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The daily routine ordinary billionaire

Life resident “Gold hundred” — a territory of myth and legend. It is considered, for example, that the average millionaire spends his days on skis in the arms of beautiful women. Other popular opinion — a billionaire by working 36 hours a day, and brought him success in life. How many actually work richest businessmen? How to spend your free time? What they care? These and other questions were answered by the owners of the state of $ 1.8 billion to $ 13.5 billion

Mikhail Fridman, chairman of the consortium “Alfa Group»

Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Fridman

Age: 43 years

State (2007): $ 13.5 billion

Many world leaders the likes of Jack Welch said that they stand almost at five o’clock, an hour and then go in for sports as wound up working late into the evening. Do you believe that this is possible?

— Six hours of sleep per day is easy. But I sleep an average of about seven hours. And this is not the desire to lead a spartan life and not because not enough time. Just the body is rebuilt with age: in the past could no longer sleep, wake up earlier now.

How does your a typical day?

— I would say that is typical, and there are ideal. Perfect — I get up without something eight, go to the sport, and then the clock to 10 come to work.

What is the work of a billionaire?

— How can any person engaged primarily intellectual work day consists mostly of conversations. In my case it was 15 years ago and now. Changing only the objects of communication.

That is the art of being rich — it’s the art of communication?

— I would say the art of being rich — is the art of knowledge of human nature. And her knowledge is manifested in communication.

How do you know human nature: life experience, the book?

— The combination of these factors plus a genetic predisposition: someone more attentive to other people, and someone does not interest others. I’m interested in different things, even those of my activities have nothing to do. For example, I recently was interesting to talk with pianist Denis Matsuev. Or this: we had dinner with Edvard Radzinsky, it is very informative man. Igor Butman, Slava Vakarchuk of the group “Okean Elzy” … I am with them is very interesting to communicate.

Maybe you can find in this communication some balance, some opposed to business with his toughness and demanding?

— I do not think we need some balance. All my life I was interested in a variety of things — it’s a character trait. So I look in the newspapers — there was a concert of Noel Gallagher (leader of Oasis), and I think: I had to go look. Of course, music is not my generation, but all the same event. I was at the Moscow concert Chuck Berry — it’s a legend, it was impossible to miss.

In one interview you said that, coming to a bookstore, buy 20 books. Do you have time to read them?

— Yes, I’m not that busy people, as it seems. Besides, I do not finish all the books until the end — if interested, drop out. Of the 20 books five finish. So after a month and a half, you can again go to the store.

What memories?

— “All fixable” by Alexander Kabakov. Elfriede Jelinek’s two books, Austrian, winner of the Nobel Prize. A very good book by Salman Rushdie … Well, of course, I read “Day of guardsmen,” … it slipped out of my head, which everyone reads … Sorokin.

you book Sorokina painted with a creepy future there did not seem threatening?

— If I felt the threat by reading books, I would not have become who I am.

you with friends from time to time go to extreme travel by jeep. Where was the last time?

— We drove along the route Peru — Bolivia — Chile. Two weeks five thousand kilometers. Wildly interesting and rather extreme, since the average height was about 4000 meters. Although, of course, for us it’s not a matter of extreme — these trips are rather an ethnographic nature, they exposed a rather fundamental things, the unit of human nature.

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— For example, Peru. There has been a center of the Inca Empire. And I was very interested in their way to the colonization of other nations. The Incas offered them two choices. The first — to recognize and obey the rule of their value system while retaining some elements of their own. In the case of natural disasters guaranteed protection in the event of foreign attack people defend themselves with. A second option: if you’re at it do not agree, we will kill you all. So, I realized that the empire can exist only in the presence of this second option.

interesting. With whom do you usually ride, and how often?

— Once a year. We have selected a whole team, from the famous person — German Khan, Victor Vekselberg, Vladimir Grigoriev (Adviser to the Head of Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications), Alex Abramov (Russian presidential aide ) .

And if there is to travel to government officials of the element of corruption? Or do they pay for themselves?

— Of course, they pay for themselves. In general, if we talk about relationships that you have mentioned, the trip to the extreme conditions in a jeep — not the most direct route to the heart of a civil servant. There are probably more main tracks (laughs).

That’s right. In your opinion, by the way, the corruption situation has changed over the last 10 years?

— I do not think that is fundamental. And 10 years ago, and today there is no public opposition to corruption …

Why, public corruption, condemned …

— Abstractly, as an evil — yes. But society does not believe that this must be addressed. Consider this: steal — well, the question — how much they steal. No power, which in principle would be intolerant of corruption. In the West, gave a powerful impetus to the church. We can say, the Reformation began with the fight against corruption: it was believed that papal authority is corrupt, that such an institution, as an indulgence in itself — a form of corruption. And Luther, and Calvin, and Zwingli fought for the purity of ideas, against corruption, which corrodes the church building, as they thought. So there were Protestant values, since, according to Max Weber, was laid down on the building of modern capitalism.

It seems it is not threatened.

