower price Pinchuk, pay someone a bribe in the form of 40 percent of the “1+1”? By the way, the cost of a 40-percent block of the channel market is estimated at $ 100 million you want to say that we are for what the state itself will return something, someone willing to donate 100 million? Where is the line of reasoning is sound?

— know that “Private” is almost always worked without a political roof, but it acted cynically clever and brazen. So in this situation because you are interested in the package went to the state. First, to punish Pinchuk. Second, get the opportunity to tender to purchase this package. Third, get the opportunity to receive regular dividends from an existing minority interest in NFP. Fourth, sell your ore plant that did not want to buy Pinchuk.

— Let’s start from the end, with the ore. We do not need to sell the Nikopol Ferroalloy ore. Yes, in 2003, Pinchuk has refused to have to buy it, which led to the closure of some production facilities to those enterprises in which it traditionally took it earlier. And in order to restore this production today, you need to make an investment far in excess of funds previously spent to stop this production. So far the amount of ore that is produced Ordzhonikidze, and Manganese, fully realized, and an extra ore to Nikopol, we have not. So if we, in the case of passing a series of procedures and competition, become masters of the plant, you will need to think hard about how to redistribute the commodity flows, as ore supply NHF.

Also subject I would answer you on all other issues, but I want to say I have no doubt in the transparency of future competition. We do not intend to buy and give to someone, “1+1″, because the state reclaims the property.

And as punishment Pinchuk, then he would do it. In 2003, we warned him: ”

— I have not bought from Eugene Chervonenko “Orlan”, but I know that the market for soft drinks there was such a deal and the company associated with the brand name “Biola”, acquired the company associated with the brand name “Orlan” and “Premiere”.

— But “Biola” — is your company, and its juices and drinks water all the east of Ukraine.

— I’m in “Biola” is a commercial interest, but I do not do this business, and am in it only a passive investor.

— You bought a Russian metallurgical plant Alapaevsky because you did not have NHF?

— We bought Alapaevku, because it is a good building site and we consider it as a promising place to build elektroferrosplavnogo production.

— A U.S. draft of a stage now?

— In the stage of negotiation and decoration. For over a year we have been in talks to acquire U.S. ferroalloy plant. There are objective difficulties: the plant — bankrupt, is on trial.

— A last question: why we are the second hour of talk on the phone instead of having to record this interview with us in the editorial office or at your office?

— Unfortunately, until October to do it in live mode will not work because I suffer from an allergy to ragweed. Allergy sufferers will understand me. At the time of flowering plants of the ill-fated I am always going out of Ukraine.

— That is, it’s the only reason why you can not travel to the Ukraine, and no arrests and detentions Are not you afraid?

— I think that there is no such prospect. But all this I promised Mr. Grigorishin and I do not exclude that this can happen at any time. He said that in Ukraine, an influential person.

— Did you come to the pants without back pockets, and no one there you will not insert the gun and drugs do not throw up.

— I think that if the fight even more aggravated, the case will not in their pockets and not into drugs. As I was warned by my friend Poroshenko: “In him there is so much there is to see that somebody Kolomoisky sells all that he has in the Ukraine, and goes to Indonesia.” I am only one did not understand — why Indonesia?

— You said you wanted to rent a movie and fly into space. Why have not realized the dream?

— No, the cosmos would Bogolyubov, and I wanted to make a film like “Once in America,” but the money is spent “eight series,” power companies. What life is, and movies.

Kolomoisky: Yes, I’m a fan of Yushchenko

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About Rinat Akhmetov, and Constantine Zhevago group “Evraz”

Why do not you spend the structuring of the group “Privat” in a single company, as it did, Rinat Akhmetov, who has collected all assets under the guise of SCM?

The “Private” will never be a structured unit, because the group “Privat” – is a myth, a phantom! There is no such legal entity, there is no legal concept of “Private Party”. Therefore, there is no way to make public what actually exists.

But why would you then clearly no limit: that’s “Private”, my interests, Igor Kolomoisky, and this – not “Private”? Even if we assume that your partners on their own attack on some assets, all are confident that this makes the group “Privat” and immediately Kolomoisky. Or would you like your demonization?

I agree. It’s all “Private”, but it is intangible ( laughs ). As soon as you start to make excuses and say, “That’s not me”, everyone starts to think: “I am sure 100% it is his handiwork.”

So you kayfuete what you frighten children?

– No, not fun. I just know that there is nothing to excuse, if you do not have this relationship. I have no relationship to the conflict Kiperman (partner Kolomoisky) to “Darnitsa” I have no relation to the attack Korban (another partner Kolomoisky) in some “Dobsoki” or gastronomy … But the spin and shout: “This is not me!” not intend to.

Talk about a major transaction that occurred in late 2007, when you sold the steel assets of the Russian group “Evraz”. Do not you think that you make a bad bargain?

Maybe make a bad bargain, but we had nowhere to go, because his union Vadim Novinsky with Akhmetov broke the whole situation to (metals and mining) market.

Novinsky violated the established balance when I left the market and with the negotiation process.

That is, he left in a clearing just Akhmetov and us. I used to have Novinsky, and we are influencing the Ingulets GOK and owning part of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant, to maneuver, to build some kind of policy with Akhmetov. When they came together through YuGOK Akhmetov was in fact within us!

And we realized that we have today, or something to do tomorrow or we simply will not. He (Akhmetov) will take you the market will make any cartel relations, will take your customers will not let you breathe inside your company is …

Rinat Akhmetov had with you in talks to buy assets that you sold, “Evraz”?

Conducted. But, well, Akhmetov was not willing to pay in cash all of the required amount – we sold the ore assets for $ 4 billion, and the entry into his company did not suit us.

As a result, we have received from “Evraz” cache billion, and the rest – stocks, which today has increased in price by half.

Is it true that you were negotiating the sale of Constantine Zhevago own half in the Southern GOK?

Zhevago really wanted to buy, but we did not make sense to discuss the deal because he wanted only to South mine, as we have sold everything – and coke and steel plant Petrovsky.

You have consented to Vadim Novinsky to make its half of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant in the overall company with Akhmetov?

We have with him is a verbal agreement to each other not to interfere with, writing is not signed.

What future do you see from Vitaliy Haiduk and Sergei Taruta, have no raw materials for industry?

Merge with someone or acquisition – whether Usmanov, then Akhmetov, whether Mittal, or “Eurasia.”

Although, as far as I know from the press and from direct sources, Hayduk generally goes out of business. However, there’s an audience that may well be breeding …

— You did not receive an offer to buy shares in Haiduk “ISD”?

I think I would have been if not first, then second only to Akhmetov list of those prohibited from offering ( laughs ). Taruta stop to sleep, if he will be a companion or Akhmetov, or Kolomoisky.

Generally in the metallurgical field, we will not enter into any non-transparent, non-public thing. Maybe only if they are really quite gratuitous.

What in the near future plan to buy abroad?

Recently, we participated in the contest to acquire the plant in Baltimore is – a successful asset. Mittal Steel has exceeded the concentration and he was forced to sell the plant. We have offered 870 million dollars, but it bought the “Severstal” for 810 million. That is, we did not win the contest, but gave more money. It’s just that “Severstal” has agreed with the unions. A difference of 60 million sellers felt weightless.

— Will bring up a ferro alloy business into a separate holding company in order to make a public offering, IPO?

I think that soon they will not.

— But you play in the global market, where it is unlikely you will remain non-public company!

Publicity – it’s a waste of money, at least in the first stage. I do not know whether Akhmetov an IPO, but I have a feeling that there is.

While I know that an IPO is Pinchuk. Want to see what are the conditions, how much will it cost Pinchuk.

— However, you bought shares of the Poltava ore mining and processing plant, where their public offering in London spent Konstantin Zhevago?

I knew how much Poltava GOK – I had always valued at $ 3.5 billion, and it sold for $ 1.7 billion. So I personally bought 3%.

You know how much I earned on these shares? When placing it cost 60 million, but today there are about 140-150 million.

Many were surprised that you bought the shares directly, in his personal name, rather than through a mutual fund. Why you did so? This is a form of bullying Zhevago – to show his name among the owners of his company?

Of course! But, in fact, the most Zhevago it makes no sense to show something, he would still have sold these shares. I wanted to show what will happen to shares of the following participants of the competition – Pinchuk, Akhmetov … ( laughs. )

Here at one time Akhmetov and Novinsky offered me to go to their company with all its ore assets. I answered: “What we shareholders? How to evaluate our share? I do not want to be in your non-public company a minority shareholder. And anyway, I do not understand how you comment on that?”.

And they tell me: “Well, come to us, we will have a big company.” I asked him: “You are going to IPO?”. They say, “Yes.” I say, “Well, you sort things out inside myself, all the comb, and I’ll be waiting for you at IPO!” ( Laughs. )

The thing is, I already said that when entering the company’s IPO is often underestimated. I believe that those who deduced Zhevago the IPO, deprived him of half the money! Its simply underestimated.

Let’s say, but after a placement of shares at the IPO can appreciate the full value of their asset.

But is it worth to make such sacrifices? Zhevago to evaluate its assets, paid 400 million dollars! Not much is it?

