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“Private” under pressure on land, on land and in water

And government organizations continue to methodically explain the group “Privat” who’s boss now. Since the beginning of January to the ferroalloy and chemical assets of collapsed energy problems, millions of fines and lawsuits. By this, whether as principal environmental and other businesses to gosinstantsii other PGP, you can see – in Ukraine is putting things in order, or “attack” on the disgraced business group.

The first of the problems encountered said “Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant.” On January 1, 2011 ZZF was transferred from I to II class power that has made production unprofitable and forced the plant to stop half the capacity.

As reported by the National Commission for Electricity Regulation, in 2010, has not fulfilled ZZF norm for the average monthly consumption of electricity: for I class it is not less than 150 million kW / h. “In terms of restoring production to 70% of the plant for a long time working at a level no more than 30%”, – says the company. Volumes of consumption of electric power company in 2010 amounted to 136 million kW / h. per month.

I save energy class in 2011 ZZF would extend the contract for the rental of the substation “F2.” However, in the “Zaporozheoblenergo” reported that they see no possibility to extend the lease term.

Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant

Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant

The position of the power industry is hardly logical: ZZF is the energy-intensive industries and reducing them to Zaporozhye in production is not profitable, including the most “Zaporozheoblenergo.” According to ZZF, January 1, the plant shut down eight furnaces, and unused in the production of workers sent to repair and service work. If the issue with the lease substation will not be solved under the dismissal can get 500 people (20% of all state enterprises), will also address the issue of stopping of investment and social programs – reported in ZZF. Power to solve the problems the company may build its own substation, but this would require at least a year and about 80 mln.

earth and the air

Following Zaporozhye DF trouble overtook three “Privat” plant: the results of environmental audits initiated by the prosecutor of Dnipropetrovsk region, “Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant”, “Ordzhonikidze Mining” and “DneprAZOT”, were charged with breaking environmental and land legislation.

Claims against the NFP is based on the fact that in 2010 the company failed to comply with measures to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide on individual sources with 5 mg per thousand cubic meters. to 250 mg. in cubic meters. Such a requirement is spelled out in the permit for discharges of pollutants into the atmosphere, the plant issued in 2009, in turn, as we are assured by the company to meet this requirement in such a short period of technologically impossible. It was assumed that 2010 will be accepted technological standards of permissible emissions (whose development was entrusted to SSTC “Energostal”), which would resolve the situation, but the document to the Ministry of Environment has not yet been approved. Undertaken in 2010, attempts to convince the environmentalists NFP to postpone compliance also failed. As a result, since January 1 this year, working furnace NFP has been translated into a mode in which the emissions would not exceed the established 250 mg. in cubic meters. Support the work of units in this mode is extremely difficult. “This work is on the verge of a foul,” – recognize the representatives of the plant. The only way out of this situation on NFP is called a new permit to a later date the implementation of environmental activities.

However, the maneuver did not save the technological regimes of NFP. On January 12, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, the factory began unscheduled audit of the State Ecological Inspectorate in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Measurements confirmed that the excess emission standards no. However, for non-environmental measures (under the above resolution) the company has been assessed penalties of $ 3.37 million USD, and the prosecutor’s office sent claims to the Regional Economic Court, which asks to recover damages and to oblige the plant to perform actions to reduce emissions.

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant - the main consumer of manganese ore in Ukraine

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant - the main consumer of manganese ore in Ukraine

The results of testing on NFP consider unfounded and biased position of environmental inspection. In particular, as noted, the calculation of the claim to the NFP began even before the test itself, as evidenced by the letter of the regional environmental inspectorate. Also, the company pointed to the fact that an act of environmental inspection was transferred to the plant for review and signature before completing the test and, thus, did not contain any dates or numbers. As of today, as reported by the company, the effect of an act of environmental inspection suspended Nikopol Municipal Court. Also, NFP has sent its objections to the audit of the State Environmental Inspection of Ukraine.

A Ordzhonikidze Mining, the results of the January test, was charged with the unauthorized change of purpose 19.4 hectares of agricultural lands of state property and 41.2 ha of land owners of land shares. According to prosecutors, these lands were used plant in 2010 for mining. Losses due to changes in purpose of land and removal of the fertile lands of the ball are estimated at 1.070 mln. Given the evidence the prosecution of criminal charges under the Criminal Code, part 3 st.365 (abuse of power, which led to grave consequences) and is preparing a lawsuit to collect damages, – the head of the oversight of compliance with environmental law and land law prosecution region A. Bilenko. In fact OGOKe refused to comment, explaining that the charges were a surprise for the company and lawyers combine to today understand the situation.

According to UkrFA, Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant and Marganetsk mine, also controlled by the group “Privat”, focus on state structures themselves have not yet experienced.

Chemical Attack

But for the chemical group manifested an asset to the beginning of the year activity environmentalists nearly caused the shutdown – saved by the fact that, along with “DneprAZOT” would be stopped and the factory CHP provides heat about 10 thousand inhabitants Dneprodzerzhinsk.

The company has been accused of that in January 2011, without permission in spetsvodopolzovanie (date the previous permit expired on January 1, 2011) carried out a sampling of p. Dnipro 197.9 thousand cubic meters. m of water. The amount of damage to the state was estimated at 4.3 million USD.

According to prosecutors, the permission to spetsvodopolzovanie not been renewed due to failure in 2010 of measures to reduce water pollution. At the same time, the enterprise itself assure that environmental protection measures of the ten, nine were fully implemented, and the last – at 52%. “In fact, all plant activities have been implemented, but did not produce the desired effect” – offered his own version of what is happening in the State Administration for Environmental Protection in Dnipropetrovs’k region (which also grants permission for spetsvodopolzovanie). Once the inspectorate has counted “DneprAZOT” penalty for unauthorized use of water resources, and the prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit, the permission to plant spetsvodopolzovanie yet been renewed. But only until February 15. During this time, “DneprAZOT” should develop additional conservation measures – reported in the regional state administration on environmental protection.

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