— We have, unfortunately, there is no institution of the church, not influential in ritual terms, but in the moral: here and the Soviet government tried, and there were many other historical background. After the reforms of Peter the general was only one institution — the power.

you go to the movies or you have a movie theater?

— Own Movies? .. (Laughs) I often go to movies, watch many movies. The last thing watching old movies: “Dreams of Arizona,” Kusturica and “Annie Hall” Woody Allen.

AFK “Sistema” has recently financed a film by Allen. You do not have such ambitions — to make a movie?

— I have generally with the ambition of all is normal — I have none. Almost.

But charity?

— This idea I just close. We are actively engaged in it, and with age I’m going to do it all the more. I do believe that it is no less complicated matter than making money. Charity — is not simply to give someone a large sum. For example, we have initiated a charitable fund “life line”, which helps terminally ill children. The purpose — not only to save the children, which in itself is extremely important, but also engage in the process as many people — employees of our companies and not only them. I believe that when the charity is just that 50 people give $ 5 million — this is nonsense, it has no social effect. Here is Victor Vekselberg bought the eggs, made a very noble thing, but it was the subject of quite undeserved ridicule. Sad … For the same, so people, a society truly valued charity, they should themselves take part in it some part, on yourself to feel what it means — to give its own 1000 or 500 rubles, to see how they work.

Does charity attitude to the rich?

— This is exactly what I say, if people are not involved in it, then do not change. In addition, we generally had the attitude toward wealth as something obviously unjust. They used to say that this is due to privatization, but now a lot of the rich, who is no relation to the privatization have not, and they still perceive as evil. We have wealth in a secular perspective, legally and morally — no.

power, in your opinion, is making some effort to legitimize the wealth?

— The authorities have generally trying to stay in the wake of public submissions, not trying to create. In this sense, the Russian government is very democratic — should be a public consensus. A consensus is that all wealth is criminal. Even among the elite is widely believed that the success rate is determined by the degree of immorality.

But something has changed in the last few years? For example, I recently participated in the television show devoted to how to become a millionaire — there is a healthy interest in this topic.

— I say this: if capitalism, even in the present imperfect form, will last another 10-15 years, then some sort of legitimization of wealth occurs. Cool passions, everybody will get used to the fact that there are rich people. The question of rate of change.

But we and wealth came quickly enough.

— Wealth is just because there was fast and that people generally become rich and did not seek.

you want to say that you and other very rich people were now less competitive than it could be?

— Of course. If there was a man who, like Roosevelt in the U.S., he said, Behold the national idea — get rich, then surely there would be less distortion, less super-rich and sverhbednyh.

And how you live with such a public opinion …

— Treat it as a fact.

you happy?

— I am reasonably happy, because doing interesting work, my life is comfortable, and unique in her weight and even historical episodes.

Maybe you everlasting happiness?

— It does not address — always feel happy could one insane.

Vladimir Yevtushenko, chairman of the board of directors AFK “System»

Vladimir Yevtushenko

Vladimir Yevtushenko

Age: 58 years old

State (2007): $ 8.5 billion

How much you have to work?

— A lot. Business does not tolerate betrayal. Strictly speaking, it does not tolerate three things. First, when he withdraw from the money for personal or any other needs, the business once it feels. Second, do not like scary when they start to neglect. I can judge by the many examples. When a person is hunting lions in Africa, it is still somewhere relaxing and fun, the work is not going to benefit. Problems in the company’s start one. And third, the business can not stand politics. It requires protection from the state, but politicians can not stand. Once the head starts to play politics, even tactically advantageous, strategically it still loses.

And yet: how many hours a day spend in the office? There you have a working weekend?

— Whoever said that is open 24 hours a day, is lying. The brain requires rest. I — “Owl”. I start to work ten hours in the morning, often end up in 3-4 hours at night. On weekends, if I am in Moscow, working always. Actually, I have a lot of flying around the world, live in different time zones, so the distinction between night and day, working day and weekend somehow erased. Can not live like a normal citizen, from Saturday to Saturday.

you are conducting your schedule or is it you?

— This is a mutual process. Now I got sick, had canceled all trips and some days do not appear in public. But more often command schedule. Often there are jobs involving all hands? The whole business — is solid all hands on deck. Every day, life throws something completely unpredictable.

work “in ohotku” or because it is so necessary?

— None of the money that would have forced me to work, if I did not enjoy it. I assume that a large number of people, everything is different. And they make themselves. I feel sorry for them — they certainly could change your life. Maybe I was lucky, but whatever I was engaged in life, he always did so with gusto. If something is wrong, the body immediately protested, and I try to change the situation. So it’s not about money, not about more or less I can do them.

Why do I work? He often ask myself this question. Because while the greatest pleasure in life, I get it from that. Once tired of — the day that I will not do more. But if you give up, do not know what to do. There is no decent substitute for the lesson. I do not like to live it up get-togethers.

Maybe devote themselves to hobbies.

— Hobbies? Work is my hobby. I’m not a fanatic of any one issue. Do not collect stamps, hunting is not carried away. Playing tennis, doing skiing, even some sports — you need to keep the body toned.

How to spend your vacation ?