About Konstantin Grigorishin

— You are going to participate in the privatization of “Ukrtelecom” and Odessa Portside Plant?

The privatization of “Ukrtelecom” – no, but Portside – yes.

—  Themselves or with someone else?

We do consortium. With whom – do not know yet, because it is not clear how the privatization will take place: Odessa port will sell the pipe ( amiakoprovodom and shipping ) or without. I believe that the State will be easier to sell without the tube. There is a plant worth one billion dollars, so let him buy it.

And you are willing to pay for the Odessa port plant one billion dollars?

We will convene a consortium of Ukrainian plants to march on the plant. Invite “Rovnoazot,” Yaroslavsky with Cherkassy “Nitrogen”, open the door for Jankowski (“Styrene”) . Maybe for Rovta (Severodonetsk “Nitrogen”) .

You will participate in the privatization of power companies and the thermal generation?

The power companies we would first need to finish our business with the old Grigorishin.

By the way, since the beginning of the year you had to start the trial in Cyprus with Grigorishin line of your overall company, which owns shares of power companies?

He has already ended. Everything fell into place by mutual consent.

— You entered into a settlement agreement?!

We stopped this process, we decided again to try to cooperate. All of the trial no! In agreement with Grigorishin we have withdrawn their petition. The decision was taken in early March, but this is not a settlement agreement.

They (Grigorishin side) have expressed their position that do not agree with our claim that they are against the liquidation and division of property. Already been three years, lost the sharpness, the two sides met each other and see opportunities for further dialogue. So we said that they agreed to withdraw his petition, provided that all costs are halved.

Before the first kidka?

( Laughs ) None. Now we have him in the negotiation process. We are in correspondence. True, something I have not seen Grigorishin! I can not find it, although we are prepared to do business together.

Iron Grigorishin condition was jointly buy a share of power companies Surkis. And he thinks you did it secretly, behind his back.

It was a line of defense Grigorishin. In general, the conflict arose because of what? When we had made a deal before the presidential election in 2004, then going to buy the shares Surkises discussed the price, I agreed with them.

But after the Orange Revolution happened, Kostya sat down in Moscow, broke up and, well, drinking coffee, said: “Maybe, let’s now not going to buy the shares from Surkises, and take away their way.” I said: “Kostya, you’re out of your mind? What does” take away as “?”.

“Well, so – is responsible Grigorishin – let’s go to the plant, remove the management, they will give testimony, Surkis it a hundred years is not necessary – and will pick stocks.” I said: “This will not happen.” And off we go!

How do you get out of the trial with Grigorishin, which has been expended so much energy, so anything fundamentally not agreeing?

This trial did not need anyone. Well, would divide our possessions, it appeared that he had 20% power companies and I have 20%. Who benefits from it? I win with the view that tomorrow I will go to Surkis and combine them with shares. A Grigorishin remain at 20%, it will be very bad.

And I’ll be bad, because Grigorishin then bring its 20% stake in power companies, for example, Akhmetov. And Akhmetov will come to our company and will swing right. And true!

So you were afraid to leave Grigorishin Akhmetov?!

No, well, if not to Akhmetov, Grigorishin may apply to the UES, where he had excellent connections. Or sell his share of VS Energy.

About the attempted arrest Kolomoisky

At the time, prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into the assassination of lawyer Sergei Karpenko. At one time you took on the case suspected. You are wary of his arrest in 2005?

Of course.

– You threaten a lawyer Karpenko?

No, I did not threaten anyone, it is useless, and therefore meaningless. Paraphrasing a sentence Grigorishin , which asked whether he is offended by remarks in his address in interview Gennady Korban . Grigorishin replied: “Why be offended by a hammer with which you struck his toe, if it is a tool in the hands of the owner.”

The same applies to the Karpenko. Why would I threaten the hammer, if he has a master?

The situation with Karpenko was rigged or Pinchuk, or Grigorishin. I thing all the time poshugivali Karpenko in 2003-2004. Although the case against me as such was not, it was “in fact”.

But in 2005, a warrant was issued for your arrest. So you left the Ukraine under the pretext of an allergy to ragweed?

– When beginning to bloom in the ambrosia August-September 2005, the sharpness was asleep, she came in June-July 2005. Then Deputy Attorney General Shokin signed some papers on the case. It was a decision on sanctions for my arrest, and it was supposed to go to court.

It is said that Sviatoslav Piskun was stimulated by the material to the case against you has been closed.

At the time I was in Israel.

But there was a mediator – Michael Brodsky.

And that Brodsky? You could imagine that it was, if I have to find something serious?

By that time it was tried on those who attacked the Karpenko, one customer even had a great time. Convicted on no evidence I was not given. It turned out that during the investigation, under pressure in their testimony they even mixed up my name. It was not written “Kolomoisky,” and “Kolomoets” or “Kolomiets.”

Another thing that appeared in the person who worked in the security structure “Security. Conservancy. Warranty”. …

“B.O.G.” – This is your company?

– Yes, it’s our company, it protects our plants, factories, companies. But in the security structure are thousands of people! She organized the former head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Internal Affairs Directorate General Kozin.

Firm “B.O.G.” Dnepropetrovsk even scare kids, they say, there are many people with criminal records, skinheads …

Well, now such a time that they are identical in appearance, and can not figure out where the police, and where these guys ( laughs ) .. But if without jokes, the “B.O.G.” anybody not take.

— You use the “B.O.G.” in all actions of intimidation, involving them in conducting meetings of shareholders.

Well, the company participates in all meetings. It’s just a security structure, for example, our office is also guarded by employees of this company.

Kolomoisky about Kolomoisky

How much you value your status today?

– It is impossible to estimate, because what’s the point estimate virtual things? For example, our steel assets are valued differently. As a result, estimated at $ 3 billion, but it turned out that they are 4.

What is your share of the four billion, for which you sold the steel assets, “Evraz”?

Interest 25. I have many partners, there is internal – Martynov, Bogoliubov, and there are External – Shulman, for example … Others I can not call.

A Yulia Tymoshenko, the former owner of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant?

It is not among the partners.

What can enter?

We do not know.

Well, if your worth a billion metallurgical assets, then estimated how many ferroalloy – along with the recently purchased an Australian asset?

If we could prolong the economic conditions today in the next five years, I would rate the ferroalloy business not less than 20-30 billion dollars. And my share in this is, maybe 30%.

This is somewhere 6,5-10 billion to a billion, which you have sold to industry. What time do you evaluate yourself and what there Privatbank your share?

I think today it is worth 6-7 billion dollars. We will assume that my share is 44%.

That is another plus 3 billion. How much is your share of “Ukrnafta”?

From 8 to 13%. The company itself is estimated somewhere in the $ 5 billion.

— Your somewhere else for another 400 – 650 million. The total yield of your state of 11-15 billion dollars. What else is a major asset can remember?

There are many different projects, but now focus on listed.

In general, you know, our calculations remind me of an anecdote. Son comes to daddy and said, “Dad, what is virtual?”. Dad thought a moment and replied: “Well, I’ll try to explain to you.”

He calls his wife and says: “My wife, now tell me you’re writing a thesis there some, not all you get, the supervisor gets on the chair problem, well, how much time you have spent. But if the professor told you that tomorrow you will be a PhD, you’d give him? “. Well, my wife thought to herself that the thesis gives an increase to the salary to the pension money, so she replied: “Well, I guess, would have.”

Calls to her father’s daughter, student, and said, “Well, my daughter, I know you have a problem in college. If the associate professor offered a deal that you give him, and he’ll put the exams, you will have an increased stipend, the , ce … You’d give docent? “.

The daughter says, “Well, basically, yes, but what is not!”.

Well, here’s father calls his dad, an old guerrilla, who lives in the attic. “Tell me – he says – Dad, that’s if you have an old partisan Germans and asked to give the whole party, and instead gave you money, and not Reichsmark, and gold crowns – what you want, you have betrayed her? Grandfather thought and said “Well, basically, I looked like this all over – would be granted.”

The father turns to his son and said: “I understand my son?”. “No,” – said the son. “Well, what – explains the pope – a virtual you and me rich, but in reality we’re living with two prostitutes and an old pederast.” (Kolomoisky long and lingering laughs.)

So, you suggest not to assess your condition?

– Well, what’s the point? How much would all this cost in 1999, and how much cost during the Orange Revolution? I am to assess the state virtually. How many would there not have been written, I do not eat burgers two, eat one, two bottles of wine do not drink, I drink one. With age, people consume less, become more humble.

It is obvious that after the Maidan assets have grown substantially in value?

– Right. By the way, whose merit it? I think Viktor Yushchenko.

— You – a fan of Yushchenko?

Yes, I am – a fan said. Because it very carefully and gently apply to the economy, does not apply to her hands. He refers to her as a self-regulating organism.

Why did you not support him in 2004?

Maintained, but morally, otherwise I could not. Besides, I was not accessed, but there is an adventurer by the name of Trofimenko, who built the shopping center “Trinity” at the stadium “Olympic”. We had some talk about supporting Yushchenko, but they are nothing and have not ended.

— You, by the way, does not hurt that Akhmetov is estimated richer than you?

Generally not. I do not care.

Who today’s top businessmen of the most promising?

Well, Akhmetov is promising. Perhaps Zhevago. Maybe Pinchuk, if opened its second wind. And who among us still? I particularly remember no one of the top 10, and they had enough. And who is there on the 20th, 30th place? Do you remember? That’s where to look for future development.

What is the minimum limit for your business. Where the bar that defines: this business is too small for me, and here I was ready to enter?

Everything is determined by emotions, sensations, I should be interested in the project. But I will not enter into a business worth 100 thousand dollars.

What is the minimum annual income may be of interest to you?

Depending on your investment, maybe 50, $ 100 million a year.

Is it possible, for example, a 1 – a business that generates $ 50 million?

We can not estimate the revenue of this business. In this case the profit is not something reflected in the accounting department. TV channel – it is also an instrument of influence.

Do you have ambitions to manage a business channel?

I’m not going to manage this asset, it must engage experts and journalists. Any interference with the editorial policy of shareholders leads to a loss of value.

Then explain why, for example, the site UNIAN often serves as a mouthpiece of the information interests of the group “Privat”. It turns out that you declare one, and your resources are otherwise?

The site serves the interests not UNIAN group “Privat” and those who come to the site of news and, let’s get there information support. They are about something agree with those who govern. What I mean is that you can not buy or enter into a media business, in order to make it a tool of influence.

— But with the aim to create a resource you can?

If you have created and can use it, then enjoy, if possible.

Why, then, as they say, you have repeatedly expressed fears that the “Ukrainian Truth” has not bought Rinat Akhmetov?

( Silent ) Well, well, I would not like it. Just frustrating.

I have a home in Geneva, the first page – “Ukrainian Truth”. If your publication will buy Akhmetov, I have to change the start page. Otherwise, get this: I wake up in the morning, take a cup of coffee and walk over to the computer, and then I want to Rinat Akhmetov, “Good morning!”.

And you change your home page on the “Browser “?…

No, the “Observer” I do not read. There’s the same thing, “Tymoshenko bad” and in general, “all the riffraff.”

Michael Brodsky you did not offer to buy “Observer”?

Offered. Its estimated that 50 million, 100 million. I told Brodsky: “Please do IPO, and I’ll see how it all worth it.”

If you had to live my life again, would deal with business?

If I were born in the same 1963, then yes. Then it was impossible to go another way.

In the business I do not not regret anything. You can even talk about life in general. But I would probably be interesting to live another life. After all, what we do? Duplication of money.

If you are starting your business, so you would be able to get up?

Gave it to a 20 percent probability. I do not know what I would do today as an intern after graduation.

What would you do business differently if they could start over? Linked to Pinchuk, Tymoshenko, Surkis, Grigorishin?

Maybe I would have been different line up with someone relations. For example, you have a good relationship with Surkis, and he quarreled with Grigorishin. Grigorishin with whom you are also in good terms, is waiting for you something that you can not give him. His expectations are too high. We also Surkis overstated, but it is less painful it makes sense.

As a result Grigorishin, being a vindictive, I begin to build some kind of intrigues … That’s the way it is spinning.

But, by and large, I have no personal conflicts. If this business, personal conflicts in general can not be! A lot of things just flow.

I can not say that I was someone paid any irreparable injury or insult. Although I can not shake hands with someone with whom I have no personal conflict. There are people who deal with the fact that I just do not like.

Why did you move to live in Switzerland?

I do not live in Switzerland. My sister lives in Geneva with his family, there is my daughter. So I go there very often.

Well, why did your relatives live in Ukraine, do not study in this beautiful country, so that you are protecting against monopolization?

My sister married an Israeli, so she lives in Geneva with her husband. A daughter, tired of living in Ukraine, with a guard.

She’s studying to be an economist, has already changed the second high school. The first time she came, it was psychology, sociology. Although I once told her: “Do not go there, you do not like it.” In the end, she really did not like it there, she left him and moved to another university. My daughter works at my sister in the gallery and learn.

How much do you give pocket money my daughter?

Five thousand francs per month for all expenses, except for rental housing.

— You will attract business to their children?

No. I do not think that children or relatives should be involved in the family business. I would not want them doing business.

Where are going to go away all of your state? You are going to pass something by inheritance to children?

Maybe by the time I’m going to retire, it will be in a civilized manner, and this can be somehow controlled. Do not do business, and manage. Today, business requires a personal guide.

Why do you need a dual citizenship – in Ukraine and Israel? After all, the Ukrainian legislation prohibits it.

You can not obtain Ukrainian citizenship, had another. And, having Ukrainian, you can get citizenship in another country.

I have been granted citizenship of Israel in 1995. Then everything in general was seen differently. On the one hand, I was going to emigrate from the Soviet Union to Israel. But America was already closed, then I hesitated, in the end did not come.

And already when I first came to Israel in 1992, it appeared certain emotions awakened sleeping chromosomes, in general, the voices of the ancestors, especially in Jerusalem … But this topic is a separate discussion.

There is Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation, Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Will the fund Igor Kolomoisky?

Sincerely you say? I am not going to do anything just because there are all these listed funds you. I’ve been doing charity work, but I think publicly it to do.

About how much of your fund charitable activities – per month or per year?

– I never thought in a different way to treat it. I can not understand the philosophy of Pinchuk and Akhmetov. What is it? PR? If you want to spend 10, 20 or 100 million dollars, so spend a, do not make noise and spin-doctoring. What to yell about it?

A response to these actions is only one. If the deal with “Dniproenergo” brings a billion, well then you can and spend 100 million to charity ( laughs ).

Or take Pinchuk – first to steal from NFP “Kryvorizhstal”, and then funds or museum open?

And what feelings of ordinary people? I think the same, even more radical.

Personal Fund – is an element of publicity.

This is not an element of publicity and public relations tool. I personally do not need a PR, so I do not think it necessary to engage in charity in this way.

I’ve been doing charity work is chaotic, not for any purposes. How to have and do, yielding only short-term emotions.

— All you can afford in this life?

In principle, yes, but I do not have anything unusual.

Flying in space you can afford?

I guess I can. But it is not going to fly. It’s just nonsense, competition consumption. So I would not want my children to doing business. It’s not interesting to do. Doing business – is, in principle, necessary decision in order to feed themselves and their families.

If you just want to feed a family, you could stay 5-10 years ago. Put in the bank money and all.

A business can not stop, can not get out. Believe me, there is an entrance but no exit. You have always some unfinished projects. For example, we started ferroalloy business in 1994 or 1995, but he still has not been completed. Difficult to stop, you have a partner, companion, someone agrees to do so, someone – else.

That is, you have to live the lives of others?

One hundred percent! Once I told myself that in 40 years, retire. And I have 45, and I still did not come out.

Although I am 40 years radically changed the conduct of business. I no longer deal with current affairs.

Today I do not do routine, and only a global planning. Sometimes I focus on some important issues in anything involved. But, as I did that up to 40 years, no longer. Sitting in the office from morning till night, something to consider, discuss, boards of directors, the meeting … I’m tired.

Kolomoisky: Yanukovych personally offered me to enter the list of Regions Party

Continued. The first part of the interview is available here — Kolomoisky: “If the president will Tymoshenko, I see myself in exile”

— Who is better for you — Prime Minister Yanukovych or Tymoshenko prime minister?

— Still Tymoshenko.

— Why?

— Because at the premiere of Tymoshenko I do not know when such a company as “Dniproenergo” taken, diluted the stock, took them, maybe even a legal way. The state was 76%, and suddenly it turned to 51%.

I know that this all happened under Yanukovych. As there were many other things in 2004. For example, Kryvorizhstal, and more Ukrrudprom and Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant.

We should all be aware that Yanukovych and company — is an established, well—structured, cohesive and cynical political industrial corporation which is convinced that its interests above the interests of the country and the people living in this country.

For her power — and this is the purpose and means, and nothing they will not stop on the road to power and to retain that power. Let Ukraine will collapse, but left the Party of Regions.

Tymoshenko — a no less severe case. It is the classic “black widow” in politics. It is a loner and power for it represents an absolute value, and ideologically it is clear Trotskyite. And it sits inside her, and she can not figure it out. As oligarhiney—loser, she hates any capital, and especially large. And this batch of Trotskyism and broken business career, coupled with vindictiveness makes an explosive mixture.

Weak positive hope for the same gives her inner loneliness — about her not yet formed a stable company with the same interests.

— Criticizing Tymoshenko today, you disingenuous, because previously you could find it a common language. Moreover, much of it for you, it was dismissed in 2005 — Tymoshenko accused that she lobbied on your behalf. Do you have any remorse?

— I can not say that Tymoshenko’s dismissal occurred because of me. So, I have no remorse. Rather, Tymoshenko was removed because of her desire to settle personal scores with Pinchuk — immediately, today and forever. And we have at this moment coincided interests.

— But at the same time on the selection of “Dniproenergo” from Akhmetov help you open Tymoshenko …

— And we do not help her, we are helping ourselves. The fact that the story of the NFP, with Kryvorizhstal for anyone not become a cold shower. Did not! Tell me, what is the fight for the NFP, if no one in 2005 and learned nothing.