— Usually a rest a couple of times a year. Ten days in early January, skiing, mostly in Austria. Although it does not matter, you can use any ski resort. In the summer, too, about ten days rest. For example, on a yacht with friends, own boat I have not. Here too there is something stable. I love to read. If the brain is free — new in economics, management. When I’m tired and my head crammed to the limit — that the Russian investigators. Which authors? Yes, God knows, it does not matter.

When the last time you felt a keen interest in life?

— I always feel it. Right now, for example. Peaks and valleys do not exist. Maybe because my life has been “flat” … I was not sitting, not dying, not hanging between life and death. It was not some extreme situations, when you begin to understand and appreciate the keenly life. So I have to smooth it continued interest.

Sergei Galitsky, CEO of “Magnet” (the largest retail network in Russia)

Sergei Galitsky

Sergei Galitsky

Age: 39 years old

State (2007): $ 1.8 billion

you what time you appear at work?

— During the week — nine on Saturday and Sunday at ten.

on Sunday on the job? Why?

— The question “why” do not belong here. What in the village to do? (Galitsky calls the “big village” city of Krasnodar, in which he lives and works.) Ride on horseback? Also, I do not think that there must be some sort of schedule — five days of work, then you rest. Celebrities need, when you are tired.

And as you know, that tired?

— Symptoms — lack of freshness in your head, you can not have anything to give birth, the sharpness is lost — this is fatigue. If you are tired, and I work day to rest. It does not matter, it’s Saturday or Tuesday.

playing football at lunchtime?

— No, now do not play. Football — traumatic sport. When you’re forty, should move to a more peaceful species. Three times a week I go to the gym during work hours, one hour with weights do.

hostage schedule themselves do not feel?

— A child born of a woman if she feels a hostage? With this mentality, “so I’m going to work, I get tired of it, would rest” in general do not work. I work a lot, but I do what I feel comfortable. A person can not be held hostage to the cause, which does.

work in the life of the main?

— It’s hard to say that life is important. Life — it is meaningless by itself. You just have to find a deal to occupy the gap between birth and death. What is the meaning of life? But no more. Give birth to children — is the reproductive function, it is beyond us. Why seek? Quantitative some human factors are unlikely to motivate. The two do not eat breakfast. We must find things to do. You just invented yourself some game and you play it.

When the last time there was a feeling that life is interesting?

— Life has always been emotional. When you open the store on the day and have amassed a hundred people a week, and already several years old, lives rich. Nothing is sharper and more fun than business in all its forms — both positive and negative.

But if by looking — in fact boring doing the same thing. Every day the same thing — no desire to sell the business and do something else?

— This is the Russian desire to sell the business is ridiculous. I keep asking why I do not sell the company and why not give the reins of government. Well, passed. The next day, woke up, and what to do next? There is a business that I know who has reached some kind of volume — market share of 2%. Only 2% — time to grow yet! Well, what new business can compete with that? Tasks something interesting, just by itself the business routine. Traders who are engaged in operational management, — boring. This board members who have plenty of time can be playing the fool, a parachute jump, Buddhism, study, travel to Tibet.

And what you prefer to vacation?

— Change in situation. Meeting with friends, going to football, the “Kuban” (a football club belongs to Oleg Deripaska). I for “Kuban” not sick, but happy to go to watch live football. I, at my age only one or two days to recover.

Watch TV?

— People who say they do not watch TV — they are, I think are cheating. Football watch movies. News on NTV, on REN-TV. But nothing special to watch. Given that the information field in Russia, “a kind of” gears a little. Solovyov is even sad to watch. Some people derive mostly the same, which is not clear that talk. Transmission is obtained, usually not severe, but more simply nothing there. Just like in retail: if the village is only one shop, then he’s good or bad, it does not matter.

Football — it is a hobby?

— Yes, football — that’s what I like. I love the look, love to play. Visit the world championships, Europe with pleasure. I plan to create a football club in Krasnodar and deal with it the rest of his life.

Football Club in his hometown — is a form of social responsibility?

— Social responsibility of business — stupidity. Talk about the responsibility of the wealthiest Russian entrepreneurs, which are largely specific earned his millions — it’s right, they must have a social responsibility to life. And the hard competitive market, no social responsibility can not be. The company may not have formalized the cost then it will not schitaema. Here is my profit, I can investors to give her, I can invest in development and can give the repair of roads in any city. But the question arises: why do I then pay road tax? The second question is how investors will invest in me if they do not understand where we send the profits?

did not have any plans you want to go into politics?

— In politics, I will never climb for one simple reason — I’m vulnerable. I have a property. Only when you have money in Swiss accounts, of which nobody knows, you can go out and scratch their language. And secondly, I do not see any need to communicate their thoughts to the people. When you see how they vote, think, thank God, doing business, not just hypocrisy. We are — specifically arranged by country. There are a handful of entrepreneurs who have spoiled the reputation of the business itself. It bandits or “dogovorschiki” who was able to negotiate with the government and saw the Soviet assets. Now the people of businessmen saw the thieves, scoundrels, scum. What am I, a man who works seven days a week, insults.

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