Across the country have shown that when they pulled Krivorozhstal, and then they picked it, it’s just bad luck, an accident. And ten other projects are not selected now and you can safely continue to steal more. Actions on “Dniproenergo” advertised method — you can pull off at first, then haggle as to give to leave it to yourself!

— It is rather strange to hear that you are! They see you as a cynical and often step over the agreement. And now the man with the image wants to play the role of a fighter for justice and the arbitrator.

— (Long silence) You know the difference between a hamster and a rat? The difference in the PR software. Hamster so small, cute, pet, children love, are played. A rat — disgusting filthy animal from which the women faint. A difference in only one — in the PR software.

— You spend on public relations to ensure a lot of money …

— I do not spend on its image software. Moreover, all these legends that we hear — it’s a legend people who are with me, maybe not familiar with.

About Rosukrenergo

— Why do you think you will find yourself with Tymoshenko in exile?

— See, Tymoshenko became prime minister in December. I also really like this, and have applied some effort.

— What?

— Moral, not just material. I thought it should be held democratic coalition, and that was a very difficult situation, 228 deputies — is an unstable structure. Maybe at some stage need to be done and a broad coalition. But I think that today this country is not ready yet.

And so, as soon as Tymoshenko came to power, then took my first steps in the gas issue. The result — we got a gas war.

And I understand that last bit of strength she held in December, we otgulyali New Year, and in January she could not resist and started to revise the gas agreements.

Perhaps a system of gas supply was not transparent, something else is wrong. But if you do not like the fact that it is opaque, it is not a reason to abolish this system, to break or tear down. This is an occasion to try to make it transparent.

Tymoshenko did not like Mr Firtash, because once it became the place RUE Itera, and Mr Makarov (Itera head) was more likable … That is, it removes Firtash simply on the basis of some of his personal feelings, personal emotions, personal likes and dislikes .

But this is not the position of prime minister! The position of the Prime Minister is a blessing — the country’s economy, businesses and people. And this is a good price for gas, which was Ukraine.

— Wait, you yourself are struggling with RosUkrEnergo a year ago!

— Yes, we struggled. But the fight against RosUkrEnergo — it does not mean to take and destroy this structure.

For what is RUE? The joint venture, in which 50% is owned by Gazprom, and the second 50% — Messrs. Firtash and Fursin. And this company has any contracts, commitments until 2028 for some affordable, very nice prices.

If you do not like them, so invite Firtash, or appoint Dubin invite Firtash, and say: “I do not want to whether Mr. Firtash to sell its share in RUE”?

— Let’s say, three billion dollars? But it is dummy!

— We do not know whether the dummy. Show me the results of the Dew Diligence!

— And you would have bought 50% of RosUkrEnergo?

— I will have nothing to say in detail, but I’m now negotiating on the subject. I decided to Dew diligence of the company RosUkrEnergo.

— Who do you negotiate?

— From Firtash — the sale of its shares and the share of Ivan Fursin in RUE.

— That is, you will not fail?

— No.

— When did these negotiations?

— Where a month ago.

— What are you interested in RUE?

— I am interested in contracts for gas.

— They are the same in “Gazprom” decorated simply given in the use of RosUkrEnergo — is not it?

— We do not know who they are decorated. In order to buy something, a company that has expressed its desire to buy — and I expressed such a wish — make it possible, under certain conditions, the signing of confidentiality to Dew diligence.

— OK, as long as you do not feel sorry for half of RosUkrEnergo?

— I can not say yet. If what was said in the press proves true, then I believe that these 50% are at least 2—3 billion dollars. No less! Although there may be such that the next day and $ 5 billion will not be sorry.

— Are not you afraid to enter into one company with Gazprom? You know that tomorrow, “Gazprom” will tell you as new partners, “Guys, I’m sorry, but we are abolishing the gas.”

— No, he can not say that. Gazprom is one of those organizations that carry out the agreements signed are very strict and tough. Have the company as Gazprom partner — I think it’s an honor.

If Ukraine will not accept that gas, which will be in RosUkrEnergo, the company will sell it elsewhere. In Europe, thank goodness, a lot of consumers.

About “Dneproenergo”

— Why do you advocate for something to take away the right to operate Akhmetov “Dniproenergo” with its 44%, unless you run a “Ukrnafta”, with 42%?

— I have not denied the right to Manage Your even if it is 1%. But what have the shares of the state, who were with him? Akhmetov has not been 44%. If you menedzhiruesh, please take their managerial, let you pay the salary and bonuses, but that does not mean that you should give the shares.

— Maybe you are jealous Akhmetov, that he was more agile, able to negotiate effectively with officials and you gain control of “Dniproenergo”?

— I’m very respectful to Akhmetov, especially to his agility. He is very agile person. (Laughs.)

— Why did you fight in the conflict with “Dniproenergo”?

— Let’s start with the fact that “Dniproenergo” did not pay their debts with the group “Privat”. We have a small package, but it’s so small, that does not allow us to say that we are major shareholders.

We have never pretended to Manage Your the company. But I do not like the way it was done — using administrative resources and the fact that Yanukovych was prime minister and all the issues of privatization could be solved within three or four rooms, just pass each other by—pass list, all to sign, and translate the shares of pocket and in your own. That I do not like.

— That is, you fight for justice?

— On the one hand, for justice, but on the other — for your interest.

— And what is more important?

— I can say that the first justice, then interest, but I do not believe it, say that the first interest, then justice. In fact, there match their personal interests and the struggle for justice.

My concern is this: I do not want to be, a group of “Private” or any other company in Ukraine, but SCM deprive the opportunity to participate in what we believe ourselves to fit.

I support the idea that everyone had equal opportunity to come and participate in the contest. But not for one customer, who was also on “Kryvorizhstal”, or NFP.

— How much you have spent money on the conflict of “Dniproenergo”?

— Believe me, the budget is unlimited. (Laughs)

— If you were offered, would you buy stocks “Dniproenergo”?

— I do not know. This company is very expensive, perspective. But let’s look from an economic point of view. Debts “Dniproenergo” billions of hryvnia, then there is $ 200 million. And how much Dniproenergo? Not less than $ 3 billion.

“Dniproenergo” was in bankruptcy, because it was not calculated for 200 million dollars. But this is — not a critical amount, no such order had to issue new shares, with 44%. Evaluators of the company? In many valued these shares? How was it to pay 200 million must pay 44%? While I believe that 44% of the 3 billion worth 1 billion 200 million. So where did he go on the road billion and to whom it went?

— Do you think anyone?

— Anyone who owns those shares today.

— If tomorrow will be re—sale of the company “Dniproenergo”, you will participate in the auction?

— We have to see who will be involved. Will there be someone else, but Rinat Akhmetov, in whose hands will fall and so on. For us this is important because we need clear conditions on the formation of prices.

In general, we do not consider “Dniproenergo” as the object of our intense interest. But let’s think.

About the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant

— You are so indignant with the history of “Dniproenergo” … And if you Akhmetov offered to buy half of “Dniproenergo” in the form in which it looks like now? After all, you are ready to enter the RUE, which is on the shady scheme to build your business, you could just enter in “Dniproenergo.”

— Right answer — I would not buy “Dniproenergo” in this form. We had a similar story with Pinchuk.

We signed the paper in 1999 that together we should participate in the privatization of the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant. Before privatization, it required him to cede part of the commodity business — and Marganetsk Ordzhonikidze GOK. But we do not agree on the price.

In addition, we did not agree when I say that for the NFP must pay the market price. When asked Pinchuk, “why?” I said: “If not a market, the plant will take away.” And said — take away!

— But in the end you agree with Pinchuk, and the story of the NFP in general is over. You fought with Pinchuk, struggled, and then entered into an agreement with him and agreed to work on his scheme, according to its interest.

— We did everything we could. We’re so supported by the state that it has managed to win Pinchuk all courts, he could not do anything, and these shares have been returned to the state. However, at the head of the State Property Fund was Socialist Semeniuk, who felt that the people of Ukraine have since lost touch with NFP, that his return is not necessary.

— But you stepped on the throat of his own song, and agreed to an alliance with Pinchuk!

— No, we do not step on the throat of his own song. The controversial package is Pinchuk, and as far as I know, the state now has resumed his efforts to get it back. Though not entirely successful. Tymoshenko signed the claim to the Economic Court of Dnipropetrovsk region on behalf of the Cabinet, she signed it!

— How did you come together with Pinchuk about NFP, as agreed?

— At Pinchuk was controversial package of 50% +1 share, and was the undisputed pack 23% percent. And we have been in the area of ??26%. Under our control in conjunction with Pinchuk today is about 49%. This is sufficient to Manage Your Enterprise. In addition, Pinchuk is a package of 50% +1 share, which is controversial.

When it comes to legal language, we have issued all their arrangements somewhere in November 2006.

— What was the conceptual reconciliation with your Pinchuk?

— The fact that, with our 26% and 23%, ie more than 40%, enough to retain control of the NFP.

— And how do you work? You divide the profits in half?

— No. These are issues that are confidential. We operate in a proportion that reflects the availability of assets for us and it’s assets. In addition to NFP because there is still other assets to which Pinchuk has nothing to do. Therefore, having its assets to 23% of NFP, he moved on to a single share.

After all, there Marganetsk mine is Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant is Zaporizhia ferroalloy. That is, we took all our interests in all of these companies and merged into one big pot.

— That is, a passive shareholder Pinchuk now?

— Yes.

— How many shares in the conventional holding belongs to you?

— If I tell you, you will realize how much Pinchuk. I can not give a specific figure, because he sued me tomorrow.

— What role did your global trade representatives “luzhnikovskoy of” Babak and Voevodin? They say, Pinchuk wary to deal with you one on one, and called them as intermediaries, for which they bought a share. Were the negotiations, in which you participated, Pinchuk and Spector?

— Spector sometimes present at the talks. True, he was represented by Pinchuk, who hired him.

— So he was like a referee?

— Not really. I do not know the subtleties of relationships Pinchuk and Spector, but they certainly are. Pinchuk I asked: “Is it possible, to present Michael Spector”? I did not mind, but said: “We will be Spector’s interest, if we have some options, relationships?”.

Pinchuk said that “we have some agreements and they will be implemented once, but you will have to deal with me.” Pinchuk, explained that he wants our relationship someone has heard of. I understand that there is some agreement in between Pinchuk and Spector

— Pinchuk was afraid to deal with you, and invited him to participate?

— The word “afraid” I do not like.

— Afraid?

— “Afraid” — much less enjoy. But Pinchuk was not entirely comfortable, because he wanted someone to lean on. (Laughs.)

About relations with Tymoshenko

— Did you have a conceptual agreement with Yulia Tymoshenko against Viktor Pinchuk selection of Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant in 2005? Have you met during this conflict?

— No, there was no agreement. We have not met. Until the fall of 2006, the last time I saw Tymoshenko in 1999.

— Under what circumstances does it happen in 1999?

— Just when we were discussing the issue of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant. Our actions do not like peregistrirovat registrar, who then controlled the Tymoshenko.

— But in the end you still extended a the shares — on the good will of Tymoshenko?

— No, in spite of.

— So, you had a conflict?

— Of course. Once was.

— Is it true that as a result of the appointment of Prime Minister Tymoshenko you underpaid for the Southern Mining and Processing Plant?

— We are today on this subject will not speak. Today you can not talk about it.

— But your response indicates that the surcharge was still just do not tell you how much!

— Why? Knowing my reputation, all may think I am a rascal, lukavlyu or bluffing.

— How do you then come to terms with Tymoshenko?

— We are not reconciled. Still ahead. Reconciliation ahead!

— Now you still partner Yulia Tymoshenko on the conflict around the NFP?

— Currently we have no interests, we take a neutral position on NFP. But if the state will sell its stake, which is now moot, we will participate in its purchase.

— And will be like in 2005 to support Yulia Tymoshenko — the posters to hang, hold the shares?

— No, we will not.

— It turns out that you are satisfied with the status quo at NFP?

— No, let Tymoshenko will try very least something to do.

— On the one hand, it turns out that Tymoshenko is fighting with you at the Kremenchug refinery, on the other hand, it is — your ally in the return of “Dniproenergo.” How can this be?

— What Tymoshenko ally? I believe in “Dniproenergo” it generally helps Akhmetov. Tymoshenko has not fulfilled campaign promises and does not fight for the return of the enterprise.

— You are now solicits Tymoshenko to action?

— No, not incite. Tymoshenko does not do anything in the issue of “Dniproenergo.” She only had to cancel the stroke of the pen is completely illegal decision on the additional issue of Yanukovych. Because there is a direct rule of law — can not repay the losses and debts of the company through the issuance of additional issue.

Tymoshenko should just cancel the order, but she ventured such a thing! I think that if it does not, then there is some secret or explicit agreement, it is a dialogue with the Party of Regions under the table. Recall, for example, a promising first reading of the law on tender purchases. She voted along with the regions, despite the fact that “Our Ukraine” did not vote.

This is an important question because the Tender Chamber … If they’re just making money, but they paralyzed the economy. Here we have is 600 fillings “Ukrnafta” because we were not able to buy petroleum products.

— Are you ready to sell its stake in “Ukrnafta”?

— If everything will go further, it is probably ready.

— How much are you willing to ask for it?

— Today, the company’s capitalization has fallen, it is not worth $ 4 billion. If we sell, we, along with everything — from gasoline filling stations, infrastructure, fuel truck, tank farms.

— Who would make a buyer “Ukrnafta”?

— “Ukrnafta” very appreciated by all Russian companies. Incidentally, I think, if “Gazprom” buy “Ukrnafta”, it is very easy to cope with all the problems in Ukraine, with which we are now facing. They simply include it in a package of some political agreement and say that “there have interfered.”

And I believe that now is a violation of shareholder rights by Tymoshenko. It is wrong to refer to the company, in which 50% have a NAC, and 50% —1 from private shareholders. Such as private, in Semirenkovskom field, where Rudkovsky and Shufrich have 50% in Poltava gas company, where shareholders — the British.

It is necessary or liquidate the company and split it 50/50, or behave in a civilized manner. The problem is that we should change the law. The first law on joint stock companies.

— Are you ready to make to reduce the quorum for meetings of shareholders?

— We do not object. Only need to register and protect the rights of others. Right now in Australia Bogolyubov bought the company. According to their laws protected even one who has only 1% of the shares.

The new law on joint stock companies have revived the stock market. We have created something that we very much for a long time talking, not the freak that we exist.

About the Kremenchug refinery

— One of the recent conflict — around the Kremenchug oil refinery? What is the current distribution of shares in the refinery? Who and how much control?

— All controls director Paul Ovcharenko. We do not interfere.

— So you do not earn a Kremenchug?

— In Kremenchug — no.

— How did you were a shareholder of Kremenchug refinery?

— In fact, we helped Alexander Yaroslavsky. If in 2004, came to power, Yanukovych, in the interests of Yaroslavl have been restored Ovcharenko as head of the company. Were such an agreement.

But fortunately, there was a Orange Revolution, Yanukovych did not become president. And all of the obligations were written off, no debts.

And then suddenly there was a reincarnation of Mr Yanukovich! No one expected and it was accomplished — in 2006, Yanukovych became prime minister.

I’m not saying that Yanukovich had to remember all those who went with him to the presidential election. He has helped quite a lot of people. Tigipko, for example, the chief of staff, Medvedchuk there beating his head against the wall in the Kuchma administration, many others …

It was a lot of people who did not take the list of Yanukovych, and not even offered, in spite of them serious enough to merit Yanukovych in 2004. Here Yaroslavsky, for example, are not offered.

Incidentally, in 2006, Yanukovich offered to me personally to enter a list of the Party of Regions.

— For how long?

— Not for much, just. Still, Dnepropetrovsk, big business, symbolic figure, and so on.

— It was important to dilute the influence of Akhmetov.

— We do not know what his motives and emotions. But I thanked him and said, “Thank you very much, but no.”

When Yaroslavsky has lost hope to return the head of the Kremenchug Ovcharenko naftepererabatyvayuschego factory, we bought a stake, do not even know exactly how much interest. In terms of receiving dividends — is a fraction.

But we bought the shares from Yaroslavl, because the Kremenchug oil refinery — a joint—stock company, sell shares to anybody was not, it is necessary first to offer to everyone else. And we had to qualify for private purchase.

We staked out a position to wait for a case where someone would sell — or state, or Tatar, “Tatneft” (laughs). We wanted to have a right of first refusal and offer a great price.

We (the present) Director Ovcharenko suits more than (former) Director of Glushko. In addition, there was a real danger that, like “Dniproenergo” will disappear and the Kremenchug refinery, because they had accumulated debts of 4 billion, with the help of master tooth (MP from the Party of Regions) and its companies.

— What if you hold on to the meaning of the Kremenchug refinery?

— This is a significant business in general throughout the industry. We do not want to understand who he got. We do not want to Refinery went into the Russian “Tatneft”.

Kremenchug refinery factor — is the stability of the entire market, where we — as a great player.

And all the plans, which now builds the Yulia Tymoshenko is not serious! For example, when they brought back Pashinskaya (BYuT deputy as head of the plant) … I personally do not know him, but say it is some kind of odious person, to which all the crises of sugar, meat, something else. I was told, type directly into the Google.com “Pashinsky” and it just golden willow!

— Tymoshenko herself with you discussed the situation with the Kremenchug?

— We discussed the issue of Kremenchug, when Tymoshenko became prime minister in late 2007. I told him that the state is leaps and bounds to ensure that the gain control in a 60 over the plant. She was not aware of.

Today there is a second question related to the 38% owned by the Kremenchug oil refinery in the Russian “Tatneft”.

When establishing a company, there was prescribed obligations. Producing enterprise — Tatnefteprom, something like that — would have to supply oil, or at least give dividends.

— You allude to the fact that Tatars are now losing even share?

— I think so.

— You want to push them at all?

— I did not say “I want”. I believe in the principle of “Ukrtatnafta” as a company should be eliminated. Because the initial objectives of participants who created a company that had not been implemented. A Kremenchug refinery should return to the State as an integral property complex.

— All returned to the state … NFP, “Dniproenergo” now — Kremenchug refinery. You are a Robin Hood! You in scientific communism, too, was 5?

— Yes.

— Maybe you just go for salaries in the national MFI lawyer?

— I will think over this proposal.

— And how long have you say the phrase “we want to return to the state”?

— Honestly, when re—sold Krivorozhstal, we thought that redistribution of state property has ended. But it turns out (laughs), we also have a “Luganskteplovoz”, which for no apparent reason, suddenly slowly gave some Russian structure.

Moreover, Russia’s structure is very well respected. I am well aware of its shareholders. We were always with them in a warm relationship, and there were some projects partners. I do not understand why they needed the whole story to this plant for the low take four to five times the price. They can not afford to buy up to five times more expensive.

— But there is a caveat in the case of “Luganskteplovoz” you do not return anything rushes to the state, not draw posters, not applying to the courts, do not enter Korban as a shareholder. Maybe you’re just not interested in the asset. How, for example, “Dniproenergo”?

— We are in the “Dniproenergo” not interested. Shares “Luganskteplovoz” return to the state, already has a solution. And in the case of “Dniproenergo” a critical situation — the shares have not returned to the state.

If the shares returned to the state, what difference does it matter who was sitting in the company? Let the State to determine — it is 76%, if you like to manage DTEK — it’s his business!

— That is, if you suddenly Luganskteplovoz not return, you’ll fight for it in the public interest?

— One hundred percent. But how can you return “Luganskteplovoz” when we have such a beautiful woman sitting in the State Property Fund, and from there it just did not dig!

Continuation of the interview: Kolomoisky: Yes, I’m a fan of Yushchenko

Kolomoisky: “If the president will Tymoshenko, I see myself in exile”

In the midst of the Orange Revolution in the lobby of one of the Dnepropetrovsk channels belonging to the group “Privat”, set free the microphone to give all interested persons to comment on events in the country.

Randomly on the same day in office came to the channel co-owner of “Privatbank” Igor Kolomoisky. Coming out of the office director, he nearly fell into the field of view and decided to wait until the end of the next inhabitant of the city speech, campaigned against Yushchenko. “These thieves themselves orange, like everyone else — look at their cars!” — Shouted at the camera a healthy lad.

Oligarch long heard allegations against the orange and then turned to who was standing beside a friend and dryly added, “But telling the truth, they are all the same. Tretyakov and Poroshenko I bet not on the tram ride around.”

However, the fourth year, Igor Kolomoisky is unchanged sponsor orange camp of Ukrainian politicians. Not having their own political party, Kolomoisky has influence on Ukrainian politics, comparable with the degree of influence of the main sponsor of the Party of Regions Rinat Akhmetov.

Igor Kolomoisky can rightly be considered the most closed oligarch in Ukraine. Amassed a vast fortune he amassed a reputation as the most odious, cruel and cynical businessman of the country.

In the ordinary citizen, his name associated with anything but a transparent ownership structure, which boasts a co-owner of SCM. Most often, the senior partner of a group called Privat raider, cheater, cheat, and almost never — a businessman.

It is many hours of interviews, “Ukrainian Truth” recorded in the heart of the Privat Group — in the office of “Sentosa” — one of the original founders and the founders of the current “Privatbank”. In a large room with two pool tables and an aquarium on the wall of small stature tycoon went in jeans and a sweater.

On Politics

— Do you consider yourself an oligarch?

— No.

— Why? Do you have any influence on politics, and while you are a businessman.

— I have very limited influence on policy — may be more willing to influence than the opportunity to realize these desires.

— What’s your policy?

— Game. To some extent, this is going to be honest themselves in front of him — to say that I tried to do in order to see the company just as I imagined it.

— What should be the society in your view?

— Is fair.

— So, you’re a socialist?

— I think I’m not a socialist, but somewhere more social democrat. (Laughs)

— Are you happy with at least one person whom you enter into politics or support?

— I can not say that I’m someone else happy, because I did not introduce into politics.

— What are the political forces in Ukraine you will never be supported?

— The Communists and Socialists.

— And Yulia Tymoshenko?

— Maintained morally.

— Only the morally?

— Yes, more moral than material. Perhaps there was some material assistance in the field of BYuT. Our company, located in the territory of the Lviv and Ivano—Frankivsk region, do not rule out completely to cooperate with local cells of BYuT.

— But your boys Andrew Olejnik Stanislaw Portnow and went through the list of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc in the Verkhovna Rada!

— Yes, but I can not say that they are our guys. The fact that he wrote Portnow our relationship is very close to the truth.

I agree with him periodically meet, exchange ideas, consult. But work in understanding how we worked with him when he had his lawyer’s business, no.

And I do Oleynik had not seen and not heard. In fact, since 2006, we are not working with it.

— Party of Regions did you keep?

— Never.

— A person Viktor Yanukovych?

— When were the presidential election of 2004, big business, volunteer force supported Yanukovych.

— And Viktor Yushchenko?

— Then we were not able to support Yushchenko, but now we have his moral support to 100 percent.

— How much did you spend on the Orange Revolution?

— “Privatbank” does not suffer any cost, and each of the shareholders, I think it allocates the funds for these or other events. I personally support the revolution has spent five million dollars.

— By whom the money held?

— We had a few channels from Brodsky. Today is not yet time to call them names.

— How much of “Our Ukraine” people-oriented you?

— I do believe that there are no people-oriented “Private” or to me personally.

— How and Igor Palitca?

— It can be called oriented “Ukrnafta”.

— But you’re with a club in direct contact, right?

— Yes, of course. I think Igor bat today be called a classic lobbyist … And I do not believe that someone does today can affect the “Our Ukraine”.

Maybe because it’s not so much by the number of structure. NUNS — a conglomerate of various political forces. Each of them is quite ideological, there are accomplished people, with a name that will not melt themselves to support lobbying or someone else’s private interests. Especially if it will often go against their conscience.

— A Balogh? You support him financially?

— Finance — no.

— His new project?

— He has not yet been announced. I just heard that he came out of the “Our Ukraine”.

— Balogh you personally to talk about this?

— We had discussed similar version of events. They said that it is time to form a new political entity. But I did not feel that there is Baloga deep faith in such a project and what it actually create within a limited timeframe.

— This has been discussed with you Baloga in funding the project?

— No. This has been discussed only in a friendly dinner, birthday greetings.

— How true is evidence that at one time you were willing to finance the “time”?

— We have even had talks with “Sometimes”, which I was, Korban, Filatov (lawyers—partners “Privat”) and one of the “Pora”, in my opinion, Kaskiv.

It was for help in financing the “pores” in 2006, and Boris Filatov either want to go through the list of “Pora”, or whether he offered it. But then somehow it is not grown together.

— Is it true that you are pushing the demand for political projects that will support — that there were no people Pinchuk?

— If we are talking about people Pinchuk, then tell a story. Once, in 2006 we had a conversation with Mr. Kreinin — then he was a relative of Mr Lytvyn, his son married the daughter of Lytvyn. And it came to the support of the People’s Party.

We said that we in the People’s Party allergic reaction causing a few names. First — this is Mr. Eremeev, which should have been expelled from the cashier of the block. He and I were not then in a very warm relationship. We had a divorce in Drohobych refinery, he left the company, we have visited.

And second — we have heard that the list is Mrs. Litvin Chebotarev (at that time — one of the leaders of “Interpipe”). What we said: “Only if Chebotarev exclude from the list, we can discuss this issue.” But this was said as a joke. Maybe after this, and rumors about our unwillingness to support projects in which there are people Pinchuk.

— You support the “Our Ukraine” during the two election campaigns — and 2006, and 2007?

— Supported. And the more we help no one. Is that Brodsky in the last campaign.

— Why? You knew it was no-go project?

— Brodsky us asking for help. And we have even more for his money supporting it. (Laughs.) Brodsky himself mostly coped with this problem and has funded the entire campaign individually, and we were on a safety net.

— How much does the group “Privat” has cost a past election campaign?

— We must immediately put the points over the “i”, because that’s all — my personal projects and my personal game of politics.

— But this is your support of parties and blocs affects the overall business, “Private”!

— This may affect the overall business, and in fact can not influence. Can affect negatively, positively can …

Suppose Martynov at all deeply apolitical person. A Bogoliubov a categorical opponent of political participation. So my support for this or that politician is not related to general business.

— Then tell us how much you personally have managed the election campaigns of 2006 and 2007?

— I personally would have cost the two campaigns $ 40 million.

— So, you have spent eight times more than the Orange Revolution …

— Yes. We do not spend money to make money.

— And for what? Fun?

— I am a friend of Moscow’s reaction told Berezovsky on the picture on the TV during the Orange Revolution. When he discussed the question of how much wasted money, from Berezovsky reportedly sounded the phrase: “Yes, 40 million, of course, I’m sorry, but what extras”. (Laughs)

— Do you feel the same?

— No, I have no such feelings. The fact that Berezovsky lives in London, and Ukraine may worry a little more than Georgia. Or maybe less.

— You communicate with Berezovsky?

— I do not even know him. Saw him once in my life in 1999 at the inauguration of Kuchma. It flew by, he had a halo around the suite, they all wanted him to say hello … Well, I’m part of it all looked. And so — had the honor to be represented.

— You have been a unique project — it Selyans’ka party in the 2006 elections. They were on the electoral list Martynov and Igor Palitca. Tell me, how has managed them?

— This project arose purpose. (Laughs) As far as I know, we have fond Martynov helicopter and air sports, and on this basis, he has different friends. And one of them, in my opinion, was the leader of the party, he drew Martynov at the project, wrote it in five. Maybe for some meal and they were invited to bat “warm company.” But there I have not spent a single penny they spend their own money. (Laughs.)

— Let’s talk about the legends around Kolomoisky. The phrase “suckers need to throw” — your authorship?

— No, not at all mine. Incidentally, I to the word “fuckers” very bad attitude and I think that this is not a worthy word.

If the word “nerd” in the usual sense are called consumers, the people, ordinary people, in my understanding of the word “nerd” is associated with a person who has to be cheating, throwing or somehow pull it out of his savings.

So I’m not very good at the word “nerd”, because aferizm and fraud I’m not very nice.

— The second crown phrase ascribed to you — “I do not pay taxes and do not return the debt.”

— This is the legend of Mr. Vydrin.

It can be seen when he wrote his opus, it likes to drink a glass of brandy. And then, apparently, he is dreaming and in a drunken delirium.

He has repeatedly apologized to me personally. I told him: “I personally do not, you’re in public. Because you are always printed, and phrases that you have not heard from me. It’s you supposedly gave to me, and I suspect that it did Brodsky.”

— Who is for you Brodsky? Partner, connected by spetsporucheniyam?

— He is our old friend, acquaintance, friend. Even more than companion. We know him since late 1996 and early 1997, were partners with him in “Kiev statements.”

People become friends when they were with another person rather pleasant moments spent pleasant days, received some positive emotions. And our partnership with the Brodsky began with the fact that we have negative emotions.

He and I drank so much grief, that without him in the future could not. (Laughs)

On the Media, 1 +1, “Ukrnafta”

— What media are you currently own or control?

— I know that my friend Gennady Bogolyubov talks with Mr Lozhkin, they have warm relations, and Lozhkin has some joint projects — is the magazine “Focus” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

— What is a share?

— I do not think other than 50%. Less than 50% Bogolyubov would never have consented.

And I, as you know, I am a partner in the Tretyakov “Glavred”, which belongs to an UNIAN correspondent, the “profile”, some other publications. There is a managing partner of the Tretyakov. But besides this, I still have a heroic story with a “1 +1”.

— Tell us your version — as it was with the purchase of “1 +1” and the end of the story?

— I would like to postpone the story at a time. Today the company is in the CME deal with Fuksmanom and Rodnyansky. I am a member of the Board of Directors of CME I know that there is a confidentiality agreement and I would not want to hurt the deal. When all is finished, and the parties will come out of the process of buying and selling, then we can talk about it.

— Do you realize themselves as curator of “1 +1” in the CME? Not long ago, your partner Gennady Korban said that you are responsible for the Ukrainian part of the business of CME.

— I am not a curator of the Ukrainian part of the business of CME. This Korban think so, maybe so he would have liked. But Corban, unfortunately or fortunately, is neither a shareholder nor a manager of the CME. Therefore, it is not in the know, to put it mildly …

The company CME is constructed so that there is no supervisor on the board of directors of some countries. There is a board of directors, he deals with all matters, including Ukraine. And there are the direct managers who are responsible for the Ukraine.

— Did you take part in the meeting the Board of Directors of CME?

— So far I have not had a chance. Not once. Hopefully in the near future to get to a meeting of directors of CME, to be held in Bucharest.

— What would you recommend they step on the Ukrainian market?

— Only one — to quickly complete the relationship with Fuksmanom and Rodnyansky.

— Is it true that you bought the TET channel?

— Half of the property. Gone but not yet formalized. But with Surkis has already agreed. We’re friends with them in distress in the “pros.”

— What Surkis have attitude to the “1 +1”?

— And they are “pros” such as victims, as we also paid for the shares Rodniansky. The fact that the same time I paid my money and Surkis.

— What is this news? What will happen now Surkis and Rodnyansky will diverge?

— They’re all razrulit. Surkis before its involvement in this story did not advertise. It was our common project with them.

— And now you are together with Surkis own 3% of CME?

— No, separately. For shares of CME I paid my money. And when we’ll look at the whole situation, Surkis get their interest, or shares of CME, or money. But among the owners of “1 +1” will not be.

— Who assumes the role of leader of the canal TET your team?

— As we invited genprodyusera Savik Shuster. His task was to oversee the channel in order to raise the rating. He first took up with enthusiasm, and then, when he went to deal with the “Inter”, he was too busy.

— By the way, when you started the conflict with Fuksmanom and Rodnyansky, “Ukrainian Truth” rented office in the house next door to the apartment Rodnyansky. And due to the fact that you have started the friction in Rodnyansky increased protection, it is constantly circulating in the yard, checked the attic, basement. Why are people afraid of you?

— There are two possible explanations. The first — maybe they are really worried and scared. A different version — it just wants to protect Rodnyansky earn extra money, so the wind the extra work shows the importance and necessity.

— But you can not demonize a person from scratch. Something compels people to take protection in the event of a conflict with Kolomoisky?

— That “something” makes me take protection in the event of a conflict with someone.

— With whom? What was the last conflict has forced you to take the guard?

— I took it back in 1998.

— Due to a conflict with Lazarenko?

— We had no conflict with Lazarenko. Then there was this general insecurity.

— What do you know about the alleged merger talks on “Inter” and CME?

— I know that the negotiations were conducted in the second half of 2007, but came to nothing. The positions of the parties at that time were so far apart that the negotiations ended immediately.

— How relevant is the fact that part of the assets of “Inter” came under the control of Dmitry Firtash?

— That portion of the assets of “Inter” passed Firtash, long rumored. Also there were rumors that some of the assets transferred to Mr. Haiduk and Taruta. Personally, I have not seen any documents, but more inclined to a version with Firtash. That is, if someone from Khoroshkovsky something and passed, it’s probably more to Firtash than to Gaiduk and Taruta.

— And today’s advertising media war was the consequence of failure of mergers 1 +1 and “Inter”?

— Advertising war began before the talks began, that is, in the spring of last year. At the beginning of the war has affected the entry of channels into the overall program Pinchuk with “Inter” in advertising. In this connection there is not quite the market conditions that allow pressing the “1 +1” and other channels in the advertising market.

— When will a transaction between a CME and Rodnyansky, you’ll be a chief curator at a business in Ukraine?

— I think not. There is a Marina Williams in CME. Today Ukraine is engaged in the new Romanian manager. We assume a constant Lauder conduct consultations regarding Ukraine. The last time we met on Saturday evening, had dinner in London. He was interested in what’s going on in Ukraine, where we move, as the political situation? What happens to Timoshenko

— And how do you satisfy his curiosity?

— I said that Tymoshenko in its activities went beyond a little, on the one hand, the coalition agreements, and on the other side — common sense.

— When did you last see Tymoshenko?

— At the end of December. I asked him to help organize a meeting Igor Palitca wanted to talk about the situation in the oil and gas market, to know what surprises await us. We met in her office. We talked for about an hour. I left with confidence that everything is in order that there will be normal market conditions. She met me with a smile, a smile accompanied.

— Let the order of what she has gone beyond the coalition agreement?

— For example, the Cabinet of Ministers of the coalition agreement was to develop a market mechanism purchasing gas on the Ukrainian market, regardless of its origin — the Russian or Ukrainian, and in parallel develop a system of incentives, grants and subsidies for the poor. But what has happened now with the “Ukrnafta” indicates that this stipulation be ignored.

— Here, perhaps, you say self—interest?

— Each person has their own interests they say. Today I am a major shareholder “Ukrnafta”. And in due time, when he signed the coalition agreement, I Igor Palitca said that it is clearly written: gas, regardless of where it is sourced, should be sold at market prices. But today we have another result — the National Commission ordered the Energy Regulatory “Ukrnafta” to give the gas instead of $ 60 for 40 — in the market value of $ 180 per thousand cubic meters.

— How did you react to the words of Tymoshenko that “Ukrnafta” led by adventurers?

— We are extremely negatively reacted to it.

By the way, when Yulia Tymoshenko said on patrons of the “Private” in government, I would like to see she did not forget to rank as their number and of itself.

Because it is Tymoshenko praised us for assistance in returning 18% “Ukrtatnafta” and urged the government to return 38%, remaining among the Tatars. A director of “Ukrtatnafta” Ovcharenko, which it now wants to shift, Tymoshenko called “the most experienced manager of a large company.”

— But the anger Tymoshenko also to some extent justified. For example, the state has a controlling interest and “Ukrtatnafta” and “Ukrnafta”, but can not put his leadership of the company …

— Why not? Tymoshenko said that the alleged “Ukrnafta” for two years held a meeting of shareholders. So we sent her a letter to shareholders, which wrote the last time the meeting was held. This was obviously closer than two years ago.

State is represented on the supervisory board “Ukrnafta” — 11 members appointed to six there on a quota “Naftogaz”. That is, Tymoshenko has most of the supervisory board.

— However, it wants to control the current management “Ukrnafta”!

— A cabinet is not a shareholder of this company, the shareholder is a “Naftogaz”. And we have to take and compare the results when “Ukrnafta” managed “Naftogaz” to the results, when in 2003 there came Igor Palitca.

— Discover the secret of how you always manage to ugovorivat state representatives to keep your man “Ukrnafta”?

— We tried to convince the “Naftogaz” to put our director for probably three years — from 2000 to 2002. Finally, we convinced. Because in 2003 was a transitional situation, the market was not stable, the company showed no very good results was the growth kreditorki, debetorki growth, there were problems with gas.

At that stage we were able to convince Yuri Boiko, who was then the head of “Naftogaz”. They then had something to do — the gas business, the consortium, but in reality “Ukrnafta” was ownerless.

— And you gave it free?

— Were paid for this time all the taxes, was shown a huge profit. To show it, I had to earn it and sakkumulirovat. And, except for taxes, dividends have been paid to the state and all its shareholders. From 2003 to 2007 dividends were paid to two and a half billion hryvnia!

— Many believe that the situation with the leadership of “Ukrnafta” can not be explained except as a corruption of the “Private” …

— We live in Ukraine. And when they do rankings of corruption, we, unfortunately, are in positions that do not correspond to the potential of our country.

— You or your managers corrupt officials?

— No, we never corrupt officials, in particular, Boyko.

— Okay, if corrupted, would you confess?

— (Laughs) It depends on our relations with Boyko, and they have more or less good. But I want to ask another question: whether the payment of dividends, full of all taxes and increase payments to the budget of corruption? That “Naftogaz” to receive dividends, and we can do with them all that it sees fit. If necessary, he can send them to some island.

You see, there’s a fine line between corruption and public interest. Because the public interest to get more taxes. A “Ukrnafta”, earning a profit, almost did not pay taxes, but our arrival was to pay two, three or five times. And now the question is corruption for the state? If it is set private, but an effective director and began to receive more money.

— True, it’s your phrase: “corruption is an instrument of struggle against bureaucracy”?

— I think that it is not mine. I could use it, but I am not a founder. I did not come up.

— You agree with it?

— At some point, yes. If inflation is to some extent the engine of the economy and the hyperinflation it is a destroyer, then corruption can be, and is at some point in the struggle with bureaucracy, but in the end leads to even greater and more terrible bureaucracy.

O Yushchenko, Tymoshenko Akhmetov and

— You say that supported the revolution of 2004, while you keep Tymoshenko, backed Yanukovych.

— Yes, I am happy with what happened in the country after the revolution, how it develops. Maybe not at the pace and not in the way as we would like those who stood on Independence Square. I was not there. Maybe people wanted more, the expectations were too high.

But if we take today Ukrainian “Forbes” named “Focus”, we see that there year on year increase in the number of millionaires. The last time we wrote the names of 130. And how many did not write? I am in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, and in Western Ukraine, I can see how society develops.

If we are trying to build the economy of Ukraine on the Western model, then, in general, we build a society of consumption. So, the main indicator of consumer society — the index of consumption — the country is growing.

— At the upcoming presidential election you’ll be supporting Yushchenko?

— Yes.

— What is the advantage of Yushchenko and Tymoshenko to Yanukovych? You are a pragmatic businessman. You must like a hard head.

— On the contrary. I’m the kind of business people who understand that the economy works better than the less it touched his hands. Less than to touch it, the less it trying to steer, the better it works.

A function of the state shall consist only in regulating the function, so that no one abused the opportunities that give the market economy, did not constitute a cartel, did not violate antitrust laws.

— You are a person of the group “Privat” chose the Yushchenko as the most gentle, loyal to you and most infirm in government.

— I can not say that Yushchenko is very loyal to our concerns. If we remember 2005 and the history around the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, he said that “a gang tried to change to another gang.”

— For all the time it was the only one, and then, indirect, criticism of your address by Yushchenko. Look how he criticizes the Party of Regions and the rest!

— Yes, the Party of Regions — a business structure that is presented and the party and faction, and the business community!

I do not know of any country in the world where possible such a conglomerate, as the Party of Regions! It is a symbiosis between the SCM, the Party of Regions, Ukrpodshipnik, Conti … Whether they party, or faction, or the board of directors.

Even in Russia, does not. Although there is a faction “United Russia” includes more than 300 people, but there is none to 100 people sitting on the “Rusal”, and 100 people — of “Norilsk nickel”. This, they even can not imagine. And here it is possible. Other country I do not know. (Laughs)

— Why do not express such claims Rinat Akhmetov in person?

— I am expressing. I had the good fortune to meet him in 2003 and since then every time talking about it.

— And did he say?

— And he laughed.

— Where did you meet?

— In the office of Gregory Surkis. I was on business, and Rinat Akhmetov went on his own.

We then were in conflict over the Central Mining and Processing Plant. We are introduced to Gregory M.. He said: “By the way, here is Igor V., but Rinat Akhmetov, meet.” We shook hands and parted.

— As a result, Central Mining was in the hands of Akhmetov.

— Time was, therefore, by law.

— And yet, why do you like best Yushchenko, Yanukovych and Tymoshenko what? If the president will be, for example, Timoshenko, where you find yourself in such a case, you see?

— If the president will Tymoshenko, I see myself in exile.

— Where have already picked up?

— I pick up — I still have time. (Laughs.) Although, you never know, if implemented quickly what is in the process of BYuT and Party of Regions — the elimination of the post of president and two—party dictatorship — that time may be much smaller than I imagined.

Continuation of the interview: Kolomoisky: Yanukovych personally offered me to enter the list of Regions Party

Who has more chances to privatize the company “Ukrtelecom”?

At the moment most likely to purchase state-owned company “Ukrtelecom” the structures affiliated with the SCM. This opinion was expressed, Alexander Para, an analyst “BG Capital”, which said statement of State Property Fund of Alexander Ryabchenko.

“Interest in the privatization of Ukrtelecom could be much, since it is only companies that have filed a request for access to information about” Ukrtelecom “. If we talk about the real contenders who will participate in the competition, more likely to have companies that have real work experience on the Ukrainian market and know the peculiarities of its functioning. The most likely winners – the structure of Rinat Akhmetov, “- says the analyst.

Recall, according to the head of the State Property Fund Ryabchenko, the number of companies that are willing to participate in the privatization of Ukrtelecom has increased from 5 to 6. He also clarified that the fund sought from Russia, Europe and Ukraine.

October 13, 2010 the State Property Fund of Ukraine announced competition from open bidding on the auction principle of 92.791% state-owned shares “Ukrtelecom”. The initial price of the package gosaktsy “Ukrtelecom” is 10 billion 500 million UAH. The contest will be held December 28, 2010.

Earlier order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine were the conditions for the competition, as well as the obligations that will take the new owner of the company.

Privatization of “Ukrtelecom” may again postpone

Once again, may be delayed privatization of Ukrtelecom. This was reported by Trond Moe (Trond Moe), head of the “Telenor Group” in Ukraine.

“Firstly, we consider that the Government of Ukraine has established very strict requirements for bidders who are interested in Ukrtelecom. Secondly, now the company is not profitable to sell, profitable was 5 years ago, then you can bail out money is significant. I’m not sure that someone wants to buy it at a starting price, which is set at around 10.5 billion USD.

If a company none of the big players are not interested, it is likely that competition will suffer.

“The fact that six companies are already interested in, it does not mean nothing, since they only received the necessary documents, and simply study them, not making contributions,” – said Trond Moe.

Recall the number of companies that have declared an interest in Ukrtelecom documented increased from 5 to 6. This was announced by Alexander Ryabchenko, head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

October 13, 2010 the State Property Fund of Ukraine announced competition from open bidding on the auction principle of 92.791% state-owned shares “Ukrtelecom”. The initial price of the package gosaktsy “Ukrtelecom” is 10 billion 500 million UAH. The contest will be held December 28, 2010.

Earlier order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine were the conditions for the competition, as well as the obligations that will take the new owner of the company.

Top 50 best employers in the opinion of staff

Social network “Facebook” has won first place in the “50 Best Employers”, which is compiled annually hr-portal “Glassdoor”.

Leader in 2009 was the airline “Southwest Airlines”, which this year pushed Facebook. Other IT-industry companies that participated in the ranking could not close and closer to the result of Facebook, the company took 20th place Apple, Google on the 30th.

This rating is carried out by the portal Glassdoor, compiled with the help of interviews with companies that participate in the ranking, as well as users of the portal based on a questionnaire of 20 questions, which includes information about the career, politics, communications, compensation, corporate ethics, recognition for employees, fairness to staff feedback within the company and the balance of rest and work.

Top 50 best employers in 2010 from the portal “Glassdoor”

Scoring: 4,01-5,0 = “Very satisfied” 3.5-4.0 = “Satisfied”.